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  1. I won't claim to know anything about the first part of your question, but I believe the unconventional trains you reference would be the TEE trains. These were not DMUs, but rather locomotive hauled trainsets. I believe they were pulled by traditional North American locomotives later in their lives, but I could be wrong on that. Either way, they were an interesting bit of history.
  2. I don't disagree at all. The use of the round headlights form the BRT line is good, but the quarter-circle shaped surrounds don't fit the existing lines of the vehicle. It also looks like it has too much "forehead" above the destination sign somehow.
  3. Well the Orion is an odd beast, being converted from a Hybrid. NBT almost always orders 2 buses a year. Some years they skip and end up with 4 the next year, and some years they only replace 1, but they average 2 a year pretty consistently over more then a decade. It's been a long time since they replaced 6 buses in one year. They are also almost always replaced in order - the lowest numbers are the most likely to go at any time.
  4. ONTC will start White River - Thunder Bay service in April, 6 days a week. It looks like they sent a Temsa up to Lakehead in Thunder Bay for the announcement. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/thunder-bay-ontario-northland-bus-service-1.5461065
  5. I first spotted that back on January 11th. Thanks for getting a picture.
  6. 4610 has a full bus wrap for QuestTrade, mostly black with green lettering.
  7. On Friday, January 3rd, I passed a NovaBus LFS with "LETHBRIDGE TRANSIT" on the destination sign heading west on Highway 17 near Pembroke, ON. I didn't catch any numbers, but the destination sign was white not yellow.
  8. Yes, the ACS stuff now goes by Conduent. They're supplying the new readers for Gatineau's STO, as they did 20 years ago when STO adopted the first contactless farecard in the western hemisphere.
  9. I was in North Bay over the holidays and noticed a few changes. Buses 792 and 793 are in service. These are Nova LFS units like their other recent purchases, I assume from the Metrolinx Transit Purchasing Initiative. They have the new design for the fan on the drivers side of the engine compartment, like OC Transpo's newest units. These new buses also feature multi-colour destination signs and rear destination signs, both firsts for the North Bay fleet. Units 772 and 773 have been retired, and are confirmed to be sitting in the city "boneyard" with plates removed.
  10. There were a couple down at Queens Quay in late August.
  11. Ottawa had massive teething issues with the S&B readers, but they were ironed out pretty quickly and have been fairly reliable ever since. It's pretty rare that I see a non-functioning reader here now. It's interesting that Toronto seems to be struggling so much with the same readers. I can't identify who makes that one either. Xerox ACS is another manufacturer for your list, they had the original TTC contract before it was given to PRESTO.
  12. Following up on this, I forgot that I drove past Arnprior on Thanksgiving. Bee Line 322 was still there; or at least half of it was! OC Transpo 8027 and a Classic MCI motorcoach were also visible.
  13. I wonder if this is one of the units they had in Ottawa for the uOttawa shuttles before they pulled out of Eastern Ontario.
  14. They have historical ticket data and real-time sales data for the trips each day - It may just depend on ticket sales and what's available in the yard.
  15. I've passed them on the Highway between Ottawa and North Bay, but I've also passed X3-45s recently.
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