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  1. I spotted a 4 car S200 consist heading to 69 Street earlier, and thought two things. One is that making the Red line the same colour as the trains themselves, and as the BRT, really dilutes the colour scheme, and having the blue colours outside and inside that 69 St train make it stand out in a good way. However, having the front destination "69 Street" move sideways in order to display "4 car train" is really hard on the eyes. I'm fairly sure I saw 2419 somewhere recently too, on the Red line, with 2421.
  2. A vehicle ran a red light on 3 st and got clipped by the oncoming Tuscany train, which I was waiting for at 4 St station. I didn't see what happened to the vehicle after that
  3. The city's assumption that the 302 is quiet enough offpeak to only need community shuttles isn't entirely right. I don't catch it often, but half of the time when I do, heading SE from downtown offpeak, the shuttle bus is full. I don't know how long it stays full after Inglewood and Crossroads, though
  4. I don't know much about the bus pullouts, but the City's plan for the future NELRT is here: https://www.calgarytransit.com/sites/default/files/reports/northeast_lrt_functional_plan_-_saddletowne_to_stoney.pdf
  5. I remember that Calgary chose to open the S200's to bidding rather than take Siemens again, but then they took Siemens when they underbid everyone else. They also chose Televent twice to manage the Connect system, because they were the lowest bidder. There's a difference between saving money and going with a cheap, lesser option (particularly in the case of Connect). I hope they understand this when opening bidding for various parts of the Green Line, particularly with the worries over funding (worries caused because planners chose the best option, not the cheapest option). I'm actually very impressed with the planning that selected the current route design for the Green Line LRT. They used a lot of criteria to figure out the best option. The only bump was missing the turn radius at Victoria Park Garage, and thinking that going through Ramsay was a better option. But even that is being fixed, with the addition of the option crossing from 10th to 12th.
  6. As a passenger, the seats and the standing space is the number one thing that affects my ride. Series 8's, for example, have uncomfortable seats that are too small for adults, and the placement of the poles manages to get in the say of people sitting or standing. It's incredibly depressing seeing one coming when I've been at work all day and just want to get home. For the first three or so years, it was very obvious when they were having mechanical problems, as a late train was always a series 8. They seem to have partly fixed that. I post about that here because if I ever mention it to Calgary Transit, I just get stuff about 'it fits more people,' which is a fallacy for series 8's. The s200's also noticeably have delays, mostly with the doors, it seems? All new items have trouble at first. If they work out the bugs faster than over 3 years, then I'll change my opinion, which right now is biased from the series 8's. However, they installed solid plastic seating with weird bumps on the back so that no matter how you sit, you hurt. Standing and holding onto the poles and handles has improved, though. This problem with seating and standing is one I've never encountered on any other train system I have been on (All of Canada's, a couple in US and UK), with the possible exception of Mark 1 skytrains. I love the series 5-6-7 SD160's and wish we had an entire fleet of them. I understand that Siemens is facing lawsuits and complaints in other places, which soured my opinion towards them, but yes, now Bombardier is too.
  7. I feel like using Siemens all the time has given us frustrating, uncomfortable trains with a lot of maintenance issues...
  8. That's not very much fare evasion. The random ticket checks work, I see them catch and fine a lot of people when doing the checks. Our stations are not designed for fare gates. They've studied eliminating the free fare zone but there's never been a benefit to changing it. They haven't been as good at studying fare payment systems; They picked Televent for Connect a second time after the first failed tap system, and it failed to work the second time too. They should have gone with someone else. Why would the same company do anything different? I think since this current idea is just adding an extra way to pay fares to the existing system, and upgrading the TVM's accordingly, it probably won't change things or fail badly. IT sounds like a simple middle ground that leaves things open for other improvements later. I'll wait and see how it goes.
  9. Ah! That solved a mystery for me. It's had that 82 posted up for months, and I had no idea what route it was for.
  10. The offset gates at Lions Park are a problem for people getting through as each side is only wide enough for one person, which is probably unsafe and certainly irritating. But yes, anyone who ignores a crossing arm is at fault.
  11. I agree that banning headphones near stations is a stupid idea. There's no way it could work, and there's no way it could be enforced. They already can't ( or don't) enforce the supposed 'No Smoking' Bylaw in stations. They've done almost all they can to prevent these accidents. There's a lot of signage about not being distracted, looking before crossing, and the new wider yellow lines. The only thing I can think of that they should do is replace the swinging gates (eg. at Whitehorn where this happened, at Saddletowne) and the offset gates (at Lions Park, Heritage), with crossing arms (like they did at Anderson, Shawnessy, and Banff Trail). Everything else is the responsibility of pedestrians and cars, to not do anything stupid.
  12. The Calgary Transit representative who handed me the card with the survey website did so at Brentwood. Hopefully they're at the other locations too.
  13. There is a survey up for the North Crosstown BRT: http://www.calgarytransit.com/survey
  14. Xtrazsteve: The Twitter feed is accurate for delays, and the "real" time signs and announcements usually lag behind it by a good amount. The system they use for announcements/real time info usually fails first in any problem situation.
  15. My experience with Vancouver's snow this winter taught me that one of the major problems the Skytrain has with snow is that snow on the guideway messes up many of the automation systems. That amount of snow was unusual for Vancouver, but is common in Calgary, and it gets much colder here. Because of that, I suspect Skytrain wouldn't work well here without major modifications. The elevated section in Calgary seems to have no problems, at least not ones caused by it being elevated. My experience with Calgary Transit in winter is that, during major snow and cold events like this, breakdowns happen more often and the system is slow, but on the whole things still function unless something random and major happens (this is true for the trains, buses, and roads in general). This week hasn't been especially bad; There is enough snow that everything has slowed down, especially where there are hills, because of a large amount of dry, and therefore packed and slippery, snow and ice. The interlined, street level design of 7th Ave is the cause of most of its own problems. It would function better if either one of those problems, or even separation from major arterial like 4th Ave, changed. Our LRV's are a problem as well, because despite a lot of modifications for cold weather and normal running, they aren't really built very well, despite what the city says, and tend to not work randomly all year round. I think that a system like Calgary's would work in Vancouver as long as they accounted for the wet snow and ice on the tracks. I assume that the Surrey LRT is being designed with this in mind