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  1. Broadway SkyTrain Extension

  2. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Yes, I also think there is enough space there for that. UBC announced today that they are hoping to accelerate construction of that extension, and have a second station on campus, so it might have to go underground again. It hasn't been studied yet. https://news.ubc.ca/2018/04/19/ubc-to-advocate-completion-of-rapid-transit-to-campus/
  3. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    For me, it's less about reserving lane space for cars, and more about keeping cars, bikes, and pedestrians separate from trains. Streetcar type LRT suffers the same delays as buses do when operating in mixed traffic, compared to dedicated ROW surface LRT or grade separated. Or, I'm going to use Metrotown as an example because I was there today; pedestrian, bus, and car movements all conflict with eachother and only the elevated train can move freely. I quite like the elevated parts of the Skytrain system, I just didn't include them in my list. Skytrain works in the wide interurban ROW, along the railway and suburban Lougheed Hwy, North Rd, Pinetree Way, No 3 Rd etc, which is why it was built there first, apart from urban Cambie where it was tunneled. The places that are more expensive and left until last (Broadway to UBC, downtown, Hastings if they ever need to do something about the 95 B-Line) were what I was listing, and don't have space for elevated trains without interfering with buildings, pedestrians, and car space in roads that can't be expanded.
  4. General BRT discussion

    Thanks! I've been curious, and I won't see them in person for several months. The descriptions and renders of the small sidewalk locations most of these were put into (Eg on 16th Ave) made me expect them to be small, but I hope they make them larger where there is more space. And I don't understand those numbers either. The 306 only gets low ridership when it's right after a 20 or 72/73 (which won't exist in the same way), otherwise it's already at least as well used as the 302. And, the SWBRT doesn't have that many large ridership draws. The mid SW doesn't use transit more than the mid SE, and it shares MRU with the 306...
  5. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    For me, it depends where it is. I've been on the Skytrain, Calgary and Edmonton LRT, Toronto subway, etc, and seen places where things work well or don't work. I tend to suggest subways for dense urban areas where nothing else will fit, and high ridership areas where a surface route would be slow and crowded (Eg. Broadway, Hastings). I use LRT for medium density areas, places there is a dedicated ROW, light suburban areas (eg. Surrey, Langley, probably much of Burnaby, Arbutus), but my experience in Calgary showed me that LRT needs to not cross busy roads at grade in awkward locations (eg. Surrey, Langley).
  6. General Route Discussion and History

    The engage page got taken down sometime between now and when that link was posted. I guess it was still to early
  7. General Route Discussion and History

    That.... sounds like a real mess. Twice as confusing as the NW route change, covering the entire city, and probably unexpected by most people. I've been told by people who work at Foothills that losing any buses to the hospital would be a big problem for them.
  8. It looks to me like the White Rock BRT and Scott Rd BRT are probably two different routes. The documents say that those b-lines will go through a process of consultation, probably the same that they're doing for the four 2019 ones right now, to finalize routes, etc. If you mean the Surrey Newton-Guildford LRT, that's definitely approved and in pre-construction
  9. I wasn't sure which option would be better, and then I remembered that while the transfer to/from the 239 at Phibbs is a problem, it would be much less of one if the new shuttle was every 7 minutes or less and not every 10. There isn't really room at Capilano for Articulated buses at the moment. The 130 and 28 extending to Capilano are to avoid crowding problems at Phibbs while transferring, eg. in the morning when a lot of people are trying to move through the exchange and onto Capilano buses all at once. In the afternoon it isn't as bad (but still very useful), but the shuttle would have to run very often and the design of Phibbs would have to be very transfer efficient to not need them. They offset the crowded 210/211 somewhat too. There are no stops between Queensbury and Brooksbank because there's nothing there but a hill. Heywood St looks like this: https://www.google.ca/maps/@49.30869,-123.0497037,3a,60y,233.5h,80.94t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sYE1RLQQXmtcZnQ5YFkt3yQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en In Phase 3, the 130 will get a parallel B-line as far as Phibbs, and that might go to Capilano, whereas the North Shore b-line will eventually go to Maplewood (these are uncertain future plans, but good ones) I'm generally liking all of these plans, although I don't know enough about travelling between Langley and Surrey or Maple Ridge and Coquitlam to weigh in. I look forward to 2019. After my last post, I noticed that the B-line stop is at Ridgeway and not Queensbury. Which is central to all the new construction there, but while there's not much east of Queensbury, there is a lot on Queensbury and possibly there should be a stop there. The lack of local service on that line does leave a few large gaps.
  10. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    That.... is much better than I was expecting
  11. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Yes, that's what I had in mind. Because, from observation, the 95 is actually busiest between Granville and Kootenay Loop, even with the student traffic from SFU. I think that the gondola will help the SFU traffic enough that the eastern half of the 95 could remain a B-line. The western half of the 95, despite being made a B-line only recently, and despite a large increase in service this year, is still ridiculously busy at all hours of the day. I like CPTDB because it's more about the discussions, technical aspects, etc, of transit, and less of the opinion arguments that dominate SSP and other forums, and I enjoy being able to post my imaginings of solutions to the problems I encounter while commuting (Especially while on the 95) (and sometimes draw maps of them for fun). However I've found over the last few days that I might need to step back from reading a bit because it still suffers from people taking what's posted on the internet way too seriously, and I'm starting to do that too.
  12. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    No. It would not fit, it would disrupt Broadway horribly, and it would not be cheaper. Among other reasons, read this: https://www.translink.ca/-/media/Documents/plans_and_projects/rapid_transit_projects/Millennium-Line-Broadway-Extension/alternatives_evaluation/UBC_Line_Rapid_Transit_Study_Phase_2_Alternatives_Evaluation_Executive_Summary.pdf?la=en&hash=B388AB0A4F581D52B6A20C73B061156195921C16 The subway vs elevated on Broadway, like the LRT vs Skytrain in Surrey, is an old debate that has already been argued to the best answer (although the Surrey LRT really should not cross lanes like a streetcar, and the reasons why are built into Calgary's and Edmonton's LRT) is that I cannot imagine elevated rail down the middle of an urban street being an improvement. There's a reason the Canada Line goes under Cambie, and why the Expo and Millennium lines run mostly in old rail ROW. It's because the end result of putting a busy heavy rail line in a busy mixed use environment well used by cars, pedestrians, etc, is not a very nice dream. That's why my pet dream, the Hastings subway connected to new crossings of the inlet, is underground under Hastings, even though that is expensive and complicated enough that I will likely not see it in my lifetime...
  13. Expo line Upgrade.

