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    Current plans call for the extension of the Vermonter. The main issue is customs preclearance at Gare Centrale.
  2. Now I see it. Sorry about the kerfuffle.
  3. Haven't seen "beggar's seats" in a while on a STM bus, since they are not standard on new orders since the inception of 3rd generation LFS. A mandatory boarding by the backdoor was in effect for some time in 2020. Since the reinstatement of the front door boarding, it is forbidden for a customer to stand or sit further up front than the center of the front wheel well. A beggar's seat on pre-2009 models would be condemned anyway, if not for the risk of injury but for COVID protection. Also, I believe most if not all buses ordered by the STM since 2009 come with 75/25 doors to accomodate front-door accessibility ramps. When the ramp is not in use, there is little reason to operate the smaller flap of the door — so even if my memory plays tricks on me about the seating, the risk of injury on a customer seating beside the door is reduced.
  4. Per section 3.22 of the MTQ signage manual, D-180-7 is standard where required in Québec.
  5. I hope there will be none of that "residents only" bullshit like the taxibus services. Boischatel dumped the RTC and its dial-a-bus gimmick in 2019. PLUmobile is now servicing the suburb with a free shuttle that runs continuously from 7AM to 11PM with connection at Chute-Montmorency (metrobus). A second shuttle is operating during peak period, starting at 5:30AM. Before COVID, ridership grew by 75% while the pricetag was slashed 350k$/year compared to RTC services .
  6. I find it interesting that you did not read the reasons why they were denied, which I have taken some of my free time to translate?
  7. So I've broken down the proposed timetables for the Ottawa-Montréal corridor : Montréal-Ottawa Maheux (L) Maheux (X) Orléans (K) Orléans (K) Maheux (X) Orléans (Y) Orléans (Y) Maheux (X) Maheux (L) Orléans (K) Orléans (Y) Montréal Laval at 05:05 06:30 07:00 09:00 13:00 13:00 15:00 15:30 16:00 17:00 20:00 Gatineau Promenades 08:38 09:30 16:00 18:30 20:08 Ottawa Train 09:18 10:05 09:10 11:10 16:35 15:35 17:35 19:05 20:48 19:10 22:35 Gatineau Promenades 09:55 11:50 16:15 18:15 19:50 23:15 Ottawa-Montréal Maheux (X) Maheux (L) Orléans Orléans (Y) Maheux (X) Orléans (K) Orléans (K) Maheux (X) Maheux (L) Orléans (Y) Orléans (K) Gatineau Promenades 07:00 10:00 13:00 14:00 16:00 18:00 Ottawa Train 06:25 07:00 07:45 10:45 13:00 13:45 14:45 15:00 16:00 16:45 18:45 Gatineau Promenades 07:00 07:25 13:35 15:35 16:40 Montréal 10:00 11:48 09:50 13:10 17:05 15:55 16:55 18:35 20:48 19:10 20:55 L : local · X : express · Y : via YUL Airport · K : via Kirkland It's clearly an improvement for riders versus previous Greyhound services (2020 timetables for express, local service). However, the proposed schedules just don't complete each other; they compete ― and I doubt that's viable for Maheux. I would not be surprised if they sought to modify the permit, sell it to Orléans or abandon it.
