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  1. It looks like the Star held this story for a few days (Metro had picked it up from the Torstar wire previously). I gather this cooperation is not evidence of Metrolinx at work? And the York busway is on schedule, no? TTC, Viva team up to make rush-hour service to York University easier (+2 comments) http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/660276 約大學生僅憑一張票 將可乘Viva或TTC巴士 http://news.sina.com.hk/cgi-bin/nw/show.cg.../1184235/1.html
  2. Somewhat old news in this thread, but the interlining story got noticed by papers based at Yonge and Queen's Quay ... and How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon ;^) TTC, Viva team up to make rush-hour service to York University easier (+2 comments) http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/660276 約大學生僅憑一張票 將可乘Viva或TTC巴士 http://news.sina.com.hk/cgi-bin/nw/show.cg.../1184235/1.html
  3. Has construction started in the underpass at Keele/Old Weston Rd. (Dave, have you put up images?) Have we confirmed the configuration through the underpass? I hear buses are experiencing big delays and I wonder if there will be a ROW through here, and whether buses will be able to use it. BTW, should Keele 41 buses be trying to get through here or use Weston and Rogers?
  4. A new editor at Metro created a single Opinion/Views page and switched In Transit to once a week. I have more than enough topics to publish twice weekly (hello, St. Clair), but have been working on other projects (including blogging for Metro). Two related aims are to promote good online transit and commuting resources as well as to offer and create merchandise for transit users and urbanites. Token/pass holders, t-shirts and cultural merch... In the early stages: Better link to transit merch: http://eddrass.com/trinkets.htm
  5. Dave is *the* man around the GTA -- he lives in Mississauga but is chronicling transit Before, During and After across 416 and a lot of 905. BTW: That high-rise at 'BathClair' is rising fast...
  6. And more "Hot Dealz**" from GO: http://www.gotransit.com/public/en/destina...htm#Attractions Attractions and special offers Fallsview Casino logo Fallsview Casino Special offer: GO passengers can take the Niagara Falls Transit "Falls shuttle" from the VIA station to Fallsview Casino. Passengers 19 years of age and older (with photo government ID) who purchase a Niagara Falls Transit day pass ($6.00) will be reimbursed if they take the shuttle service from the VIA station to the casino. Niagara Historical Society and Museum logo Niagara Historical Society & Museum Special offer: 2-for-1 museum admission when you present your GO ticket Shaw Festival logo Shaw Festival Special offer: GO Transit introductory offer of 10% off your theatre ticket to three Festival Theatre productions: Brief Encounters, Born Yesterday and The Devil’s Disciple. To take advantage of this special offer, contact the Niagara-on-the-Lake Chamber of Commerce. Offer ends July 25. Niagara-on-the-Lake A shuttle service will operate between the St. Catharines VIA Rail station and downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake. Shuttle service one-way is $12.50 per person (including taxes). The shuttle must be pre-booked to arrange for pick-up and drop-off. Contact the Niagara-on-the-Lake Chamber of Commerce at 905.468.1950, or online at www.niagaraonthelake.com. **Actually, that's a TTC moniker for a new scheme aimed at Metropass holders: http://www.torontosun.com/news/torontoandg...581836-sun.html http://www.metronews.ca/toronto/comment/ar...ven-better-deal
  7. Yah, don't wait til America Day -- go on July First! http://tinyurl.com/GO-Niagara Special Canada Day offer for Niagara on the GO! On Wednesday, July 1, all adult, senior, and child one way tickets will be valid for return travel on that day when traveling to or from St. Catharines or Niagara Falls. More information about the service is posted below, or contact us at 416.869.3200, 1.888.GET ON GO (438.6646)
  8. More on shelters: I heard again from the reader and regular St. Clair observer -- his note is below. On Saturday I glimpsed a few stops near Avenue and saw no system maps or localized signage. The cables I saw were all in place. Looks like I better get the TTC "on the record" for this one. Probably go via Mihevc. << Morning Ed, Well, this might surprise you and perhaps give you the smile of the day! The first new street car shelter, located at Wychwood and St Clair West, in the current phase of redevelopment, is nearing its completion. The only problem is. . . the signage on the back of the shelter says "Oakwood" which as we all know is some five stops west of Wychwood! The city has truly gone mad! Who are these guys in charge of this project? Have a great day, >>
  9. Transit riders endure political gridlock [Metro] http://www.metronews.ca/toronto/comment/ar...itical-gridlock
  10. From what I have researched, only the Niagara Transit Falls Shuttle links the train station and waterfalls; local service is several blocks away from the river. Extra Shuttles may be added for GO train arrivals, but scheduled service is half-hourly during GO Train days. http://www.niagaratransit.com Shuttle PDF: http://www.niagarafalls.ca/city_hall/depar...lls_shuttle.pdf People Mover serves only the River Parkway. http://www.niagaraparks.com/nfgg/peoplemover.php
