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  1. 9924

    Coin and Banknote Collecting

    I usually just buy bars/rounds of silver or fractional ounces of gold, mainly for its stability as an investment. But every once in awhile, I'll buy a rare coin just because it interests me, particularly ancients. My favourite, although not particularly rare, is a NGC graded XF "Widow's Mite" with an exceptional striking. Just the thought that someone used it as currency 2000 years ago is intriguing.
  2. 9924

    Celebrity Death Thread

    Wanna ease off on the fonts there please? Thanks 👍
  3. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    If nothing is found, then usually by regular mail. If they do find something, then they usually "hand" deliver it 🤣
  4. 9924

    Gas Prices

    1.34/L here where I live. Thankfully, I can just hop across the border and fuel up for 0.87/L as the gas station is only 15 min away.
  5. 9924

    What are you eating right now?

    White Castle That is all.
  6. Detours. Got it. Thanks
  7. What type of new wires being put up and where are they?
  8. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    Kudos to all of you going through this hiring process. I seriously wouldn't have the patience with all these hoops. I'd be like ... 🤣
  9. 9924

    DRT Employment

    Ok, seriously then, WTF in regards to the last bit with the collective agreement? 🤣 I would be so lost if I had to get a new job these days. Hiring used to be such a simple process. Company needed new drivers, you applied, they hired you, done and done LOL!
  10. 9924

    DRT Employment

    Is this an internal application?
  11. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    Let's get something clear here. You are not a moderator. If you'd like to tell people how they should post, then I strongly suggest you apply for the position. Also, the context of the post you seem to have such an issue with because it is "one word", is a complete answer to the question therefore more than adequate. May I offer you the suggestion of contacting the mods to have a post removed if it bothers you so much?
  12. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    Where is this rule?
  13. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    OK, cool. Was curious. Thanks! 👍
  14. 9924

    TTC Application Process

    Not being from Toronto. I'm just curious as to if there is a pay difference between bus/streetcar?