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  1. And what parts do you want to salvage from an Airbus to go into a Bombardier? Coffee pot?
  2. It was planned to eventually phase in trolley's, not right away.
  3. Is that the one who's bellows rubbed up against the ID pole?
  4. Rush drummer Neil Peart has died at 67 https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/neil-peart-obit-1.5422806?fbclid=IwAR0Nz7cecU8FjUDigmBp_krMxNSZodNinETQUSEWtM9nINnsfd31XIr7Ps4
  5. The tent was always "on order" and should be arriving "next month" 🤣
  6. In regards to the trolleys on the 41, I could have told you that you'll still see a lot of diesels on that route for the time being, but it wasn't worth arguing with some of you 🤣
  7. One of the sites I worked at up north, we had one on duty mechanic for almost 150 buses (eventually got two), no shop, no tent, a shipping container for tools and parts and you work outside all day at -40 in blowing snow. Major work and inspections were done at a proper facility at another site, but fixing the bus on the spot and getting it to the shop (70kms away) was all on our on-site mechanic. Yet he always had a positive attitude. Anyway, looks like the Bolt bus was finally taken off the highway yesterday.
  8. Thats common. Lots of trolleys go out out at 5am and don't get back before midnight.
  9. Still sitting there as of tonight.
  10. There's no need to spend unnecessary amounts of money for something that isn't needed for an issue that isn't there. If this was a common occurrence, than that would be something to look into, but until then there's zero point. Its not a difficult thing to "disable" a bus with a few tricks, know-how and common sense.
  11. Or, one could simply practice a little common sense and not leave the bus running in the first place 🧐 After that, there are a few tips and tricks one can do to make it harder to drive off with a bus before spending money on something that you don't need.
  12. One of their X3-45s was sitting on the side of SB Hwy 99 just before King George tonight broken down. 3rd one I've seen broken down there in as many months.
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