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  1. Bill 137, basically a bill regarding the authorization for the Caisse to build and operate a transit network, was passed yesterday. MTMDET says a progressive debut of the operations is still possible in 2020. http://montrealgazette.com/news/quebec-adopts-fast-track-legislation-for-electric-train-project
  2. Québec private ferries

    CNM Évolution, an aluminium catamaran craft, was literally towed on the shore for its winter maintenance. Season 2017 was catastrophic for the reliability of the high-speed ferry and its owner is hoping to save 50k$ by not sending her to Gaspé drydock for the required repairs. http://www.lavantage.qc.ca/actualites/2017/9/21/le-cnm-evolution-entretenu-a-sainte-flavie.html
  3. A good way to differentiate them is their batteries.
  4. Transcollines

    Good to see for once service improvements instead of service cuts for this agency!
  5. Another break in F.-A.-Gauthier's propulsion system kept her ashore this morning.
  6. Société de transport de Montréal

    A few blocks away? Where is there even a fraction of the 375,000 sq. ft. needed to at least maintain the actual capacity? Bellechasse Garage and city depot? Old cancer plant (incinerator) on Des Carrières?
  7. Société de transport de Montréal

    That is utmost surprising : 55 still reaches marché Central and 53 is maintained. At last, STM is taking care of its weird double-triple-routed express routes. Hopefully, the next one on the list is 440.
  8. Société de transport de Montréal

    STM will replace its validators by faster, external ones and... will install new validators at the back of its Artics! http://www.stm.info/fr/presse/communiques/2017/embarquement-plus-rapide-a-bord-des-bus-de-la-stm-
  9. Montreal / Mascouche Train Service

    It did. Old Ahuntsic was not a station nor an excuse, but a service for travellers with cars, as the stop (equipped with a shelter) featured free parking spaces and canoes were accepted aboard. The purpose of the Senneterre/Jonquière lines is to provide access to the remote forest areas. It's not a Corridor service. Sauvé station is parking-less, shelter-less (is it still? there was no such amenity for my commutes to Roxboro last autumn, but a shelter was to be built at the west end of the platform, closer to Saint-Laurent than the metro entrance) and canoes are no more accepted at the RTM station, where VIA now stops. However, it features a handy metro connection (meh... I doubt adventure fishers/hunters will carry their equipment underground...).
  10. Pascan Aviation

    Provincial Airlines will offer a Mont-Joli/Rimouski ― Wabush/Fermont direct midday flight. This service was formerly operated by Pascan. Schedule will allow connections from/to Magdalen islands (Pascan) and Baie-Comeau (Air Canada). http://www.lavantage.qc.ca/actualites/2017/8/18/pal-airlines-dessert-mont-joli.html
  11. Québec private ferries

    Return of a Gaspé/Anticosti service? Premier Philippe Couillard stated this week he will forward the task of studying the project to his Sustainable mobility minister Laurent Lessard . The Rivière-au-Renard Development Corporation, established in 2007, is leading the project for the return of a ferry to Anticosti. The team refined its project from 2007 to 2014, where it submitted it to the government. Administrator Jacques Dufresne recalled that the first seasonal link between the Gaspé and Anticosti was a service of the Desgagnés Group. It was interrupted following the deluge in 1996. http://beta.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1050686/traverse-gaspesie-anticosti-cote-nord-lespoir-renait-a-riviere-au-renard John Pineault, mayor of L'Île-d'Anticosti, is also pushing for a Gaspé/Anticosti/Havre-Saint-Pierre ferry. http://beta.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1045800/nouvelle-deserte-maritime-anticosti-john-pineault
  12. The CIT thread...

    No. Groupe Gaudreault.
  13. Is the STQ an economic shipwreck? The ministry of Economy has decided to remove from the hands of the Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ) the management of the contract for the construction of two ferry services granted to the shipyard Davie, which will cost finally two times more expensive than expected. Radio-Canada : http://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1048140/chantier-davie-societe-transport-quebec-litige-traversier-construction
  14. The CIT thread...

    CTJM and TAJM (paratransit) were integrated and transit powers repatriated to MRC de Joliette on June 1st, when Bill 76 creating RTM has came into force. Regional-municipal transportation (i.e. managed by MRCs) is becoming more and more common throughout the province. By the way, MRC de Montcalm already repatriated ex-CRTL route 37. Nonetheless, I doubt MRC de Joliette has full powers over routes 50 and 125. Perhaps all of Gaudreault transit vehicles can be affected to MRC or CRTL routes, or maybe they bear all of the Lanaudière MRC logos ― hence the Joliette logo. Nothing in the CRTL verbatims announces that it will be disbanded or that its structure will change.