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  1. Thanks, I was devoting all my attention tracking CLRVs last year so I missed that one.
  2. 4414 isn't tracking lately, anyone know where it's at? After being at Russell for a while 4505 was tracking at Leslie yesterday. This one has a similar issue to 4402 and has been out for nearly a year.
  3. 4600 seems to have gone MIA since Feb 5, was tracking at Leslie for the last few days.
  4. No more winter scenes like this... King & Yonge, 1996.
  5. As reported in the delays thread, 4516 will be out for a bit after its derailment. 4494 returned after about a week. Will be interesting to see how soon 4516 returns to service.
  6. If they need to move them around for any purpose it's easier than spending time and effort coupling up dead cars. I don't think they're drawing that much power sitting there idle.
  7. The shedman sweeping the PCC later went to Greenwood Shops and worked on subway gearboxes, I was told he retired about five years ago or so!
  8. Toronto Star "Day in the Life of Toronto", January 7, 1986. View from the pit at Russell, photo by Alan Dunlop. Feature posted in the Star today. There is also a photo of a shedman sweeping a PCC. Edit: added that photo here to keep them together.
  9. It's academic but there would be no shortage of parts when you've retired 80% of the fleet and salvaged a ton of key parts. Accessibility is not really an issue if they ran on a route like 508 that 100% overlaps with accessible routes. It's extra capacity at the peak hours. It came down to being able to check the box that they were retired by the end of 2019, which was the stated goal some time ago. It's done, and management gets to say it achieved that objective on its performance review.
  10. 4579 has been MIA since December 20. I'm told it was in a collision but I'm not sure if it happened then or was an earlier incident.
  11. The red vent CLRVs were the three 1984 celebration cars (4000, 02, 05) plus 4175 that was supposed to be a celebration car but there were paint issues so it was not used. The red vents were painted white by 2000 if not sooner. One car, 4075 was repainted with silver vents before they did the repaints with white vents. The grey vents were the original unpainted metal.
  12. I took my last day shots at John St. well away from any crowds and where the cars were on the street. They all stopped for passengers so it wasn't hard to get decent shots even on such a miserable day. The Wolseley Loop pics posted are good but it's not the best for photos when the cars are pulled up to the curb. By the time the cars were at Wolseley for the last run I was frozen and had my photos and last rides on other days when the cars weren't filled with foamers and angry geezers. Aside from the clueless people who walk in front of everyone's photos when it should be obvious there's a photo line or endanger themselves in traffic, it seems the event went pretty well for the fans. The TTC did a good job promoting this and running the extra celebration cars on Queen St. Great video. I wish the digital technology was around to do this for the last months of the PCCs. A big camcorder was the only option then and other than Ray Neilson no one shot any video that I know of. The op in 4178 looked like Jason.
  13. The CLRV brochure pic and General Manager Michael Warren with a CLRV model.
  14. Here's a shot I took of 4089 in 1995 I think, I don't remember the date but it's on the back of the photo. I think the a/c was gone by 1997.
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