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  1. Update 11/16/14: 20 photos from a 2010 trip to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Enjoy! http://metrotransitarchives.blogspot.com/2014/11/tripper-tuesday-hamilton-ontario-canada.html
  2. 11/16/14 Update: Metro Transit Archives after dark: In Motion 15 photos of buses and trains captured at night in motion. Enjoy. http://metrotransitarchives.blogspot.com/2014/11/metro-transit-after-dark-in-motion.html
  3. Good day. Today is part VI of my ongoing History of Metro Transit Archives post. This one covers 2011 and my three week visit to Canada. Click on the link and enjoy 42 photos from that year. http://metrotransitarchives.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-history-of-metro-transit-archives.html
  4. Good day. Today is what I call "Tripper Tuesday" on my blog. These post highlight day trips I've taken and the cities I've visited. Check it out. http://metrotransitarchives.blogspot.com/2014/11/tripper-tuesday-sacramento-california.html
  5. 40 photos including this one posted in the Metro Transit Archives blog. Check it out. http://metrotransitarchives.blogspot.com/2014/10/empire-state-of-mind-bus-subway-edition.html
  6. http://metrotransitarchives.blogspot.com Hello, everyone: My name is Thomas Reaves and I ran a blog called Metro Transit Archives. In it, I will share photos and advice from my 17 years of being a transportation photographer. Below is a link to my site, which is updated regularly and I will back post all current entries and add more to this forum every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. So sit back and enjoy the ride.
  7. MTA Maryland finished putting in service the last of its 2012 order of 53 coaches. Soon they will begin receiving 10 XDE60s numbered 12081-12090.
  8. Interesting unit. More surprised Santa Monica went with a different numbering scheme (1300s) instead of 3600s or 3700s for the seating arrangement.
  9. That is correct. That is also one of the ways how New Flyer, Nova, and especially Orion was able to get back into NYC. Orion and Nova have plants in NY State just for that reason. Buy America isn't as strong as the Canadian version but only few choice transit agencies use it in their bidding contracts.
  10. My group is Metro Transit Archives. I'm not sure if you're there as well. I used to photograph anything, even with obstructions until another photographer made me realize how pointless it was, especially at layovers and terminals.
  11. That's completely crazy!!! While the operator was wrong in MOST of this incident, who the hell would chase down a moving bus to fix a ticket on the windshield when the meter maid knew she could mail it to the driver??
  12. New Flyer is almost finished delivering the C40LFs from the original NYC order but they recently picked up Orion's contract for 74 more C40LFs as well. Also, they were just awarded a 95 bus contract with WMATA and a 43 bus contract with MTA in Baltimore. Apparently, they are supposed to be two years behind but some systems have piggybacked orders to "jump ahead in line".
  13. Sounds like only about 45 buses, given most artics cost $500,000 and up (Diesel only) New Flyer is probably gonna push the XD40 to TTC if they award them the bid. The modifications to the D40LFR are such that most of the bodywork is interchangeable.
  14. Of course but it's surprising since it seems NABI has never made any overtures into trying to get into the Canadian market, even something as small as a suspension contract. Does this fall under the "Canadian content" rule or is that just for Buses and Trains?
  15. Looking at the list, why is there an item where TTC gave a suspension supply contract to NABI???
  16. Funny seeing this as it has become a topic in my FB group. Regarding "The eye of the beholder" comment, I was that type of person (photographing anything at anytime, with or without obstructions) until I realized that the photo quality wasn't as good or downright crappy when using this method. Same thing with backlit shots (photos where you are facing the sun). I feel unless it's a one of a kind photo, photographers should try to capture images with little to no obstructions or where the sun in behind you to get the best possible shot. Also, I do agree with Railbus 63 when you are in a city (living,visiting) where it's a one or two model fleet that you should think about expanding your vision regarding photography. Overhead shots, neighborhood shots, even walking along a section of a line can field you great opportunties. I have upped my game over the last 15 years and I'm proud of how I had to learn to appreciate transit photography and its many interesting aspects.
  17. Welcome to the board... Here is a link to the official report:http://www.wmata.com/about_metro/news/PressReleaseDetail.cfm?ReleaseID=5189 but the gist of it is that the energy storage system of the BAE units could potentially cause an electrical shortage within the battery. Mind you that these are among the first non-Orion BAE units produced so there will be teething problems. Good luck with the Gilligs...
  18. Beautiful ride on that one!! Made my trip and a thanks to the operator who had it for that run...
  19. Attached are a pair of shot of the new 11000 series of Xcelsiors, which started service a month ago.
  20. 12/25 Update: Photos uploaded from New York City Trip: Videos:
  21. How many photos or media files can be posted in a topic?
  22. Congratulations on your sucess and I wish you luck in your endeavor. I am also making life changes which will has an long term effect so I understand how you feel.
  23. Though I wasn't there for the last day, I certainly enjoyed riding the Fishbowls when I was in Toronto earlier this year. Here is one of my favorite memories via video of now retired GM #2482 hauling ass and showing the power of the mighty 6v71 engine on Route 52. Enjoy.
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