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  1. The NPC Novas are supposed to be delivered in late March/early April as NFT will begin getting theirs at the end of February, so I imagine the IVs may be around to start the season.....anybody's guess right now
  2. the new people mover system will be split between NFT and the Parks Commission- NFT will operate the Blue and Red Lines and the NPC will operate the Green Line along the Niagara Parkway. The existing Orion units with the NPC will I assume be retired by the end of the year
  3. can any of the Welland guys confirm if 118 has been retired; and a WT driver just told me today that another small bus has arrived....hopefully replacing 136
  4. just talked to the general manager at NFT, the People Mover Novas are supposed to show up in March and the Parks Commission will be getting theirs in early-mid April
  5. Is someone able to edit the Wiki for NFT to show that 8835 and 8936 have been retired and to list an on order 2012 Orion 07.501 EPA10 (presumed number 2295)?
  6. Xcelsior 1151 was on the back of a tow truck heading down Stanley Avenue in NF today around the noon hour
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