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  1. ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    Why would they not be smart bus equipped? How is that even a relevant question? The rest of the fleet including the Glavals got it, so why wouldn't brand new buses get the system?
  2. CP Power

    Finally something clean enough to take a shot of on CP!
  3. Amtrak

    There was a couple of transit fans onboard the train who are still unaccounted for. Not sure if they are board members or not.
  4. ETS History

    I agree. Looks like RDT.
  5. ETS Photos

    Horrendous waste of money to have a 60ft bus out there - plus there aren't many spares. Foodbank can always come by with one of their trucks to empty out some of the goods if the bus gets too full.
  6. St. Albert Sightings

    856 out on Sunday, Guess it's not retired like some suggested earlier in this thread!
  7. ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    2001 out on driver training this morning on 51 Ave. Looked to be more than inspectors on board this time. Wonder when the first one will enter revenue service?
  8. Feature Photo Submissions

    5487 leading the 2017 Christmas train across the trestle in St. Albert. Coaches are borrowed/leased from Rocky Mountaineer. Tailend was brought up by a BC Rail Caboose.
  9. ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    2014 spotted on the road today. Service person/mechanic driving though
  10. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Finally got around to posting some photos on my Flickr tonight. They're from the farewell to the D40 trip but oh well. Here they are.
  11. That would involve me: Taking transit Being out of bed early enough to catch an express bus Not doing well on either point.
  12. Beaument Transit

    So someone has created a page for Beaument Transit. This town doesn't even exist. First off there is a page already for Beaumont Transit, however it is blank. The Beaument Transit page is full of errors. Someone just wanted to be first to create the page. I don't know how to fix the spelling mistake in the page name, or even where it is. Can we get beyond having to be first and have only your own photos on the wiki? The wiki should be about quality, not quantity in my opinion.
  13. St. Albert Sightings

    It was in Calgary before it came up here, so I think you're out of luck.
  14. St. Albert Sightings

    @BCT-3122-D800-10240 even drove it!
  15. Beaumont Transit

    Interesting they left the ETS lettering under the windshield. Looks so weird not being centered on the bus!