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  1. Yeah, I know we have a separate Rouge thread, but if you book an AC ticket and stick you on a Rouge aircraft, then there's no point having two separate threads. Regardless, YLW gets Rouge 767 service to YYZ this summer: https://www.kelownanow.com/watercooler/news/news/Kelowna/Largest_aircraft_to_operate_at_YLW_to_begin_service_this_summer/
  2. Need to get a bit closer to the airport there kid 😉
  3. Point I'm trying to make, is the secondary airport market in Canada is mediocre at best, and YKF with one singular daily flight kinda highlights that. YHM has traditionally been a better situated secondary airport for the Southern Ontario area.
  4. Quite surprised that none of you caught on to this one yet: https://globalnews.ca/news/6538991/transit-bus-impounded-following-traffic-stop-by-kelowna-rcmp/
  5. YXX is not much farther for anyone living south of the Fraser. Canada has a tough domestic market, especially from secondary airports. Flair already pulled out of YHM, and honestly, YHM and YXX are the only real secondary airports we have in Canada.
  6. And in other news, they're pulling out of YXX: https://globalnews.ca/news/6540774/flair-airlines-abbotsford-swoop-competition/
  7. I was referring to there being no switches at 41st and Main. And as pointed out by myself and others, the arctics aren’t to make the turn from Main onto Marine. I’ve seen a couple of NIS trolleys try to make a right turn from Main onto 41st - didn’t work to well 🤣
  8. They'd have to add switches at 41st and Main. Plus any arctics coming off the 8/20 would have to do the 65th/Sophia loop to get on to Marine.
  9. Thats why I said "can". You got a 4 hour spread, 2 hour shift needs to be covered and voila 👍
  10. Split shifts can be a good way to get some overtime, if you pick the right shift.
  11. If you were looking for free flights, WS Rewards was awesome. If you're after any other frequent flyer perks, it's useless.
  12. Actually, the job itself is easy, if you make it easy. Not many drivers do that though. Never take things personally. Yeah, you'll get yelled at, yeah you'll get blamed for this and that, yeah you'll be insulted. Just let it go, don't be confrontational, be friendly and polite and it'll make the job so much easier. Split shifts are a nature of the beast, some people like them, some don't. Build your seniority and choose whats best for you, low seniority is only temporary and before you know it, you can pick and choose. Adverse conditions, drive accordingly, you still get paid for being late. Most importantly, know when to stop and park the bus, don't be a hero and think you can make a hill that the 3 other drivers ahead of you couldn't. Be polite to the passengers, treat them like people, interact with them, don't just sit there ignoring them, don't be a "Grumpy Gus" and you'll see how much easier the job can be. Can everyone do it? Nope, takes a special kind of stupid to choose this profession and even a more special kind of stupid to have stuck it out over the last 15 years 🤣
  13. Keeps the exhaust away from road level.
  14. It can be done, having two different Union/Contracts. The employees would remain separate from each other in regards to collective agreements, seniority, etc., which I would assume, at least the seniority part would remain separate, even if West Van drivers joined the same Union.
  15. Welcome to the Nikon family! Mike Browne has some excellent tutorial videos on YouTube. Highly recommend watching them 👍
  16. Was just thinking with the few flights you have to SEA from YYJ a day and the multitude of flights a day to BOS from SEA, it would be easier than trying to connect with a once daily out of YYC. Haven't been to BOS yet, but it is on my US Bucketlist.
  17. Via Seattle isn't an option?
  18. IF the network is already in place. Added to that, in the not to distant future, building and expanding a trolley network will come at a much higher overall cost than newer technologies such as building a charging network.
  19. My point is that keeping the trolley network for the near future is a completely different fiscal decision than expanding it for the long term. Any decision to keep the trolleys will be made one fleet generation at a time.
  20. Translink looks at costs first and foremost. If costs dictate setting up chargers and buying battery buses is a more effective suited for the future than expanding an overhead network, rest assured they'll be taking that route.
  21. What something was built for 30-40 years ago is irrelevant, they planned for the future (which is smart) and were prepared if needed, there was no need. But today, there is a newer and better technology on the horizon and it would be unwise to invest in expanding a technology that will very likely be replaced in the not too distant future.
  22. VTC has room for a couple hundred trolleys on the existing wires. If they expanded and added some more overhead on the tracks at the southend of the lot, they could fit in a few more. At this time, there are no plans to have any trolleys at the new depot. VTC will be the sole trolley depot as it is now. There is no reason for Burnaby to go trolley. Battery buses will be the future.
  23. So, is every one OK without trolley's on the 41 right now? Everyone being able to cope? 🤣
  24. And what parts do you want to salvage from an Airbus to go into a Bombardier? Coffee pot?
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