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  1. Québec private ferries

    Return of a Gaspé/Anticosti service? Premier Philippe Couillard stated this week he will forward the task of studying the project to his Sustainable mobility minister Laurent Lessard . The Rivière-au-Renard Development Corporation, established in 2007, is leading the project for the return of a ferry to Anticosti. The team refined its project from 2007 to 2014, where it submitted it to the government. Administrator Jacques Dufresne recalled that the first seasonal link between the Gaspé and Anticosti was a service of the Desgagnés Group. It was interrupted following the deluge in 1996. http://beta.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1050686/traverse-gaspesie-anticosti-cote-nord-lespoir-renait-a-riviere-au-renard John Pineault, mayor of L'Île-d'Anticosti, is also pushing for a Gaspé/Anticosti/Havre-Saint-Pierre ferry. http://beta.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1045800/nouvelle-deserte-maritime-anticosti-john-pineault
  2. The CIT thread...

    No. Groupe Gaudreault.
  3. Is the STQ an economic shipwreck? The ministry of Economy has decided to remove from the hands of the Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ) the management of the contract for the construction of two ferry services granted to the shipyard Davie, which will cost finally two times more expensive than expected. Radio-Canada : http://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1048140/chantier-davie-societe-transport-quebec-litige-traversier-construction
  4. The CIT thread...

    CTJM and TAJM (paratransit) were integrated and transit powers repatriated to MRC de Joliette on June 1st, when Bill 76 creating RTM has came into force. Regional-municipal transportation (i.e. managed by MRCs) is becoming more and more common throughout the province. By the way, MRC de Montcalm already repatriated ex-CRTL route 37. Nonetheless, I doubt MRC de Joliette has full powers over routes 50 and 125. Perhaps all of Gaudreault transit vehicles can be affected to MRC or CRTL routes, or maybe they bear all of the Lanaudière MRC logos ― hence the Joliette logo. Nothing in the CRTL verbatims announces that it will be disbanded or that its structure will change.
  5. VIA Rail Canada

    Here are former passenger lines in Québec (late 60's to early 70's). I might have forgot some lines and VIA could have scheduled some lines for a year or two before dropping them) CN corridors Campbellton, N.B./Gaspé via Matapédia (→ VIA → rerouted from Montréal, suspended) Chambord/Dolbeau (abandoned) Lévis/Edmunston (abandoned, most part converted to rail-trail) Mont-Joli/Matane (abandoned) Montréal (Centrale)/Chicoutimi (→ VIA, truncated to Jonquière, some parts converted to rail-trail) Montréal (Centrale)/Coaticook via Richmond, Sherbrooke (abandoned) Montréal (Centrale)/Coteau/Ottawa (→ VIA) Montréal (Centrale)/Deux-Montagnes/Ottawa (truncated to Grenville, truncated to Deux-Montagnes → CTCUM → STCUM → AMT → RTM some parts converted to rail-trail) Montréal (Centrale)/Hervey Jct (abandoned) Montréal (Centrale)/Halifax via Lévis (→ VIA, rerouted via Sainte-Foy, some parts converted to rail-trail) Montréal (Centrale)/Montréal-Nord (abandoned → back in service in 2014, extended to Mascouche by AMT → RTM) Montréal (Centrale)/Ottawa/Vancouver (→ VIA, truncated and rerouted, abandoned → back in service when VIA's Canadian was partly rerouted onto CN) Montréal (Centrale)/Québec (Union or "Palais") or Lévis via Drummondville (→ VIA, truncated to Québec (Saint-Sacrement), extended back to Québec (Palais), some parts converted to rail-trail) Montréal (Centrale)/Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu/Cantic (abandoned) Montréal (Centrale)/Sainte-Rosalie Jonction (truncated to Belœil → abandoned → back in service in 2001, extended back to Mont-Saint-Hilaire by AMT → RTM) Montréal (Centrale)/(Ottawa)/Toronto (→ VIA) Québec (Union or "Palais")/Chicoutimi ( → VIA?, abandoned, some parts converted to rail-trail) Québec (Union or "Palais")/La Malbaie (abandoned → back in service in 2013 between Québec (Chute-Montmorency) and La Malbaie (Pointe-au-Pic) by Réseau Charlevoix) Québec (Union or "Palais")/Cochrane (→ VIA, rerouted via Montréal, then from Montréal, truncated to Senneterre, some parts converted to rail-trail) Québec (Union or "Palais")/Richmond (abandoned, converted to rail-trail) Senneterre/Rouyn-Noranda (abandoned) Senneterre/Chibougamau (abandoned) Taschereau/Rouyn-Noranda (abandoned, converted to rail-trail) CP corridors Montréal (Viger)/Sainte-Thérèse/Mont-Laurier (abandoned → back in service in 1997, truncated between Montréal (Parc) and Blainville by AMT → extended back to Montréal (Lucien-L'Allier) → extended back to Saint-Jérôme → RTM, most part converted to rail-trail) Montréal (Viger)/Sainte-Thérèse/Ottawa (abandoned) Montréal (Viger)/Québec (Union or "Palais") via Trois Rivieres Subdivision (→ VIA, truncated to Québec (Saint-Sacrement) → abandoned) Montréal (Windsor)/Farnham (abandoned → back in service in 2002, truncated between Montréal (Lucien-L'Allier) and Delson by AMT → extended back to Candiac → RTM) Montréal (Windsor)/Ottawa/Vancouver via M&O Subdivision (→ VIA, truncated and rerouted, some parts converted to rail-trail) Montréal (Windsor)/Rigaud (→ CTCUM → STCUM → AMT, truncated from Montréal (Lucien-L'Allier), truncated to Hudson → RTM) Montréal (Windsor)/Sherbrooke/Saint John (→ VIA → abandoned)
  6. Well... they cut 1 route last year (the Saint-Sauveur/Huberdeau/Mont-Tremblant "zone ouest" route was reverted to taxibus), so perhaps they had extra contracted time to allocate... 2016 annual report shows 7 buses (prob. 3 HDX, 3 IC + 1 Micro Bird), 16 taxis and 7 minivans operating the call-up and scheduled lines. With the upcoming Mont-Tremblant/Laval (Métro Cartier) commuter-oriented express route (still under authorization process at the CTQ), I doubt that the HDXes will be transferred to another La Québécoise division.
  7. Québec private ferries