    Not on the platform side
  14. The Compass Project

    Translink has been relentlessly using its twitter account, and other media, to promote the 'Don't tap your wallet' ads.
  15. Expo line Upgrade.

    Just to revive this thread a bit: The new Expo line platform at Commercial Broadway, with glass on the outside wall and with the platform surface looking close to finished, is nicely visible from northbound Expo line trains.
  16. These appeared at the end of last week at all 129 stops around Hastings, and probably everywhere else on the route as well.
  17. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    The immediate problem at Kootenay Loop I focus on is that the loop itself is in what is now the approach lane for right turning onto Cassiar and Ironworkers. In the morning rush hour, buses turning into the loop have trouble getting through the traffic, and 28's, 130's, and 95's heading north and west have trouble physically getting to Bay 6, and sometimes Bay 8. Even if they then go on the near daily detour along Renfrew and McGill to get to Ironworkers. I wonder if some sort of bus only connection from Hastings to the McGill interchange would help. When I have to start taking the 130 at 745 am again next fall, I will ask Translink if they have any ideas for that, especially if we get stuck on Hastings for 45 minutes again. Long term, I would love to see rail under Hastings from downtown to the PNE/Kootenay and then across to Phibbs. But the 95 isn't at 99 levels of crowding yet, although it's coming closer. And, the land along Hastings really needs to not suffer from the ridiculous increase in value that, for example, the Millennium Line is getting, or no-one will be able to afford to live there anymore.
  18. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    This discussion got intense quickly.... Maybe because of what dreams and aspirations mean to everyone? I've done the 'draw out route ideas' thing for fun before, but what I usually post is based on me imagining solutions to problems I encounter regularly, for example Kootenay Loop which I pass through nearly every day. 8010, I do want to point out that as intense as the Cambie corridor plans are, they are going to take a long time, and probably won't change the overall network that much, since it's development (hopefully, if they remember) designed around transit that's already there.
  19. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    I'd forgotten about the Cambie corridor. Good ideas to include alternatives to the 100 in your plan, then. Splitting the downtown routes and adding bus lanes, or some solution, to the 5 and 6 are also good, as is improving the 44. Thanks for putting the work into this! Kootenay loop is its own can of worms, which I will one day email Translink about in the way you have here. Probably best to not worry about it here. I'm also hoping Translink already realizes that the segment of the 84 between Granville and Great Northern Way is busy, and won't be replaced by the Broadway extension.
  20. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Capacity per bus isn't really the problem with the 5/6. It's more the fact that downtown is really busy limits frequencies even when they are as high as they are. That said, future rapid transit from the north shore stopping at Denman is a good future dream. I understand the idea of splitting more routes in half downtown, as the 2 and 22 were, but if that would solve problems, it would surely have been done already? I don't understand why having the 160 (which is not a trolley) go all the way from Coquitlam to Downtown would improve anything, apart from getting buses out of Kootenay Loop. I don't understand how having every bus feed into Marine Dr is an improvement. I assume as the Skytrain goes towards UBC, the 4, 9, 14, 44, and 84 will be modified to support it.
  21. The Willingdon B-line would be very useful, although at off-peak times the current frequency of the 130 is enough for much of the route. I'm surprised they didn't just keep the part of the 239 that runs from Phibbs to Capilano. The 130/28 to Cap suffer from bridge traffic, and the 255 is being cut down...
  22. Thanks for letting me know, I'm glad they're taking the time to stop at Capilano and talk with people about it. It's been odd to me seeing these announced with so little public feedback, since Translink doesn't always know how why or where people are using routes
  23. I wonder what "Plus improved connections to Capilano U" means. Because right now the 239 every 10 min is barely enough to get students to campus from Phibbs, and has full bus passups at peak student travel times. Not having a direct bus from Lynn Valley to Capilano is going to cut off a lot of students from where they live, too... I should probably email Translink and ask some of these questions. The B-line is going to make travelling everywhere other than Capilano much easier, though
  24. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    I'd be fully on board with Hastings, UBC-Capilano,and North Shore Rapid Transit, but I don't see how the Canada line could or needs to go under the inlet, or why low density Steveston needs the Canada line, why the airport needs a second line, or why the Expo line, the busiest, should go to low density Langley when an LRT will.
  25. It's good to hear that. That part of the 95 route is very crowded.