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  1. Orléans is adding two new afternoon departures to their Ottawa service, one in each direction.
  2. The Van Hools are working. I see them day, night and weekends. I took them a couple of times on routes 1 and/or 18 and/or 19 (can't remember precisely, though it was in lower town). Except for the seat config that makes it look like an empty box on wheel, the UX is similar to a Nova for the common user (I'm not into engine sounds and transmission types and the usual geeky stuff).
  3. Is it me or 35 minutes from Vendôme to Côte-Vertu is far off?
  4. Keolis Orléans Express is contemplating the idea of taking over the Ottawa Montréal route, and is currently sending surveys to its customership.
  5. I'd say locals first, maybe with added tourist influx during peak periods (July-August). To the contrary of the Canadian, the fares and the schedule made the train competitive with the buses on medium- and long-distance, but with added comfort and amenities : Montréal to Gaspé by train, 2011 : ≥125 $ by bus, 2021 : 135 $ Montréal to Rimouski by train, 2019 : ≥75 $ by bus, 2021 : 95 $ As for the schedule, the train would depart Gaspé in the afternoon and arrive in Montréal mid-morning the next day, while three bus would depart Gaspé per day, with one overnight run with departure from Gaspé around 9 PM and arrival in Montréal early in the morning the next day. The bus is thus quicker, but only for the portion east of Mont-Joli.
  6. Permis 2594-A was awarded to Metropolitain Sud, located at 118 boulevard Industriel (now 205 Rue du Parc-Industriel). Location is now ironically occupied by car dealers. The last remnants were demolished between 2009 and 2011.
  7. GASH was completed in 1975; GALO in 1989. I don't know where was Métropolitain Sud garage.
  8. To the contrary of Red Deer sub and SVI, Chemin de fer de la Gaspésie (property of the government, operated by the regional municipalities) is undergoing a overhaul of critical infrastructures : 250 M$ were allocated to fully reopen the railroad from Matapédia to Gaspé : over 135 M$ were invested to refurbish the rail up to Port-Daniel―Gascons (2017-2022, with totally new bridges in Caplan and on the Port-Daniel sand bar to be erected this year). The rest is budgeted for Chandler subdivision (2021-2025). The Amiral tourist train is expected to return to Gaspé in 2024 and freight in 2025. Aside from the work on the closed portion (Caplan-Gaspé), Cascapedia sub (Matapédia-Caplan) has seen major work since 2018 to enhance safety and higher operating speeds : Railwork 70,000 new ties and many more anchors and spikes replaced; Installation of 5 km of continuous welded rail; New ballast; New signal lights; Bridges 130'-long bridge replaced over Kempt river in Restigouche-Partie-Sud-Est township; 2 completely new bridges (415' and 580') in Cascapédia―Saint-Jules, paralleling the century-old ones (expected to open in 2021) The main issue is on VIA side, as whether rolling stock and personnel will be available to provide for the Chaleur reinstatement upon completion of work. Apart from having no VIA train right now, I don't think the situation in the Gaspé is close to being comparable to Edmonton-Calgary or Vancouver Island services.
  9. The bird has left the nest https://www.instagram.com/p/CKmnXVkn8Me/?igshid=6ftnx4mklsla
  10. Orléans Express is suspending all its departures except for 3 return trips between Québec and Montréal, and 1 between Québec and Rimouski. https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/regional/2021-01-27/trajets-d-orleans-express-suspendus/nos-regions-sont-encore-prises-en-otages.php
  12. Leaked info : North and eastward extension (gare Centrale―Marie-Victorin and Gare Centrale―Pointe-aux-Trembles) to be announced tomorrow. 2 new routes : Gare Centrale to Montréal-Nord via René-Lévesque (aerial), Notre-Dame, Dickson, hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (underground), Lacordaire Gare Centrale to Pointe-aux-Termbles via René-Lévesque, Notre-Dame, Dickson, then Sherbrooke (unclear if former Longue-Pointe subdivision/exo ROW is part of the project). Stay tuned.
  13. I don't think you have the right topic, pal. There has been no railroad in Newfoundland for quite a long time before the pandemic.
  14. Found them! Here are the preliminary scenarios, presented to the BAPE : https://archives.bape.gouv.qc.ca/sections/mandats/Reseau_electrique_métropolitain/documents/DA91.pdf There is no coupling at Bois-Francs as I thought I remembered, but peak line capacity scenario has provision for 1m 30s frequency on system core, with short runs at Roxboro and Centrale. Why? What is the difference? Azur cars have full boa conception because of capacity and venting issues with previous models. REM cars will be equipped with A/C, and trains will have 55-70% of an Azur's capacity (depending on method of calculation), whereas the expected global network demand is 15% of the metro (I do not have the data to spatialise this demand). Nevertheless, the peak line capacity on South Shore antenna (24kpax/hour/direction) will be comparable to Orange line's (22kpax/hour/direction) I do no think the passenger gains anything from running empty trains all day, except from enjoyment of higher ride subsidy caused by higher costs of operation and maintenance. All stations, fully accessible, will be equipped with PSDs that will have visual and aural signalling. Length between doors is continuous, coupler or not, so the train should be able to stop mid-station. This is pretty much intuitive.
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