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  1. Today I heard as of the March 29 board period Keele Stn. will be closed for elevator const. Anyone know the detour routings for the buses that serve this station? 41, 80 and 89.
  2. Brampton ZUM buses have not stopped service to York U. In fact they taken over space at YRT's discontinued terminal at Chimneystack Rd.
  3. Wouldn't there be a clearance problem at Keele Stn. at the underpass for the 41 and 89?
  4. Does anyone know how long images captured on TTC bus cameras are available to be retrieved by police as evidence in potential criminal cases before they are recycled?
  5. Maybe that explains why she forgot to call 911.
  6. I agree about the thin edge. Tory can't even agree whether or not uber is breaking any city bylaws and Byford's not sure if TTC's monopoly is being infringed on? Huh? No wonder uber's impertinent and cheeky attitude knows no bounds. Mihevic believes they should deal with uber before they get too big and out of control, if they wait any longer, that'll be a moot point.. Minnan-Wong wants the city to look into private companies that offer 'micro-transit' services. Of course there's no reason those micro services won't or can't expand system wide once they've gotten a foothold.
  7. That's OK. They're only going to get lazier and fatter. Customers are people who pay and know the cost of a service, freeloaders aren't and never will since to them it's free.
  8. Why would they? It's not really breaking news, they didn't report on any other retirements, and most riders could care less.
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