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  1. Calgary Transit

    The endless cycle of cutting buses/routes, then losing ridership because who takes a bus that isn't there, then needing to cut service again, continues...
  2. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Large Cat has a good answer, although I'm going to add in that I don't think there is actually enough space in the Broadway Right of Way for an elevated track. I remember reading that it was not physically possible. It was hard enough to fit an LRT in there when they were evaluating that against a tunnel. I would be surprised if it turns out to be convenient (or cheaper) to have the UBC Skytrain surface and run through golf course, parkland, and the expensive houses, rather than just bore another 2 km of tunnel. Even though it looks like it would fit in the median of University Blvd. I also expect the Jericho Lands to be served by the station at Alma, although they may have to build a bigger, western entrance at it or do something else creative.
  3. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    I'm trying to decide whether it would be fun to post any of my dream maps. Now that I've moved here, I alter it based on what I see while riding certain routes, both for how busy it is, how long it takes, where stations would actually fit... I try to stay grounded to reality; It's fun but very unrealistic to imagine, for example, gondolas crisscrossing the lower mainland. It's interesting he more I learn about route patterns, the more my ideas match a hyped up 10 year vision...
  4. CTrain Station Renovations

    39 avenue could use some realtime info signs too. That station is basically just a concrete platform with old bus shelters.
  5. General CTrain Discussion

    The old realtime signs at Sunalta had been removed as of last night.
  6. Calgary Transit

    That's a good idea. Hopefully they figure out the timing on that.
  7. Calgary Transit

    Not being able to get a seat because it's a full seated load during rush hour is not what the problem is, because that's to be expected. The problem I'm talking about here is that frequency is cut because of low ridership, in this case on routes that are well used, but then the route loses ridership as soon as it starts running at a ridiculously low frequency, because then no-one wants to wait for the bus. And I have a problem with that because I can't go and drive instead like other people do, I end up waiting forever for the bus in the dead of winter. The entire mentality that a bus that isn't stuffed to the doors is "not full" and can be cut is why we don't have a Frequent Transit Network, in the way Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto do, despite that word appearing in the official Transit Strategy. And also the reason that ridership can't keep up enough to fund that sort of frequency. Frequency comes first to build ridership. That's the generally accepted method in Transit planning. Relating to what started this discussion, the problem with cutting high demand routes in advance of the new, "Frequent" BRT, before that is actually running, is bad planning. I worry that the Crosstown BRT routes are going to fail because of this mentality.
  8. Calgary Transit

    If their new schedule for 199 does this, good on them. The 199 is not busy other than at those times, I know from riding it, although I would not have enjoyed missing it and waiting 30 minutes in the evening in the winter if I still had my old job. I've been assured by someone who rides by Winston Churchill and the schools around it every day that, since the NW route changes, whatever attempts CT has been making to provide extra service to those schools haven't stopped buses from getting full right up to the doors. You can't assume that CT is managing loads correctly based on their plans, when there are real life examples of them not doing so.
  9. General CTrain Discussion

    I prefer the old layout too. It's simple, clear, and easy to read. Hopefully this stays for a while before they change it again
  10. Calgary Transit

    Good thing I'm not going to live in the NW in September, otherwise the change in the 19 would really mess me up. That is a route that always has decently full buses all day at 20 minute frequency. They really shouldn't be cutting it until the BRT is running (at which point it won't need 20 minute frequency). As always, I'm suspicious of their numbers, as they don't often match the reality I find when riding buses. Eg. the 199 serves schools, and is very busy exactly when the schools start and end. Also, as a captive rider (I don't have a car), I have a better understanding of the difference frequency makes. For example, people will not bother to wait for a bus that's 30 min or more in frequency, they will either drive, or if they don't have a car, not make the trip unless they have to. This is doubly true in winter when it's dangerous to miss a bus on a 30 min frequency. And, finally, you can't build ridership in any way if frequency isn't there. I'm sure I've talked with Calgary Transit about this during some of the bus network open houses...
  11. Onestop Screens

    Good. That's much more important that whatever weird international news is in in the background. I find the flashy news stories get in the way of the actual information, and I'm not sure why they include them. People can get news by phone or newspaper more effectively
  12. Green Line LRT

    I understand that the reason for 16 Ave is that it is expensive to stop and then restart the construction of the tunnel between stages, so it must be built from end to end in the first stage, and the northern end is 16 ave. There's enough at that intersection to make that station useful to passengers as currently planned, but I hope that the motion to look for wriggle room in the budget to go farther, even only to 64 Ave (the first station with a bus loop), somehow works out. Even if Calgary has regretted every single time it went with the lowest bidder (eg. Connect)
  13. Onestop Screens

    I have a picture of one of them showing a train to Crowfoot, in blue, but I can't upload it right now. The other ones I've seen downtown seem a bit off in times, which is odd because the first one at Kirby was more accurate than the old signs that were up at the time.
  14. Calgary Transit - North Crosstown BRT

    Yup, it's beside the gas station. I'm not sure where the south half would go either
  15. Calgary Transit - North Crosstown BRT

    I hadn't realized until today that the station on the map that looks like it will be at 19 St NW is the one listed as "16 ave and 17 st NW". They've dug up the sidewalk for it at the North Hill Mall pedestrian bridge.