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  1. 4066 is missing in action, last ran on June 5, last tracked at Russell.
  2. Somehow APTA named him Transit Manager of the Year during that period. I can't recall now where I read it (maybe farther back here?) but one of the TTC streetcar engineers reportedly said the CLRV fleet actually performed quite well in the 1990s and early 2000s, I think it was after some overhauls and tweaking of equipment. It seems it took a while to get all the bugs out but then they finally got their second wind.
  3. Rebuild is a misnomer, more like a patch up and some fresh paint. Notice they painted around the fleet numbers on 4049 and 4117. 4011 and 4150 also have had some paint touch up but not a complete paint job. 4080 and 4121 got fresh paint but 4156 got fresh paint below the windows only. 4148 did get the bodywork and fix-up a few years ago.
  4. Not a delay but definitely a disruption, two of the Event Support buses were trashed last night. Screenshot from 680 news twitter video clip.
  5. Running the 501 with all Flexities even with 8 cars cut is going to soak up almost the whole fleet given how many CLRVs are still on 501 so it'll take a few more cars in service to have many spares for 511.
  6. 4119 and 4165 are both tracking on 501 this morning. 4117 was out of service wb on Queen yesterday early afternoon on its way to Hillcrest.
  7. 4103 and 4111 have been MIA for some time. Haven't seen any postings listing these as retired.
  8. 4034, 4164 and 4195 were on 504 today due to the power outage caused by the fire at Broadview & Dundas.
  9. I'm surprised 4247 was sitting at Russell that long. Cars that ran in service longer were hauled away long before that one! It must have been a stockroom on wheels.
  10. A lot of them have had special uses and non-standard equipment, most of them known only internally. You could fill a whole page if you looked at fleet number font variations. Here are a few off the top of my head to get you started. If you really want to make a comprehensive list, start researching, there's a lot history before 2014 to be found. 4000 - 1984 Celebration Ontario Bicentennial (yellow) 4002 - 1984 Celebration Toronto Sesquicentennial 4005 - 1984 Celebration Ontario Bicentennial (blue) 4031 - last car with couplers in 1988 4024 - chartered by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics for tour promotion 1990 4046 - WSIB all-black remembrance car in 2018 4063 - used to carry Saudi prince to CNE for special Saudi Arabia exhibit 1991 (I think). 4072 - used in official opening for 509 in 2000 4089 - air conditioning prototype- removed after test period 4093-4106 equipped with radios for night car service before CIS (up to 1990). 4134 - first ever wrapped CLRV, for Starbucks in 2000 4136 - clearance test car for roof-mounted air conditioning (type used on 4041) 4140 - at 514 opening June 2018 4145 - last one in service with original gold-tinted windshield 4165 - first CLRV to receive LED taillights 4175 - to be used for 1984 celebration, paint adhesion problems, first CLRV repainted that wasn't one of the celebration cars 4205 - used in official opening of 509 in 2000 4238 - protoype air-conditioning later removed 4240 - first ALRV with LED taillights 4251 - first wrapped ALRV, for Starbucks (similar to 4134)
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