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  1. Bank and Kitchener has some, with a time restriction. The light doesn't turn green during the restriction.
  2. I noticed this week that there was a bus on its side in the back corner of the Industrial Avenue works yard, visible from St. Laurent. It's got the underside facing the road, so I couldn't even identify the model, let along a number, and wasn't sure if it was new or from previous exercises.
  3. I rode one for the first time yesterday. I'm not a huge fan of Novas in general, but I don't mind the way these have been spec'ed out. The individual tip up seating is nice.
  4. Unless the DDs use a different coolant, red is usually transmission fluid.
  5. The Daytech shelters were the RMOC standard, so the timing fits.
  6. Like anything else, I would imagine it has to go out to tender and be sold to the highest bidder. If they want to make a go of refurbishing them, they would do so at that time.
  7. I think people need to drop it with the "you're not a mod" talk. It's more annoying than just ignoring the original post. If someone said something truly uncalled for, I expect other members of the board to let them know, and I don't expect those members to then get flak for "acting like a mod". A proper discussion forum is self regulating, that's the nature of discussion. In this case STO_1601 had good information: I've been here for a decade and I didn't know the forum merged posts, other forums sure don't. Calling them out for possibly using an authoritative tone makes you look worse than them, at least they added to the discussion.
  8. Which vans, the Sprinters/Transits or the Grand Caravans?
  9. They posted the original job last July, and it closed end of August, which is the competition referred to in that posting. They then reopened it in November, and have extended the date 2-3 times since then. They've done at least 3 batches of tests and interviews since it was originally posted. I applied to the original posting, was tested and interviewed in January, and given a pass in March, with instructions to await further instruction. They're hiring 130 people for a 5 week job if I recall, and while the pay is pretty reasonable, I think they're going to struggle to fill the roles. There's going to be a lot of people (myself included) who passed the process but are no longer available.
  10. It's not quite 3 of each type. 2 types of shields are being tested, as shown on the OC Transpo Website: http://www.octranspo.com/about-octranspo/news#news-239655 There will be 2 of each type on artics, and one of each type on DDs. The Novas are getting 2 with extended glass, 1 with standard glass, the Inveros are getting 2 with standard glass, 1 with extended glass.
  11. This is a little dated, but a Nova spotting in that thread spurred my memory. Back on March 27th I spotted an Invero heading east on Highway 17, just east of Cobden I believe. Certainly odd to see one so far from home!
  12. This is correct, the other end has had the LINT simulator integrated into it. In the summer of 2017 I spotted the second module in St. Laurent North, visible when the doors were open. I don't know if it's still there.
  13. A minor observation - the OC Transpo Voucher scanners at the Trillium Line stations were recently removed. The machines were poorly thought out, as the voucher may have been digitally cancelled, but it wasn't collected so the user could use it again on a bus later. I do not know if this functionality is now integrated with the TVMs.
  14. The issue is that the biggest cost of a transit system is labour. Chopping 10 feet out of the bus isn't a significant fuel or upfront cost savings, but it limits what you can do with the vehicle.
  15. From the 417, I couldn't see a unit number, and it was likely covered/burnt even if I was up close.
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