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  1. Indeed. A minority of wackos in Jambonville yell louder than anybody else, so I would not be surprised that the 3 G$ invested in this project might be spended by buying a major league hockey team to fill their half-a-billion junior-league hockey arena.
  2. VIA Rail Canada

    If Skyline fit in Gare Centrale, Superliners can. You are mistaking the tunnel with the station.
  3. VIA Rail Canada

    Sleeper cars 8305, 8307, 8013, 8017, 8030, 8032 are currently being repaired at Rail GD in New Richmond, aiming to fix the damage caused by excessively low temperatures.
  4. Buses in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

    It's the same BBD Dosto line of product as I portrayed in Aachen, except the one you are showing is the 5th generation. As for the color, I do not know if it is a wrap or not. I doubt DB changed its basic color scheme, though it is far from impossible, as we have witnessed many variations to the classic red over the past decades (with layouts of cream and navy, on top of my head, but also dark red, dark green and even some Werbelokomotiv such as AGFA, etc.).
  5. WOW air expands Canada operation in S17

    Bought a ticket with WOW to Berlin. Has anyone bad/good comments about the airline (booking, aircrafts, service, transfer @ KEF, etc.)?
  6. Buses in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

    It's the bank's logo colour. Also, you might be referencing to a Deutschebahn advertisement campaign for its "green" service, in regard of the low carbon emission and some environmentally-focused projects. To celebrate the launch of deutschebahn.com/gruen, people posting photos of the green ICE with the hashtag #grünspotting were eligible for a BahnCard 100 draught.
  7. Buses in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

    Couldn't tell. By looking at the DB website, double deckers are for IC service. I'm heading back to NRW in a couple of weeks. I'll keep an eye for sure.
  8. VIA Rail Canada

    What the Federal was thinking of when it gave VIA funds to procure rolling stock. https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/abandoned-eurostar-train?
  9. VIA Rail Canada

    Perhaps they were sent back to Winnipeg. VIA still operates a train between Winnipeg and Gillam.
  10. Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    81-502 is going to Exporail next summer. http://www.lereflet.qc.ca/voiture-de-metro-exporail/
  11. Other major anouncements : Alstom and SNC-Lavalin are the winning consortia leaders; Name changes to Réseau express métropolitain (makes sense, as the project mostly recuperates the orginal 1970's REM idea); Work is set to begin in April. Operations are set to begin in 2021; Changes to routing : will run along CN ROW between Champlain bridge and gare Centrale. No tunnel needed, no relocation of main water supply, Peel station built overground, instead of under the canal: major cost cut. This was planned in order to serve an eventual baseball stadium for a non-existing major league team ; A-13 station and A-13 tunnel is eliminated in east Pierrefonds. Trains will follow exact actual Doney Spur routing instead of pre-1971 routing: Creation of MtlInfra.co to manage the Gare Centrale hub assets (the station itself and its southern approaches + tunnel du mont Royal) and create an exchange platform between the REM, RTM, STM, Via Rail and Amtrak; Passenger-km subsidy is now estimated at 72¢/km, which, in comparison is 3 times less than original UPX subsidy (2,16 $/km). https://www.cdpqinfra.com/en/reseau-express-metropolitain-project-officially-launches
  12. The mont Royal tunnel will be renovated in order to allow "interoperability" between VIA trains and the LRT (will that maintain Mascouche trains to downtown? that's unspecified). Peel station is eliminated. Tunnel through old dump is eliminated. Costs are cut back 300 M$. http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/grand-montreal/201802/08/01-5153069-reseau-electrique-metropolitain-un-trace-modifie-et-moins-couteux.php
  13. The Trillium Line

    Indeed. But their life is far from over. I'll admit I'm a bit day-dreaming about a provincially-regulated shortline that would recuperate them ... (I know that won't come) That being said, late 90's/early 2000's Talents are still common on S-Bahn and RegioBahn throughout Austria, whose winters might compare to southern Ontario. S-Bahn networks span for hundreds of kilometers around the state capitals, with taktfolge of 10-100 min ― and the trains do several return trips. I know ÖBB has a top-notch maintenance program. In short, it's not impossible to keep 20-year old Talents running. I repeat my question : are they in that much of a bad shape that it's not even an option to refurb them?
  14. The Trillium Line

    ... And? These little guys are 35 years old ― yet they are alive and well. Are the Talents in that much of a bad shape?