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  1. 79 has peak service to ULaval and beyond, with terminus at Chemin Sainte-Foy/Avenue Belvédère.
  2. Treq, a cooperative, is trying to fill in for the Air Canada cancelled regional lines in Québec. In english : https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/a-cooperative-wants-to-take-over-regional-air-transportation-in-quebec-1.5022885 As well as in french : https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1719387/treq-transport-aerien-avion-region-quebec-cooperative-air-canada, https://www.lequotidien.com/affaires/treq-la-nouvelle-offre-aerienne-au-quebec-de9d13b1d63ea9e53037be654fddef39, https://www.lapresse.ca/affaires/2020-07-13/une-coop-veut-offrir-des-vols-regionaux-au-quebec.php, PAX has the lauching prices, which are more than appealing : https://nouvelles.paxeditions.com/fr/nouvelles/aviation/treq-un-nouveau-transporteur-aerien-regional-pour-desservir-le-quebec Q300 and Q400-78 are in for a more serious marketing than Pascan's cuckoos. Air Creebec is also on the starting line : https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/air-creebec-hopes-to-fill-the-gap-in-regional-routes-left-by-air-canada-1.5009769
  3. This is not in Montréal, rather at the PMG Technologies testing facility (Plan Bouchard) in Blainville.
  4. Possibly for handi-ramp purposes, judging by the pictograms on these pictures : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BGY_Van_Hool.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:4517_DeLijn_-_Flickr_-_antoniovera1.jpg I believe 60-40 front door on Nova came with the new flip-flop ramp setting.
  5. Update : CP has been grinding rails with a LORAM SG between Magog and Lac-Mégantic Picture by La Tribune, Claude Plante https://www.latribune.ca/actualites/un-convoi-ferroviaire-cause-un-emoi-a-deauville-f381a49f3a736f854b3a2f01a4dadd3c https://www.latribune.ca/actualites/estrie-et-regions/le-meulage-de-la-voie-ferree-souleve-aussi-des-reactions-a-lac-megantic-d020f8b5861ced3d6bf66b982da2bcf4 Some work is being done by western Canada workers from Remcan in Farnham (to the dismay of unions and the mayor). Picture by Le Journal de Montréal, Francis Halin https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2020/05/25/des-travailleursa-rabais-de-louestsur-un-chantier-du-cp https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2020/05/26/canadien-pacifique-le-maire-de-farnham-decu-pour-ses-travailleurs Is the work ongoing on secondary railways the result of last winter crisis? The "old" CP network (Central Maine & Québec, Québec Central, Québec & Gatineau) sure sees lots of activity.
  6. A good ol' TM4500 hauling hopper cars full of ballast in Vallée-Jonction, fueling hopes for an eventual reopening of the line. Another contract was given for the reconstruction of the Morency river bridge, severly damaged during the 2017 and 2019 floods. Two major obstacles remain to full operations : Vallée bridge is deemed unfit for trafic, damaged by ice movements a while ago, and part of the railway slided onto the Black Lake mine.
  7. Some to none. The MTQ leases the line to Chemin de fer Sartigan, who, with its RS-18 and RS-23, hauls short (sometimes 1-car) convoys of grain, steel and wood cars between Joffre yard and Scott for its 2 main clients, Logibel (transhipment & logistics) and Breton (grain). Bunge used to be a large client, but with the sale of Saint-Lambert silos to Comagro in 2019, I wouldn't know. KLN rail maintenance also has a facility in Saint-Lambert.
  8. This is very interesting. Before the late 1980's/early 1990's, the old port was not the touristic heritage area we now know today, and, following the transfer of most maritime operations in Longue-Pointe and Hochelaga, was rather a desolate and derelict area (and also a crime hotspot, with ongoing wars between the various criminal organizations, and several bodies with "concrete slippers" who went sleeping with the fishes to be found in the harbour). Taking your picture in account, it seems it also served as a storage yard for forgotten rail treasures. Here's the Gare Maritime Iberville today.
  9. Concerning the remnants, even if no tracks subsist today, there are some very concrete artefacts of the Expo Express. There is a condemned bridge over the Le Moyne Channel, that used to bear the tracks of Expo Express. This bridge is leading to the former La Ronde station, the structure of which, even though decommissioned, is now repurposed as the main entry gate to the amusement park. You can clearly distinguish the platforms, track beds and access. After the Expo Express folded, Pierre-Dupuy Avenue, as well as Concorde and Îles bridges were substantially modified to accomodate a wide road instead of road+rail acess to the islands. Concorde Bridge width is 5 lanes + bike path + sidewalks. The Îles bridge, built to accomodate heavy rail, was devoid of its suspension (hence the unusual pillars) somewhere in the 1990's, if not 2000's, judged to be not structurally sound (nor useful) enough following a deck replacement.
  10. A lot of track work has been going on in the past week on the Québec Central. KLN has been replacing one out of three ties between Scott (current end of service) and Vallée junctions on behalf of the MTQ. There seems to be some work done on the Belair river bridge as well. Even though the return of a train to Lac-Frontière or Saint-Anselme is highly unlikely (on both subs, biking trail replaced rail), there seems to be something positive about the Sherbrooke/Québec City connection. Here are some scrap ties on a siding in front of the first Vachon bakery. Mmmmm... Cake 🍰 and fresh new ties 🛤
  11. Wait... people are complaining about trees being cut in an autoroute ROW?
  12. Is it too much to ask for arguments?
  13. Do you have other coverage on this terrorism attempt than this alt-right bamboozle?
  14. Mozilla Firefox produces grey text and white links in the textbox.
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