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  1. Saw 108 today downtown. UGLY Pro master with just the On Demand decals and nothing else. Sorry no plate as I was driving the opposite direction.
  2. Speaking of said flood - here is a screen grab of that same storm. Sorry for the BMP and low quality - this was leading edge technology back in those days - being able to watch live TV on a computer was a novelty back then. I still remember where I was day - I remember watching that angry black cloud just hover. 0711234154_0.bmp
  3. 509A/B seems to be a good option for lots of millwoods riders to get to the dying mall that is MWTC.
  4. It's been ages since I contributed to the Wiki. I've updated it - doesn't look like I broke anything. Thanks for the compliments on my pictures. I'm my own worst critic and tend to thing they're not good. Glad you enjoyed them.
  5. Got 5184 in service today. DATS Bus by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
  6. awstott

    CN Locos

    And another of the Heritage fleet. 7601/601 GP40-3 mother/slug combo switching just east of Bissell yard in Edmonton.
  7. Saw one at Bonnie Doon today too. No pics though.
  8. Isn't the existing 90 a Downtown to Meadows express? I'll admit I haven't looked at the new route, but I remember seeing the 90 to Meadows when I was catching my express home. Not that I've taken transit in an entire year now though since COVID and working from home became a thing.
  9. Wow.... This city cannot plan and forecast anything. Wonder how much taxes are going to go up now to cover this.....
  10. awstott

    CN Locos

    One of the CN heritage fleet today on Q102.
  11. I witnessed that SWAT team vehicle following some silver car around Davies MES. Edmonton Police Cruiser pulled out shortly before hand too - probably to setup covert surveillance.
  12. Sorry for your loss Captain. Thankful you got to spend one last visit with her - it's sad that we are restricted from seeing our loved ones, but glad they made an exception for you.
  13. I fail to see how you can remain anonymous and still contribute to the board. The logic here makes no sense. You can still read the board without logging in so if they are just coming here to consume information then don't sign in.
  14. 5213 and 5219 at DynEco Automotive Service Centre. Looks like this new delivery has the fleet numbers on the roof just like they started with the 7000s
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