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  1. Buzz2kb

    Valley Ride (Boise, Idaho)

    Valley Regional Transit, operating as Valley Ride serves Ada and Canyon Counties in the Boise, Idaho metropolitan area; and is by far the largest transit agency in Idaho. It has apparently a 100% CNG fleet. A good portion of its 17-years old New Flyer C35LF fleet still survive as weekday peaks only buses, as illustrated by bus 2107 pictured near the Main Street Station in downtown Boise and bus 2112 pictured at the Boise State University (BSU) campus. However, 35ft. and 40ft. Gillig Low Floor CNG buses are by far the mainstay of Valley Ride's fleet. The 35ft. buses in the 700-series (Illustrated by buses 704 and 731, both pictured at the Boise Town Square mall) and 40ft. 800-series (Attached here are bus 801 pictured at the BSU campus and bus 811 pictured at the same mall as the attached 700-series buses) are uses exclusively on Ada County routes. Notably, they do not carry EPA-2010 style exhaust pipes despite being EPA-2010 buses otherwise. However, the N610-series of 40ft buses featuring red fronts and less turquoise in body color do feature such exhaust pipes. They are exclusively used on the 40-series of intercounty routes connecting Ada and Canyon Counties and are based at a satellite garage in Caldwell (more on that later). Surprisingly, they seem to feature transit-style seats. For an agency of its size, Valley Ride has a rather diverse fleet of cutaways as well. The 500-series of smaller Fords are used for Ada County routes, especially on the route 11/14 interline during weekday mid-day, but they can be used as peak buses on routes like the 3, 4, 9X and 18. There are 2 variants as represented by buses 511 and 523, both pictured at downtown Boise. Meanwhile, the Canyon County division operates the N330-series of larger Fords on both intercounty and Canyon County locals, as illustrated by buses N332 and N337 pictured at Boise Towne Square and BSU campus respectively. Finally, the N2510-series of smaller Fords are operated exclusively on Canyon County locals. Bus N2511 is pictured at the College of Western Idaho main campus at Nampa, while bus N2512 is pictured at the Happy Day Transit Center at Caldwell, which is also the home of the Canyon County satellite garage. Tips for future fans: The 3 best sites to fan Ada County routes are downtown Boise (especially at the Main Street/North Capitol Blvd intersection, where you can get unobstructed views of buses from every single route serving the underground bus concourse at the Main Street Station transit center, as it is the location of the Station's sole bus exit controlled by bus priority signals), the Boise Towne Square mall and the BSU campus. The last location is also a hotbed for intercounty bus activity as all intercounty routes but the 42 serve there until a late 2018 service change at least) Bonus picture attached here is a BSU cutaway pictured on-campus for its downtown connector service. Here is my Valley Ride gallery: Valley Ride (Boise, Idaho)
  2. START Bus, the operating name of Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit serving Teton County, Wyoming; is the only other transit agency in Wyoming utilizing heavy-duty buses. During its non-Winter schedules of operations, its services are mostly run with Gillig Low Floor's bought new (except 2 MCI commuter coaches on routes 30 and 40, which I did not spot due to reduced commuter services on Memorial Day). It has 4 Gillig Low Floor 29ft. Hybrid buses numbered 272-273 (EPA-2007 buses new in 2009) and 276-277 (EPA-2010 buses new in 2011), and they are only used on routes 1 and 2 (Jackson Town Shuttle's). 2009 bus 273 and 2011 bus 276 are pictured near the Kmart in Jackson. The agency has 10 Gillig Low Floor 40ft. diesel buses bought new (Five 2009 buses 201-205, one 2012 bus 206, one 2014 bus 207 and three 2015 buses 208-210). They are chiefly used on the Teton Village to Jackson family of color-coded routes in the 20-series, of which route 20 (Green Line) is the only variant operating outside winter. They also operate two trips each on the commuter routes 30 and 40 (with the remainder run by a MCI coach each). However, they can also occasionally show up on the Town Shuttle's, as depicted by 2009 bus 205 pictured at the Deloney Parking Lot in Jackson. 2015 buses 208 and 210 are pictured at the Teton Village bus terminal and Snow King Center in Jackson on routes 20 and 30 respectively. Finally, 2009 bus 203 are pictured at the same spot as bus 210 on route 40 duty. The commuter runs I've spotted were the only afternoon runs for Memorial Day. Here is my START Bus gallery: START Bus (Teton County, Wyoming)
  3. Blaine County, Idaho is the home of Sun Valley, a well-renowned ski resort. It is also the home of Mountain Rides Transportation Authority, which operates a really interesting fleet for its size. The smallest buses in its fleet are Mercedes Benz Sprinter conversions like bus 16. They are either used on the Blue route in Ketchum or the Ketchum Circulator evening bus. It has at least five 29ft. Gillig Low Floor's numbered 1-4 and 28, While older buses 1-2 (featuring frame-less windows) and 3-4 (featuring traditional windows) are normally confined to the Blue route in Spring/Summer, their newest sister bus 28 (The only EPA-2010 bus) can be used on both the Blue and the Valley commuter route linking Sun Valley and Bellevue. Remarkably, All of buses 1-4 lack rear HVAC vents. Meanwhile, it has at least 3 IC Bus/Champion Low Floor cutaways that serve as peak hours extra buses on the Valley route during Spring/Summer. Bus 25 is a normal length version while bus 27 is an extra-long version. The agency's 35ft. low floor buses are used only on the Valley route, and it has at least 3 Gillig Low Floor's: bus 5 (pre-EPA-2010 and lack rear HVAC vents). bus 29 (EPA-2010 and single-door) and bus 30 (similar to bus 29 but dual-door). All have frame-less windows and the last 2 also have rear bike racks. On my visit, I have only spotted the last one. Bus 30 and 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XD35 bus 201 are, in act, the most-used buses on the Valley route. Bus 201 is also the sole Xcelsior in Idaho and is set to become Idaho's last New Flyer bus provided that Valley Ride in Boise does not replace its C35LF's with XN35's. Finally, the agency has up to 4 ex-UTA Optima Opus buses like bus 31 spotted on the Hailey town route. They may also appear on the Blue route as well. All buses except buses 1, 4 and 16 (pictured in downtown Ketchum) are pictured at or near the River & Bullion Park and Ride in Hailey, Idaho. As the summer and winter season progress, I will keep everyone updated on the operational pictures of the agency's seasonal routes. Here is my Mountain Rides gallery in the meantime: Mountain Rides (Blaine County, Idaho)
  4. Buzz2kb

