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  1. I really don't think we are asking too much for the TTC to operate switches like the rest of the world does. If every city can do it reliably, we can't it be done in Toronto? I don't see European cities have any fancy stuff when it comes to switches and yet they can just go. We can also agree that Spadina is forever crippled unless a massive rebuilt occurs. This North American design is really terrible and I don't know why they keep building it in such way. Eglinton is going to have the same problem. Spadina is exaggerative by having the stops and special works so closely placed. St Clair isn't that bad with a similar design.
  2. Debris is always the culprit on any type of switches. Just wait till a juice box land in the right spot. If they can automate the system somewhat, that could help. Such as the streetcar knows what route it’s on and the location through GPS. When it reach the special works, it’ll attempt to set the right path. If it can’t set it for whatever reason, a chime should play to let the op know they must check.
  3. That's right. They started repainting them in 2016 when the 8100s were about to be rebuilt. 8159 was first to get the new livery. Meanwhile the 1200s were being rebuilt. Some of them were also repainted in the new livery while the other half were in the old livery. Eventually they repainted most of them again. The 1500s and 8300s came after, so those got new livery when rebuilt. Then they repainted all the 1000s which were all rebuilt.
  4. Alternatively they can implement an in cab signal but this would be more complicated. If the radio fails, then they won't get an signal and it'll be the same problem as not being able to open the gates. Transit signals shouldn't be a complicated thing. They use it all over the world. It's just the TTC is stuck in the 50s. If they upgrade the switches for signals, they might as well upgrade the switches to standard two point switches. They'll have more insurance that both points have moved with two sensors incase one is given the wrong readings. We also have to hope TTC keeps up with maintenance or the signals would be wrong and they'll end up splitting a switch and derail while the signal is displaying good to go straight.
  5. This is going to be better/worst when Line 5 opens. Line 5 would be able to provide a good relief but if a P1 happens on line 5 too, then everyone would have to walk.
  6. This also applies to any personal license plates. If you paid for the sticker and need to transfer the sticker to a new plate, you have to return the old plates. BUT Ford is refunding the stickers for personal vehicles now...
  7. Yup, took them long enough. Yet they still haven't extended the 54.
  8. That’s right. It turns right from Strachan to the ROW.
  9. This routing allows them to operate even when the road closure is in place but that'll definitely be a real mess when the CNE is running.
  10. TTC 8153 hooked up to a tow truck going up the DVP around 11:15pm.
  11. It must be really boring to drive the 174.
  12. They are functional yesterday, so you aren't seeing things
  13. It is 3530 that was on the 46. School trips operated from Mt Dennis and end up on the 45/945 afterwards, not Arrow Rd. 1074 and 1415 was two of them. 8133 was on the 32S EGLINTON WEST to Eg West Stn. school trip before becoming the 63A along with 3520 and 3723 on the 32 to Eglinton Stn. before becoming 52s.
  14. Steve Munro has finally published the service charges for next board. https://stevemunro.ca/2022/05/02/ttc-service-changes-may-8-2022/ I think seasonal reduction is taken in account for service reduction. Else they won’t have enough crews to fill. We’ll see If things get better in September. Since there’s no changes to line 2 or 45 Kipling. Let the bashing begin!
  15. The 2022 ASP has listed Line 5 to operate with 18 trains (2 cars consists) meaning 36 LRVs which is not even half the fleet. Half the fleet becomes spares and would never to utilized regularly for the next decade making 1/3rd of their life wasted. TTC plans to ramp to to 21 trains by 2026 (42 LRVs). By operating at 3'10" instead of 5', That's an increase of 58% bringing the total LRV needed to 56-58 LRVs. This brings the spare ratio to 30% instead of 111%. This is till high for operations as they could ramp up to 63 LRVs to bring it down to 20%. If they were to maintain this level of operation, they'll need atleast 20 more LRVs for Eglinton West extension. I believe the TTC/ML agreement expires in 10 years, so if ML is really unhappy with the TTC, they can privatize Line 5 operations. By then, Queen's Park can attempt another subway takeover if they disagree with financial matters. On the bring side, fansighting all the LRVs would be easier if ML gets their ways.
  16. There’s some good lawyers out there that would help them out of these trouble. Oh the human rights groups would have an outcry.
  17. Well a portion of the routes are busituted for the last decade.
  18. I'm guessing the 80 more CLRVs they were planning to order became the 52 ALRVs?
  19. Politics have really gotten in the way as TTC wasn't even considering hybrid buses till 2018. City council and some on the then board thought they want to do something tangible within a few years. Now they are spending a lot more and hope it can be offset by magical numbers. If gas prices remain high, this might work in TTC's favour.
