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  1. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    Reading the timelines here, they must be getting to hire for 2021 不不不
  2. 9924

    PW Transit/DRT

    Don't you mean ... 不不不
  3. 9924

    What is your occupation

    World traveller
  4. 9924


    WSs dispatchers are now unionizing. Also, in regards to my winter schedule announced, Swoop just released some sun destinations for this winter after all. Some routes mentioned were Abbotsford and Edmonton to Las Vegas and Phoenix(Mesa) as well as some Hamilton to Florida flights.
  5. 9924


    Swoops winter schedule is out ... http://aeronauticsonline.com/swoop-announces-winter-schedule/ Also, Plus will be replaced by a full business class cabin on the 737s starting this fall. Theres a video on YouTube, Ill have to link it later.
  6. 9924

    Greyhound in the news

    Greyhound was losing $35 000 a day in BC alone. Most things are like that. Lighter, cheaper materials. Just like the new Nova's, the creak and rattle like tomorrow, so I don't disagree with you on that. Plus all the electronics. There was a time when there was a mechanical issue with a vehicle, it was an easy fix, but nowadays it has to be hooked up with a computer and it could be dozens of causes lol
  7. 9924

    Greyhound in the news

    Considering what we put them through up there, its surprising they made it that far. The old D's were much better suited for that environment, gravel roads, mud, dust, -50 degree weather, etc.
  8. 9924

    Greyhound in the news

    This is my theory. First is strapped for cash big time. They tried to get a cash injection through Apollo Equity, they didn't get it. Now they've been offered a cash injection by another equity firm for 5% of the company and under certain conditions. It wouldn't surprise me that getting rid of Greyhound and any other money losing division are those conditions. First already lost almost every contract in the oil sands. Given the state of the oil industry today, the new contracts are probably pretty lean in profit, that also wouldn't surprise me that they put a bid in but they didn't fight any further if/when other companies underbid them. The Federal Government won't bail Greyhound out. If anything, they may come up with some sort of subsidy program and then put it out to tender. As for the buses, most will probably be brought to auction.
  9. 9924


    I drove by KF Aerospace a couple of days ago, they had one Swoop bird ready (I'm assuming XRW) and another sitting beside having its paint stripped (didn't catch the reg on that one). I'm assuming ZSG is in the new colours?
  10. 9924

    Greyhound in the news

    I'd rather deal with the TSA or CATSA for 15 minutes, board a 2.5 hour flight as apposed to sitting in a bus for 24hours for the same trip Greyhound has tried making themselves more of an attractive alternative in the past, offering snacks and beverages and TV onboard to starting a LCC airline and offering you travel via bus/air from almost anywhere in Canada on the same ticket. Nothing worked.
  11. 9924

    Greyhound in the news

    Greyhound was losing money long before First took over.
  12. 9924

    Anybody bought a bus from an auction?

    If you don't mind having a highway coach, a certain busing group just had a couple hundred of their buses go through the auction at Ritche Bros. in Edmonton and by the sounds of it they'll have a couple hundred more come October. No dealer licence required.
  13. 9924


    Sounds like the cabin crew are unionizing. First cards have been signed and CUPE has let the Labour Board know. Theyll be representing both WestJet and Swoop.
  14. 9924

    Flair Air

    Sitting at YVR and noticed a big banner at the Flair check-in counter. Looks like theyre back to charging for carry on bagage, $35 at the time of booking. Im quite surprised at this move now with Swoop in the air, I would have thought that it could have given them a bit of an advantage.
  15. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    Sounds like an average middle aged male to me 不 Sorry, couldn't resist