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  1. some IT news....Talk Wireless was in at the garage today and the new handsfree radios should be all operational within several days and also NFT has gone ahead with it's stop announcement system which should be operational on the VTS buses by June and the rest of the fleet by the fall
  2. be nice to see the VI's go when the Xcelsiors show up
  3. is St.Catharines in the Metrolinx bulk order consortium?
  4. the 09 Novas came with the livery pre-applied
  5. any word on when the Xcelsiors are due in?
  6. I've been told starting mid to late next week start looking for the Nova Artics on the NFT property; no idea if they will have a pre-applied livery or if they're going to be all-white at first
  7. hopefully this will be the use for the Classics however I imagine at least one will be used for Jaws Of Life training and we know hat that means
  8. while we're on the fire department bus topic didn't the St. Catharines FD get two V's for use as shelter buses?
  9. would any signs still be in scrapyard buses?
  10. the GM there told me it was "city policy" not to let people have rollsigns
  11. do you happen to know how i might go about getting an old NFT rollsign?
  12. i was just told by a mechanic this morning it's three Classics going to the Fire Department; on another note NFT Garage staff are in Montreal doing the final inspections on the People Mover units... probably start looking for them next week
  13. just an update....all four remaining Classics have had their licence plates and fareboxes removed and I assume will be towed out of the NFT yard within the next few weeks to make room for the People Mover units
  14. the previously mentioned small bus that arrived is now Welltrans 212, just saw it today on Prince Charles
  15. 118's officially done, it's up on the government auction website along with Welltrans 207
  16. The NPC Novas are supposed to be delivered in late March/early April as NFT will begin getting theirs at the end of February, so I imagine the IVs may be around to start the season.....anybody's guess right now
  17. the new people mover system will be split between NFT and the Parks Commission- NFT will operate the Blue and Red Lines and the NPC will operate the Green Line along the Niagara Parkway. The existing Orion units with the NPC will I assume be retired by the end of the year
  18. can any of the Welland guys confirm if 118 has been retired; and a WT driver just told me today that another small bus has arrived....hopefully replacing 136
  19. just talked to the general manager at NFT, the People Mover Novas are supposed to show up in March and the Parks Commission will be getting theirs in early-mid April
  20. Is someone able to edit the Wiki for NFT to show that 8835 and 8936 have been retired and to list an on order 2012 Orion 07.501 EPA10 (presumed number 2295)?
  21. Xcelsior 1151 was on the back of a tow truck heading down Stanley Avenue in NF today around the noon hour
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