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  1. Picture by Denis Leduc, Radio-Canada https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1303945/ville-rimouski-citebus-trajet-transport-commun-autobus-deplacements 10 years after bus service inception, Rimouski is reviewing its circuits. The current offer is nearest-to-stop oriented, creating winding circuits with long travel times. All three lines are synchronized to meet at the downtown « Musée » terminal, in the very center of the city, in front of a museum but also next to the Institut maritime du Québec, a post-secondary institution. An auxiliary transfer point, « Gare », litteraly three blocks away, next to the train station (with train service at night, only...), offer some shortcut transfers during the day. Two taxibus services in suburban areas (Bic and Rimouski-Est―Pointe-au-Père) also reach the Musée transfer point, while the two other taxibus services offering services in rural areas have transfer points at the edge of the town. The city aims at offering more direct routes, with less travel times. I'd say a kid could draw better lines better than they are now, without spending 100k$ with consultants, as the town is somewhat dense and organized around a few main axis (route 132, route 232, Cathédrale, 2e Rue, Arthur-Buies and Leonidas).
  2. Radio-Canada's The Fifth Estate equivalent, Enquête, has released major info about quality control failures of the F.-A.-Gauthier. René Lebrun, naval architecture technician, and Martin Saint-Pierre, captain of the Camille-Marcoux were sent to Italy to survey the quality of the building process. They were both fired for insubordination : Lebrun refused to take a medical leave (even though his and STQ's doctors advised against the need for such a rest), and Saint-Pierre used the executive bathroom instead of the squat latrine he was entitled to. They say that their firings are related to them repeatedly reporting major vices all along the construction : rusty materials such as vent conducts, badly welded main bridge, water infiltration causing materials to rot, paint and sanding problems, bad parts alignment, invisible on-site quality control manager, ... Radio-Canada's team tried to invoque the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies to procure reports of the quality control process. The STQ refused to give many documents, and the ones they were given were so censored they were illegible and lacked the crucial parts. STQ denies all of the allegations. Its president, although, told he was worried about the revelations, and that the events as reported by Enquête are not compatible with his vision of the Crown corporation. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1296344/lanceurs-alerte-vices-construction-traversier-fa-gauthier-quebec
  3. They are fast-tracking a bunch of garage projects there. I wonder if the Longue-Pointe garage location is optimal, without proper Souligny/Notre-Dame connection.
  4. It is a major change, I don't see why they would hide it.
  5. 3.3 B$ Tramway project is funded. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-city-tramway-funding-1.5251897 Current plans call for a tramway running in A- to B-class ROW, which, in Vuchic typology, means dedicated lanes with at-grade crossings, with some parts buried underground functioning as a rapid transit. The single line would link Charlesbourg terminus to Champigny (Le Gendre park-and-ride), with buried portions downtown and in Sainte-Foy centre.
  6. The first part is about positive discrimination and hiring losers that wanna do their job and do it right. The guy from the union is mad. Fred Bougon : Hello. You did not pay, sir. Customer #1 (man with a cap) : Yeah, sure, I got no money! If I had money, do you think I'd take the bus? With the tariff nowadays, all that transit has public is the smell. Customer #2 (fat lady) : Open your goddamn door. Come on, open your goddamn door! In the end, transit is mainly for people with cars, am I right? Goddamn bathing cap (common montrealese insult), I've been waiting for one hour! F.B. : It's not my fault, I don't understand. There should be a bus every 15 minutes and I'm not late on my schedule. Customer #2 : Shut your goddamn mouth. I do not want to hear your goddamn loser's explanations. F.B. : You forgot to pay. Customer #2 : Am I charging the hour I spent waiting?! F.B. : Listen, madam. If you don't pay, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave the bus Customer #2 : Take this! [Raises middle finger] F.B. : Listen, kid, you forgot something. Customer #5 (punk) :Yup, you're right! [Spits] Customer #6 (nurse) : I'm late for my job because of you. Do you know how long I've been waiting your bus? F.B. : One hour? Customer #6 : Aha! You knew you were late! You f*?&%œłæ¶, I'm gonna rip your throat off. Customers #7, 8, 9, 10, 11, not paying. F.B. : Aren't you all paying? Customer #12 (man with a coat) : Come on! Come on, open it for Christ's sake, I have things to do! F.B. : [Raises middle finger] Customer #12 : Goddamn snooty arrogant. In the end, Fred is fired because he gave the union a bad press. Classic Bougons' episode. Fred drives fictionnal SUTM 839 GM Classic. It could be a refurbished ex-STRSM unit, but the interior shows a 5-digit fleet number in the back. Some assert that it's Auger 839, ex-CTCUM 53-037.