    Pocatello Regional Transit

    Here is my Pocatello Regional Transit sampler during my May visit there: Gillig Low Floor 35ft. 935-06 is apparently the agency's largest heavy duty bus and was spotted on the route I tripper service. Meanwhile, 29ft. sister bus 934-06 is a dedicated route A bus. Both Gillig's and Chevy/Eldorado National Passport HD low floor cutaway 936-09 spotted on the route F tripper service were pictured at Pine Ridge Mall in Chubbuck (a major Pocatello suburb). Meanwhile, bus 924-05 is one of several Optima Opus 30ft. buses bought secondhand from Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and was spotted on route B at the E Cedar Street/Warren Avenue transfer point in Pocatello. It retain's the white and blue parts of the UTA livery, with the red portion repainted in PRT's light green color. The rest of the fleet is made up of Chevy/Arboc low floor cutaways which I did not picture during my visit and white-liveried Ford cutaways. Commuter bus 987-17 was spotted at the Hurley Drive/Poleline Road stop for the Blackfoot Commuter service, while elderly fixed route bus 952-06 was spotted at the Idaho State University (ISU) campus on route E. Similar buses 950-05 and 951-06 are also used on routes C and D. My guess is when tripper route G and ISU shuttle routes H and J are back in service in late August, more ex-UTA Opus buses would be on the road; something I would like to spot as a tag-on during my August/September trip to Utah. Meanwhile, here is my Pocatello Regional Transit gallery: Pocatello Regional Transit (Pocatello, Idaho)
  5. June 9th update featuring a further transit agency in Wyoming and 4 agencies in Idaho: 36 photos in START Bus (Jackson-Teton County, Wyoming) gallery (Highlights: Agency is the only other fleet in Wyoming using heavy-duty buses. All but one picture in my gallery are Gillig Low Floor's; both 40ft. diesel and 29ft. hybrids) 12 photos in Targhee Regional Public Transportation Authority/TRPTA (Idaho Falls, Idaho) 27 photos in Pocatello Regional Transit (Pocatello, Idaho) gallery (Highlights: 2 Gillig Low Floor's in 2 lengths, and an ex-Utah Transit Authority/UTA Optima Opus are operated among its mixed bag of buses) 33 Photos in Mountain Rides (Ketchum-Sun Valley, Idaho) gallery (Highlights: Gillig Low Floor's in 2 lengths and of different vintages, as well as another ex-UTA Opus are featured here) 85 photos in Valley Ride (Boise, Idaho) gallery (Highlights: Agency is apparently 100% CNG, with Gillig Low Floor's in 2 lengths and New Flyer C35LF's featured among others) Fleet narratives on all agencies but TRPTA (an 100% cutaway agency) to come imminently.
  6. April 10th Update: 3 photos in RTD Denver Rail gallery (Highlight: Light Rail cars on Aurora's R Line are featured) 121 photos RTD Denver Bus gallery (Highlights: Most of Boulder's sub-network, and all of Douglas County's and Longmont's sub-networks of fixed route buses featured here) 21 photos in CTA Chicago Bus gallery (Highlights: New Flyer D40LF's and Novabus LFS's taken at Jefferson Park Blue Line CTA Station) 41 photos in PACE Suburban Bus gallery (Highlights: Pictures taken at Jefferson Park and Rosemont Blue Line CTA stations, including Eldorado National Axcess BRT's in both 1 and 2-door versions with bonded windows) 12 photos in Memphis Area Transit Authority Bus gallery (Highlights: First pictures of the all-white 21800-series of Gillig Low Floor's with bonded windows)
  7. November 5 update (2 brand new galleries on transit agencies in Hawaii): Added 38 photos to Maui Bus (Maui County Hawaii) gallery. Highlight: All non-commuter routes use Eldarado National EZ-Rider or Axcess buses, including the 35ft. MB400-series with conventional fronts not mentioned in the agency's CPTDB wiki page. Added 171 photos to Oahu TheBus (Oahu County, Hawaii) gallery. Highlights: Elderly Gillig Phantoms, New Flyer D60LF artics and Optima Opus still in service, alongside brand new baby Gillig's in the 20-series (silver headsigns with side destination display) and nearly new Xcelsior artics (Both hybrid and diesel). Online-exclusive pictures of 1-door 35ft. Gillig Low Floor's in the 50-series (amber headsigns) and 60-series (silver headsigns), 40ft. Gillig Low Floor's numbered 280 and above, in the 600 series (including examples featuring side destination displays) and hybrids numbered 950 and above are also here!
  8. Hi! Due to the imminent cessation of Picasa services, I've decided to create a Flickr gallery of all my transit pictures taken over the past decade. Featured so far are mostly pictures taken throughout the Southeastern US from 2009 onward, but more uploads back from my Florida days to come! Address is https://www.flickr.com/photos/transitfanunlimited/ Hope that you'll enjoy my vast treasure trove!