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  1. The article was correct - it is 8 deckers for expansion. You guys are speculating without having all the information. There are 19 in total coming next year. https://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/pm-premier-pledge-79m-for-118-new-buses-majority-for-greater-victoria-1.23890219
  2. 8101 came back into service well before 9838's incident.
  3. Has anyone here been keeping a list of which 300s are still active?
  4. Farebox revenue only covers 27.8% of total operating costs. That is not counting BC Bus Pass because it is a provincially-run program and we are talking about the local share of funding, and in comparison the amount of money that particular program brings in is negligible.
  5. As I understand it, there is a plan in place to rectify the stop request light issue on the Flyers and 2007-2009 Novas. Darts that have an old Balios/Pocatec ODK still have to have signs changed manually. If it has a newer Axion installed, Nextride will change it. Many of the Darts had their old ODK swapped out for a new one when they received Nextride so that the headsigns will change automatically like the rest of the fleet.
  6. An update to yours, there are still 2 Novas yet to receive Nextride. Nearly half of the Flyers and Arbocs are also complete. Installation on Vicinity buses began this week.
  7. Using methods of deduction, you guys could confirm your speculations as true by reading literally one post above yours.
  8. Hours from that route were rolled into the 14 IIRC (the Downtown to UVic portion of the 33 was an overlap of the 14 anyways)
  9. 0228 from Williams Lake to Victoria. Probably where 9066 has gone.
  10. Consultation for the James Bay area plan continues. Was meaning to post this earlier but forgot. Following page contains a link to the online survey https://bctransit.com/victoria/news/article?nid=1403646548563
  11. So who changed my wiki edits to say that 9070, 9078, and 9753 are Unallocated? I purposely left their locations blank as the Darts have clearly been redeployed elsewhere, but didn't want to say where until it had been confirmed, and 9753 also has a good chance of being in service in another system. If I broke some wiki convention by leaving it blank, it would be wiser to use "Unknown" or something along those lines. Saying those vehicles are unallocated is incorrect information, plain and simple. By that same token, someone changed 0104, 0105, 0227, and 0236 location to Victoria. As of yesterday, all those vehicles still had no plates and are not in service. Even though it is basically a guarantee that these vehicles will eventually enter service in Victoria, I was under the impression the wiki was not to be changed until they were confirmed in service at a new location. 9066 has been deplated and presumably another northern Dart will arrive in the coming days. I'm going to take time off of keeping the wiki up to date...this is not the first time I've had my edits replaced with incorrect information. It's rather irritating.
  12. 0104 and 0227 moved from Williams Lake to Victoria Perhaps this is where 9070 and 9078 have migrated to. 9753 has also left Victoria. Possibly 9479 as well. No recent sign of 8104 either.
  13. 9070 and 9078 have been deplated. I am guessing this is part of the rumoured Dart swap that will make it easier for some of the tired Darts up north to make life. Also noticed 8104 and 9755 absent from Victoria's list, so they *may* have moved. It's not unheard of for a bus to be removed temporarily while down in the shop or assigned to training so nothing confirmed yet.
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