  7. I will not mourn route 125, as I did for route 111. Without reserved lanes on Saint-Louis (nor room for passing) and following the exact same route, the 125 is nothing more than added departures to the 25. I used to take the handy 185 evening counterpeak departure daily. I'm highly surprised to see added departures. I'd have thought that with the extension of route 75 to Sainte-Foy Centre, 185 would have short turned at Belvédère. It just make sense to separate off-peak Bocages and Village services in Saint-Augustin, as it always has been prior to the RTC integration. Routing the 94 through Cap-Rouge is a no-brainer. This is a major improvement. What's missing : it's unclear wether a connection with 14/15 to Revenu Québec is possible in Cap-Rouge.
  8. DM line is already overcrowded so I doubt they will just cancel the serv... oh wait. Anyways, this flag's been there for quite a while now. Just tilt the jaquette next time you're around; you'll see for yourself.
  9. Looks more like a zero than a six to me. And waaay too far north for Métropolitaine service. Deux-Montagnes lines will be cut back at Montpellier or Du Ruisseau next year. I would bet on a new express servicing these two stations. Lines 121, 128, 135 and 171 just can't handle the supplemental ridership. So why put the terminus @ Crémazie ? Sauvé just doesn't cut it when it comes to passenger overflow (see Laval extension, 2006).
  10. How the Boeing 737 Max groundings made Swoop's operational problems even worse The Financial Post
  11. The Saaremaa, renamed MV Saaremaa I entered service in Matane yesterday morning, bringing a closure to the peculiar ferry service gap, filled with planes and unadequate boats. The STQ has chartered (really cheap) flights between Mont-Joli (YYY), Baie-Comeau―Pointe-Lebel (YBC) and Sept-Îles (YZV) with either Q100's and Q400's until July 31st, after what only the sea route will remain. For the moment, it appears that the STQ just slapped their logo on the sides of the ship, but I heard they also made some changes to the interior and signage ― which was not on par with Transport Canada rules. The return of MV F.-A.-Gauthier is expected by the end of 2019. Saaremaa will then be kept as a relief vessel for this and the other high sea or high volume routes, such as Rivière-du-Loup―Saint-Siméon or Tadoussac―Baie-Sainte-Catherine. I captured its first departure on my way to work, with a belevedere telescope. Other STQ news : VCA L'Esprit-de-Pakuashipi is out of service for an indefinite time, due to mechanical problems Québec-Lévis route schedule was dumped due to excess ridership (Schadenfreude!). Vessels just leave when full.
  12. Your calculation is not quite right. The CPI is a composite index. If you want to compare apples, you have to isolate the apples : you cannot take the whole fruit salad! Prices of non-durable goods and services evoluted differently from durable goods. For $ 1.19 of restaurant food in 1973, you would get the equivalent of $ 9.45 in 2019 (decent price for a top blade or top round steak, though these cuts are not to find in restaurants anymore...).
  13. Water leaking into tunnels is a common occurrence (the Dow's Lake tunnel leaks like crazy). Derailments are a little more serious and not quite as common. Indeed. Groundwater and efflorescence are still a thing. Permanent pumping is not a 'problem', but a solution to natural infiltration. Here's the ceiling of a Montréal metro station before its rebuild, 50 years after opening.
  14. Are you forgetting that Ottawa's had LINTS for 4 years now? 😁 Talent I are mostly phased out of DB and ÖBB operations, on the other side of the pond, replaced by II and III generations. Anyways, TALENT is an acronym, and stands for Talbot leichter Nahverkehr Triebwagen or "Talbot's lighter commuter/local multiple unit". Some may say Trillium line is closer to a a European suburban/commuter rail or S-Bahn service than a tram-train or any kind of light rail stricto sensu, and that is somewhat the original purpose of Talbot shops' flagship product. The fact that it's used on regional lines just proves its sturdiness and versatility.
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