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  1. This was posted to Reddit today... not sure what is going on:
  2. There are certain sections where they do run slower, but overall it could simply be smoother operating. As for spacing to even headways, I question whether that is done by ATO as I encounter 10-12-minute gaps once every two weeks or so (preceded by a bunching of trains) on average, in absence of any notice of delays. Thanks for the thorough explanation! As for the new wayside signals at the leaving ends of stations, how do they tie in with the different operating modes?
  3. I have a question about ATC; how is train spacing maintained when running in manual/emergency mode?
  4. Are Line 1 side signs/external announcements also changed manually? I was on 601X this afternoon SB University side and they were both saying "To Vaughan".
  5. That's one of the problems; the readers sometimes simply do not react to any card despite having the green status and "ready" arrow. Last week on a Flexity, only after trying the 5th (of 6 total readers on the car) did a tap go through. Other people were having issues too, so it wasn't my card. All of them had had a green status and the tap here arrow. And the fare machines can have errors which prevent a transaction from going through despite having a green status light. Sometimes it's just the frozen default screen, or sometimes when you click pay, an error occurs and the big red "X" error message pops up. Or the coin slot is simply jammed. So without using the devices, they look to be operational. In such a case when being checked upon disembarking, you can't necessarily chase the car to convince the fare inspector of its malfunction and visually again, they look to be operational.
  6. 4135 caught fire this evening WB College and Bay on the 506, near the rear of the car. Around 8:30 ish.
  7. Yes, TCC is the Transit Control Centre, and there was a typo by me; the call was made as it was leaving Davisville. The train was still signed to Finch when I boarded. Extra runs are usually 19X-numbered though, if I recall correctly. The train following was several minutes behind still, and after loading the offloaded passengers, it was a ~80% full standing load, and following the train behind it was a 12-minute gap. The reasons I could think of is (I'm literally just guessing here) there was no break crew available (if Eglinton is still the break changeover station), or it was put in there to fill in a gap (either one coming up in the SB direction, or to reverse into the 12-minute NB gap).
  8. 142 run today was sent OOS into the pocket track around 11:45 AM today; announcement from the crew indicated that it was a late call by TCC as it was leading leaving Davisville. EDIT: Typo
  9. These have been popping up since a few months ago. They're supposed to be used in conjunction with full-rail network maps placed in the portrait ad racks beside the doors but those have been rarely put in place so far. I have no idea for what's in store for Line 1.
  10. Strange sequence of events right now; a fire investigation suspended the BD between Islington and Ossington 20 mins ago, clear within 3 minutes according to delay notice timestamps. Then 3 minutes later a power failure occurs Islington to Ossington, reported to be unknown cause. Delay is ongoing. EDIT: Clear again as of 7:09 PM...
  11. Last Friday afternoon there was a delay I believe in the Harbourfront tunnel, first reported as a mechanical issue then overhead repairs, lasting several hours. Does anyone know what happened?
  12. From the westbound track yes, into SB Museum. The eastbound track leads into Yonge Stn.
  13. Yesterday around 5:15 PM the entire downtown U of Line 1 was suspended for roughly 10 mins (St.George to Bloor-Yonge); initially announced as a mechanical problem, then a power failure. Does anyone know what happened?
  14. How does the TTC get away with subway car maps or service disruption posters, or station information boards?
  15. On regular bus/subway routes where you are in a fare-paid vehicle, I can see that, but on POP streetcar routes which are not fare-paid vehicles, what will the fare inspector see and do when they inspect your Presto card? On for the TTC, this is a grey area on the customer's front as such a situation is not explicitly addressed anywhere I have seen. However on Viva, it apparently is the case. That being said, I do recognize the TTC is not Viva and policy can very well be different. From http://bit.ly/1GBoA0w From the Two-Hour transfer page of the TTC site:
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