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  1. could one of the Wiki editors edit the delivery date for 2195, NFT took possession of it on April 4, 2012; and also i just heard they will be upgrading the evening service for the Falls Shuttle starting this Friday( convenient timing) so that Friday/Saturday/Sunday it will run until 1am and Monday-Thursday it will run until 11:00pm, and starting June 29th and until the WEGO starts all Falls Shuttle lines will go until at least 7 days a week( Source: last night's Niagara Falls City Council meeting) ...look for the updated schedules on the city website anytime now
  2. SCT is part of the Metrolinx consortium, does anyone know when the delivery date for their units will be?
  3. according to the driver I talked to, no, he says they don't need them in Welland
  4. it's still unknown if the WEGO buses will be on the GO shuttles or the parking lot shuttles
  5. Welland's 1151 also has a bike rack now
  6. the WEGO units have numbers now, the 40-footers are in the 5300 series and the 60-footers are in the 5200 series
  7. the Falls Shuttle will be running in the interim, but it's been cut back to an 11pm finish for some dumb reason; the schedule is on the city website, and the iRide cards are valid on it and on the subject of the replacement bus I can't see them going with anything other than Nova, it wouldn't make sense to train every person on the property for one Xcelsior( although I wouldn't mind seeing one in NFT colours)
  8. the WEGO buses will be used on a special shuttle service between different parking lots and the Falls area next Friday for the Wallenda walk, after that they'll sit until the latest start date of August 20th.. also the NF capital budget for 2012 has approved one replacement 40' bus and one replacement Chair-a-van
  9. all WEGO units parked at Rapidsview for the time being undergoing ITS installation....just so anyone doesn't get shocked seeing an empty NFT lot
  10. the NPC ones will likely be starting before the summer's over, they're reportedly a lot further ahead in planning
  11. I'm starting to think it won't be running this year at all, and on a second note the NF capital budget should be approved in several weeks so I'll know then what NFT is getting in terms of buses( Nova and New Flyer are the only companies likely to be a factor)
  12. anyone notice the headline in the Niagara Falls Review this morning- WEGO delayed until mid-August due to problems with installation of ITS systems...and add to that the crappy Falls Shuttle they're running in the meantime
  13. '04 Nova 4976 was on the NF-Hamilton-Kitchener run today, spotted it at the NF Bus Terminal just before 12:00pm
  14. I don't know if this will have any impact on the proposed facility, but the Heartland Forest Nature Centre is directly across the street on Brown Road, and I know the head of that place got a standing ovation at council last week for his expansion plans....who knows
  15. the interim 2012 Falls Shuttle schedule has just been unveiled at www.niagarafalls.ca: spring service( may 18-june 29) on the red and green lines runs Monday-Thursday 9a-7p and on Fridays/weekends/holidays to 11...(hourly frequencies) summer service begins June 30 with the red, green and blue lines running on hourly frequencies Monday-Friday 8:45a to 10:45p and on weekends and holidays on 30-minute frequencies from 9a-11p.... 24 hour iride pass-$10.00;one way adult $3.50 and one way child ages 6-12 $1.00.... this service will run until the WEGO system launches on the August long weekend
  16. look for the WEGO artic on the road this week , they're out training management and garage staff on them....on a side note the NFT yard is full of dead city units-2062,2063,2983,2985 and NRT 2192
  17. I won't find out the specifics on how many buses NFT is getting until the budget is passed, and the GM told me that they won't be going with Eldorado (municipal buy-Canadian policy)
  18. next tender is to go out pending the approval of the 2012 NF capital budget, hopefully by the end of May. At least we won't be getting anymore Orions.
  19. 2195 is out , today it's on the 3 Westlane
  20. all the NFT WEGO artics were in by the end of last week: the Niagara Parks Commission is currently taking deliveries of their units now, this morning there were at least three artics on their lot, and the old Orion units have been moved over to the Rapidsview parking lot... the big disappointment-the NPC buses will also be in the blue and orange striping also on the WEGO topic but not entirely, with Nik Wallenda supposedly doing his walk on June 15th, the WEGO system not starting until June 29th and no sign of NFT running an interim service between the Victoria Day weekend and the end of June, it's pretty much going to kill NFT's service the weekend of the walk, between passenger loads and vehicle traffic
  21. 2195 was in the storage shed along with two WEGO artics this morning, all having their decals applied
  22. allegedly there's also going to be a purple line; the red will be covering the Garner-Table Rock run via Lundy's Lane, Stanley, Murray and the Parkway; the Blue will travel year-round as follows: Livingstone-Fallsview Blvd-Murray-NiagaraParkway-Table rock- Parkway NB to Clifton Hill, left on Clifton, right on Falls Ave, left on Bender, through the Casino Niagara entrance and left on Victoria travelling down to Fallsview Blvd, left on Fallsview ,left on Robinson into the Skylon Tower then back out again to Fallsview and south to make the counterclockwise Dunn-Stanley-Livingstone loop and back ....confused yet anyone??..... the seasonal blue will continue down Stanley to Marineland Parkway, Portage Road, Upper Rapids Boulevard and into the NPC Rapidsview station and back to Stanley the same way. this new purple line will travel Clifton Hill-River Road-Bridge-Bus Terminal( that's where the fun comes in, fitting the WEGOs with the Regional and City bus stops in front of the terminal)-Queen-Victoria-Great Wolf Lodge-Victoria-Queen and back to the bottom of Clifton Hill the way the old Green Line shuttle used to go. There's a temporary VTS map up on the City website under the Bids and Tenders page, it can be accessed at www.niagarafalls.ca/pdf/tenders/1141/vts-bus-routes.pdf ; and there will be an website set up for the WEGO( www.wegoniagarafalls.com or something similar) but nothing's up yet
  23. 2195's parked outside among the WEGO buses all-white, nothing on it so far
  24. the bus I saw from a distance at the NPC Chippawa garage last week had a similar livery; also and update on the deliveries- all 5 40-footers are in ( 3 outside, 2 inside) and 8 of 11 artics are parked outside( 2 in red/orange/grey livery, remainder all-white)... also the #10 Niagara Square bus will be detouring starting next Wednesday April 4th until further notice to avoid the construction in the area- eastbound the 10a and 10c will turn right on Franklin, left on Barker, right on Drummond, left on Culp, left on Main, left on Peer, left on Sylvia Place, left on Ferry, left on Main Street; all three 10a/10b/10c will travel outbound to Lundy's Lane via Main-Peer-Sylvia Place-Ferry-Lundy's Lane
  25. you're not the first person I've heard say that
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