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  1. I'll save any comments on whether LRT is a good idea after I've read the articles, but there is definitely demand everywhere in Vancouver for transit, and B-line corridors, even future ones, are struggling to keep up with crowding and with disruptions caused by traffic. Even the 95, new as it is, can barely keep up with traffic and crowding between the city centre and Burnaby.
  2. DarkKeyo

    Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    That's either a misquote or a mistake on the politicans' part. Translink is still very clear that it will go to Arbutus first, and any extension to UBC is after. See here: https://engage.gov.bc.ca/broadwaysubway/ The first news article I read on the funding announcement had Premier Horgan mentioning multiple postsecondary institutions including BCIT as specifically benefiting, but BCIT isn't anywhere near the projects either. I'm excited, because even if it's almost a decade away, it will be very nice to not have to use the 99 B-line in central Vancouver.
  3. The routes to SFU run articulated buses up a mountain.
  4. DarkKeyo

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    It's both the shape, as mentioned the seats don't fit most adults, particularly the sideways ones. And also the fact that it's solid, flat plastic, which is very rare in trains. I'm really curious because if the operator seats are just as bad as the passenger seats, that makes it much worse
  5. DarkKeyo

    General BRT discussion

    Oh? Interesting, I didn't realize they were doing them for more than just the new MAX routes. I go to Quarry Park less than once a year. I was under the impression the 300/301/302 would stick with the current branding scheme of a typical stop painted red.
  6. DarkKeyo

    General BRT discussion

    The shelter at 16th Ave and North Hill mall. It's two blocks away from where they're building the eastbound 19 St shelter.
  7. DarkKeyo

    Calgary Transit

    That doesn't really make sense, though. The lines will interchange at 7th Ave. Separating the Red and Blue lines, which is one of the main reasons for the 8th Ave subway, would remove pretty much all of the current frequency and capacity limits on each line, and prevent delays on one from interfering with the other.
  8. DarkKeyo

    Calgary Transit

    Good question. I used to have one, but that hard drive died last year. I can't remember where I got it, and can only find the old, pre-WLRT ones here https://www.nycsubway.org/wiki/Calgary,_Alberta and in the book Calgary's Electric Transit right now...
  9. DarkKeyo

    General CTrain Discussion

    I know that part of it is that particular combination. The south leg has the most ridership (and is also the longest) , the west the least (and is also the shortest), and the other two are similar to each other. Pairing the most used and least used line wouldn't be a good use of frequency and capacity.
  10. DarkKeyo

    General CTrain Discussion

    I didn't mean Victoria Park, sorry. It was a lot worse 10 years ago, and before Sunalta opened, but I only moved away last year. But yes, it was faster to get to, say, Chinook mall, than to parts of the Beltline, from Lions Park, and so trips like that are faster and easier by car. Yes, the area I had the most trouble with is between 11 st and 14 st south of the CPR tracks, but the Connaught side of the Beltline in general (and lower Mount Royal) was difficult, because it takes a surprisingly long time to walk into and out of it (eg. to 8th st station). It might just be my experience, but I had a lot of trips that would have been much easier if 14 st had something more than the 414. So, for the purpose of driving vs transit, it would be much easier to take a car for those trips. I agree with reecemartin on frequency too, because it's also faster to get into a car and drive that straight line than wait for a bus from 17th to downtown, and then a train to the NW. So that's what people do....
  11. DarkKeyo

    General CTrain Discussion

    Frequency and connectivity, something that that discussion noted as well. As a transit user with no car, I found my limits were 30 or more minute frequencies, especially in the winter, and indirect connections. One of the biggest was getting from near North Hill mall to the SW Beltline, which I would try to do frequently but which could easily take 45 min including transfers (which is also how long it takes to walk that distance on a good day). In comparison, the number of places I can currently get to in 45 minutes with one transfer now that I live in Burnaby is very large. The completed MAX network at a good frequency, and the Green Line, and a few gaps not covered by MAX plans (but that are in routeahead) would solve those problems that I, and people I know who mainly use Calgary Transit, have. However, I'm not sure how to get people who already drive out of their cars. Generally, I guess, by making transit easier than driving? That's what pushes C-train's rush hour ridership, and Toronto's and Vancover's....
  12. DarkKeyo

    General CTrain Discussion

    One nice thing about above ground systems is one can look out the window. Information I need to know is: approximately how late I'm going to be when something goes wrong, and when the next bus or train is coming, especially on a day when it's -40 plus windchill. Information I've noticed other people need to know: where a train is actually going. That's where 'red line train *south* to *somerset* becomes important, especially if that tells you it will go downtown and to the stampede. Doubly especially if that tells you the Saddledome is not reached by Saddletowne trains, which is a fairly common mistake. This is also where' 'Heritage, transfer for MAX Teal' would be important, although that sounds very awkward compared to 'South Crosstown.' That sounds perfect. Especially not getting the advertising right away.
  13. DarkKeyo

    General BRT discussion

    I wonder if the switch to colours will lead to the routes being treated more like the LRT, in which case the destination signs would display 'MAX Purple - East Hills' in the same way C-Trains show 'Red Line - Somerset'. I also think that the map needs the existing BRT, even if the current BRT routes aren't getting the MAX special stops. The 301 in particular is busy enough to be replaced by the Green Line, except that most of it won't be replaced by Phase 1 of the Green line.
  14. DarkKeyo

    Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    Yes. And, I'm expecting that they can't afford anywhere near the entire cost. They did seem to come to the decision to support this really suddenly, considering it's been talked about for years.
  15. DarkKeyo

    Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    I'm all for building that extension sooner than later, but as long as the cost doesn't take away from any of the other Phase 2 or 3 improvements which are really needed. Unless something drastic changes the increasing amount of ridership, it's going to be very slow and crowded in Vancouver for a long time. I agree with 8010 here on how it should be done.