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  1. Latest update: on order: 4 Nova LFS 40' and 4 Nova LFS Artic due at the end of 2020 (replacing Orions 2368-2369, 2470-2471, 2576-2577 and 2678-2679 in early 2021) retirements: paratransit unit 1024 retired in Spring 2020, also all leased ex-Mississauga D60LFR units were pulled in March 2020 due to pandemic service reductions and the last unit left NFT property in July 2020 WEGO: 40' units 5301-5305 are now being used on routes 106/107 to keep them active during the off-season
  2. February 13, 2019 - 3:38pm We'll soon see electric transit buses on the streets of Grande Prairie. Today city councilors took a ride on the city's first electric bus. Manager of Transit Services Steve Harvard says the city currently owns two electric buses, which will begin their regular service in the coming weeks. “We’re expecting the first bus to be on the road next week, then the second one shortly after that. The second one is currently just getting the decals put on it,” says Harvard. “This bus should last 15 to 1
  3. Wed, Feb 6, 2019 8:45 AM WEGO Blue/Green Line Service - Suspended Until Further Notice Due to the ongoing freezing rain weather event, and the closure of the Table Rock Welcome Centre, WEGO Blue service has been suspended until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. UPDATE 9:10 AM: At this time, WEGO Blue Line and Green Line service have been suspended, Red Line service will remain but may be reduced along sections of the route in the tourist core (Murray Hill/ Clifton Hill areas).
  4. we'll know more when the proposed 2019 capital budget comes out later this month
  5. Duke going green... DUKE UNIVERSITY ADDS PROTERRA CATALYST® BATTERY-ELECTRIC BUSES AND CHARGING STATIONS TO ITS FLEET October 30th, 2018 As part of its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2024, Duke begins to electrify campus transportation Burlingame, Calif. – October 30, 2018 – Today Proterra, a leading innovator in heavy-duty electric transportation, announced that Duke University is adding two 40’ Proterra Catalyst ® E2 electric buses to its fleet. Duke is the first university in North Carolina to purchase electric buses, and expects to deploy the buses on campus
  6. still got 10 of the old first-gen VII's in Niagara Falls
  7. 2368-2369 still remain active and have at least 2 years left as their Eldorados are the next to be retired
  8. paratransit unit 2723 was retired this past January, next to retire are 2621 and 1024
  9. paratransit additions: 1730-1731 2018 Ram Promaster 2500 ; licence for 1730 is AV 26010 as for the conventional units, all are expected to be on the road late may, still awaiting Clever Devices installation
  10. delivered February 2018, to be on road in May: 1805-1808 2018 Nova LFS 40102 1809-1810 2018 Nova LFS Artic 1811 2018 Nova LFS 40102 (branded for Niagara Region Transit)
  11. Arboc SOM26D, Chevrolet chassis
  12. Welland's two newest cutaways are now in service, 1165 was sighted this morning on the Port Colborne Local
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