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  1. paratransit additions: 1730-1731 2018 Ram Promaster 2500 ; licence for 1730 is AV 26010 as for the conventional units, all are expected to be on the road late may, still awaiting Clever Devices installation
  2. delivered February 2018, to be on road in May: 1805-1808 2018 Nova LFS 40102 1809-1810 2018 Nova LFS Artic 1811 2018 Nova LFS 40102 (branded for Niagara Region Transit)
  3. Arboc SOM26D, Chevrolet chassis
  4. Welland's two newest cutaways are now in service, 1165 was sighted this morning on the Port Colborne Local
  5. on order: 4 units 2017 Nova LFS delivery TBD, all expansion 2 units 2017 Nova LFS Artic expansion, to be dedicated to route 21 2 units Ford E-450/Glaval Titan II paratransit replacements
  6. from the Burk's Falls village FB page: The Village of Burk's Falls Like This Page · February 8 · The Burk's Falls Community Bus offers weekly service to various businesses within Burk's Falls for a nominal fee, (depending on pick up location). Regular trips within Burk's Falls occur every Wednesday, and the first Friday of every month the bus makes a trip to Huntsville. This community bus is here for residents of Burk's Falls and the surrounding area. Safe, reliable transportation which services our community and beyond. Please contact the Village office for further details. 705-382-3138
  7. additions : 1601-1604 2016 Nova LFS 40102 delivered late November 2016 1628-1629 2016 Chev C4500/Glaval Titan II Chair-a-Van cutaways delivered November 2016 ( unit 2621 pending retirement) retirements: 2062-2063 retired May 2016 2266 retired November 2016, 2267 to be retired at end of December 2016
  8. the email I got from NFT's operations manager said they were for conventional...most likely for the Niagara College Welland route, they had a WEGO artic doing clearance testing on that route back in September
  9. NF city council approved federal funding at it's last council meeting to be used for 4 40' and two 60' expansion units to be delivered summer 2017
  10. any news on the 500-plus unit RFP from last year or when the Midi's are supposed to arrive?
  11. Selkirk,MB now has one 30' http://myselkirk.ca/selkirk-transit-adds-4th-bus-to-fleet/
  12. Article on Selkirk's Facebook page about the newest addition: www.myselkirk.ca/selkirk-transit-adds-4th-bus-to-fleet/
  13. After watching the council meeting I highly doubt this particular refinement will go through. The ATU President addressed council as to this and they are deadset against this( as they should be) due to concerns such as clearance for the artics on certain streets and the 15-minute run times to and from Main&Ferry and the Bus Terminal.
  14. current orders- three Nova LFS for 4Q 2016 delivery( replacing 3 of 4 remaining Orion V buses) and two Chev C4500/ Glaval Titan II cutaways for the Chair-a-Van( one to replace 2621 and one expansion) scheduled for delivery by this summer
  15. 3 more Novas are now on order for 4Q 2016 delivery, they will be replacing 3 of the 4 remaining Orion V units; also starting on page 7 of the council agenda for Feb. 9th it lists the proposed service improvements for NFT, starting with a one-year pilot project to have the Green Line directly service the bus terminal both NB and SB, and to integrate the Purple Line with route 104 and use the artics on that. The Red Line is proposed to be beefed up to 15-minute frequencies from 9am-12pm and 4-7pm during the peak summer period and the fall/winter/spring will now have 30-minute service on Sundays and Holidays and will run 30 minute service until 11:00pm. Also pending is the introduction of 30-minute service on routes 203 and 206 Monday-Saturday evenings and Sunday/Holiday service.
  16. MD30's for Valley Transit in Texas( ordered thorough the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council) have been delivered, photo of 1518 is on the VT home page www.lrgvdc.org/valleymetro
  17. saw a photo of one of the new Gilligs on Google, they are numbered 251501-251503 and have the BRT styling
  18. current non-revenue fleet: 1220 2012 Toyota Sienna supervisor licence BBSR 253 2722 2007 Dodge Ram 3500HD maintenance 1528-1530 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan driver shuttles licence 1528-1529 BXRL 546-547 respectively; 1530 BXRL 583 1531 2015 Dodge Ram 2500HD maintenance licence AL 80652 35, 38 2008? Dodge Grand Caravan driver shuttles I'll post the licence plates for 35 and 38 as soon as I can, also service truck 174 is retired
  19. update on Chair-a-Vans and other service vehicles: the Chair-a-Vans first.... 2417 and 2619 were both retired in July, and they have taken delivery of a new GMC C4500/Glaval Titan II LF( it's still without livery, and has been having issues with ramp clearance) and another one is reportedly due soon. Active service vehicles: 174 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 x-Niagara Falls Municipal Works 2722 2007 Dodge Ram 3500HD main service truck 1220 2012 Toyota Sienna supervisor(2420 was retired in mid-2012) 35, 38 2008? Dodge Grand Caravan driver shuttles x-City of Niagara Falls , painted grey 1528-1529 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan driver shuttles painted white with City(not NFT) logo on front left door Retired: 9514 ( last used in 2012) Soon to be retired( replaced by 1528-1529): 12 2003 Chevrolet Malibu Sedan driver shuttle
  20. new LFS 1159 was sighted on the 60/65 today at noon at the Morrison/Dorchester hub in NF-features a bike rack, rear sign and no rear window
  21. NF recently took delivery of its first low-floor Chair-A-Van, a 2015 GMC 4500/ Glaval Titan II LF. It was out in service for a while last week in the ghost livery, will post the number when I find out.
  22. just looked at the government auction page...looks like 1153 has bit the dust
  23. Niagara Falls Transit will be operating out of the new facility at 8208 Heartland Forest Road(formerly Kalar Road South) effective Monday March 30, 2015
  24. it was originally supposed to open in November, latest date now is mid-February
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