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  1. The STL rolled out its 1400 series. Saw one (1402) parked at Montmorency today. They're hybrids.
  2. andreas_kon


    The new cars are being built at Bombardier's plant in La Pocatiere, in the Lower St-Lawrence region of Quebec.
  3. Also, the 804 was abolished. What a major fail that was! Any idea when the 904 is starting?
  4. I would say the 26 and 151 (maybe the 40 (for rush-hr only) ?). I am sure there are others, too, although I really cannot say much about the other lines since I venture only in the Chomedey area. Perhaps, areas with considerable populations can benefit (e.g. Chomedey, Ste-Dorothee, Fabreville). What I am trying to say is that you cannot relieve overcrowding by sending over another bus and telling the excess load to get on to this bus. It's just costing you time. With an artic you continue on your way. Besides, if the STL wants ridership to continue to increase, then it should seriously consider getting them. After all, the city's population is going up by 5000/yr!
  5. It's just a shame that the STL is not taking part. There are some lines that can benefit from artics, though (it's better than having to wait for another bus to come to pick up the excess load, which is what I experienced this week during PM rush).
  6. As a matter of fact, they are already in service. I saw the 1202 pull in at Montmo. at 21:15 tonight.
  7. andreas_kon


    Has anyone taken the metro recently (i.e. last week or yesterday)? On the orange line traveling north, the train slows down to approaching-terminus speed entering Rosemont, and exits the station at the same speed and does not pick up speed until about 10sec before getting to Beaubien. This does not happen in the opposite direction. It's gotten me scratching my head
  8. andreas_kon


    Did you hear them simultaneously, because I've heard overlapping voices. Probably a bug in the system!
  9. Actually, it's gonna be more. I asked about the final new capacity of the garage. Here are some of posts from it's facebook page ( ):(11 April 2011, 11:26) My question (11 April 2011, 14:15) Their answer (11 April 2011, 16:20) So by the time it'a all said and done its final new capacity will be 251+75=326.
  10. It's 20! Speaking of which, I saw one today (#: 1112, route: 70, time: 15:03, location: le Corbusier southbound at Monterrey). Just like the 901, peak direction only. Doesn't surprise me at all. Also, I have to admit the spiral is interesting.
  11. I wrote to the Squeaky Wheels section of the Gazette. Perhaps I'll get an answer. The Metrovision TVs show only the direction that the train is going, not where the train will end its route. They are two different things! Keep that in mind. Not once have I seen those TVs show HB during rush-hour. If they're thinking about discarding the LEDs, then obviously they got a few screws loose.
  12. Well, guess what! It's Feb 2011, and they're still not operational (the one at Sauve shows "message test")! This past friday after work at 17:40, I boarded the train supposedly bound for Montmo. as the destination sign showed. But when it hit Sauve, the operator announced the train is stopping at HB. WTF? The sign says one thing and the operator says another. It's been 4 yrs since the stations opened and those LED boards are still not working. Talk about being misinformed! I've read and heard about complaints about the STM's quality of service. It's also hard to believe that a transit agency that cannot provide its users with accurate info, let alone any info, can be awarded best transit agency in N.America!
  13. Pressure tactics are no more. The drivers today voted 76% in favor of the contract offer. So no strikes for at least the next four years. Now they can remove those pathetic stickers that littered the buses! http://montreal.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20110116/mtl_laval_110116/20110116/?hub=MontrealHome
  14. It's not really a strike, per se.
  15. The strike scheduled for next mon, Jan 10 has been canceled. Found out inside the bus on the on-board electronic sign earlier in the evening. It would not have affected me anyway, but still, it's a relief!
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