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  1. You can always host your image elsewhere and link to it here as well if you want full resolution photos.
  2. Alstom maybe? Mind you that's not going so well for Ottawa.... Does Bombardier make a highfloor train or is it all low floor now?
  3. Thought they contained asbestos? Not enough to worry about containing?
  4. Don't forget the wonderful heat sucking dark blue upper paint colour too. If you're in stop and go traffic the open window is not going to do much for airflow at all. Keep in mind these are prototype units and the final installs will likely be tweaked (maybe including painting the cover to match?)
  5. I remember getting one a few times in high school. Took forever to unload with the single exit rear door. At least it wasn't a bifold door that ate backpacks etc though!
  6. Some pictures of the MOW fleet at the openhouse at DLM last summer.
  7. I don't have experience with that particular model, however work has a 5XXX series camera and I find it on the small side. Mind you I don't exactly have small hands either. You will notice as you go up in the models the specs get better, as well as the feature set, and lastly the body is larger. The 5600 is likely a nice capable camera, but I would suggest going somewhere that has a display model to see how it feels in your hands before purchasing.
  8. I'm shooting that same combo. I've been happy with mine. Check my flickr below for some samples. I do have a 75-300 that I used recently but most of my recent pics are with the 18-140
  9. That is the TTC. Edmonton is only getting Proterra.
  10. BYD and New Flyer are the other two.
  11. They were running a ski bus in the pass out to the ski hill too, so they might keep a classic around for that if they run it again this winter.
  12. Likely Flickr causing that. They don't like people direct linking images.
  13. Thank you for choosing to support a service you use, instead of expecting everything for free. I've had flickr pro for eons and likely will continue after my subscription ends. Nothing in this world is free, yet everyone seems to want the free handouts.
  14. Didn't realize L-POS was that popular. I admin 13 stores running it. All kinds of fun.
  15. Care to pay one of the admin's salary for their full time jobs so they can sit there and deal with the spammers 24/7? I'm sure one of them would gladly take their salary from you and get to sit at home all day waiting for someone to spam so they can delete it.
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