  11. FYI, I just posted an update about the Falls Shuttle buses on the Niagara Transit thread: - The Blue shuttle has been added to NextBus: http://tinyurl.com/falls-shuttle Not all vehicles may be tracked (NFT is borrowing vehicles from St. Catharines Transit to meet the new GO service) -- the headway seems to vary between 30 and 60 minutes. E.g.: Next vehicles for route FALLS SHUTTLE - Green Line in: 19 minutes 66 minutes 94 minutes Next vehicles for route FALLS SHUTTLE - Blue Line in: 46 minutes 79 minutes Valid as of 2:58 PM Sunday, June 28
  12. The Blue shuttle has been added to NextBus: http://tinyurl.com/falls-shuttle Not all vehicles may be tracked -- the headway seems to vary between 30 and 60 minutes. E.g.: Next vehicles for route FALLS SHUTTLE - Green Line in: 19 minutes 66 minutes 94 minutes Valid as of 2:55 PM Sunday, June 28
  13. Reported the St. Clair island shelter issue to TTC staff last night at the accessible meeting at CNE. I told Alice Smith (chief marketing officer) of missing TTC maps & localized posters and the cables. We shall see how long it takes to resolve each of these...
  14. Since Toronto is likely to keep using metal tokens for a few more years, I am trying to locate items that can hold them securely. Has anyone seen holders of any kind for the tokens still in use out there? Here's a brief list of token and transit pass holders available in Toronto: http://eddrass.com/trinkets1.htm BTW- Washington DC may still have "school tokens".
  15. I've posted some links and info on the various ways to reach Niagara: http://eddrass.com/niagara.htm The Bike Train is to continue this summer (and there are more routes planned) -- the advantage is you can reserve space for you and your bike. http://biketrain.ca/toronto-niagara-greenbelt-express GO is planning to run 10-car trains, I am told, with only 8 cars in service due to space limits at Niagara Falls. This means 7 cars are open to bikes (not the accessible car) at 4 bikes per car. First-come... although GO has a note about groups on its site: http://www.gotransit.com/public/en/destina...ls.htm#Bicycles
  16. I got the following from a reader, offering a warning about the design and maintenance procedure for the St. Clair shelters: BEGIN With the TTC’s St Clair Avenue West Transit Improvement Project well under way, perhaps it’s time to see what’s happened since the first phase of the installation was completed some 16 months ago along the 512 street car/bus route, Yonge Street to Vaughan Road. The news unfortunately is a disaster and if the upkeep of the transit shelters now installed reflects on the remaining phases of the project, someone had better be held accountable now! From Yonge Street to Vaughan Road there are a total of 17 transit shelters. Each of the shelters includes an information panel and a very important guard rail, which consists of an upper metal rail and below it, three cable wires. The information panel, which is divided into three sections, was to include a TTC route map, community information and an interpretative plaque. The purpose of the plaques we are told, “are to express community identity, local history and other unique qualities. The aim of this project is to 'Give Voice' to the people, places and events that have shaped the neighbourhoods of St Clair Avenue West. Each of the plaques along the route have been assigned a theme that is based on the information received from 2004-2005 community mapping workshops.” Now let’s looked at what has happened, or more appropriately what has not happened, during the past year. Out of the 17 transit shelters, the all-important cable wires are either broken or non-existent on 11 shelters. I can personally attest that in a number of the shelters, the cables have been broken for over one year, some still laying on the ground.. As to the information panels, the TTC, 16 months later, has still not installed their route maps, or the interpretive plaques. Currently some of the panels along the route have a very faded poster stating, “we want your story,” but not much more. And all of this some four years since community mapping workshops took place? In addition, the City of Toronto seems not to have followed North York’s wise decision, taken years ago, to place a by-law notice on their old transit shelters warning would-be illegal advertisers that they could be subject to a $2,000 fine. I really don’t know who is in charge, be it Astral Media or the TTC, of maintaining the new streetcar transit shelters. But what I do know is that if the current situation is anything to go by, St Clair Avenue West residents, living west of Vaughan Road, had better be prepared to address these issues when their time comes. ENDQUOTE Ed: I reported to the reader that TTC is responsible for most streetcar shelters -- I believe ones that are on rights-of-way. Safety island shelters are the City (maintained, along with streetside shelters, by Astral), no?
