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  1. Bus stop bulbs, extending the sidewalk at bus stops out so the bus doesn't have to pull in to the stop and merge its way back into the traffic.
  2. Told y'all there'll be Federal funding. Any word on how much of the $7 billion will be going to transit? BC is getting $2B with $600M ear marked for transit.
  3. Always keeping an eye on FR24, not that I can usually make it out to the airport thought lol Maybe, just maybe, Air Tahiti will like YVR so much that they'll make it a permanent fuel stop with bookable tickets for us in the future. I know, unlikely, but hey, crazier things have happened 🤣
  4. I see Matt add a "confused" emoji to my post. What confuses you about my post?
  5. I think this is the hardest 747 retirement for me to take, something about BA and the 747 especially in the Landor livery. So many memories trekking across the North Atlantic in their -200s and -400s from the Landor, thru the World Tails and the current Union Flag. So very sad.
  6. ^^^ Transit is very reliant on peak times which are very short, they need the capacity for a brief period of time during the day and it would cost more to keep the bus out on the road then it would to deadhead back after a trip or two.
  7. $600 million in Federal aid for transit in BC to start off with.
  8. ^^^ I was hoping to get a glimpse of her yesterday at work, fortunately, the flight had a slight delay in departure time so I managed to see her climbing over Richmond on my layover. So, now Air Tahiti, Air France and French Bee are using YVR for a fuel stop, pretty cool 👍
  9. BA Long haul flights re-start out of LGW this month.
  10. Lots of "transfers" get a route book and thats it.
  11. Wrong turns happen on the 50/15 all the time by Cambie going SB. Drivers go straight instead of turning right. As far as driver training goes. During initial training including line training, the trainees are specifically training for VTC routes. The initial training you just learn the bus and loops and just do partial routes. During line training you do complete routes but even if you do a different route everyday, you don’t cover all of them. If you switch depots during a consolidated sign up, you get a week of route training for your new depot. If you get forced to a new depot or request a transfer, you’re on your own.
  12. Funny how reading articles on his death, they keep mentioning the Batman movies which were arguably the worst films in the franchise and omit his really good work such as "Falling Down" or "The Lost Boys".
  13. According to Calin Rovinescu, the 767 is not down and out with Rouge, they still have frames configured for Rouge and will be used when needed until a replacement is found. Interesting thought with all this talk about retirement of aircraft, the 767 will have been in active service for 38 years later this year, and its still got a lot of life in her through cargo conversions and other niche markets. Honestly, I don't think that we'll be seeing 787s/350s with that kind of lifespan, future fuels aside, the amount of technology in more current aircraft, I just don't see longevity in them anymore.
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