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  1. on the agenda for the upcoming city council meeting on October 8th, details on the new service for NFT slated to begin January 5th, 2014(as noted in the report, schedules will on or around November 15th)... http://docs.niagarafalls.ca/weblink8/0/doc/654160/Page1.aspx pages 6-9
  2. short video clip seen on CP24 this morning showing rainwater gushing thorough one of the Orions on Monday night
  3. new Novas to be used exclusively on the college runs until further notice(1397 on route 21 today)
  4. just a heads up, there's a major across-the-board route system change coming in January, not much is known at this point, but the presentation to NF city council will be(tentatively) October 8th, and the agenda should be online the Thursday afternoon/evening beforehand, and the route maps themselves should be out mid-late November. And we're still waiting on Clever Devices to do their work on 1396-1397.
  5. Our WEGO LFX buses here in Niagara Falls have them, both sets of back doors are the 'wave' type
  6. confirmed 1396-1397 are just awaiting the stop announcement system installation before they hit the road
  7. didn't catch the number, but a de la Richelain X3-45 was in Niagara Falls, Ontario this past week
  8. both buses decaled and in rear yard, 1397 just awaiting radio and Clever, 1396 still needs farebox and the other stuff. Surprised that these buses have frameless windows.
  9. so I'm assuming it's bye-bye for the last two Orions?
  10. It is....both should be on the road in 3-4 weeks
  11. according to the wiki, Stratford Transit 1370 is a 3rd-Gen, so if I'm not mistaken, 1396-1397 in Niagara Falls are the first production 4th-Gens?
  12. the Orion V's don't, since they're not likely to see city service ever again( NFT is going 100% accessible in September)
  13. I was at NFT several hours ago and they're still waiting on 1396.....several other features on these buses are rear destination signs and new-style front doors( same as on the WEGO Novas). Mechanic said it will be at least 3 weeks before they enter service(they also need the Clever equipment).
  14. forgot to mention there's a new Welltrans ARBOC on property ,#213, arrived roughly the same time 1154 did
  15. sweet, rather see a new Nova on my route than an old boxcar like 2470
  16. niatrans10

    Transit Windsor

    4 XD40 units this year and four next year
  17. it may be a while before 1154 makes it out, apparently WT is having problems just keeping up with the repairs on the Blue Turds and the new one has barely been touched
  18. 5204 has been like that since they got it
  19. just saw the 2013 Capital Budget for Welland, they've budgeted for one 40' bus and one Welltrans bus for this year
  20. does anyone know what city Thorold got its RTS unit from?
  21. although they are still listed as active on the Wiki, 1998 Orion units 64798-64898 are listed with six other Orions and a 1998 Nova on an RFP on the City of Barrie website for disposal/sale
  22. It'll be a great day when they're all retired
  23. 8100-series double deckers are now serving route 12, counted 4 of them-8110,8116, and 2 others- at the NF bus terminal Wednesday night
  24. oddball sighting today... one of the ex-Lynx Orion units(didn't get close enough to see the number) on the normally-accessible route 6
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