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  1. 46 is clear for Deckers. Every part of the route is either travelled by other Decker routes or is part of a Decker deadhead route. Now the ridership of that route on the other hand.....😄
  2. Since you said you were following it, I"m guessing you were looking at the rear sign mainly? Did you get a chance to see what the front and side sign said? Occasionally a malfunction will prevent one of the signs (usually the rear) from changing, while the others display the correct signage. I've often seen passengers try to flag down Not In Service buses, especially if there hasn't been one in service for a while, or they've been passed up by a few full ones already.
  3. Yep, Dane is correct. Right now there is only one and it is on 2013 Nova 9437. The trial came about as the Axion signs that were previously the BCT spec are no longer offered. Stay tuned to see if this is what the 2019/2020 deliveries will be fitted with
  4. In an effort to help address the recent service reliability issues, 9463-9466 have been sent to Victoria from the Central Fraser Valley and another 3 2017 Novas are on their way from Kelowna
  5. It's out doing driver orientation. The LTC CNG project is underway but not yet complete.
  6. The 13 went to Shelbourne/McKenzie for a very brief period, only one or two years. It was done to help alleviate overcrowding on the 26, but IIRC it was then removed in favour of adding more trips to the 12, which has basically been over capacity since day 1. I lived in Cadboro Bay for a year during my UVic days. Being a transit savvy student, I made use of the 13 when its schedule aligned with my class schedule. I also was able to get some of my roommates on board with it as well. Unfortunately it's not possible to have the UVic-bound 11s and 13s stop on the same side of the street in Cadboro Bay without significantly altering the routing of the 11, or removing the Cadboro Bay routing from the 13, which presently is its main focal point. I do agree the 13 could be better marketed towards UVic students. The current layout of UVic Exchange doesn't help things. If the capacity allowed for it, it would make sense to have the 13 depart from the same bay as the 11, or at least an adjacent one. With the current constraints,, I wouldn't advocate for that unless additional capacity at UVic materializes. Upon consultation with my own archives and the esteemed Les Broughton, the 26 serviced Ten Mile Point in the 1980s, either as Sunday and evening service when the then Route 16 Cadboro Bay wasn't operating, or as limited service on a few select trips after Route 16's mid-1980s discontinuation. Based on what I could find in my Riders Guide collection, June 25, 1987 was the final day that the Route 26 serviced Ten Mile Point. I didn't spend too much time looking into this though, so if I'm wrong it would be most appreciated if someone would correct me and/or provide additional clarification.
  7. There is still major mechanical work that is done to help a bus to 13 (not 12) years
  8. Health Connections services are funded by the Regional Health Authority as opposed to a municipal partner. Because of this, in the past the Health Connections services would have their own Riders Guide separate from the municipally funded system if it existed. I haven't seen a separate Health Connections Riders Guide for a while now, so I'm guessing they don't do that anymore, at least not in an official capacity. How the service is paid for and it's primary target ridership is most likely the reason for the how the schedules themselves are both presented and marketed.
  9. Correct, Route 13 was initiated at the request of the local community and operates primarily as a coverage-based route to provide mobility for those unable to access the Route 11. There are some seniors' homes in the Wedgewood area and there is a very steep hill to walk up from Arbutus and Telegraph Bay. Ridership has not been as high as projected and so over the years about half of the trips have been reallocated to routes requiring additional capacity. The intent of this route was never to mirror the old 10 Mile Point routing that the 11 and 26 have run many years ago.
  10. 2009 Novas are going through engine overhauls and other upgrades. I would guess it'll be on its way out once those projects are complete.
  11. The article was correct - it is 8 deckers for expansion. You guys are speculating without having all the information. There are 19 in total coming next year. https://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/pm-premier-pledge-79m-for-118-new-buses-majority-for-greater-victoria-1.23890219
  12. 8101 came back into service well before 9838's incident.
  13. Has anyone here been keeping a list of which 300s are still active?
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