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  1. Even if it cost nothing, is that really necessary? What the dest. signs not enough? What next, Express buses?
  2. That is the general principle. Dispatchers determine which bus will be on which route and allocate as such. Rare if ever have I heard of an operator requesting a certain bus because they like it and being accommodated for that sole reason. Maint. guys are not too keen on frivolous requests and for good reason, you're expected to drive every type of equipment and whatever is out on the road. For most ops a bus is a bus, there may be some grumbling due to certain model types regarding power or lack thereof, slow doors, etc,. Seating and lack of heat compartment are valid reasons but that's because it's a comfort and health issue.
  3. There are avenues at the divisional level where operator input regarding anything to do with a certain route, including scheduling, etc,. are open and available to anyone who wants to contribute their ideas, opinions regarding any faults and improvements. Whether that is just lip service and how or whether those inputs are acted on or even taken seriously by management is another matter altogether.
  4. You keep saying that without any facts to back it up. What are you implying? It's vague, ambiguous and fear mongering to new ops. People say that about every contract year including the last contract year and look how that turned out. 4 years from now is a long way away, no one can predict what will happen.
  5. Some senior guys like to play mind games with the junior ops through rumor, gossip and innuendo. Unless they're reading Byford's mind they wouldn't have any way of knowing that anymore than you would. Those rumors have been going around forever. Still hasn't happened.
  6. Newsflash, and some of those people will do and say anything to get a free ride, that's not prejudicial, that's reality. Those older children you speak of will be the very ones trying to test the new free ride for 'children' policy knowing full well it's discretionary and thus unenforceable.
  7. New normal for new equip.? That's not saying much about their quality or reliability. Sure they're still getting the bugs out, but that's to be expected. Or is too soon?
  8. Yes, but at least now they'll have the capacity to carry those crush loads.
  9. He's actually right. It happens all the time, just now the floodgates have been opened to include the cheats and the honest fare payers and if you think that's not going to slow down service Tory's dreaming in technicolor that even those extra 50 buses he's talking about won't even make a dent in. Schools for along time now have already adopted the en masse loading for school trips at any time of the day. Charters don't exist anymore, why would they pay to charter a bus when they can commandeer a regular TTC bus in service, much cheaper. This was a bone Tory had to send to the public to try and water down the fact he foolishly made promises he couldn't and won't keep.
  10. Ya think? Not to mention the fact the slinkys are as slow as molasses to begin with.
  11. Actually, there were 2 other artics that had mechanical issues whilst in the garage. Don't know if they went out eventually.
  12. Monday Jan.12 is the first day artics are to appear on 41.
  13. Granted, but that has been the case on blue night routes forever. If TTC's satisfied with that number you quote, and there's no indication they aren't or are serious about addressing it, look for more of the same.
  14. I'm calling BS on this. No need for TTC to force an agreement on anyone. If they are going to layoff, they will simply give notice( i believe it is 30 days) to the union prior to the date and proceed, having said that, TTC would do right to inform new hires that a layoff may occur(at any time) when they are first interviewed, as well as the layoff recall procedures as per CBA. Alternately, waiting until the last minute would be completely counterproductive to the expense, time and effort required and expended to train said new operators.
  15. Quality control and Mexico, now there's an irony.
  16. He wouldn't know that if he doesn't have call display.
  17. What are you saying? There was a collision with a garbage bag and there should be cops on scene? How about maybe some garbage men to clean it up?
  18. Don't worry, I'm sure the people who've been waiting too long to get packed in like sardines on already too few vehicles will sure be happy to know that TTC's priorities are a brand new paint job on the fleet, if they even notice, or care. But hey, they'll sure look purty won't they, ...which after all,... is the main thing, ...right?
  19. That's what they said, but how will will we ever know?
  20. I still think that's a mistake and can't understand why the union would cave. It's not only unprecedented and unfair, what is the justification for not having one? TTC's excuse is always the same, "it's too expensive". Even if that were true, guess what, too bad, that's not my problem. It's a new division and not a small one by any means.
  21. Be that as it may, technically yes, however, I don't think a current TTC employee who fails their subway training is necessarily money wasted as they are already a proven commodity that can and will be easily returned to their former mode, as opposed to a new hire who fails their training and are no longer suitable candidates.
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