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  1. Thats not the only rodeo. Lots of agencies/municipalities, transit/non-transit, host them, even in Canada.
  2. 9924

    2019 60' Articulated Bus Procurement

    Drove by one earlier. Two piece TMAC/DCU. Maybe they’re testing the new one with the old one on top.
  3. 9924

    1st Trip to Calgary

    I'm not a fan of Calgary, never have been. Get out of town, head to the Mountains, Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, lots of awesome things to see and do there. If you head east, head towards Drumheller and the Badlands.
  4. 9924

    Celebrity Death Thread

    Niki Lauda has passed away at age 70 https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-48345660
  5. 9924

    Gas Prices

    Because the price of gas has not even cracked a $1.80 yet, let alone $2. Simple as that. Lots of photo's like those floating around as a gag, there was one with a Petro Can in Alberta with 212.9. It has not happened yet.
  6. 9924

    Gas Prices

    You do realize that picture is a fake, right?
  7. 9924

    Gas Prices

    I've seen this picture floating around a few times. I haven't personally seen more than 172.9, but the picture shows 178.9 yet the caption reads the prices could hit $1.76 by mid week - strange.
  8. 9924

    Photography Equipment

    Don't get fixated on the different models. A D3xxx will take just as awesome pictures as a D5xxx. The D5xxx series have a few more little features built in, but those are things you might not even use or need. My recommendation is try to spend less on the body and use the extra money for lenses, that's what makes the difference in image quality. I also agree with the above posts, if it doesn't feel right in your hands, you won't use it, if you don't use it, its a waste of money. If the D5xxx or D3xxx are too small, look at getting maybe a used D7xxx, they're a bit bigger and, for me at least, feel so much more natural in my hands. Another reason to look for a used D7xxx is that the D7xxx series has a built in autofocus into the body where as the D3xxx and D5xxx need to have lenses with autofocus built in in order to use the autofocus.
  9. 9924

    Coin and Banknote Collecting

    I usually just buy bars/rounds of silver or fractional ounces of gold, mainly for its stability as an investment. But every once in awhile, I'll buy a rare coin just because it interests me, particularly ancients. My favourite, although not particularly rare, is a NGC graded XF "Widow's Mite" with an exceptional striking. Just the thought that someone used it as currency 2000 years ago is intriguing.
  10. 9924

    Celebrity Death Thread

    Wanna ease off on the fonts there please? Thanks 👍
  11. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    If nothing is found, then usually by regular mail. If they do find something, then they usually "hand" deliver it 🤣
  12. 9924

    Gas Prices

    1.34/L here where I live. Thankfully, I can just hop across the border and fuel up for 0.87/L as the gas station is only 15 min away.
  13. 9924

    What are you eating right now?

    White Castle That is all.
  14. Detours. Got it. Thanks