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  1. 9924


    Looks like the next 738 is getting ready to be "Swooped" ...
  2. 9924

    Random photos

    Kelowna Airport had a cool visitor today, B747SP VP-BAT ...
  3. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    Better yet, you just went in, talked to the manager, shook hands and that was it! God, I don't think I'd have the patience to go through such a recruitment process. You need some one to do a job - I need a job. I have the qualifications - thats it, nice and simple LOL!
  4. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    Reading this thread really makes me appreciate the old days when you simply went somewhere, handed in your resume and they asked you when you could start. What an incredibly ridiculous, inefficient and insanely bureaucratic process it is these days - sheesh 🙄
  5. 9924


    Fuchsia, blue, green and orange if I remember correctly. I never did get a chance to fly on them, shame they're not around anymore - they had a cool brand - their napkins said "Yum" and their puke bags said "Yuck" lol I do wish that Swoop would have extended the pink on the tail down to the bottom of the rear part of the fuselage though, think it would have looked a bit nicer that way. Oh well, maybe in 22 years - seeing thats how long it took WS to finally update their livery 🤣
  6. 9924


    Looks like my gut instinct was right in regards to the B738 picture I posted above in YLW minus the WS titles and tail getting a scrub down. From Swoop's Twitter page ...
  7. 9924

    NewLeaf Travel

    Could Flair be the next up for a strike vote? http://www.unifor2002.org/News-Room/Flair-Air/Flair-Airlines-Urgent-Membership-Meetings-and-Str
  8. NewLeaf has beaten the others to the starting line and starting service on February 12th. The website just went live ... http://flynewleaf.ca I'm just watching the livestream of their announcement, It'll be very interesting to see if this flies in Canada (pun intended). The focus cities are Kelowna, Winnipeg and Hamilton and aircraft will be operated by Flair Air (Kelowna FlightCraft/Kelowna Aerospace) using their B737-400s. The first announcement was made in Winnipeg and they are now on their way to Kelowna for their announcement this afternoon.