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  1. 2368 hasn't been spotted in several weeks and 2576 is currently parked in the back lot, so my guess would be either one of these two are next for refurb
  2. 2470 now refurbished and in new livery...if anyone's in NF today it's on route 112
  3. 1303 was on the 50/55 at noon on Tuesday
  4. NFT has purchased another paratransit vehicle, a 2014 Chev C4500/Goshen GC-II ( same as 1225) , delivery late May/early June 2014, assumed fleet number 1426. Also, 2215 has been retired since May 2013.
  5. 2678 went out this morning, apparently someone forgot to program in the new destination sign codes and it got booked in
  6. there must be another paint modification on these refurbs, as I saw an older VII in the shop this morning and the rear was all white, as opposed to the black upper section on the others(must have been 2678, I haven't seen it since Jared did last week)
  7. 2781 is the next one to get the refurb/repaint and is currently at the body shop (MTB) It was due to the frigid conditions when the buses when out Tuesday morning, several of the newer Orions wouldn't start
  8. 5301 on the 104/110 today due to a shortage of buses
  9. regional XD40 #1151 is apparently suffering major engine problems and was out of service for about three weeks earlier in December
  10. WEGO operating until 3:30 am this New Year's Eve
  11. now online: www.niagarafalls.ca/pdf/transit/2014-routes.pdf
  12. most if not all of the new routes will be interlined at either Main& Ferry, Niagara Square , Target Plaza or Mount Carmel Centre. Also the Red Line is tentatively scheduled to start at 6:30 am during the week and run on a 30-minute frequency during the day. More to come...
  13. I'm guessing they will be renamed i.e. the new route 104 will supposedly be the Victoria Avenue bus; maps are now scheduled to be out the week of November 17th
  14. new routes are now up on the NF website...Rider's Guides to follow mid-November
  15. 1397 on route 15 today...this bus has been seeing city service due to bus shortages the past few Saturdays
  16. on the agenda for the upcoming city council meeting on October 8th, details on the new service for NFT slated to begin January 5th, 2014(as noted in the report, schedules will on or around November 15th)... http://docs.niagarafalls.ca/weblink8/0/doc/654160/Page1.aspx pages 6-9
  17. short video clip seen on CP24 this morning showing rainwater gushing thorough one of the Orions on Monday night
  18. new Novas to be used exclusively on the college runs until further notice(1397 on route 21 today)
  19. just a heads up, there's a major across-the-board route system change coming in January, not much is known at this point, but the presentation to NF city council will be(tentatively) October 8th, and the agenda should be online the Thursday afternoon/evening beforehand, and the route maps themselves should be out mid-late November. And we're still waiting on Clever Devices to do their work on 1396-1397.
  20. Our WEGO LFX buses here in Niagara Falls have them, both sets of back doors are the 'wave' type
  21. confirmed 1396-1397 are just awaiting the stop announcement system installation before they hit the road
  22. didn't catch the number, but a de la Richelain X3-45 was in Niagara Falls, Ontario this past week
  23. both buses decaled and in rear yard, 1397 just awaiting radio and Clever, 1396 still needs farebox and the other stuff. Surprised that these buses have frameless windows.
  24. so I'm assuming it's bye-bye for the last two Orions?
  25. It is....both should be on the road in 3-4 weeks
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