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  1. Nice to hear there are new developments and there is still some momentum behind this. I have fond memories of taking the Malahat in 2006.
  2. I wonder if GO will ever adjust how their 3 hour Presto window works. With the new Niagara Falls service, it seems >3 hour trips will be more common, considering NF-Union is already 2.5 hours. Let's say someone taps on at NF, and stays on the train at Union to continue on LE (as GO's own trip planner encourages you to do). Presumably when 3 hours expires, they'll be charged the max fare to Union, and then the rest of the trip will be without a valid fare. In theory you could tap off/tap on at Union but this would result in a higher fare than what GO quotes as the Presto fare for NF-Oshawa for example; and if you are continuing from LW to LE, there's barely enough time to leave the train.
  3. OK, thanks for the answers. I just find that kind of fascinating, that those LEDs are there yet almost never get illuminated except for this extremely rare occasion of TRs being used on line 2.
  4. Question: Is the Bombardier TR rolling stock ever used on line 2? On any regular basis or occasionally? I ask because I noticed the LED route map looks like it is set up to accommodate line 2 operation, but I've never seen a TR on line 2. I am fairly new to Toronto. Thanks.
  5. I've been away from Montreal for several months and was excited to hear about the SJ schedule changes coming up. I've always wanted to be able to take the train up north on a weekend so this should be great. I can understand why they're terminating at Concorde, but it would have been nice if I could transfer from VH to SJ at Mtl West. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Hello all. I recently moved to Sherbrooke, and plan to bring you some photos of local buses and fill in the STS page on our wiki. In the meantime, I found it interesting that STS continues to use tokens as their fare media: I think the one on the right is actually upside down, as it should read "CMTS" which stands for either "Corporation municipale de Sherbrooke" (1978-1985) or "Corporation métropolitaine de transport de Sherbrooke" (1985-2001). I have not yet come across a token that says "STS" on it, so either all the tokens are over 10 years old or they haven't bothered to update their press. The buses have OPUS-like machines installed on them, but they continue to use traditional bus passes (which are simply shown to the driver as you board) and the OPUS machines only accept coins or tokens.
  7. I like changing the 167 to 767/777 depending on season...it will be kind of interesting for tourists to see, falling in line with the 747. Other than that, most of the changes seem a tad unnecessary...people either don't pay attention to route numbers or already know their routes and will just get confused by the changes...I get the sense that someone in the STM planning department has OCD. The other thing I find a bit odd is how all the trainbus, metrobus and R-bus will becomes simply "express." I can sort of understand with R-bus since many people might not realize that R-bus means reserved lane anyway. However, metrobus and especially trainbus convey specific meaning about the route...they aren't necessarily express, but they are scheduled to coincide with a train.
  8. Sure, I access stm.info all the time from wifi at school, in cafes, libraries...even on VIA trains.
  9. Last time I was riding the 747 with my laptop, I noticed that when one tries to access stm.info from the on-board wifi it gives an error. I guessed that the source of this ironic problem was some bad DNS settings on their part. I e-mailed them to let them know, and after a bit of back and forth, they came let me know that only "m.stm.info," the mobile site, will work from on-board the bus. But how will anyone but me know to do this? If you type stm.info, you simply get an error message. It seems to me that a lot of people might want to check bus schedules while they're on the bus...hmm...
  10. The 120 is about the furthest from "express" I've ever seen
  11. Their primary objective with the renumbering seems to be to make sure all routes are grouped by hundreds. So, all 4xx routes will be express. Within that, they've paired the express routes with the regular equivalent in some cases, but it doesn't seem to be a priority.
  12. There was an article about it in the Gazette today. Hopefully it will mean artics finally start to have a presence in the West Island!
  13. I got an e-mail from Acadian today about a work stoppage...looks as though bus service in New Brunswick and PEI may be interrupted starting Dec. 2nd:
  14. JeremyA


    I've seen the posters around telling you to "listen for the dou-dou-dou" but haven't heard it yet myself, even though I use orange line almost every day. I hope to hear it soon. I'm glad we didn't do like many other cities and implement a "please stand clear of the door" message...that just annoys me whenever I'm in Toronto or NYC.
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