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  1. I’m pretty sure the 32+34 carries more than 15k today with bus ridership over 50%. The 15k would be riders per hour at max cap. They have more standing space with doors on both sides. TTC set their max to 130 so it’s not too far off. I really don’t like how everyone would cramp at the doors since there is barely any standing space between doors at the quad seats.
  2. Saw a TTC OG Hybrid on the 927 on Hwy 427. Tracker says its 1086.
  3. It’s always nice to know that she’s still supporting it.
  4. Nope. There's no artic bus bay by the elevators at Kipling nor does all trips need artics. Some of those offpeak runs are pretty empty themselves even with regular buses. They really don't need to widen the headways further. Look what happened to the 190->985A. 14 min to 21 min headway cause they claim artics are better!
  5. I would say most likely Mt Dennis. They'll loose most of the 32 Eg West runs. The more interesting 334 route could be split between 2 or even 3 divisions as it will operate from one end of the city to the other. Maybe Mt Dennis can take the 52 back but that's not so likely if they become a bigger artic division.
  6. So they break down and get sent to warranty since the mechanics don’t touch them till warranty ends. He’ll be left with his mind satisfied but no buses arriving at his stop.
  7. They have to balance the runs between division too. The 905 needs like 10+ buses while the 12D is like 3 would end up in the wrong place.
  8. The 46/927 used to be grouped together in the early days as it was seem as an express version of the 46. The 46 ran twice as frequent in the 1990s than today as riders have shifted to the 927, which didn't run frequent at all back then. As development occurred around the Woodbine Centre area and ridership rose in the industrial area around Belfield, each route developed it's own riders. It doesn't make sense to group them together anymore as 927 riders don't take the 46 just like they wouldn't take the 45. (BTW, the 46 does have it's own express, 46E school tripper from Martingrove CI to Kipling Station). The same thing can be said about the 509/510. They were grouped together since back in the day most riders from Union can take either one. Now people living at QQ/Bathurst accounts for significant ridership doesn't take the 510 nor does the 510 run regularly on QQ during summers with special events. The 116 and 905 now serve two different set of customers. 116 for local Eg East and Morningside while the 905 serves express riders on Eg East, Kingston Rd and UTSC students. The only overlap is the riders that can take either express or local on Eg East. The last ridership stats published in 2018 has a separate value for all routes. Even express and local on the same corridor. So this grouped thing is a thing in the past.
  9. TTC is more interested in simplifying the 116 with one branch only and provide the Conlins loop with more frequent service that they used to have with the 116E. The student sardine situation isn't a unique one in this case. It happens at every high school in Toronto and everyone hates it but it cannot be avoided. Even with dedicated school runs, they sometimes get cancel or delayed. They only way to avoid the students is to not take a trip right at dismissal time.
  10. I think TTC made some changes to their last tender to get NFI bidding too. They wanted to split the hybrid order to have both models. NFI backed out saying the can't compete with Nova which is already delivering diesels to TTC. Now that TTC seems very satisficed with the Nova hybrids, will they even select NFI if they just have to pick one?
  11. I hope they would just give half the order to each and speed up the delivery.
  12. I guess there's something wrong with the VISION programming cause I saw them all heading westbound at Markham Rd in the afternoon saying to UofT Scarborough. Of course they'll all turn to 38B once they pass Markham Rd as that the last stop before STC.
  13. Likely just the express version of 43A and 68A. If they reduce service on the 43A, I think it would be a disaster. It'll be like the 24A/924 but worst. Those riders would just jam up the 43 southbound by Sheppard. With less frequent service, those riders at local stops south of their won't get a chance to even board.
  14. But Westbound should really say to Scarborough Ctr Stn.
  15. Are the signs displaying westbound to u of t Scarborough?
  16. Young as in appearances but with the Internet influencing teens, sometimes they commit offences at the same level as young adults. We have 17 year old shooting and murdering people. It’s time they change this law to protect those under 16 or 14 instead of 18.
  17. They really need public input. Internet survey only reached certain groups. The poor and elderly are usually left out. That’s what town halls tries to fill in.
  18. It’s hard to ban individuals from actually using the system. Do we even know those that are actually banned by courts are not using the ttc anymore? Probably not cause most operators and riders wouldn’t know them. We know issuing tickets to citizens with no fix address doesn’t mean much. There’s nothing to hold them accountable to pay unless the fine could be taken gain their bank account (if they own one). So the only hope is to rehabilitate them which cost a lot of money or the worst option execute/remove/relocate them which is completely unacceptable according to the general public. The cops/border officers can’t seem to control the drugs either. The only possible solution is to install a face recognition system at every ttc vehicle and stations and deny them from accessing the TTC if they are banned. This would probably end up with an outcry of human rights and being compared to communist China. That doesn’t seem likely either so we have discussion with no realistic solution.
  19. Sometimes cultural change is initialized with education and enforcement. Our education totally fails to teach kids to respect others is the first issue. They fear kids growing up would be stressed out and feel harmed. Therefore they never receive any punishment for unacceptable behaviours. They grow up thinking they have the rights to do anything. Now we have people shooting in Yorkdale during busy afternoons. People protesting by destroying and vandalizing statues cause they don’t like them. People trying to assault Trudeau cause they don’t like his political policies. People claiming that they can’t wear masks cause they are faking an exemption. At this rate, 50 years later they’ll say these people are tame as to how people will act in the future. In Asia they are able to keep their subways clean by not allowing food or banning food. Here they some people have disorders and need to eat regulating, they can’t ban that. Don’t get me started on why unvaccinated anti mask people should have the rights to go anywhere they want. They probably should start fining more people and have to take part in a community service exercise to clean up garage if they are caught doing so.
  20. This requires Queen’s Park to legislate a law amendment to the City of Toronto Act to allow other municipalities or private transit entities to operate local transit in Toronto. It’s not something that would be done in months unless it’s a Ford priority.
  21. I thought the 929 has never operated on Saturday before. It was planned but COVID happened.
  22. The CEO report has provided an update on the ASP for this year: https://ttc.ca/PDF/About_the_TTC/CEO_Report/CEO_Report-August_2021-Final.pdf#page=8
  23. Don’t question why the most frequent service on the 52G is Sunday afternoon which is twice the frequency of rush hour.
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