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  1. Cars

    I’m still undecided on an aftermarket exhaust. I did look at Remus but I’m leaning towards the AWE. Loved the AWE on my Jetta - but that was with the 2.5 5 cyl. I had the Neuspeed intake installed but took it out - just not into the constant amplified “psssh” from the diverter valve.
  2. Westjet

    Rumour (and I stress rumour) is that WS may be unveiling a new livery in an announcement on Feb 28th. Fingers crossed.
  3. Cars

    No handbrake drifts in the R - stupid, stupid VAG
  4. Airbus A300 - Lufthansa Airbus A310 - KLM, Lufthansa, Wardair Airbus A319 - Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, Allegiant, British Airways, Eurowings, Germanwings, Lufthansa Airbus A320 - Air Canada, Allegiant, British Airways, Delta, Lufhansa Airbus A321 - Air Canada Rouge, American Airlines, Lufthansa Airbus A332 - Air Transat, Canada 3000, LTU Airbus A333 - Air Canada, Northwest Airbus A343 - Air Canada, Lufthansa Antonov An2 - Private ATR 42 - Eurowings ATR 72 - Eurowings Avro RJ100 - North Cariboo Air BAe 146 - Air BC, Eurowings Bell 407 - Private Boeing B717 - Delta Boeing B732 - Canadian, Canadian North, Lufthansa, Pacific Western, WestJet Boeing B733 - Canadian North, KLM, Lufthansa, United Boeing B734 - Flair, KLM Boeing B735 - Lufthansa, United, Air North Boeing B736 - WestJet Boeing B737 - EasyJet, WestJet Boeing B738 - Alaska Airlines, Ryanair, WestJet Boeing B739 - Alaska Airlines, United Airlines Boeing B742 - British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa Boeing B743 - KLM Boeing B744 - British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa Boeing B752 - British Airways, Canada 3000, Delta, Northwest, United Boeing B762 - Air Canada, Delta Boeing B763 - Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, British Airways, Canadian, Condor, KLM, LTU, Martainair Bombardier Challenger 890CS - Suncor Bombardier CRJ200 - Air Canada Express Bombardier CRJ700 - United Express (SkyWest) Bombardier CRJ705 - Air Canada Express Bombardier CRJ900 - American Eagle (Mesa) Cessna 150 - Private Cessna 152 - Private Cessna 170 - Private Cessna 172 - Private Cessna 303 - Private Cessna Citation CJ1 - Private Dash 8 100 - Air BC, Canadian Regional Dash 8 300 - Air BC, Air Canada Express, Air Canada Jazz, Air Ontario, Canadian Regional, North Cariboo Air Dash 8 Q400 - Air Canada Express, Alaska Airlines, North Cariboo Air, WestJet Encore Douglas DC8-63 - Air Canada Embraer E170 - United Express (SkyWest) Embraer E190 - Air Canada Fokker F28 - Canadian Regional Fokker F50 - KLM Cityhopper Fokker F70 - KLM Cityhopper Fokker F100 - KLM Cityhopper Hawker Siddley Trident - British European Airlines Jetstream J31 - Alberta City Connector Junkers Ju32 - Ju Air Lockheed C130 Hercules - Canadian Forces Lockheed L1011 Tristar - Air Canada, Air Transat McDonnell Douglas DC10 - Canadian, Lufthansa McDonnell Douglas MD11 - KLM McDonnell Douglas MD83 - Alaska Airlines And since I have my PPL with multi-engine and night ratings ... I've flown the following myself ... Cessna 150 Cessna 152 Cessna 172 Cessna Citation CJ1 Piper 34-200T Added Flair B734
  5. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Cool, thanks - was just curious
  6. The Random Thoughts Thread

    What is it you know? Sources? What should they instate as restrictions? How would it impact the SoCal economy as a whole?
  7. 2018 Tim Hortons RRRoll Up the Rim to Win

    No, you can't take the cash. If you win the car (and it is not a lease), if you do not have a valid driver's license, then the car goes to your next immediate family member or next of kin who becomes the winner.
  8. 2018 Tim Hortons RRRoll Up the Rim to Win

    Could you please provide the clause in the terms and conditions where it states this please. http://www.rolluptherimtowin.com/assets/pdf/Tim-Hortons-Roll-Up-The-Rim-To-Win-2018-Rules.pdf
  9. NewLeaf Travel

    Just an interesting observation. Flying in from YEG to YLW last week, the flight originated from YYZ and was delayed there, then it was further delayed in YEG and again in YVR before terminating in YLW. The return flight was delayed be just over two hours - returning back to YVR where it was further delayed and then again in YEG before continuing on to YYZ. Today, it’s exactly the same thing. My flight was supposed to leave YLW 30min ago, but it’s still 30min out of YVR. Once we depart YLW, we go back to YVR before continuing on to YEG and then YYZ. Now, there’s no question how successful WS has been since they launched. Now compare their strategy compared to Flair. WS would fly from YEG to YLW to YVR back to YEG. So if you wanted to fly YEG to YVR, you’d stop off in YLW and from YVR to YLW, there was a stop in YEG. Granted, they didn’t fly farther than YWG at the time, but the possibilities of delays were reduced by eliminating the constant back tracking. Of course, Flair would be selling fewer seats (initially) by adopting this model and there is a greater chance of missed connections if one were to fly farther east. But it’s still an interesting comparison between the two models.
  10. NewLeaf Travel

    So, I'm wondering where Flair got this B734 from? The bulkhead made it pretty obvious LOL!
  11. Westjet

    Yup, 500 seats for specific dates and then another 1500 for other dates. Still lots for $39. Be interesting to see if they do promotions like this from time to time throughout the year like Ryanair does. Anyway, finally got around to positing the screen shot from yesterday ... It'll also be interesting to see how Flair reacts to this and if JetLines will continue to launch. Regardless, it should prove to be an interesting year ahead.
  12. Westjet

    You can buy tickets for Swoop now I did a mock booking for July 25 from Abbotsford to Edmonton and the price came to $7.48 taxes in. I’ll post the screen shot later.
  13. Westjet

    Thanks for the correction
  14. Westjet

    WS has been doing YYT - DUB/LGW with the 737 for a few years now - from what I’ve read, that flight will be transferred to YHZ this year as well. Not sure about the YYT - GLA flight.
  15. Westjet

    WS starting YHZ - CDG this year with the MAX.