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  1. I can't see sh!t out of that back window lol! I always adjusted my side view mirror a bit higher so I can see the poles, worked great on the 60fters. I was holiday blocking one sheet, did the 5/6 clockwise for a full 3 weeks straight and then did the 17 the next week. Took me a week to just to remember to coast and not power the switch at the bottom of Cambie/Nelson. With 41st/Dunbar, quite a few of the 7s lost their poles a few weeks ago coming through the intersection SB for some reason. Then one 7 took out some wire making the turn from 41st onto Dunbar around the same time,
  2. Hard to tell from the photo, but I'd assume that possibly one of the poles is caught in the overhead.
  3. Saturday saw about 4 60fters on the 49 after most got swapped out and those starting from the yard later in the day were put on with 40fters. Sunday, all 49s were assigned 40fters out of the yard. As for Monday, not sure why but I would assume that it was a precautionary measure if any 40fters were put out on the road. Right, guess every second 40fter with "Sorry Bus Full" on the 49 is more than sufficient.
  4. In response to all the Trolley Cheerleaders in the posts above. In 30 years time, batteries will be smaller, lighter, more efficient. One charge and a bus will be out on the road all day and then some. No need for overhead wires and chargers all over town. We all have our passions that we have to eventually say goodbye to. For me, it was tri- and quad-jets and now its the manual transmission. Wireless is the future, get used to it
  5. In this case it does. Back in the 80s, no one ever believed it was physically possible to build a more powerful phone battery a fraction of the size, but here we are. I know you guys think trolleys are the best thing in the world, but for a transit system they present a lot of challenges that hinder the efficiency of the system compared to the future of battery powered EVs.
  6. Battery EVs have evolved immensely over the last 3 decades, especially over the last few years and will continue to evolve, including buses. Range has increased, charging times have become faster and batteries have become smaller and lighter as they will continue to do so over the future. Battery buses today are like a Motorola DynaTAC, 20 to 30 years from now, they'll be like an iPhone. The strategy is to invest into the future, not into the present.
  7. That would require drivers to actually look in their mirrors Seriously though, putting the R4 on to a trolley network would require the buses being based out of VTC and the whole issue is that VTC doesn't have the room hence the new depot. Unless they build up a whole new trolley system into the new depot which would just be cheaper and practical, especially in the long term, to install chargers.
  8. Just to clarify, the land is not available long term. Owner requires the land back hence the new depot.
  9. What point? Please do enlighten us how people sporadically hoarding is even remotely close to being "held hostage" by Trudeau. Our shelves are full, ya need a care package?
  10. This is literally the dumbest post in this thread.
  11. 9924

    Boeing 737 MAX

    If an overhead light burns out, the media will be all over it.
  12. 9924

    Boeing 737 MAX

    Depending on the derivative, the largest MAX is only about 5ft longer than the largest NG, fuselage width and wingspan are the same. You won't notice any difference in regards to turbulence.
  13. 9924

    Boeing 737 MAX

    The difference between AC's A220 and 737Max is 32 seats, if you can't offer those 32 seats by using a more efficient aircraft, then those 32 seats will go to another airline. Doesn't sound very profitable to me. As for you comment about "disrespect" to Canadian victims, I don't quite follow your logic on that one.
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