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  1. MV Apollo entered service today in Matane. STQ is to sell MV Apollo once it acquires MV Saaremaa as a relief for NM F. A. Gauthier, and other high-volume routes. Ironically, MV Saaremaa is a sister to Qajaq W, who replaced MV Apollo between Newfoundland and Québec. According to Radio-Canada, the only offer STQ received for the Apollo is a request of 2M$ to get rid of her...
  2. webfil

    Pascan Aviation

    As expected, Pascan does not offer YHU/YTZ scheduled flights since July 2018. On the other hand, it leases a Dash-8 Q-100 from ChronoJet for its YHU/YWK service. Picture by Georges Pradel
  3. webfil

    Siemens and Alstom are going to MERGE!

    Aaaand that's a no-go. E.U. Blocks Siemens-Alstom Plan to Create European Train Giant ― The New York Times
  4. webfil

    Mauricie Transit Discussion

    Thanks. I just fixed the redundant reference redundancy in the collaborative wiki.
  5. Indeed. But that rather short period of uniformity abruptly succeeded to diversity at the time the expropriations came into effect. Before that, the palette for buses and trams was cheerful : orange for Chambly and Charlesbourg, light yellow and vivid green for Dupont, burgundy and yellow for QRL&P, bright red for Québec Autobus, yellow-ish brown for CTCUM, dark green for Hull and so on. To my knowledge, Provincial and its Métropolitain sisters/subsidiaries, as well as Sherbrooke Transit made early use of the light blue tones that spread throughout the province in the seventies.
  6. It's curious that they painted CTCUQ letters on it, whereas the name changed in '94 to STCUQ. Are you referring to the green+grey/navy+grey/orange+grey scheme of the RTC? Or the teal+gold scheme of the STSherbrooke? Or the red and white scheme of the RTL and STTR? Maybe the black/grey/ white scheme of CTJM? Apart from the STO/STLévis/STLaval and STSaguenay/Transcollines schemes that I would not differentiate in the dark, there is a good diversity of color schemes throughout the different agencies.
  7. Picture n° 1 : Green Ford Windstar (1995-) following a red Toyota Corolla E100 (1993-) in the left lane. Picture n° 2 : White Plymouth Neon (1995-) followed by a white Chrysler LHS/New Yorker (1994-) in the right lane. I think I see a burgundy Sportage (1998-) in the left lane, in front of the truck, though that's not clear (and not very plausible, as that would put a good share of 10 y.o. cars in the traffic). The mid-90's is a good guess.
  8. STS seems to have problems with La Vermeilleuse, its RF fare card system. Some cards inexplicably expire and update delays due to line change are too long according to drivers. I don't know if STO and STTR experienced the same, but La Vermeilleuse seems to be a bit of a headache to implement in the Eastern Townships. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1150589/la-vermeilleuse-loin-detre-merveilleuse-selon-les-chauffeurs-de-la-sts
  9. I am not sure what you are referring to by « cancelling » your ride. A Solo will be provided if you buy 6 tickets or less; you don't need an Opus. A ticket is valid for 120 minutes, no matter which direction, as long as you are in a zone equal or inferior to what your ticket is entitled. Always tap the card at the station before boarding on a train to validate your ticket. You do not need to tap exiting the train.
  10. TCJC will reoffer Shannon routes, this time between Shannon and Loretteville rather than Les Saules. It's a lesser of 2 evils. Also, I missed that, but Lac-Beauport is served by hourly departures, all week and weekend long, with service to outdoor sports venues (mont Tourbillon, sentiers du Moulin, Le Relais, club nautique).
  11. Since December 18th, Transportation Canada force-docked MV F. A. Gauthier. She was tugged to Davie shibuilding in Lévis on Jan. 13th, for the inspection of her faulty azimutal propelling system. MV CTMA Vacancier is currently relieving on Matane―Baie-Comeau/Godbout, but is needed to relieve Souris, PE―Cap-aux-Meules, QC on Feb. 1st. STQ is negociating with Labrador Marine to acquire the 48-year-old, underused, underutilized and soon-to-be-replaced MV Appolo , currently linking St. Barbe, NL to Blanc-Sablon, QC. EDIT : They just bought it.
  12. The Van Hool delivery is expected to start in January. I doubt there is any in revenue service, except maybe for the early demo delivery.
  13. F. A. Gauthier is out... Again! And the Dash-8 plane replacing it was damaged this morning, during de-icing! Gaspésiens and Nord-Côtiers are definetly out of luck. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1143448/panne-avion-traversier-fa-gauthier-mont-joli-baie-comeau
  14. Indeed. I misread. Do you know if the fare will be free only for local movements? That would make sense, knowing that their neighbours pay a fair amount to climb aboard Express Desjardins. That would be akin to the former CIT Chambly-Richelieu-Carignan and Le Richelain fare structures — whatever they might be called now. That's perfect for taxibus and minivan service — not for lenghty urban, fixed-schedule routes. Cutaways do not shave that much off the pricetag. The acquisition price is lower than a full-sized bus, but operation and maintenance costs remain the same, and they last for a considerably shorter time.