  17. The main reason for the development of the special constables, in my opinion, is because about ten years ago TPS appeared to simply stop patrolling the TTC. The subway and bus terminals became, somehow, a lower priority at police HQ ... There is something to be said for knowing the underground really well -- as special constables do. Not all police are as familiar with the environment. My concern is that under another police chief, priorities could switch away at a whim. The introduction of TPS officers dedicated to transit issues is welcome, including the attention to enforcing diamond lanes. But should fully armed police be checking for bogus Metropasses or doing fare enforcement? Or watching for smoking on TTC property -- a big customer peeve? Would a division superintendent assign them to those duties very often? Or would police be best utilized focusing on things like: presence in crowded situations, general deterrence in known trouble areas that aren't responding to special constables, violent crime response plus the investigative side of things, like tracking down fraudsters? In a similar vein, should GO Transit Enforcement be OPP? Is that appropriate?
  18. Speaking of parts ... Steve's got a post and comments that create a worried picture of the larger fleet: http://stevemunro.ca/?p=2282
  19. I'd have to check my notes for more exact details, but NFT plans to augment the Green and Blue Falls Shuttle lines with leased buses from St. C. -- to be decaled over with Niagara Falls markings, I understand.
  20. *Newsflash: You can buy Niagara Falls Transit daypasses from the wicket at the bus terminal. Did not know that. Just got a lot more details of service preparations (leasing St. Catharines buses for the Shuttle, new pass vending machines on/near the VIA platform for exiting GO riders...) and hope to post them soon. -ed
  21. Hadn't noticed that. The ones I usually see (in downtown Toronto) are usually marked Safeway, with Chinese characters as well.
  22. Jun 11: Rocket Talk: Can the TTC Announce Delays More Effectively? http://torontoist.com/2009/06/rocket_talk_..._ttc_better.php
  23. "TTC has lost its way on misleading signs" http://www.metronews.ca/toronto/comment/ar...isleading-signs I added the following Quick tip to the column after visiting Queen's Quay station and surface stops on Sunday -- and seeing almost no signage informing riders they could board all doors and that they would have to pay at Union. There is one sign, above the station entrance at the southwest corner of Bay and QQ, which has the special fare policy info. Too bad it stays up all year round... * There are special fare collection rules at some streetcar stops along Queen’s Quay until Labour Day. Go to ttc.ca — see “Harbourfront” under “Fares & Passes.” Also, an operator confirmed only one PCC is active.
  24. Useful background info -- sounds as if the possibility has at least been considered. I was told only about an impending pilot project. Latest column went up Sunday night: http://www.metronews.ca/toronto/columnist/1349
  25. http://www.fallsviewcasinoresort.com/gettinghere/by_bus.aspx Yes -- there are at least eight companies listed as serving "GTA", including "Trentway-Wager" (;^) which is Coach Canada. http://www.coachcanada.com/coachcanada/ss....asp?_lp.lang=en
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