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  1. Make that 40 years. Renaissance fleet was not brand-new ― otherwise they would not have left to rot a whopping 25 % share of what they had just bought, the cars would have survived their first winter without major modifications and they would have been accessible by the inception of the service.
  2. Never mind, just saw that Saaremaa is back from PEI.
  3. If the Saaremaa lease is maintained, this brings major flustercuck to STQ fleet management, as all of these ships are out of service, due to repairs or operational stoppage : MV Radisson ("not available", per the STQ, moored at port of Québec) MV Félix-Antoine-Savard (OS, port of Québec) MV Alphonse-Desjardins (OS, port of Québec) MV Svanoy (dry dock, port of Gaspé) MV Joseph-Savard (status unknown, port of Québec) Without any of these available for the essential Isle-aux-Coudres―Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive ferry, Lomer-Gouin has been requisitionned leaving only the tiny, pedestrian-only, leased AML Levant to run between Québec and Lévis.
  4. Les Promenades de l'Estrie to take over transit operations in Saint-Hyacinthe starting next Tuesday. The Swiftrans subsidiary will operate blank G5's and C2's out of an old gas bar on highway 137, where is also located the Meridien school bus division. Previous operator is Compagnie de transport maskoutaine, who followed for about 20 years Société de taxi Windsor in the early 2000's. https://www.st-hyacinthe.ca/communiques/2022-10-25/changement-flotte-autobus
  5. Unveiled, but certainly not inaugurated. A one-year, empty-running test phase is programmed before commercial service. Scalded cat fears cold water. They seem to want to avoid the Tecnobus Gulliver fiasco.
  6. Financial and real estate interests were given every power to deliver a transit project on-time and on-budget. They won't, they don't give a crap about mobility, as their core business is not transit, and they are not imputable since they do not depend on public administration. Long story short : REM is delayed. Again. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/rem-south-shore-montreal-delayed-1.6624247
  7. It's light rail they should have built. Also, in case you were off to another planet over the 14 last year during which they overhauled the 505 R-Bus service and infrastructure, the Pie-IX BRT is the result of the overhaul of the 505 service and infrastructure.
  8. It is not a custom of the house to bear clear d-signs with their actual destination.
  9. Pie-IX BRT: commissioning slated for November 7 https://www.stm.info/en/press/press-releases/2022/pie-ix-brt--commissioning-slated-for-november-7 EDIT : I looked into the schedules to understand the works of it. 439, which has about 20 departures/day (6-9 AM/3-6 PM only), will get about 10-17 departures/hour during peak, 6 departures/hour off-peak. To the south, service will be extended to Notre-Dame street (½ departures, 20 min frequency). To the north, there will be split frequency with short turns at Henri-Bourassa for half of the off-peak runs. Service to and from Laval will be maintained as is (20 min frequency).
  10. I saw STQ's MV Saaremaa I downstream on the St. Lawrence yesterday night, en route from Trois-Rivières. Marine Traffic indicated she was headed towards Caribou, NS. Radio-Canada confirmed this morning that she would relieve the MV Holiday. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1903106/location-contrat-traversier-matane-godbout
  11. Hello. You likely do not have editing privileges. You may suggest corrections and additions on the UPDATES & ADDITIONS board. Upon regularly contributing in a constructive manner for some time, you will be in a position to request the editor status for the wiki.
  12. A train has crossed the bridge for the first time yesterday. Picture by CDPQ
  13. Any baseball fans here? I've been following Frontier League since the Can-Am merger. The Frontier has an agreement with Flosports to broadcast Cable TV-quality coverage for the 16 teams, but each are still allowed to broadcast audio signal on the medium of their choice. I've listened to most Québec Capitales games on the radio, whether it's local FM broadcast or over the internet, from visiting ballparks. I've also tuned in to some Trois-Rivières Aigles games, but I haven't been able to pick up the signal from the Ottawa Titans games. Both stations that have play-by-play description (CJFO, in French and CKDJ, in English) turn blank when it's playball. Even if the FL is devoid of such thing, it reminds me of the MLB rights management, which prohibits internet broadcast of the games (it's exclusive to TuneIn ), even though the AM waves emitted from Boston (WTIC), New York (WCBS, WFAN), Toronto (CJCL) and even Cleveland (WTAM) travel easily to the Québec City area by clear nights. I love me a good MLB game playing on my old pickup's radio while sipping a cold beer on the tailgate on a hot night. But nothing beats a minor/indie league stadium. What's your favorite way to catch a baseball game?
  14. Despite inception of the REM, Ville de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu will continue to operate route 96S to Terminus Centre-Ville at least until 2023, possibly further beyond. https://sjsr.ca/communique-2022/mise-en-service-du-rem-maintien-du-circuit-96-en-direction-de-montreal/
  15. Since the deal was closed quite late in the process (location, design, funding), the Griffintown station was already deemed to open after the commissioning of the South shore line. According to this article about the testing phases, the testing and completion of work can be concurrent (except for one month this summer), so it's still plausible to see inception of service before December. The trial run in normal commercial conditions but without passengers will occur this fall, for a full month, before the opening to general public.
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