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  1. Red Line new outbound routing effective May 16th.... outbound from Table Rock, north on Niagara Parkway-Clifton Hill-Victoria-Clark-Robinson-Fallsview-Murray-Stanley to Lundy's Lane....no inbound changes....... New Stops Outbound: Oneida Lane and Clifton Hill, Old Stone Inn, Imax Theatre, Margaritaville, Best Western....2013 season schedule and map to be posted on Wego website and day now( note : this info was obtained from a public map available now at the NFT front office); also 2369 is at the body shop following a sideswipe this past Monday on Marineland Parkway which resulted in the bumper being torn off and damage to the left rear of the bus
  2. Chair-a-Van news: Newest unit 1225 is painted and in service, quite hard to miss the "niagarafalls" in bright green letters across the hood, also unit 2215 has been deplated and is sitting in the back corner of the yard presumed off the road
  3. have been told that the XD35 may be arriving in several weeks
  4. speaking of Eldorados, 2985 is at MTB having its skirts repainted due to flaking paint, all four will be going eventually
  5. newest Chair-A-Van delivered Monday morning, currently sitting outside with the 40' WEGO buses
  6. My sincerest condolences to Constable Kovach's family and the Guelph Police Service on this awful and horrific event.
  7. odd roadcall due to a bus shortage yesterday: high-floor Orion V 2062 on route 14 at 2:30pm, driver said it was his third bus for the day
  8. newest bus 2195 seems to be M.I.A., has anyone seen it? last time I saw it was 2 weeks before Christmas
  9. just another wiki addition if possible, there's another Chair a van on property, unit 1024, a 2010 Ford E-450/ Glaval, delivered in July 2010, and it carries the new NFT waterfall livery
  10. Chair a Van is a 2013 Chevrolet G4500/Goshen GC-II, obtained through Crestline Coach
  11. just a request, could of the wiki guys update the NFT page to include the Novas and the chair a van that are on order? Thanks. Specs on the Novas- assumed fleet numbers 2396-2397, Cummins ISL9 engine, Voith D864.5 transmission, delivery date June 2012
  12. Possible the new buses may be the first of the 4th Generation batch LFS coaches with the mentioned June/July delivery date
  13. item on the St.Catharines city website, apparently there was a fire on one of the paratransit buses on December 3rd on Bunting Road. Thankfully there were no injuries.
  14. subject to council approval, Niagara Falls Transit will be ordering two 2013 Nova LFS 40102 units with delivery scheduled for June of next year. New Flyer actually was the low bidder for bus prcing alone, but with NFT personnel already having training on the Novas and having their parts, the results were $856,000 for two from Nova versus $865,000 for New Flyer. (full information is available in the council agenda for the December 11th meeting via www.niagarafalls.ca). In ITS news, nearly all buses have the stop announcer LED displays and driver display monitors installed, but it will still be a while before the stops are called out (database issues apparently).
  15. all the old NPC Orions are now gone
  16. new chair-a-van is a 2013 Chevrolet G4500/Goshen GC-II with 6.6 litre diesel engine
  17. rumour flying around now that WT wants to cut route 1 and replace it with what else, taxis
  18. confirmed on the New Flyer website, the next bus will be an XD35, with production commencing in the 2nd quarter of 2013
  19. two items of note-first, Clever Devices will be back later this week to install the stop announcers on the NFT municipal fleet with full implementation by January and secondly, a new Chair-a-Van has been ordered, NFT's first with a Chevrolet chassis , ordered from Crestline Coach(exact body TBA)
  20. it was the afternoon extra. routes 1, 2 , 4, 5, 6 12, 14 , 15 and the Fort Erie service are designated accessible routes
  21. NPC Orion tractor spotted being loaded on a Landoll this morning at Rapidsview
  22. also, 2063 and 2266 are back from the shop and on the road( no repaints unfortunately) , 2577 just came back from having a new motor put in, and 2470 will be going for bodywork/repaint shortly
  23. tender out for one or more buses; interesting item in the specifications portion of the tender under "Structural Warranty" it says "manufacturer must repair defects at no cost to Grand River Transit" , the tender also specifies USSC Aries seating and Voith DIWA .5 transmission. Also new will be two sets of stop request signs hanging from the ceiling. Tender closes on November 22(tentatively) with award in mid-December for the one pre-approved bus under this year's capital budget.
  24. update to last post about WEGO Friday/Saturday service: Blue-leaves Table Rock 9:50am, 10:10 am and every 20 minutes until 6:50pm, then 40 minute service until 12:30am
  25. WEGO fall service, effective until 1/5/2013 Sunday-Thursday- RED- leaves Garner Road 10:04am, Table Rock at 10:33am and hourly , last bus out of Garner 6:04pm BLUE- leaves Table Rock at 9:50am and then every 40 minutes until 6:30pm PURPLE- no service Friday/Saturday- RED- first departures from Garner are at 10:04am and 10:34am, 30 minute service until 7:34pm, the hourly to 12:34am(last Red out of service Garner at 1:26am) BLUE-first departure from Table Rock at 9:50am, then every 40 minutes until 12:30am PURPLE- 30 minute service -first departure from Bus Terminal at 10:13am, last bus leaves Table Rock for Downtown at 7:00pm
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