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  1. ^^^ And this is why I drive diesels:
  2. It's all about public image and being "green", even though the "greener" option may cost more, it'll be easier to get Government funding to combat climate "change".
  3. What do you mean after 2:50pm? That screenshot is from 1:09pm.
  4. Same thing as most other short turns: N I S
  5. Do you not know what a short turn is?
  6. It means if a 20 is running late, it can now be short turned through the aforementioned wires in Chinatown to get it back onto schedule.
  7. Geezus. The 41 is operating with diesels right now, learn to deal with it 🙄
  8. They have the same training on trolley's as every other driver in Metro Vancouver. I have a feeling that Operations has a pretty good grasp on the situation and dispatches buses accordingly.
  9. Screw that. Seabus is one of the best things that Translink has going for it. People need to learn to slow down, stop being in such a rush and just enjoy a 15 minute trip across the water.
  10. I drive them and I still haven't figured that demonic HVAC system out 🤣
  11. Oh goodness Brian, we have soooo much to catch up on 🤣 Yeah, First is only doing the CNRL contracts at Horizon and the Albian part that they bought off Shell a few years back. After we lost the contract for FH and Kearl to Diversified, Imperial gave the contract to Diversified under the agreement that 80%(?) of the current First drivers there were to be retained so they're pretty much all up there still. The Fort Hills contract is completely gone and after the layoffs back ion 2018 some went over to Diversified and others started doing shutdowns at CNRL which became more permanent, so some of us are up there. First does have the contract for the LNG plant up at Kitimat, quite a few up there, supposedly its starting to look like Fort Hills 2.0 LOL! The last month of Fort Hills was pretty cool, just drove buses down to Edmonton, mostly to get auctioned off, flew back, and took another bus the next day. Good times man, good times. I sure miss it.
  12. 1) I'm not familiar with the 175, but passenger dynamics have changed with the pandemic so maybe they've been seeing extra demand on it. 2) Using a shuttle instead of a conventional bus is a big savings in fuel and labour costs. 3) 350 is running out of RTC because they have buses allocated for that run where STC may not have extra capacity for extra buses.
  13. Oh yeah, I use the PA quite a bit, as long as its working OK lol. Don't like the canned announcements, to soulless and generic. I liked the Seth ones better. They should seriously consider getting Ryan Reynolds to do them, the current ones are like fingernails on a chalkboard 🤣 Was on a 41 a couple of weeks ago, every time the dude stopped he'd play some announcement, God it was just down right unpleasant.
  14. Same here lol. I'm not a big "PR" kinda person anyways, so 🤷‍♂️😂
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