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  1. webfil

    VIA Rail Canada

    One of them is closer to a comeback. A contrario from Southern Island Railway, Chemin de fer de la Gaspésie is alive, with operations currently underway on 39% of its length and repairs on 22% of its length. Complete reopening is planned and budgeted, but not yet announced.
  2. webfil

    STS Updates

    For reasons mentioned in another thread, changes will be made upon reliable references provided.
  3. webfil

    VIA Rail Canada

    VIA does offer commuter discounts ― but only for some Corridor stops, which are served by reliable trains.
  4. exo does not have tariffing powers, but is rather a transit operator. ARTM does not have the mandate to promote the use of transit, but rather to plan and fund it. The ARTM has 5 elected officials out of 15 members on its board, in order to de-politicize planning, funding and tariffing of transit. Its first fare grid is yet to come. Hopefully, the actual electoral campaign will not change the transit governance for a gazillionth time in two decades and politics will stay out of transit for some time. Write them directly instead of whining on this board.
  5. webfil

    Société de transport de Montréal

    New Flyer wins ATUQ tender for procuring STM 30 Xcelsior Electric vehicles, for 1,1 M$ a piece. STLaval is expected to get 10. http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/grand-montreal/201808/20/01-5193557-la-stl-soffre-10-bus-entierement-electriques.php
  6. New Flyer wins ATUQ tender for procuring STLaval 10 Xcelsior Electric vehicles, for 1,1 M$ a piece. STM is expected to get 30. http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/grand-montreal/201808/20/01-5193557-la-stl-soffre-10-bus-entierement-electriques.php
  7. Indeed the trains will not be unattended. On another note, exo is offering 30% (and TRAM1 for the price of CAM) on monthly passes until December to compensate for loss of service on exo6 (DM) line due to REM work. https://rtm.quebec/en/customer-service/rem
  8. I also notice that bikes are allowed on all trains except some DM peak departures. That is great.
  9. webfil

    Société de transport de Montréal

    470 is part of the 10 min max network.
  10. Except for one 3000-series car, the AMT branding will persist for some time.
  11. In order to contribute to the Wiki, any contribution with Creative Commons licence from volunteer participants that depicts Shawinigan TUM vehicles and STTR minis is warmly welcome. Attributions will be properly given.
  12. webfil

    Société de transport de Lévis

    Also, pictures with Creative Commons licence for 2009-2010 vehicles (LFS, LFS Suburban, HDX) would be greatly welcome.
  13. webfil

    Société de transport de Lévis

    Thanks. Tried to sort that out in the wiki.
  14. Finally, MS CTMA Vacancier still did not leave Méchins and MS CTMA Madeleine is needed for Souris/Les Îles services... so no drydock bay nor replacement ship was available for Matane/Côte-Nord last week. Ridiculously misadapted MS Félix Antoine Savard provided last week for the high sea route, that has had its schedule doubled to supply for demand. Many of these added departures were cancelled due to "strong" winds and "high" waves. Transportation Canada emitted strict conditions for this ship to sail from Matane. EDIT : Savard is still on duty. She was unloading vehicles today, next to her very big sister FA Gauthier.
  15. webfil

    Société de transport de Lévis

    Wiki party. Can someone confirm these Autocar des Chutes truisms? I am sure most of them were right by 2011, but my memory is not so fresh. No more Classic in operation No more TL-960 in operation No more RTS in operation 2004 and 2005 LFS's are all either retired or sold