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  1. Here is the third section being replaced over 75 street this weekend. Seems like an awful short 18 months?
  2. On Approach to Camrose by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
  3. Here is a pic of the two sections that have already been taken out to be replaced. They completed the replacement over a weekend. Glad I happened to stop by when I did as I would have missed all the action. It was complete.... by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
  4. Two have already been replaced. There is another going in in a couple of weeks (Nov 20th weekend)
  5. 1017 and 1018 are almost here. I don't think I've seen two on the same CN train before. And last but not least.... by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
  6. Are they DX or FX glass though? If they are DX you won't be happy with the results on a full frame camera.
  7. I have a D750. Upgraded from the D7200. Do you have existing F mount lenses? Specifically FX lenses? DX lenes do "work" but you might as well not bother. If you don't have FX glass I would strongly recommend investing in a mirrorless setup as the DSLR is going the way of the dinosaur.
  8. 2010 was out working today. (Has not been change to Edmonton Transit Service yet). On the pull by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
  9. Not worth starting a thread for this so I'm going to stick this here. We have the snowbirds fly over today in Edmonton. Snowbird flyover by Andrew Stott, on Flickr Snowbird flyover by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
  10. I'll believe it when I see it.......
  11. Well I'll bump this thread. 3254 (31 back from the newest ET44AC) and 3912 (Newest ES44AC) reverse into Torlea from Viking today. Almost Brand New! by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
  12. They've used multiple scrappers in the past. If you're asking to try and get parts from one it won't happen.
  13. RIP 4105 - enjoy your trip to the bear can makers. 4120 is also in the compound.
  14. 7135 is here waiting to enter service. There was about 4 others in the compound when I went by but I wasn't able to grab numbers
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