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  1. https://globalnews.ca/news/6171645/transit-strike-downed-wires/
  2. Think he may have meant the seats themselves.
  3. There are only 4 DDs on the property which are 19401 thru 19404 as of last weekend.
  4. Overtime. Just like the bus bridge that was put in place to cover the cancelled SeaBus sailings - overtime replacing overtime to keep people moving. This is one of the messages of the strike, without employees working overtime, the system would not work. Bonus points to the employees.
  5. The Union has not even taken the next step in job actions so no, it is not a step closer to a full shutdown.
  6. Agree 100% It's a dispute, keep it civil and work together in finding the middle ground to agree upon.
  7. Geezus you guys are slow. The 4th DD was confirmed as 04 on the previous page 🤣
  8. Not so fast there buddy The disruptions they mention in that article will be the result of the current OT ban of the maintenance workers and potentially an OT ban for drivers some time down the road. Unifor has also stated that they will not pursue a complete work stoppage in previous statements. If they do or do not, who knows at this point in time.
  9. No, it has not. DD training is as scheduled and they are still being blocked out on the 620 as of this time.
  10. 555 is going to RTC for now. Also, the 4th decker I mentioned earlier is 04
  11. There's a 4th decker on the property, don't know what number though.
  12. And like we all know, everyone follows the rules 😂
  13. Gotta catch the guy first. Just wish the doors open quicker, would have been awesome as he kicked the door and they opened and then, well, karma.
  14. I'm surprised they only have one set of stairs, adds extra capacity but going up and down, yikes.
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