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  1. The transit review documents suggest that both the 28 and 130 will end at Phibbs. The 245 has 5 minute peak frequency, which means the same number of buses will travel between Phibbs and Cap U. I'll really miss the no transfer trip on the 130, but the reliability of buses will go way up because the 28/130/239 delays elsewhere won't affect Cap U. I do note they didn't increase midday frequency for the 245, which means that crowding and pass up problems at Phibbs between 1030 and 12, which happen 2-3 days a week, will happen more with the R2-245 transfers. I did write a paragraph on that in the feedback survey....
  2. .... I've wondered about the ACDC keys for years. Now I know...
  3. Looking at it that way, it's probably very easy and cheap to put a tunnel under what is mostly empty land along 11th. They're gonna regret a level crossing at 16th at least as much as they regret the ones on 36th and the one at Heritage, but it's better than not having a train at all, I guess. It just doesn't bode well for when it goes north of 16th, eventually. And if it means they get to demolish less of the interesting old buildings at 16th and Centre (as opposed to the ones that are actually falling apart), then that's cool.
  4. I'm probably the only one who likes Eau Claire the way it is. I'm just glad they stopped arguing and picked the next best plan, apart from thinking that an at grade crossing at 16th is going to work. They grade separated less-busy roads elsewhere in the city for good reason. I don't get why the extended the tunnel east, though? Surely that's not cheaper. 4th St Station underground couldn't possibly be cheaper
  5. That's what I'm interpreting too The implementation plan is still the same as far as I can tell: https://www.translink.ca/-/media/Documents/plans_and_projects/rapid_bus/rapid_bus_marine_main.pdf?la=en&hash=0C90AAE509BCCE1E0C4FC24BD0B834A73CCC4A83 You were talking about hubs, though, and serving LGH and then Lonsdale and 3rd hits both those hubs. The 255 staying on Keith would pointlessly miss the hub at LGH, and going further south would duplicate the Rapidbus service. I'm pretty sure that routing would take less than 10 minutes, too. Thanks for the background on why Capilano ended up set up the way it is. It makes things a bit clearer. I have noticed that a decent number of people travel to and from the developments at Purcell and Lillooet. I don't understand why the administration would think that it wouldn't be convenient to have a bus stop in the centre of campus beside the Library and student hubs, and only have one at the top of the hill on the north side of Campus.
  6. More people use the 239's terminus than the upper loop, but that's partly because the 239 is busier than the 255. Both need service though because they each serve half of the campus and there are a lot of stairs.
  7. The R2 Rapidbus has more frequent service during peak hours, and the same service off-peak, as the current 239. The path it takes through Lonsdale is more direct and should make it faster end-to-end. There will be fewer stops, most of which are covered by other routes, but I've always noticed a pretty evenly distributed use of the stops on the 239 east of Lonsdale. (I don't usually go west of Lonsdale). Capilano students will lose a direct trip across the North Shore to Capilano. However, at Phibbs Exchange, the same number of people are: already on the 239 heading to Cap U, transferring from the 28 (or on it, during peak periods), transferring from the 130 (or on it, during peak periods), or transferring from the 210/211. And when the R2 is implemented, they will almost certainly implement the 222 Express from Burnaby and the 245 replacing the Capilano part of the 239, which means that everyone going to Capilano and Lynnmour will have to transfer at Phibbs Exchange, instead of just three quarters of them. If they ever rebuild it properly that will work, but I'm expecting it to be a crowded mess of queues this spring. The 240 extension replacing the part of the 255 that went from Central Lonsdale to Lynn Valley is an improvement, as buses will run every 15 min or so instead of every 30 min. It doesn't jog around the Lonsdale area, it goes through the centre of it. The Seabus terminal isn't the only busy node, 3 Ave/Lonsdale Ave and Central Lonsdale/Lions Gate hospital are also busy. The 240 is intended to become a Rapidbus in Phase 3. There isn't anything replacing the eastern half of the 255 from Lynn Valley to Capilano, so anyone doing that (a moderate but not large amount of people, because it's cheaper for students to live in Lynn Valley than the rest of the North Shore) will now have to transfer. Service should be slightly better. But there will be about the same amount of delays and crowding, because what really decides service on the North Shore is how busy the north sides of the Lions Gate and Ironworkers bridges get. The 239 and 255 are frequently delayed just from going through those areas, and terminating the 239 at Phibbs and running shuttle buses to Capilano happens around 2 out of every 5 weekdays. Usually because of getting stuck behind cars trying to get onto the bridges. It's amazing how much time I've had to study travel patterns in that area while being stuck on the bus. There's talk about a Skytrain tunnel under Burrard Inlet, but it would probably be more useful to have a Skytrain where the R2 runs, because the Seabus is much more reliable than any of the East West roads.
  8. Which would be less confusing and consistent with what's there. It'll really be the same 95 with a new name, new paint, and slightly better service. It won't be faster. I also feel the Rapidbus isn't really BRT as it is, but it is very frequent large bus service and I like that aspect of it. They are doing minor stop upgrades on much of the 95 most of this week.
  9. The consultation for the 222 and 245 suggested the network review changes would be implemented quite soon after the consultation wrapped up, early in the new year. I had guessed that the R2 would be delayed enough that these would end up happening at the same time. In October, Bays 1, 2, and 11 at Phibbs Exchange were resized and repaved. The shuttle routes 215 and 227 were moved to temporary bays on Oxford St. The reconstructed Bay 11 is very noticeably designed for an articulated bus, although it is still hosting the 232. There is currently construction on what looks like a new crosswalk on the east side of the exchange. I haven't seen the other R2 stops recently but the existing stops have been closed for construction a lot recently. As well as several stops on the 95. The stops on the eastern half of the 43 had concrete work done as of October, as well.
  10. "239 Park Royal/Capilano University is experiencing delays up to 180 min due to traffic congestion." Two weeks ago there was an incident with the same effect and I was stuck at Capilano University for several hours. I'm interested to see if the 222/245 will fix this in any way, or if they need another road out of Lynnmour.
  11. As people transfer to the 9, 20, and surrounding community at Commercial, they'll transfer to the 9, 15, and surrounding community at City Hall. It won't be as bad as it is now, with the 99, but they keep saying ridership is going to grow a lot. I generally think all stations work best with minimum two entrances.
  12. If they're being smart about it they'll design the new City Hall extension on that block to accommodate a future connection, like the Crossroads building supposedly does. That way there's a cheaper fix to the inevitable problem of a station with Commercial-Broadway levels of usage having only one entrance (When Commercial-Broadway itself has four. Even Metrotown has three.)
  13. When reading that, I also read the construction section, and it describes some temporary changes at and outside Phibbs Exchange starting this week. It sounds like the R2 will fit into the exchange as-is, and the complete rebuild of the exchange will happen later.
  14. With the shuttle going every 8 minutes and not having to come from Park Royal, it'll get better. The frequent 28-130-not239 will hopefully prevent some of those lineups that stretch across the exchange and cause the passups. Hopefully the design of the Exchange will help that too. They will have to try and schedule the new Capilano Shuttle so that it doesn't leave right before the 28, 130, 210, 211, and R2 show up, because that's what's always made me have to wait for two 239's. But, those buses come from across the bridge/across the North Shore, so they are only as consistent as the traffic in those places. The other problem is that CapU traffic maxes out at 830, 10, 1130, and 1, because of when classes are. The bridges are at about their limit in how fast they can get buses across. I don't know how the future Phibbs-Skytrain Express is going to work, because skipping the local stops in East Vancouver/North Burnaby by staying on the highway means that highway traffic jams will get in the way instead.
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