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  1. They're supposed to be rebuilding Phibbs entirely this year (supposedly starting last fall), hopefully with better queueing that doesn't end up with lines in front of other stops. However, as of the beginning of this month, no construction had happened yet.
  2. If those are for ground queue lines, it would explain why the 95 stop at Burrard and I think one of the ones at Willingdon, also have them.
  3. I've seen a few of those over many years on the forum, but I've lost the links/files for them. I do remember that the Central Library has a drawer with nearly every year of map in it. It was in the 4th floor history room in the old location, but I haven't tried to find out where that is in the new location yet.
  4. They're replacing Century Gardens Park with a newer, 'better' park. That idea would still leave the Red line crossing the Blue Line at grade, and then 6th, 5th, and 4th, and while I doubt it will ever happen, I've always wanted 4th to not cross the Red Line at grade. Still, it's interesting to speculate. I could have an entire discussion about trouble spots and how getting rid of Crackmacs (or circle K or whatever) wouldn't accomplish anything but instead I'm just going to mention that I've rarely felt unsafe at 8th St, but have encountered people with knives at City Hall WB. I love how they have artistically made that interior look about four times as big as it really is.
  5. They would need to maintain a connection between the Red and Blue lines, and I doubt that would be possible on the west side of downtown. I've never seen any detailed ideas for how it would come above ground before crossing the Bow River, though. If it ever appears on maps, they stick a tunnel portal somewhere on 9th St.
  6. The Second Narrows bridge is not very skewed in either direction at peak times, and the bridges itself tends to function very well compared to the off and on ramps (being 6 through lanes). I've noticed that the specific problems related to going northbound onto the bridge don't really happen outside of the morning. Any accident in the morning jams every route that goes onto Hastings, including the 95 B-line. Similar things happen to the 239. Those are good ideas, and I've had similar thoughts and will suggest them if the bridge ever becomes a priority (although merge lanes wouldn't make much of a difference for the buses). It competes for attention with all the other bridges, among other projects...
  7. I'm not sure what the solution is. I've just experienced enough delays on the bridge to have a very good idea of what the problems are. One of the big ones is that any bus accessing Kootenay Loop (14, 27, 28, 95, 130, 160) has to go through the lineup of traffic queued for the NB turn onto the Cassiar Connector. The 28 and 130 "detour" around this nearly every AM rush hour. If the new express bus bypasses this, it would be useful, but the only way to do that would be to stay on Highway 1, which isn't really better. Otherwise, it's providing a new and faster link to the Skytrain compared to the 28 or 130, but not affecting overcrowding or reliability, especially on the 209/210/211 as Michael Marriott mentioned earlier. I think that some of the improvements on the north side might make things worse, since the new configuration of ramps looks like it'll make it more difficult for buses to get into Phibbs Exchange through traffic on the ramps at that end. We'll find out if they ever start the rebuild of Phibbs.
  8. Or just fix the WB to NB offramp from Hastings to Ironworkers that individually is the cause for two thirds of all bus delays because of the bridge. I'm looking forward to the project to fix the offramps on either side of the bridge, and the chance to give Translink feedback about it. This new express bus would mainly just offset the time it takes the 28 or 130 to make the same trip, because those are also part of the local FTN in Vancouver and Burnaby respectively. The future B-line in the 130 corridor would do the same, but it would be solving the crowding problems between Brentwood, BCIT, and Metrotown. It also wouldn't help the peak hour crowding on the 210/211. It's a weird decision to make without any sort of visible planning or consultation, though not a bad one.
  9. With the West Vancouver routing up in the air, and since the construction at Phibbs Exchange that should have started in the fall hasn't started yet, I'd bet the North Shore B-line is January or later.
  10. I'll save any comments on whether LRT is a good idea after I've read the articles, but there is definitely demand everywhere in Vancouver for transit, and B-line corridors, even future ones, are struggling to keep up with crowding and with disruptions caused by traffic. Even the 95, new as it is, can barely keep up with traffic and crowding between the city centre and Burnaby.
  11. That's either a misquote or a mistake on the politicans' part. Translink is still very clear that it will go to Arbutus first, and any extension to UBC is after. See here: https://engage.gov.bc.ca/broadwaysubway/ The first news article I read on the funding announcement had Premier Horgan mentioning multiple postsecondary institutions including BCIT as specifically benefiting, but BCIT isn't anywhere near the projects either. I'm excited, because even if it's almost a decade away, it will be very nice to not have to use the 99 B-line in central Vancouver.
  12. It's both the shape, as mentioned the seats don't fit most adults, particularly the sideways ones. And also the fact that it's solid, flat plastic, which is very rare in trains. I'm really curious because if the operator seats are just as bad as the passenger seats, that makes it much worse
  13. Oh? Interesting, I didn't realize they were doing them for more than just the new MAX routes. I go to Quarry Park less than once a year. I was under the impression the 300/301/302 would stick with the current branding scheme of a typical stop painted red.
  14. The shelter at 16th Ave and North Hill mall. It's two blocks away from where they're building the eastbound 19 St shelter.
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