    News are not good for the Saint Lawrence crossings, and their repeated propulsion system failures. CNM Evolution once again remained ashore in Rimouski-Est last Friday, as a motor failed a second time in two weeks. Transport Canada threatened forbidding the craft from operating the link to Forestville until serious repairs are made, but it was deemed safe to cross the estuary. --------- On another note, the long-awaited seabus trial between Ponte-aux-Trembles―Rivière-des-Prairies (eastern tip of Montréal island) and the old port in downtown Montréal was a success. A little less than 1000 passengers rode the 25 minutes cruise to work on the three days the shuttle ran. Project is still under study (and always was, as far as I can remember, being born and raised east of Montréal). 2017 : http://beta.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1043266/interet-navette-fluviale-est-vieux-montreal 2016 : http://beta.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/790978/navette-bateau-pointe-aux-trembles-fluviale-vieux-montreal 2015 : http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/montreal/201509/01/01-4897133-une-liaison-sur-le-fleuve-entre-pointe-aux-trembles-et-le-centre-ville.php 2014 : http://www.ledevoir.com/politique/montreal/412858/montreal-des-bateaux-taxis-pour-aller-au-centre-ville And so on...
  8. TACL (wiki) will boost its schedule in August and the operator (currently La Québecoise) will procure three 2018 Novas to operate the 2 fixed routes, currently served by HDXes. New buses will maintain ski and bike racks, and will feature WiFi access. Also, new stops will be in service in Prévost. http://www.transportlaurentides.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/29-06-17-Communiqué-Linter-améliore-son-offre-de-service.pdf
  9. F.-A.-Gauthier is back in service since this morning. Electrical wiring problems causing the propelling system to fault had forced the STQ to stop the service for 5 days in high season.
  10. F.-A.-Gauthier propulsion is still broken. The ship had to stop today 1 N.M. away from Matane port. It has been retrieved back home in late afternoon. http://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1043065/traversier-fa-gauthier-panne-au-large-de-matane-bris-systeme-propulsion
  11. Any railway corridor that is killed in a metro area is a missed opportunity for sustainable development, especially knowing that the Transcollines bus routes 92x are the most profitable. Very sad an disappointing.
  12. Your first OS and your all time computer models

    Custom 8088 4 MHz (turbo 8 MHz) + MS-DOS 5.0. My father would program BASIC math exercices for me (198x-1998); "Portable" IBM PS/2 P-70, 386 processor + MS-DOS 5.0 + Windows FW 3.11. Undestructible machine (1997-1998); IBM Aptiva, AMD K6-2 processor (350 MHz?) + Windows 98→2000 (1998-2004); Various PCs (286, 386 and Pentium I) assembled with various parts I recycled + MS-DOS 5.0→6.1 + Windows FW 3.1→95 (2001-2003); Macintosh Performa 52xx all-in-one, Motorola 68k PowerPC processor + Mac OS 7→8.1→8.6, one of my fav machines (2002-2004); Compaq Deskpro AMD K6-2 350 MHz + Windows 2000. This thing had an intermittent-working SCSI hard drive storing a whopping 40 GB. (2004-2008); Dell desktop with a Pentium III 450 MHz + Windows 2000→Ubuntu 8.04 up to 10.10 (2008-2011); Dell Inspiron 15" with a dual 1.66 GHz + Ubuntu 10.04→Kubuntu 14.04. Cheap machine (payed 250$!!). The casing fell apart, I fixed it with... duct tape! (2010-2016); Compaq Presario with a triple core 2 GHz + Kubuntu 12.04→Xubuntu 16.04. (2012-...); Lenovo Thinkpad T420 with a Core i5 2.5 GHz + Xubuntu 16.04 (2016-...). This machine can do 1,575,000,000 times more operations per minute than the computer from my childhood.
  13. Orleans Express

    I do not know for sure, but let's assume that it would be harsh on the brakes not to equip with a retarder buses this weight, knowing that they do a lot of 100→0 km/h.
  14. Traverse Rimouski-Forestville's (wiki) cat-ferry was docked since June 21st due to motor problems. The small private service across the broad Saint Lawrence had already been stopped before the end of the 2016 due to mechanical problems. Government of Québec had provided its builder, Chantier naval Matane, over 150,000$ for the boat's maintenance. Wednesday this week, Transport Canada ordered the 20-year old craft to remain ashore when a passenger noticed the federal bureau of unusal odours and noises coming from under the aluminium vessel. The high-speed ferry is now back in operation since this morning, just in time for the high season. Two other ferries (NM L'Héritage I from Compagnie de navigation des Basques and NM F.-A. Gauthier from STQ) operate in the greater Rimouski surroundings. Source : L'Avantage http://www.lavantage.qc.ca/actualites/2017/6/23/cnm-evolution---les-traversees-ont-repris-apres-des-essais-en-me.html
  15. CIT Sightings

    Oh how things have changed. *sigh*