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  1. Custom 8088 4 MHz (turbo 8 MHz) + MS-DOS 5.0. My father would program BASIC math exercices for me (198x-1998); "Portable" IBM PS/2 P-70, 386 processor + MS-DOS 5.0 + Windows FW 3.11. Undestructible machine (1997-1998); IBM Aptiva, AMD K6-2 processor (350 MHz?) + Windows 98→2000 (1998-2004); Various PCs (286, 386 and Pentium I) assembled with various parts I recycled + MS-DOS 5.0→6.1 + Windows FW 3.1→95 (2001-2003); Macintosh Performa 52xx all-in-one, Motorola 68k PowerPC processor + Mac OS 7→8.1→8.6, one of my fav machines (2002-2004); Compaq Deskpro AMD K6-2 350 MHz + Windows 2000. This thing had an intermittent-working SCSI hard drive storing a whopping 40 GB. (2004-2008); Dell desktop with a Pentium III 450 MHz + Windows 2000→Ubuntu 8.04 up to 10.10 (2008-2011); Dell Inspiron 15" with a dual 1.66 GHz + Ubuntu 10.04→Kubuntu 14.04. Cheap machine (payed 250$!!). The casing fell apart, I fixed it with... duct tape! (2010-2016); Compaq Presario with a triple core 2 GHz + Kubuntu 12.04→Xubuntu 16.04. (2012-...); Lenovo Thinkpad T420 with a Core i5 2.5 GHz + Xubuntu 16.04 (2016-...). This machine can do 1,575,000,000 times more operations per minute than the computer from my childhood.
  2. I do not know, but let's assume that it would be harsh on the brakes not to equip with a retarder buses this weight, knowing that they do a lot of 100→0 km/h.
  3. Traverse Rimouski-Forestville's (wiki) cat-ferry was docked since June 21st due to motor problems. The small private service across the broad Saint Lawrence had already been stopped before the end of the 2016 due to mechanical problems. Government of Québec had provided its builder, Chantier naval Matane, over 150,000$ for the boat's maintenance. Wednesday this week, Transport Canada ordered the 20-year old craft to remain ashore when a passenger noticed the federal bureau of unusal odours and noises coming from under the aluminium vessel. The high-speed ferry is now back in operation since this morning, just in time for the high season. Two other ferries (NM L'Héritage I from Compagnie de navigation des Basques and NM F.-A. Gauthier from STQ) operate in the greater Rimouski surroundings. Source : L'Avantage http://www.lavantage.qc.ca/actualites/2017/6/23/cnm-evolution---les-traversees-ont-repris-apres-des-essais-en-me.html
  4. Oh how things have changed. *sigh*
  5. 2017 Suburban LFS?
  6. Transcollines does not 'buy' buses per se, but rather contracts a private operator that needs to meet some standards and criterias. AFAIK, the contract with Campeau stated that the subcontractor must offer a certain amount of 40-seaters to operate the Wakefield routes, and another amount of 20-to-25-seaters to service the other routes. Models were not specified, but suggested.
  7. A MR-63 car on display in my 'hood! An artwork by Fernande Forest, visual artist.
  8. Bombardier lost the bilevel tender to China Railway Rolling Stock, over a 50% gap in bid. Questions remain over how and when will the Chinese cars be approved by Transport Canada. For CRRC, it's a revenge from the 2009 metro car bid lost to Bombardier-Alstom. AMT had asked for a 24-months delivery delay, while Bombardier could only deliver its products over 36 months. IIRC, all driving and operating commands had to be the exact same as the 2000-series Bombardier bilevels. Perhaps CRRC will buy these from Bombardier? Tender asked for 15% of Canadian content. http://www.lesaffaires.com/bourse/nouvelles-economiques/trains-de-banlieue-bombardier-echappe-le-contrat-de-l-amt/594936 http://www.lesaffaires.com/bourse/nouvelles-economiques/contrat-a-la-chine-bombardier-en-colere/594943 http://www.lapresse.ca/le-soleil/affaires/actualite-economique/201705/17/01-5099048-contrat-de-lamt-a-un-concurrent-chinois-bombardier-nentend-pas-baisser-les-bras.php
  9. http://www.viarail.ca/sites/all/files/media/pdfs/schedules/Biligual_Timetable.pdf
  10. They changed the name shortly before the bill was passed. ART, the originally proposed name, does not transpose onto a sexy acronym for some politicians.
  11. That could be an old Auger or old Viens/Veolia number. Auger was acquired by Transdev-Limocar around 2009-2010.
  12. The AMT will be disbanded in 15 days. RTM, along with STLaval, RTL, STM (and eventually the REM) will become the only 5 transit boards throughout the metropolitan region. Fare titles will remain unchanged as of June 1st, but a streamlining of the tickets and passes in the next few months wouldn't be a surprise. The implementation of the RTM will be very gradual. More info : https://www.amt.qc.ca/en/a-propos/rtm
  13. PLUMobile expanded its parntership with Train de Charlevoix (wiki). What was last year branded as a "test for further commuter rail implementation" (news release, in French) is now claimed as "a step towards a commuter rail for Côte-de-Beaupré region" (news release, in French). In addition of maintaining the fare integration between the two systems (PLUMobile monthly passes, as well as the Metropolitan Monthly Pass [also valid for RTC, TCJC, STLévis, STQ]), PLUMobile will now provide a commuter-friendly shuttle between Chute-Montmorency rail station and downtown Québec. The Train de Charlevoix operates from June to October. You gotta see those ex-Deutsche Bahn cuties in action.
  14. Also, the Caisse is not part of the ATUQ buying group, that goes without say. ATUQ and ST's base their tender scoring on the government grants obtained for canadian parts & assembly, whereas the price generally only weighs in for ~75% of the final score. Nothing prevents New Flyer of bidding on bus provision contracts in Québec; they do ― with a price generally equal or slightly lower than Nova (e.g. -7000$/bus for STM hybrids). I wouldn't know the scoring sheet of the Caisse, but I'd say price is more important there.
  15. Alstom is on the bid shortlist, along with Hyundai-Rotem and Bombardier Transport. In the tender, the LRVs need to be high-floor.