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  1. webfil

    VIA Rail Canada

    Around here, there has been some media coverage and press relases : http://regim.info/voyage/via-navettes-au-train-via-rail/ What's interesting is that the RÉGÎM schedule follows somewhat closely the suspended VIA schedule... but not the fares, which are twice as expensive as the Orléans fares.
  2. Various STQ news Delivery of Armand-Imbeau II MS Armand-Imbeau II was delivered two weeks ago to Tadoussac―Baie-Sainte-Catherine. The LNG-powered vessel was manufactured at Davie in Lévis. Jos-Deschênes II, her sister, is expected some time soon. The delivery of both ships is two years late. New departure A pilot project has been set up at the Entry Island―Cap-aux-Meules. A new departure, with reservation only, is now offered on Friday, around lunch time. Both pictures taken from the STQ website.
  3. webfil

    Ville de Mont-Tremblant

    These are indeed two separate contracts. Mont-Tremblant agglomeration council awarded a 838 k$/yr. contract to La Québécoise in May 2017 for routes A, B and La Samaritaine, but La Québécoise asked the agglo to yield that contract to Brunet last July; the request was approved. The contract stands until 2022. The colour-coded routes (purple, red, yellow, blue, green) are offered by the Tremblant Resort Association, the NPO responsible for the coordination of tourism around the resort on which seats an ex-officio, non-voting city councillor. I don't know the date of the end of term of the Galland contract.
  4. Click on the link, then ask for a fare mitigation.
  5. webfil

    PRESTO - Ottawa Discussion

    I am planning a trip to Ottawa―Gatineau and I have a question regarding interoperability. I want to travel by bus between Glebe and Wakefield on a weekday morning, and come back in the afternoon (schedule seems to match ― that's no problem). I will have to use OC Transpo, STO and Transcollines services to get around. What is the best fare combination I could use, in order to minimize the cost of the trip and maximize transfers? I'll have a Presto card handy, previously bought in Toronto.
  6. webfil

    VIA Rail Canada

    It is not an oddity; it is a common practice at Via. Trains 601 and 603 depart Gare Centrale at the same time and splits at Hervey. Ditto for trains 14 and 16, that used to be coupled until Matapédia. Surely a full trainset will be left in Edmonton as the rest of the convoy continues towards Toronto.
  7. webfil

    VIA Rail Canada

    One of them is closer to a comeback. A contrario from Southern Island Railway, Chemin de fer de la Gaspésie is alive, with operations currently underway on 39% of its length and repairs on 22% of its length. Complete reopening is planned and budgeted, but not yet announced.
  8. webfil

    STS Updates

    For reasons mentioned in another thread, changes will be made upon reliable references provided.
  9. webfil

    VIA Rail Canada

    VIA does offer commuter discounts ― but only for some Corridor stops, which are served by reliable trains.
  10. exo does not have tariffing powers, but is rather a transit operator. ARTM does not have the mandate to promote the use of transit, but rather to plan and fund it. The ARTM has 5 elected officials out of 15 members on its board, in order to de-politicize planning, funding and tariffing of transit. Its first fare grid is yet to come. Hopefully, the actual electoral campaign will not change the transit governance for a gazillionth time in two decades and politics will stay out of transit for some time. Write them directly instead of whining on this board.
  11. webfil

    Société de transport de Montréal

    New Flyer wins ATUQ tender for procuring STM 30 Xcelsior Electric vehicles, for 1,1 M$ a piece. STLaval is expected to get 10. http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/grand-montreal/201808/20/01-5193557-la-stl-soffre-10-bus-entierement-electriques.php
  12. New Flyer wins ATUQ tender for procuring STLaval 10 Xcelsior Electric vehicles, for 1,1 M$ a piece. STM is expected to get 30. http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/grand-montreal/201808/20/01-5193557-la-stl-soffre-10-bus-entierement-electriques.php
  13. Indeed the trains will not be unattended. On another note, exo is offering 30% (and TRAM1 for the price of CAM) on monthly passes until December to compensate for loss of service on exo6 (DM) line due to REM work. https://rtm.quebec/en/customer-service/rem
  14. I also notice that bikes are allowed on all trains except some DM peak departures. That is great.