  20. The option isn't suppose to be exercised if the ebus procurement goes according to plan. This is supposedly the last batch of hybrid buses EVER. We'll see how it goes. The bus procurement plan as of now: https://ttc-cdn.azureedge.net/-/media/Project/TTC/DevProto/Documents/Home/Public-Meetings/Board/2022/April-14/Presentations/10_TTCs_Green_Bus_Program_Final_Results_of_TTCs_Head-to-Head_-eBus-_Ev.pdf?rev=2f8d62f785094149b02b888028555249&hash=397B47F0817991968AAE9738E36AF9A9 Maybe the options could be negotiated and converted to ebuses.
  21. You can't really compare Flexity's with CLRVs. This is a fully computerized product unlike those mechanical workhorses. There is so much more things that can go wrong with the Flexitys. Wheelchair ramp, internal computer problems cause by loose wires and faulty electronics which didn't exist with CLRVs. Plus it's twice as long meaning more places to go wrong. A decade or so ago, wasn't the MDBF for buses like 5,000 kilometres? Cause they are stretch thin with a 10% spare ratio and inadequate maintenance. Compare that to the Nova HEVs were are at 70,000 km right now, 14 times longer till it breaks down. If they TTC operated like that back then, those CLRVs MDBF would be much lower than if they were kept in better condition.
  22. The point isn't just price but an electric only vehicle doesn't have all the combustion engine problems that start to fail after 15 years. In the past, streetcars are designed for 30 years while the Wester Flyer trolleys were using older components in a new shell. They should be able to keep the bus for longer if they are getting a quality bus. Artics have been a problem in the past as their articulated joint causes the bus to fall apart. Since the frame is usually one of the determining point if the bus should retire, it'll depend on how were theses LFSAs have held up by 12-15 years.
  23. Looking at the current fleet. Even through there is a chance the XDE60 would end up at Mt Dennis, they do work better in fleet planning if they went to McNicoll for the 939/953. The number of buses needed for 939 was 48 in AM Peak (Feb 2020) which can reduce to ~39 artics. Adding 18 artics for 953 gives 57 with 11 spares. The only question is does the 939C need artics? Or they should maintain their current headways which would be better for Malvern area riders. The procurement schedule is still plan (unchanged from Oct 2020) as 298 this year and 38 next year. Originally planned for delivery in Q1 but I don't see any arriving till Q3/Q4 at least. Probably Novas would come first since there would be minimal changes from the last order but this all depend on parts. Since this is the last HEV buses the TTC is ordering ever, it would be wise they keep the Nova HEVs at Arrow and Malvern only. I don't see Eglinton getting any of these for this reason. TTC does plan to have a total of 130 ebus at Arrow by 2025 but only 44 for Malvern. So there is a possibility that a small amount would migrate elsewhere. Unlike 2018, there is no point of comparing the two HEV fleets since they aren't getting more. The XDE40s could go with the XDE60s. McNicoll should have gotten to maintaining Novas, Mt Dennis however are still dealing with Orions, why not refresh their fleet with Flyers? --- In terms of artic fleet, The 7, 29 and 941 can all keep their artics. The 927 doesn't need anywhere near 20-25 artics. It needs only 14 for AM, 10 for 927D and 4 for 927C. Assuming it can survive from AM to PM rush without running out of fuel. For AM rush, the following we keep pre-pandemic capacity: 7 BATHURST - 15 29 DUFFERIN - 16 929 DUFFERIN EXPRESS - 12 134C/913 PROGESS (EXPRESS) - 6 927 HIGHWAY 27 EPXRESS - 14 (4 for 927C, 10 for 927D) 935 JANE EXPRESS - 10 939 FINCH EXPRESS - 39 (12 for 939A, 15 for 939B, 12 for 939C) 941 KEELE EXPRESS - 7 953 STEELES EAST EXPRESS - 18 960 STEELES WEST EXPRESS - 15 985 SHEPPARD EAST EXPRESS - 13 Total : 165 For PM rush: 7 BATHURST - 18 29 DUFFERIN - 20 929 DUFFERIN EXPRESS - 12 134C/913 PROGESS (EXPRESS) - 6 927 HIGHWAY 27 EXPRESS - 16 (5 for 927C, 11 for 927D) 935 JANE EXPRESS - 9 939 FINCH EXPRESS - 25 (7 for 939A, 10 for 939B, 8 for 939C) 941 KEELE EXPRESS - 9 953 STEELES EAST EXPRESS - 18 960 STEELES WEST EXPRESS - 14 985 SHEPPARD EAST EXPRESS - 17 Total : 164 Even if the 927 needs a complete fleet swap, all these routes can operate with artics simultaneously. This also gives 10-15 more for SRT extensions as the total artics would be 218.
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