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  1. Can you please tell me what Kybosh stands for? Everytime I ask I get laughed at lol..

  2. Banned because the big book of excuses goes on sale next week... you had to pay full price ! Mwahahaha.
  3. Banned because I said so ... and I can't make up any more excuses for banning anyone.
  4. All of you are banned for ganging up on me. Lol .
  5. Okay , so I think I'm going to follow suit with the game forums... and start "Finish the Sentence". Pretty straight forward, I think. You finish the last person sentence, and create a new uncomplete sentence followed by "..." And in the end... an interesting story might evolve. Be creative . So for example someone says: "Last night I was unbeleivably bored, so I decided to...." and the next would reply: "...go to the hardwood store. Unfortunately as I was on my way..." ^^^^ now someone can finish the 2nd sentence and continue.
  6. kYbOsH_gIrL

    Yum or Yuck

    YUM Salmon chowder, followed by a greek salad and lemon herb chicken breast.
  7. Banned for carelessly typing "were", when it should have been "where".
  8. kYbOsH_gIrL

    Yum or Yuck

    Yum, Nutella crepe with banana slices.

    ^ a little late, I know.

  10. RIP Flight 3407! My newspaper... didn't even mention it... I saw it on CTV.ca when I was looking to watch the grey's episode I missed... and then went upstairs to look in the Brantford Expositor... the front page was about recycling .
  11. Just have to say... LOVE YOUR SIGNATUE!!! haha like seriously... spiderman is amazing!

  12. MMMM cheese . Haven't come across one I didn't like.
  13. This is sick! thanks!
  14. thanks! haha the exam went ... okay for being my worst subject. and that would be awesome. :)

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