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  1. Free Transit Days

    Bachant is finally offering freebies and gifts to everyone ― not just to Joël Gauthier : free rides on all the RTM network (buses + trains) on December 24th, 25th, 31st 2017 and January 1st 2018. http://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2017/12/12/le-rtm-distribue-des-cadeaux-de-noel (can't find the official press release) EDIT : Page on RTM website → https://rtm.quebec/fr/titres-tarifs/gratuit-temps-des-fetes + free STLaval on 24th/31st,
  2. Was in New Richmond yesterday. Had some time to spare in the early morning, willing to find SFG 1849 freshly arrived from Gaspé. All I found was 1819, wayside-power-idling at VIA station.
  3. Yes, but it's broken. See preceding posts.
  4. Here is SFG 1849 arrived in New Richmond on a flatbed, by Bernard Babin.
  5. VIA Rail Canada

    They are. Class 2 and 3 railroads see no problem in maximizing their trackage. See also Train de Charlevoix, a mixture of commuter, regional and tourist train for communities east of Québec city operated with european DMUs, which runs concurrently with heavy rail (RS-18 hauling ex-Metra double deckers) and/or freight services to Clermont.
  6. VIA Rail Canada

    No. CN operates the Kaoham shuttle between Lillooet and Seton.
  7. À propos, SCFG is moving today to New Richmond by truck (!) its RS-18 loco currently idling in Gaspé since a couple of years so that it may haul windmill parts and bulk trains . SFG1849 used to haul L'Amiral tourist train, a consist of ex GO-carts and an ex-AMT 600-series, ex-ex-CTCUM, ex-ex-ex-VIA, née CN EGU car.
  8. VIA Rail Canada

    Bus. See picture. Tracks were washed during severe weather storms in 2011. Service was cut in Dec' 11. Bridges began to be replaced in the last 2 years. Trains can now use the track up to New Richmond. Port-Daniel, Chandler, Percé and Douglastown/Haldimand barachois crossings are problematic (track is laid on a movable alluvial sand bar, a barachois). Study and work are ongoing until at least 2020.
  9. VIA Rail Canada

    Without much ado, VIA rail (in partnership with the RÉGÎM) reintroduced Gaspé service. Shuttles operated by Couture & Cahill, scheduled by the RÉGÎM and cofunded by the latter and VIA will stop at major stations in Chaleur Bay area, ending its route at Campbellton, NB station. The pilot project should last during the Christmas holidays, although it is not excluded that it may end with the eventual return of a Gaspé-bound train around 2020. RÉGIM also operates shuttles between Orléans Express coach stops and villages that saw cutbacks. Website
  10. VIA Rail Canada

    That's one departure per direction added daily. http://www.viarail.ca/en/about-via-rail/media-room/latest-news/221870/30-october-2017-more-departures-between-toronto-and-ott
  11. To block off, and allow access to the vehicle, depending on multiple factors; its movement, the will of the riders and the ability of the driver. And perhaps to keep the cold outside during winter.
  12. Bill 137, basically a bill regarding the authorization for the Caisse to build and operate a transit network, was passed yesterday. MTMDET says a progressive debut of the operations is still possible in 2020. http://montrealgazette.com/news/quebec-adopts-fast-track-legislation-for-electric-train-project
  13. Québec private ferries

    CNM Évolution, an aluminium catamaran craft, was literally towed on the shore for its winter maintenance. Season 2017 was catastrophic for the reliability of the high-speed ferry and its owner is hoping to save 50k$ by not sending her to Gaspé drydock for the required repairs. http://www.lavantage.qc.ca/actualites/2017/9/21/le-cnm-evolution-entretenu-a-sainte-flavie.html
  14. A good way to differentiate them is their batteries.