  8. The race for Montréal-Ottawa permits is over. The contestants : Trentway-Wagar, Rider Express, Orléans Express and Autobus Maheux. Trentway-Wagar's request for the express route via 417 and service to YUL was denied, due to multiple failures : no estimated ridership, no customer profile, no estimated revenues, no estimated charges (decision 2022 QCCTQ 0296). Its proposed termini in were Saint-Laurent station in Ottawa, terminus Les Promenades in Gatineau and the Megabus curbside stop in Montreal; Rider Express' requests for the express route via 417, the 148 route, service to YUL and a Toronto-Montreal route were denied due to failure to present a schedule (decision 2022 QCCTQ 0295). Its proposed termini in were Central station in Ottawa, terminus Les Promenades in Gatineau and Gare d'autocars de Montreal; Orléans Express' request for the express route via 417 (with service to YUL and/or Kirkland) was approved, but was denied semi-express routes via highways 148/50 or 417 (decision 2022 QCCTQ 0285). Orléans proposed stops in Vaudreuil and Rigaud for the 417 semi-express, and Saint-Eustache, Lachute and Montebello for the 148/50 semi-express. The commission deemed the semi-express services proposed by Orléans not attractive for actual and potential riders. Termini in Ottawa (uOttawa, train station), Gatineau (place du Portage, Promenades Gatineau) and Montréal (Gare d'autocars, Beau-Soir in Kirkland) will be maintained. Autobus Maheux had a some requests, 3 of them denied (decision 2022 QCCTQ 0286). Maheux is allowed to operate routes with all bus classes, from 15-seater minibuses to highway coaches comprising a toilet : Regional north (request # 801267) : approved 2 × daily return service between Montréal and Ottawa via Gatineau (highway 148), 4 h 48 min trip with regular fares from $8.34 to $54.83 Stops at : Montréal (Gare d'autocars), Laval (Cartier metro station), Saint-Eustache, Lachute, Grenville, Fassett, Montebello, Papineauville, Plaisance, Thurso, Masson-Angers, Gatineau (Promenades), Hull (Place Cartier, Place du Portage) and Ottawa (uOttawa, Train station) Express north (request # 801269) : approved 3 × daily return service between Montréal and Ottawa via Gatineau (highways 148 and 50), 3 h 35 min trip with regular fares from $47.13 to $54.83 Stops at : Montréal (Gare d'autocars), Laval (Cartier metro station), Gatineau (Promenades), Hull (Place Cartier, Place du Portage) and Ottawa (uOttawa, Train station) Regional south (request # 804138) : denied (failure to present market and feasability studies) 2 × daily return service between Montréal and Gatineau via Ottawa (highway 417) Stops at : Montréal (Gare d'autocars), Kikrland, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Rigaud, (further stops undisclosed). Express south (request # 804143) : denied (failure to present market and feasability studies, failure to demonstrate support from community and partners, failure to provide estimated ridership and profitability) 6 × daily return service between Montréal and Gatineau via Ottawa (highway 417) Stops at : Montréal (Gare d'autocars), Kikrland, (further stops undisclosed). Express to YUL (request # 814564) : denied (failure to present a valid contract with the airport) Concomitant with Express south Maheux is not happy, as it planned to finance the regional routes with the profits from the express routes, especially the southern route.
  9. Like I said, the line is subject to maritime conditions (coastal erosion, saltwater corrosion, washouts and windsweeps during storms). They were in state of disrepair, because of negligence by former owners (CN, SCFQ) especially following some early 2000-2010's hurricanes . The line, critical for the transport of gross and manufactured goods (windmill blades, cement mix, lumber), was bought by the governement in 2015. For the stations, in 2013, most of the remaining stations along the Halifax and Gaspé lines in Québec were closed (La Pocatière, Rivière-du-Loup, Trois-Pistoles, Mont-Joli, Bonaventure, Port-Daniel, Barachois, Grande-Rivière) or became bare shelters with no services (Rimouski, New Richmond, Chandler). Gaspé station was severely damaged by a fire in the early 2010's. Via replaced it by trailers. City of Gaspé built a station of its own, instead. It still sits at the end of the line and is used as a tourist info centre, waiting for the trains to come back. The new station was some tourist train terminus for a couple of years before the line was damaged again; the tourist train engine was dismantled and carried by truck to New Richmond to be put back in service but the cars still sit in Gaspé. Left is a picture I took exactly 10 years ago, right is a picture from 2017 (CC BY-SA 3.0, Ymblanter). I remember from my last trip along the line (2012) that New Carlisle station was in a good shape, despite having its original interior, windows, doors and seats. I went to New Richmond in early 2018. Took some pictures around the station. Part of the building is used as an office for SFG, the line operator. Chandler station is now a ticket office for Nova Lumina, a multimedia experience.
  10. So the timeframe for the return of trains to Gaspé has somewhat been skewed. 2024 is now the objective for the reopening to Port-Daniel. The bridges over Cascapedia river were finished early, but the completions of the other structures were delayed due to geotechnical issues (most notably maritime erosion). Here is a pic from the MTQ of the Caplan bridge, completely rebuilt as for dozens of them until Gaspé. Other pictures : https://www.transports.gouv.qc.ca/fr/projets-infrastructures/structures-infrastructures/infrastructures-ferroviaires/rehabilitation-chemin-fer-gaspesie/Pages/photos-rehabilitation-chemin-fer-gaspesie.aspx Source : https://www.transports.gouv.qc.ca/fr/salle-de-presse/nouvelles/Pages/troncon-caplan-port-daniel-gascons-2024.aspx
  11. Transdev is the lowest, with 24.1 M$. Transbus bid was 27.3 M$, Bell Horizon 29.6 M$ and Fleur-de-Lys 30.3 M$. If the bid was not conform, wouldn't the page had stated it?
