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  1. Too bad he ripped if off busdrawings.com - why not just link to the original image???
  2. And they probably paid 2 grand for it at the auction.....
  3. Rail milling machine on Valley Line SE today. https://trainpics.ca/picture.php?/2963
  4. awstott

    CN Locos

    Couple from a trip out to Jasper this past weekend. Both taken just east of Swan Landing which is the junction of the Edson sub and the Grand Cache Sub (Alberta Resource Railway)
  5. https://globalnews.ca/news/8043461/edmonton-valley-line-lrt-southeast-strathearn-train-testing
  6. Looks like the front sign is about to fall out. Either that or it's a crazy illusion - looks like the drivers side is way lower than the passenger side.
  7. awstott


    Wow that's one heck of a thread bump....
  8. Not sure if anyone even reads this thread anymore. Anyways here is 7021 leading train 292 up the Leduc sub in Alberta this afternoon. In Wetaskiwin Departing Millet
  9. I'm going to toss this in here vs starting a new topic as I'm pretty sure it's operated by Spruce Grove anyways. Was out in Stony Plain foaming trains tonight and happened to catch this unit. 6972 License plate is E-35546 for those keeping score.
  10. 5128 is still in service.
  11. Saw 108 today downtown. UGLY Pro master with just the On Demand decals and nothing else. Sorry no plate as I was driving the opposite direction.
  12. Speaking of said flood - here is a screen grab of that same storm. Sorry for the BMP and low quality - this was leading edge technology back in those days - being able to watch live TV on a computer was a novelty back then. I still remember where I was day - I remember watching that angry black cloud just hover. 0711234154_0.bmp
  13. 509A/B seems to be a good option for lots of millwoods riders to get to the dying mall that is MWTC.
  14. It's been ages since I contributed to the Wiki. I've updated it - doesn't look like I broke anything. Thanks for the compliments on my pictures. I'm my own worst critic and tend to thing they're not good. Glad you enjoyed them.
  15. Got 5184 in service today. DATS Bus by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
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