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  1. apparently nobody wanted 115 the first time, it's back up for auction
  2. service change for the Brock Rapid at night effective today: a 10:40 pm trip outbound to Brock from NF has been added, likewise the last NF-bound bus will leave Brock at 11:10pm; now if NFT would only extend the 5 and the 6 by an hour at night to allow for connections off this extended service
  3. New Flyer was the only bidder on the tender for the 35' bus, so would this be the first 35-foot Xcelsior in Ontario I assume? It came in at $399,390.00.
  4. last word was that tenders will be coming out shortly for one new 40' diesel Lf bus and one chair-a-van, although the tender for the bus will ask for multi-unit pricing based on 1152 in Welland, blue would look nice on an Xcelsior
  5. I was told yesterday that several buses are up for refurbishment, the first one being 2266 for framework around the front steps and possibly 2470 for the new livery. Also, 2063 was on the hoist, no word on it's future, just that it needs framework.
  6. any word on possible retirements?
  7. they still need to introduce a one-way cash fare to fully utilize the WEGO and take the pressure off the city runs; and edit the last post, some of the city units will be parked at the NF Municipal Works yard on Stanley Avenue for the winter
  8. WEGO news...one-day passes are now available for $7 and child for $4; artic 5206 still hasn't entered service; and anybody's guess where the hell they'll find room, but the NPC units are supposed to be stored in the NFT compound this coming winter
  9. there were 3 units parked behind Brock Ford in Niagara Falls today, and I've seen them pretty much constantly either there or on Thorold Stone Road over the past 2 months
  10. either way, it means one less Blue Bird
  11. tender posted today for one new transit low floor bus, closing on September 4th
  12. for some reason the " 2 DOWNTOWN" is a default setting if the buses are running ahead of schedule
  13. the NPC units have Green Line-AEROCAR in the evening instead of the QUEENSTON one, does anyone know what time they cut off at the Aerocar?
  14. the NFT and NPC units will be stored at their respective facilities until the NFT garage opens, and the NPC ones will presumably get parked in their garage when the Orions go
  15. the combined WEGO/ NFT/GO Transit facility is in the final design phase and they're hoping to have it open winter 2014-15, and NFT's WEGO units are being parked in their compound in the meantime, with them presumably storing some inside the present facility in the winter; the NPC ones are at Rapidsview
  16. they've still got all but one of the 27 buses at the Rapidsview lot and Clever Devices doesn't seem to know what they're doing with the ITS; and supposed the Orions will be kept as backups edit: the maps are up with the stops and it says "WEGO operates daily from as early as 9am to as late as 1am April through October and a modified schedule will be in place November through March"...no frequencies mentioned but I believe it will be every 15 minutes
  17. according to the 2012 Welland Capital Budget, one replacement bus has been budgeted for in 2012, so I'm guessing either another Eldorado or an XD35
  18. the latest WEGO news is that the system will have a "soft launch" on August 20th, and also on the NF website under public notices and on the July 24th council meeting agenda there is info relating to the size and other elements of the new WEGO/NFT/ GO garage going out on Kalar Road with a scheduled completion date of 2014
  19. NPC unit-another telltale sign to look for: NPC buses have the plates on the bumper, NFT units have it up closer to the front window
  20. D40LFR 1146 was on the 60/65 route last Monday and it's sign read "Shuttle"
  21. niatrans10

    Sarnia Transit

    on the City of Sarnia website under the draft capital budget for 2012 it lists two replacement accessible buses with the budgeted amount of $820,000-does anyone know more about this?
  22. it was along the Parkway coming back from I assume Queenston Heights and the driver and trainer had NPC uniforms; they both got off at Table Rock
  23. one of the NPC Novas went past the Blue Line I was on yesterday, the number decals aren't on them, but the paper in the front window of the one artic had the number 9004, so I'm assuming the NPC buses have different fleet numbers than the city-owned ones
  24. could one of the wiki guys make an update to the retired list for NFT: - 8159 was x-San Diego MTS 917, it retained the SD livery but the red stripe was painted blue like 8155,8156,8160 and 8173 -x-San Diego units 8174( SD 909) and 8175(SD 914) were the only ones that were repainted into the old NT striped livery thanks
  25. niatrans10

    Orillia Transit

    there's an article on the Orillia Packet and Times website from about a month ago regarding fares and it has a photo of XD40 1220 website : www.orilliapacket.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=3562684
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