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  1. awstott

    Cold Lake Transit

    They were running a ski bus in the pass out to the ski hill too, so they might keep a classic around for that if they run it again this winter.
  2. awstott

    Duplicate accounts

    Maybe it would be easier for the admins to just shut it (and by it, I meant the board) down and then they won't have to deal with your incessant whining about whatever you don't think is right on the board.....\ Also @STO_1601... how many times do you need to be told to report the post and let the admins get to it when they get to it? I've found the admins do a pretty good job of nuking the spam on a regular basis. There are some sections I'm subscribed to and I get an email when a new topic is posted - there was a spam post earlier this week and by the time I clicked the link to report the post as spam it was already nuked. As said before - the admins work full time jobs and have lives outside of this board so it might take a bit to deal with the issues. Report it and move on with your day instead of freaking out and posting more threads about spam and duplicate accounts.
  3. awstott

    Signature Image Size

    Likely Flickr causing that. They don't like people direct linking images.
  4. awstott

    Future of Flickr

    Thank you for choosing to support a service you use, instead of expecting everything for free. I've had flickr pro for eons and likely will continue after my subscription ends. Nothing in this world is free, yet everyone seems to want the free handouts.
  5. awstott

    General FML moments

    Didn't realize L-POS was that popular. I admin 13 stores running it. All kinds of fun.
  6. awstott

    The Rules of the Road: Pedestrian Safety Tips

    Care to pay one of the admin's salary for their full time jobs so they can sit there and deal with the spammers 24/7? I'm sure one of them would gladly take their salary from you and get to sit at home all day waiting for someone to spam so they can delete it.
  7. awstott

    Manitoba Transit Heritage Association

    Wow. Maybe someone should outright be removed from the board. Abusing the quote feature like that should be grounds for a boot. Does this happen to be the same Taylor that isn't welcome in a few Facebook pages that are railroad related?
  8. Took this whilst out in Saskatchewan visiting family. Fiske Elevator by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
  9. Interesting. Both LRVs are on Premay trailers....
  10. awstott

    2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    Well it's gone. It was on Etrack and then we went off to hunt down 1001 which was also gone. Came back to E track and 2066 was MIA too. they might have put her right into the shops at DLM as we couldn't find it outside at all. Only other place it could be is at the far end of the tail track but that would have required quite the switching operation.
  11. awstott

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    You still know where Cromdale was though. How else would one describe the area where the unloading facility is at? Would a street address have helped?
  12. awstott

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    There is more to cromdale than just the garage that was demolished. The LRV loading facility happens to be right in the same area as the garage . There is also an entire neighborhood in Edmonton called Cromdale. Living in Edmonton I am well aware that the old Cromdale barns are gone.....
  13. awstott

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    Well 2066 still hadn't made it to Cromdale as of Sunday. It's punted out in the Bissell yard in west Edmonton. Photo from across like 6 lanes of traffic (or maybe it's 8!) CTrain in Edmonton by Andrew Stott, on Flickr
  14. awstott

    Transit Model Thread

    Stupid Google photos.... I copied the pic and then pasted it into the board. I can see it fine on my side. Any here it is on Imgur instead.
  15. awstott

    Transit Model Thread

    This was what was left of the models at Goodwill when I saw them. I got a heads up from the manager that they got them too... I was trying to be good and keep money in my bank account so I ignored them for a few days. Apparently there were a few more that sold before I took this.