  12. I cannot find the info pertaining to this. Can you point to the page? All I can find is page 15, where it is stated that the electrification follows its way.
  13. Bad plastics, bad doors, bad welding, bad wires; the cars the Caisse was delivered are crap. Can you believe this? I can. (Hi, Ottawa!) WYPFIWYG; what you pay for is what you get. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1839176/trains-voitures-rem-caisse-defaut-securite-inde-alstom
  14. Definitely not a first generation, but still a nice catch.
  15. Orléans is adding two new afternoon departures to their Ottawa service, one in each direction.
  16. The Van Hools are working. I see them day, night and weekends. I took them a couple of times on routes 1 and/or 18 and/or 19 (can't remember precisely, though it was in lower town). Except for the seat config that makes it look like an empty box on wheel, the UX is similar to a Nova for the common user (I'm not into engine sounds and transmission types and the usual geeky stuff).
  17. Is it me or 35 minutes from Vendôme to Côte-Vertu is far off?
  18. Keolis Orléans Express is contemplating the idea of taking over the Ottawa Montréal route, and is currently sending surveys to its customership.
  19. I'd say locals first, maybe with added tourist influx during peak periods (July-August). To the contrary of the Canadian, the fares and the schedule made the train competitive with the buses on medium- and long-distance, but with added comfort and amenities : Montréal to Gaspé by train, 2011 : ≥125 $ by bus, 2021 : 135 $ Montréal to Rimouski by train, 2019 : ≥75 $ by bus, 2021 : 95 $ As for the schedule, the train would depart Gaspé in the afternoon and arrive in Montréal mid-morning the next day, while three bus would depart Gaspé per day, with one overnight run with departure from Gaspé around 9 PM and arrival in Montréal early in the morning the next day. The bus is thus quicker, but only for the portion east of Mont-Joli.
  20. Permis 2594-A was awarded to Metropolitain Sud, located at 118 boulevard Industriel (now 205 Rue du Parc-Industriel). Location is now ironically occupied by car dealers. The last remnants were demolished between 2009 and 2011.
  21. GASH was completed in 1975; GALO in 1989. I don't know where was Métropolitain Sud garage.
  22. To the contrary of Red Deer sub and SVI, Chemin de fer de la Gaspésie (property of the government, operated by the regional municipalities) is undergoing a overhaul of critical infrastructures : 250 M$ were allocated to fully reopen the railroad from Matapédia to Gaspé : over 135 M$ were invested to refurbish the rail up to Port-Daniel―Gascons (2017-2022, with totally new bridges in Caplan and on the Port-Daniel sand bar to be erected this year). The rest is budgeted for Chandler subdivision (2021-2025). The Amiral tourist train is expected to return to Gaspé in 2024 and freight in 2025. Aside from the work on the closed portion (Caplan-Gaspé), Cascapedia sub (Matapédia-Caplan) has seen major work since 2018 to enhance safety and higher operating speeds : Railwork 70,000 new ties and many more anchors and spikes replaced; Installation of 5 km of continuous welded rail; New ballast; New signal lights; Bridges 130'-long bridge replaced over Kempt river in Restigouche-Partie-Sud-Est township; 2 completely new bridges (415' and 580') in Cascapédia―Saint-Jules, paralleling the century-old ones (expected to open in 2021) The main issue is on VIA side, as whether rolling stock and personnel will be available to provide for the Chaleur reinstatement upon completion of work. Apart from having no VIA train right now, I don't think the situation in the Gaspé is close to being comparable to Edmonton-Calgary or Vancouver Island services.
  23. The bird has left the nest https://www.instagram.com/p/CKmnXVkn8Me/?igshid=6ftnx4mklsla
  24. Orléans Express is suspending all its departures except for 3 return trips between Québec and Montréal, and 1 between Québec and Rimouski. https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/regional/2021-01-27/trajets-d-orleans-express-suspendus/nos-regions-sont-encore-prises-en-otages.php
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