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  1. Thank God! Not sure why Express691 gave me a confused emoji on this. Pretty simple, 60 ft bus with only 25 people ain't sustainable, period. Last I checked, Translink is bleeding quite a bit of money, they need all the revenue they can get in order to keep things running.
  2. The 99 will be hit harder than the 9, most of the Broadway clientele get on/off between Cambie and Granville and the 9 will still service many of those stops in that area.
  3. We're still on the current schedule and that schedule's timings are routes reflect the current mode of bus on that route, with the obvious change in routing, the timing on a run between a diesel and trolley is quite different to compensate for trolley's having to slow down through switches and intersections, it makes perfect sense to keep things the way they are until the new sheet provides the correct routing/timing which was to be starting May 18th, but with that sheet scrapped, won't be starting until Jun 22.
  4. $50 for that? $15 yeah, I could see that, but $50? Yikes! Years ago, Lufthansa offered products where they took aircraft parts and turned them into something useful like a clock, pen holder, belt buckle, money clip, key chain and even furniture, now that was cool! I ended up using some of my LH points and buying a desk clock that was shaped like a 737 tail and made from the actual tail of a LH 737.
  5. I doubt it, those 787s brought AC a lot of money over the years. If they want to seriously consider getting into cargo only operations, they have a whole fleet of capable 767s that are cheap and easy to convert and more than capable of hauling some freight.
  6. I see Air India has been bringing in their T7s into YVR now as well.
  7. It’s there for training purposes. The ID post itself is usually just used the first day of training when the trainee's are roaming the yard. The spot though, is also used for mobility aid training and parking at the end of the day.
  8. Special shuttles to help out with capacity and reduce the amount of pass ups between Cambie and Metrotown due to the restricted seating policy. They did the same thing last Sunday, it was taken off the R4. If things are opening up on Tuesday, they might have to add on a few more and run them past 8pm.
  9. One of the Snowbirds crashed after take-off during their departure from YKA while on their "Operation Inspiration" tour. Looks like the pilot was able to eject: https://mobile.twitter.com/supermario_47/status/1262101139966750720 https://www.kamloopsthisweek.com/news/snowbird-jet-crashes-into-house-in-kamloops-1.24136709
  10. As Phillip pointed out, new sign up is starting in the coming days and service changes come into effect June 22nd.
  11. Willard was 86? Wow, had no idea. Always enjoyed his quirky roles.
  12. Given the current events, I'm pretty sure thats an open ended question with a big πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ at the end of it.
  13. Fair enough, I can totally understand the caution with pre-owned equipment but, especially with camera's, it's become a very reliable market with a lot of pro's always upgrading to the newest equipment. I haven't shot Canon in about 15 years, so honestly, I can't even say what lenses are compatible or not, but if they work on the SL3, see if you can pick up some vintage fixed focal manual focus lenses for it. They are dirt cheap (being manual focus) but the images you get from them are amazing. Yeah, I'm gonna stay with my opinion on the 18-55 kit lens. There's a reason why most photographers pretty much toss it into the back of the bag, it just provides very consistent flat and bland images. When I went to Nikon, the first lens I bought was a 35mm f1.8 and even though the focal length is covered in the 18-55 kit lens, the 35 blows it out of the water in every way. The same goes for my 10-20mm f4.0 and 50mm f1.8. Honestly, I can't even remember the last time I used the 18-55, not sure I even have it anymore πŸ˜†
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