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  1. Any progress on opening the VMC SmartCentres bus terminal, or sign of temporary shelter for the 20 stop outside the subway?
  2. Any sign of temporary shelter for the 20 stop outside VMC? I’ve asked YRT for intel via Twitter, but nothing so far. Anyone have a sense how many people use this (NB and SB) stop? Must be a few since they’re supposed to be building an entire bus terminal largely for this route....
  3. My bad. “October 2018 update: Due to unforeseen circumstances, construction work is currently on hold. Discussions are proceeding to complete the project within requirements. As a result, we anticipate construction to now be completed in 2019.” (Well... let’s just put this alert at the bottom of the page... humdedum, maybe some bold typeface so it stands out....? Nah. Somebody might notice, especially if we changed the colorful status and completion date at the top of the page.) All good. Nothing to see here! I’m sure riders will make do. Shelters are for wimps anyway, and there are obviously workarounds. It will be interesting to see who, either behind the scenes or publicly, manages to look out for these riders before “2019” rolls around.
  4. Smartcentres Bus Terminal: Any guesses how long ‘til the permanent bus bays are ready? It seems to be taking forever, especially if riders must currently wait at the temporary stops without shelter.
  5. And did they ever put up a temporary shelter near the stop, at least? Any guesses how long ‘til the permanent bus bays are ready?
  6. Thanks. This tells me it would perhaps NOT be the best way to send visitors who may not be used to taking transit — at least until the bus bays are open. (This may be the one and only time they ever go the Vaughan Mills Mall, and not everyone is comfortable asking strangers for directions.)
  7. I stumbled upon an answer to the first part, though the wacky accompanying map gives me a hint as to how good the signage is... https://www.yrt.ca/en/schedules-and-maps/ttc-line-1-subway-extension.aspx#
  8. I’m still curious why trip planners are showing the bus terminal at VMC as open. Where does the 20 actually board and is there good signage to that effect? I volunteer at Traveller’s Aid in Union Station and want to give reliable directions to Vaughan Mills Mall (when the free shuttle is not an option). If there is a simple connection from the University subway line then it seems odd to direct folks to Finch station for a half hourly bus — even if the 760 does speed along the 407 and 400 to the mall and Canada’s Wonderland. https://www.yrt.ca/en/schedules-and-maps/resources/760.pdf Regarding the 20: if YRT is cutting back on routes around the subway extension will the 20 eventually terminate at VMC?
  9. Howdy, all. I note that the YRT Trip Planner is showing route 20 stopping at the SmartCentres Place Bus Terminal but I see no indication online it has opened. Is the trip planner being approximate or overly hasty...? Balancing frequency and convenience (particularly for visitors), what is the best route from downtown Toronto to Vaughan Mills Mall? Does your view apply both for weekdays and weekends? How about going to Canada’s Wonderland? ... GO from Yorkdale? 20 from VMC? 760 from Finch? I lean to the 20 from VMC to both destinations for simplicity and directness... but I have reservations about it— especially where it appears you have a long walk to the Wonderland gates...? thanks, ed
  10. Dan, I've been having trouble convincing some friends that a majority of TTC riders are in fact "choice" riders, at least those who travel in peak. Where can I find a cite? Tried the Annual Report for 2009 and Operating Statistics... -Ed PS: Has anyone in York Region been calling for YRT to be made essential? ...And what about GO anyway?
  11. Saying nice things about anything doesn't seem to interest viewers/readers the way that righteous indignation fires people up. Nonetheless, a positive or 'heart-warning' video or pic can go viral in the right circumstances -- slow news days, editors occasionally feeling tired of all the negative, etc. The Downsview vid pretty well shows how to clue people in.( And the TTC was originally planning to cut this route during what periods? Not on Canada Day, I presume...) ed
  12. Dave -- can you confirm how much is in the budget? More planning? Actual construction? -Ed
  13. Huge news day: http://transit.toronto.on.ca/archives/webl...n_the_new.shtml NB: Short (twitter-friendly) URLs: Lorinc w/ great Globe story on TTC chair http://v.gd/Dra15 +Huge news day. T-T: http://v.gd/Dra14 Reducing TTC sick days: http://v.gd/Star5
  14. Star article: Conflicting opinions on whether to snap shots of texting, and whether to talk with drivers or send info to Customer Service (which is hardly open outside business hours*): http://www.thestar.com/news/article/929736...texting-drivers Still no word from Brad Ross on whether TTC received a complaint through the proper channels connected to last weekend's video of a subway operator manipulating a hand held device while apparently in service, entering a station. As for the TTC's customer service department, it is generally unresponsive -- and yet many times Kinnear has told me how it appears to take complaints 'as gospel'. But suppose you saw a serious safety violation right now? Call 416-393-3030 or talk with the employee or call 911? Depends on the situation and the moment... http://www.thestar.com/news/article/930294...by-ttc-bus?bn=1 Sigh. I'm not sure which route that would be -- I interacted with two 94 operators last night and noticed nothing unprofessional. *Heard a rumour that the CS dept is being cut... no details. -ed
  15. It's not clear what the device was being used for. (Although people do send or respond to texts while in tunnels -- it will be sent when next in signal range.) The optics are not so good, however. Ideally, adjust these things while stopped -- not upon entering a station. I still remember the time while driving a full van, pre-cellphones, and I looked up from the dash radio -- to face an oncoming car and swerve back to my lane. I just had to have it on the right station. Is the complete ban on cells still in place for drivers at MBTA? I wonder if it is heeded. ed d.
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