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  1. I've heard that they'll do the panel and road test on the same day and then the uniform fitting and documentation signing on the same day, but the initial video test and medical are each done on separate days.
  2. Knowing people that have gone thru it over the last couple of years, they've had mixed experiences. Some people did their panel and road test the same day and got an offer the next, others have had to wait days, weeks or even months. One person had the whole process done within a couple of weeks, others took 8 months and everything in between. Seeing you've gone through your panel interview, you should be hearing from them either way. Being the end of the year and the last classes of the year are scheduled, it could just be a scheduling thing.
  3. OK cool. The original post was somewhat confusing.
  4. Is the bus arriving in Dawson Creek at 2355 on Oct 31st? If so, the return trip would be on Nov 1st in which case I would assume that they have no commercial operating authority with the PTB to do the return trip as they are ceasing service on Oct 31st. Just a thought.
  5. 9924

    Life After Greyhound

    I said that because at that time, the PTB was not satisfied with DTL’s application, for whatever reason including date of submission. I should have written that a bit more clearly, sorry for the confusion.
  6. You’re welcome 🤣 The mud patch we drove them in was something they weren’t designed for. The limestone roads were the worse, once that stuff dries on the bus it’s like concrete.
  7. 9924

    Life After Greyhound

    Obviously the PTB isn't satisfied with Diversified's application at this point in time.
  8. 9924

    Life After Greyhound

    I disagree. A lot of people are frustrated at the loss of Greyhound and are complaining that other companies aren't picking up the slack but in reality, they (the public) don't understand how public transportation in BC works. This helps bring it out into the open and maybe the public will start holding the Government more open in the future.
  9. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    I realize that it never hurts to ask, that wasn't my question. I was implying if that is something the TTC allows or not.
  10. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    I'm just curious. Let's say you and a buddy are in training together, you get assigned Depot "A" and he get's Depot "B", you were hoping for "B" and he was hoping for "A". Can you ask to be switched?
  11. 9924

    Life After Greyhound

    If your runs were viable, applicants would be filing an application for them as well - assuming they have the equipment/manpower required.
  12. 9924

    Did you ever drop/break your camera?

    I strongly disagree. I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone 7 and with 2 minutes of basic editing, they turn out phenomenal. Cell phone cameras effectively and single handedly wiped out the digital camera point and shoot market because they're more convenient, easier to use and take just as good pictures. All these were taken with my iPhone 7 ... [ As for dropping my cameras - I’ve had so many cameras that I don’t ever recall dropping one of them. I’ve banged them into a doorway or wall here and there. One problem I have been having with the D7100 is that the eye cup keeps popping off when I have the camera slung over my shoulder (I use a BlackRapid strap), I’ve lost a couple of them, just cost about 5 bucks to replace. Annoying though.
  13. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    Reading the timelines here, they must be getting to hire for 2021 🤣🤣🤣
  14. 9924

    PW Transit/DRT

    Don't you mean ... 🤣🤣🤣
  15. 9924

    What is your occupation

    World traveller 😎