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  1. Does anyone know why Transit App can no longer track the subway lines? A few months ago they had an alert saying that it was a temporary problem or something, but that notice is gone and there are still no live next train times. Transsee can still track, but is around 3-4 mins or so ahead of real life.
  2. Does anyone find the Proterra interior cabin noise to be deafening? As the bus goes over bumps on the road, the vibrations cause panel clattering which echoes throughout, rivalling the clatter of some NG's nowadays.
  3. Hand sanitizer stations at the two centre doors on streetcars. The short distance between the metal housing and the nozzle makes it a little hard to use as it causes a lot of hand contact with them. Of course not the biggest deal if you're sanitizing anyways but the housing can be a little messy as seen.
  4. You have to consider that not everyone has the opportunity - time, money, resources, support, to learn a language to the point of fluency. For you to automatically assume they have no desire or willingness is very intolerant of you, despite being an immigrant yourself. Not everyone comes here on an equal footing.
  5. I would imagine that more visible law enforcement presence would help. People act out more when they think they will face no consequences. Of course it won't eliminate all the riff-raff, but it may cause people to think twice before doing their unsavoury activity.
  6. Overhead problem at St. Clair West Station since at least the early afternoon; initially they were turning streetcars back west at Oakwood loop and cars east of it were stranded, pantos down. Buses were running the entire length of the route it appeared (Signs said Keele and St Clair Stn). Later in the day the TTC stated that streetcars have been removed altogether from the route and were running shuttles while repairs were being done over the rest of the day. 33/90/126 looping via local streets, shuttles serving street level stops at SCW. Photo is of stranded 4578 around 2 PM.
  7. There is also the fact that many riders especially those who have alternative options, may opt to not ride like sardines again, at least for a while.
  8. I was picturing that north of Pioneer Village, only one train will be moving at a time, and only on the SB track.. So one train dwells on the VMC platform, and once the next train pulls into the other platform the dwelling train will depart southbound. I don't travel that stretch so I don't know about the regular travel times.
  9. Interesting, single track operation during maintenance, instead of an early closure. http://ttc.ca/Service_Advisories/Subway_closures/Apr_27-30_VMC-Pioneer_Village.jsp
  10. That has been happening since the first day of ATC being extended to Queen. I've also noticed something similar at NB St Clair West in the recent couple of weeks, if the preceding train had gone into the centre track (even if a few mins ago). Otherwise it's a normal smooth stop.
  11. Technically not allowed, since the transfer is supposed to be obtained when and where you had paid your fare. But of course, the machine is just sitting there available for use. Not valid for re-entry into subway system refers to not going through the station's fare line using the transfer ie) Showing the collector
  12. For something that is given with each Presto fare payment, reliable information about the two-hour transfer within the company is severely lacking... still. The ambiguously worded answers don't help either. https://twitter.com/MetroManTO/status/1233911063667605504?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1233914619250511874&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.redditmedia.com%2Fmediaembed%2Ffbokrk%3Fresponsive%3Dtrue%26is_nightmode%3Dfalse
  13. Apparently the turn from King to Sumach is still causing noise issues... and noise mitigation mods are only in place on 10 cars https://www.cp24.com/news/noise-from-504a-cherry-streetcar-has-become-unbearable-for-some-corktown-residents-wong-tam-1.4826624
  14. I did state the TTC does indeed say when GO protocol is in effect. However in my experience it is rarely broadcast over the PA- especially in enough detail, which is what I assume you are referring to. In other news, apparently there have been two instances where dewirements have led to a trolley shoe being flung into a seniors home dining room adjacent to Roncy. A TTC streetcar catapulted a metal part through a seniors-home window in January. It wasn’t the first time
  15. So with GO protocol during service suspensions, it's pretty much decided on the fly which stations are included in the protocol, and can change (not too customer friendly). So you need to have a smartphone to catch the updates, or be at a subway station to read the station's screens for the service alerts which hopefully would say. Don't be caught riding past the designated stations or you will be considered to not have valid proof of payment. As the others have said, the proper procedure is to have tapped on the TTC wherever, and board the GO Train without tapping. If you haven't tapped yet as you were going to enter the subway station from the street, just tap the reader at the fare line, turn around and head to the adjoining GO station and don't tap there. The fare inspector checking you will see a TTC tap and as long as you're riding within the designated stations (again, arbitrarily decided on the fly), you're good. This procedure is also not posted anywhere or communicated to the public, and the only way I learned of this recently was scouring Twitter...
  16. BUT - Employees, post sec students (who I believe also activate the concession beep and yellow light), and seniors which look good for their age can look like "adults"
  17. From a photo on this CP24 article, looks to involve one of the converted T1 work cars. I think the photo shows it on the crossover east of the platform (NB platform to SB mainline), but I'm not 100% sure. https://www.cp24.com/news/subway-service-fully-resumes-on-line-1-after-complex-train-derailment-1.4809825 EDIT: Looks to be, from the photo on this CBC article; the elevator is at the east end of the station. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/no-subway-service-between-st-clair-west-and-st-andrew-stations-ttc-says-1.5462195?fbclid=IwAR3tiG4n5y69DhlINhunIp2pB1BqJbjzui_Lwb4jtvLntAQyBOxOq2EIoLs
  18. Somewhat, there's a good turnover at the station, but there is a good amount who still stay on. It's quite a bit busier south of the station though.
  19. From what I remember, policy with C's before was that a coupled disabled car must be pulled behind the operational car descending the Bathurst Hill, with the position swap being done using the former spare track at St. Clair West loop; is this no longer the case with Flexities?
  20. From what I have read there were provisions for a future North York Centre Station when constructing the line; ie a roughed-in section which I would imagine including a leveled stretch of track.
  21. Back when I was using up my tokens, squeezed by a reader exiting a flexity and inadvertently paid with the presto card in my back pocket... Yet with other readers you have to mash your card into it for it to be read...
  22. I've noticed that since ATO was extended down to St Patrick that the NB trains at St Patrick would sometimes have their doors only partially open to service the platform (and the guard be largely oblivious). Mostly when this happens it's at about 3/4 open but on occasion only halfway open - in which case people visibly struggle to get in or out, and the guard usually will cycle the doors again. Is it something due to the op switching from manual operating mode to ATO mode freezing the doors when opening?
  23. Has anyone noticed Flexity doors closing very slowly? Normally it has the fast close (with the bang) to the 3/4 mark then slow close the last bit. I noticed today both cars I was on had the slow closing movement the whole way, and without the bang. Both were 44XX units.
  24. Ossington was rammed as well, police closed SB auto traffic Hallam to Bloor, only letting buses through which helped. But the area around the station was chaotic with people overcrowding, surface route buses, moving shuttle buses, parked shuttle buses and local auto traffic fighting for room. Supervisors also directing buses into head-on jams on the narrow streets as well... train service turning around was also lacking with shuttles dumping more people than outbound trains could carry away, leading to people spilling out onto the bus roadway above...
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