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    Gas Prices

    Gas across the border from Metro Vancouver is about $4.79 US a gallon and ours is about $6.80 US a gallon - wonder how long the border wait times are right now My car only has a 55L tank, so its not worth driving for me, but those with a 100L plus tank, they could be saving some serious cash by crossing.
  2. I see, thanks. Just kind of curious how that would fit in if one is medically fit for one mode and not another with seniority and all.
  3. 9924

    Gas Prices

    233.9 Bawhahahahahaha
  4. 9924

    Gas Prices

    227.9 in Metro Van as of yesterday - supposedly gonna hit 234.9 in the coming days
  5. Youtube Shorts like TikTok are 'effin a further degradation of the current brainless 'effin idiots and morons that have an 'effin attention span of an 'effin monkey.
  6. Bummer - was still hoping for a Remo 2 one of these days.
  7. I'm unfamiliar with TTC - if they hire you lets say as a bus driver, is it common practice to pull an employee off one mode and place them into another mode as operating requirements dictate or is it just done on a volunteer/posting basis?
  8. The reality is that yes, you are easily replaceable because your application is one of hundreds and you are applying for a job that can be filled by literally anyone with zero education and training. If you've made it this far, they'll let you know what the deal is when your number comes up but its not your turn yet, so take a number and have a seat. And yes, sometimes other people get the job faster, just like going to a restaurant and the table across from you orders after but gets their food before you - it happens - thats life. Carry on with life, when and if you get the call, cross that bridge when you get to it - until then just keep motoring on down that highway - thats life, it sucks but thats the way it is. Stressing out and complaining about the process will do nothing to benefit your position.
  9. Not beating on you, because trust me, I know how you feel, but thats what I would do. It sucks but sometimes things don't work out the way one hopes, we've all been there. If they call they call. If they don't they don't. If you get the job or not - best is to just carry on life as if you don't have the job and if/when they call, figure out what you're going to do then - but to put your life on hold for phone call isn't the best thing do. I put my life on hold for a job once, at the end I didn't get it and it cost me time, money and other things, always thinking I need to be ready to go as soon as they call and all that. I don't regret applying for it, it was a stab in the dark, but being older and wiser now, I would go about it differently today.
  10. 9924

    Gas Prices

    222.9 in Metro Van
  11. What if you've been mistaken as a woman? Does that help?
  12. Looked back, saw no mention of this, but Motorweek's Pat Goss passed away back in March: Saturday afternoon staple for me growing up, a lot of things I learned about cars I learned from him.
  13. Alexander Dennis - what do you expect?
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