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  1. I witnessed that SWAT team vehicle following some silver car around Davies MES. Edmonton Police Cruiser pulled out shortly before hand too - probably to setup covert surveillance.
  2. Sorry for your loss Captain. Thankful you got to spend one last visit with her - it's sad that we are restricted from seeing our loved ones, but glad they made an exception for you.
  3. I fail to see how you can remain anonymous and still contribute to the board. The logic here makes no sense. You can still read the board without logging in so if they are just coming here to consume information then don't sign in.
  4. 5213 and 5219 at DynEco Automotive Service Centre. Looks like this new delivery has the fleet numbers on the roof just like they started with the 7000s
  5. Ashton ran a board software upgrade last night and the theme likely needs to be updated to be compatible with the new software. I run the same software and if I remember right I needed to update the theme as well.
  6. As you can see in the photo there is no plate on them yet. I suspect ETS hasn't even taken possession of them yet. One of them looked like it had just arrived as it was filthy.
  7. Well this is just a bit of a thread bump. New DATS buses are arriving. Found 3 of them today while out and about. 5210, 5211, 5213. They are on a Chevy/GMC chassis. Not the easiest place to get pics at. Interesting to note the wheelchair lift has been moved to the front of the bus instead of the rear. Also interesting to note is the change in the livery color. The blue is much darker and it's a silver stripe vs a grey.
  8. It's not for lack of harassing him to do it either At least one feature photo gets changed monthly.
  9. Not currently a hound, but it was at one point in time. Looks like it's been retired for the second time though.
  10. Here is the third section being replaced over 75 street this weekend. Seems like an awful short 18 months?
  11. On Approach to Camrose by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
  12. Here is a pic of the two sections that have already been taken out to be replaced. They completed the replacement over a weekend. Glad I happened to stop by when I did as I would have missed all the action. It was complete.... by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
  13. Two have already been replaced. There is another going in in a couple of weeks (Nov 20th weekend)
  14. 1017 and 1018 are almost here. I don't think I've seen two on the same CN train before. And last but not least.... by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
  15. Are they DX or FX glass though? If they are DX you won't be happy with the results on a full frame camera.
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