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  1. Is it too much to ask for arguments?
  2. Do you have other coverage on this terrorism attempt than this alt-right bamboozle?
  3. Mozilla Firefox produces grey text and white links in the textbox.
  4. Shawinigan is announcing new hybrid buses, new paint scheme for RTCS. Fleur-de-Lys gradually puts its hybrids in service starting yesterday. The whole fleet, including paratransit vehicles, is to be renewed. http://www.shawinigan.ca/Citoyens/Communiques/rtcs-des-nouveaux-autobus-hybrides-en-circulation-a-shawinigan_3590.html
  5. More dollars I did not see any thread pertaining to this. MTQ has boosted by 33% the minimum amout PADTC (funding program for regional transit) provides. With this doubled, half-a-billion dollar biannual program, annual aid cap per agency is now 375,000$ instead of 100,000 $, which is a major gamechanger, as we might see service improvements in existing agencies, and new services blossom. MRC de La Matanie Ridership has grown by 138% in two years for Transport collectif de la MRC de La Matanie, probably due to the improvements in hours of service (from business hours to 7-day, all-day) and addition of taxis for rural areas. Transport collectif de la Jacques-Cartier While Matane has good figures, ridership does not meet expectations in Shannon, where there is an average of 4 users per day.
  6. This went under the radar, but Maheux actually picked up former Greyhound Ottawa―Gatineau―Maniwaki―Grand-Remous route 4 years ago, that very same year it incepted the Maheux-Cree route. Maheux is undoubtedly the largest carrier by route length in Québec. And with an average 30 departures daily, it is not far behind Orléans in hours of service. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/767522/autobus-maheux-grand-remous-gatineau-ottawa https://www.ledroit.com/actualites/le-transport-interurbain-sauve-dans-lavallee-de-la-gatineau-3b0d19c41c729d1a1b5b7d4e8031faea
  7. They been using 628.2/928.2 since 2019. The "particular stock" you are referring to are 628.1/928.1 Class.
  8. Why? Act to ensure safety in guided land transport does not require a Transport Canada certification.
  9. Charlevoix Train to extend schedule through winter when Club Med opens, late 2020. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1151727/train-charlevoix-club-med-train-charlevoix-hiver New rolling stock was acquired from Deutsche Bahn, a 628.2/928.2 DMU. https://www.lecharlevoisien.com/2019/04/09/le-nouveau-train-est-arrive-acces-privilegie-a-latelier-video/
  10. Most importantly, assuming it would run on a similar schedule, it would provide a train option between Montréal and Boston.
  11. What strikes me the most is the overall +35% increase for the 3 Québec stations (Palais, Sainte-Foy, Charny), with 66,840 new boardings vs 2008, whilst the figures do not transpose onto the 3 Montréal stations (+47,496) nor intermediate stations (+1,890). That means there has been a sharp increase in eastward Océan boardings with service in Sainte-Foy rather than Charny, and/or a very high popularity of the Québec/Ottawa train.
  12. It appears that Chemin de fer de la Gaspésie operates, along with 1819 and 1849, a third RS-18 that appears to be former or current LMCX 1821 (Chemin de fer Charlevoix). Picture by Gilles Gagné, Le Soleil. Article here, evocating a study ro bring back rail between Thetford Mines and Vallée-Jonction : https://www.lesoleil.com/actualite/sommet-sur-le-transport-ferroviaire-une-strategie-pour-le-prochain-quart-de-siecle-f15fde386e7da42977be09b84fee1b0a
  13. Aside the G5, those are the only mini models ever made since the early 1990. Even if it has been "handicrafted" or retrofitted with different rear door, the whole shell is not Girardin-made. Here is Dupont/Tours du Vieux-Québec 311, a Startrans WHA35762 according to Jean Breton. It is pretty much the same model, only a bit shorter (762 stands for 762 centimetres long).
  14. Neither the MB-II, the MB-IV or the Futura had double-tapered front overcab. Nor did it have tapered rear fender. Nor square taillights. This is most likely a Startrans/Supreme Senator.
  15. It might have been sold by Girardin, though not built by them. I don't recall MB-XX and Futura models having this shape, nor these taillights.
  16. I might have committed the unforgivable faux pas of mistaking a 3 for a 4.
  17. Yes. There are 46 HEP 1 cars under reconstruction (17 future "HEP 3" accessible cars) or refurbishment (4 diner and 25 coaches). Many 8000-series coaches are currently operating on the Ocean in replacement for damaged Renaissance cars (due to derails) that have been put aside for restoration. I suspect that the traditional added service on the Montreal-Halifax not being back this year may have the same reason ― not by lack of interest from the customers. I was surprised to ride a HEP coach from Mont-Joli this summer. Here's 8147, August 26th 2019.
  18. https://www.viarail.ca/en/plan-your-trip/new-schedule Schedule is changing on November 29th. How? Impossible to know. Yet.
  19. https://www.cpr.ca/en/media/cp-to-acquire-central-maine-quebec-railway-from-ftai
  20. Two new taxibuses starting next week : Taxibus Gare Rivière-des-Prairies – Secteur A40, from Rivière-des-Prairies exo station to the sewage plant, then west on A-40 to Saint-Jean-Baptiste, with 5 stops in between. Replaces some of the former route 40 path, prior to 2018 rerouting. Bus/metro fares apply. Taxibus Parc Jean-Drapeau, a substitute of 767 summer route. 5 stops on Notre-Dame island, 3 stops on Sainte-Hélène island. No service at the casino. Taxi/Adapté fares apply : no cash, OPUS only loaded with hebdo or CAM , or unvalidated 3,50$ ticket.
  21. Not stupid. Canadian Rail Atlas provides extensive details about existing railways, such as status, carrier, subdivision name, classification, usage, and type of passengers, when applicable. https://rac.jmaponline.net/canadianrailatlas/
  22. This document, adressed to Transport Canada and dated February 2019, states that the railway operations are limited technically by the Indusi signalling system and it will be replaced. Appendix C details the requirements for the new signalling system, but it is missing from the document. https://documents.ottawa.ca/sites/documents/files/City of Ottawa O-Train Trillium Line Section 98 Application to Construct_20190214.pdf
  23. Should correct image attribution become a requirement, this should be a pinned post.
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