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  1. wonder who will end up getting their max 8's?
  2. 2679 is back on the road in Welland along with 1155
  3. NF-based Orion VII OG's 2679 and 2780 are on temporary loan to Welland
  4. 1146 and 1149 have been sitting in the dead line at the Niagara Falls yard for at least a month
  5. I've seen them with the new numbers, unfortunately the tracker is showing some still with the 5-digit numbers
  6. both St.Catharines and NF had an LFS numbered 1805 delivered new in 2018, 1805/1814 was an NF unit from the start
  7. Niagara Falls-based units that shared numbers with units out of St.Catharines have been renumbered as follows: 1601-1604 now 1605-1608 1805-1808 now 1814-1817 1809-1810 now 1863-1864 2112 now 2124 no word yet on 1811
  8. NF-based units that shared numbers with SCT buses have been renumbered as follows: 21601-21604 are now 1606-1609 ; 21805-21808 are now 1814-1817; artics 21809-21810 are now 1863-1864; 22112 is now 2124, and no confirmation yet as to 21811...currently the only one tracking in its new number is 1817(former 21808) edit: 1609 (x-21604) also tracking
  9. NF 2780 has returned to service after being sidelined since late May
  10. NF 1396 has also been sitting in the dead line since July 2022
  11. 2470, 2577, 2679, 2780 and 2781 are all still on property awaiting repairs, 77 is waiting on a rear-door motor and has been OOS since March 2022
  12. they're primarily used on GO train shuttles
  13. last unit in the current order for the 737 MAX 8 , C-FTHF, was delivered to YYC from Boeing Field this afternoon
  14. also confirmed active off Transee at 855 pm: 7100, 7102, 7115, 7116, 8540, 8555, 8570, 8580, 8616, 8620, 8622, 8623
  15. The Bus Lounge, it was an XD40
  16. there's a pic on it on an FB group, it went to Madison
  17. It's either 2576 or 2678, was able to find the pics of them posted on govdeals.com when they were being auctioned off and they both had the same rear ad
  18. just saw on IG the mayor of Bucha has confirmed the Mriya has been destroyed by fire during an air raid update: confirmed via the flightradar24 twitter page
  19. the Princeton units are listed on that system's wiki page, the Tulane units were from a Google search and the Calgary ones are from a VMC press release
  20. Princeton has ordered an unknown number of NFI XE35's for delivery in 2022; the only electric VMC bus orders I know of are 14 30' units on order for Calgary Transit and 5 30' units for Tulane University in New Orleans
  21. I assume they'll keep the WEGO branding, still no word whether the currently-at-refurb 5204 will remain in conventional service or return to WEGO livery
  22. NFT capital for 2022: - refurb of all city-owned WEGO units -refurb of 2013 Nova LFS units 1396 and 1397 - one replacement paratransit vehicle, two expansion driver shuttle vans and one replacement supervisor van also, 3 expansion LFS 40' are due by the summer and OG Orion VII units 2368,2470, 2577, 2679, 2780 and 2781 remain active
  23. quoting a release on the VMC website , Yellowknife will be receiving eight(8) clean-diesel Vicinity Classic 35' coaches later in 2022
  24. of the OG VII units, 2368, 2470, 2471, 2577, 2679, 2780 and 2781 are still active
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