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  1. Flalex72

    OC Bus Spottings

    There are currently 3 60' buses at the New Flyer facility in Arnprior. All three have the rear end/engine area covered in tarps, and I couldn't get fleet numbers or discern if they were D60LF or D60LFR units. They are relatively recent arrivals, I didn't see them in early October.
  2. Flalex72

    TTC Service Changes

    Ottawa has the Luminator controls integrated into CleverDevices, and while it seems to generally be OK and will change signs mid-route, it isn't without issues. One major downtown origin point was a frequent cause of problems, as the system would not see the vehicle as being on-route and setup the sign correctly until the vehicle had passed the stop. While an issue at this particular stop for quite a while, it can happen sporadically across the system. Drivers are trained to check and change the signs through the CleverDevices TCH, so some don't look at the Luminator anymore to confirm they are signed up correctly. This will almost certainly be an issue in Toronto as well, and while some bugs get ironed out in time, others will continue to pop up here and there. You'll also see deadheading buses displaying route destinations, because the bus was redirected and the system thinks the vehicle is on a route where it isn't.
  3. Flalex72

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    If i had to guess, the original "murdered out" dark grey/black paint scheme may have been seen as too imposing or heavy handed, similar to how the all-grey cruisers were poorly received. The new scheme looks a lot more utilitarian and doesn't stand out nearly as much.
  4. Yes, and stop "B," the off-only stop will overflow back into "A" at peak hours. This is a change from the initial setup, which had stop "A" in the construction area and "B" through "D" in service. These stops will all be relabeled, so "B" becomes "C", etc.
  5. Those would be for the currently missing stop "A".
  6. Flalex72

    OC Bus Spottings

    And it certainly isn't an uncommon sight - there are usually 2 or more buses hiding in the back at Myers.
  7. Isn't City View just a Cummins dealer? City View did the warranty work on the Hybrids at that location.
  8. Flalex72

    Life After Greyhound

    Ontario Northland does the run from Sudbury to Yorkdale and on to downtown, with multiple trips a day.
  9. Flalex72

    GOA transit news, info etc

    I'm trying to figure out what the detour is here - the only access to the Transitway between Smyth and Lycee Claudel is via the Hospital link, and the ramps to that are only accessible from the east. It doesn't seem like they're using Alta Vista from Industrial based on the stops that are removed, perhaps they are taking Riverside to Smyth, and then back up Alta Vista to the Hospital Link?
  10. That's probably it - I knew I had seen at least Greenboro before.
  11. I seem to recall some of those being done a year ago, I don't think it's that new.
  12. That location actually has really good Streetview history, with one pass last year and two passes this year. The shelter is there in August 2017, then disappears in May 2018, with the outline in the grass clearly visible. By July 2018, the grass has grown over where it used to be. This is a good example of why those shelters can be tough to replace; a quick glance at the side of the road there makes me think there's likely a utility easement down that side of the street. While the old shelters could be dropped on top of this, a new one is permanent, and would have to be removed if the utility ever needed access underground. It's also nowhere near the stop, so removal without replacement is the eventual outcome, as seen here.
  13. OC knows exactly where every old shelter is, and they went on a replacement binge a number of years ago. The ones that remain are there for very specific reasons, unique to each location.
  14. Flalex72

    GOA transit news, info etc

    Clearly a technology demonstration. Interesting to see it happening though, the transition to LRT will eliminate a lot of the high speed long distance routes and make electric buses more feasible in the future.
  15. Flalex72

    OC Bus Spottings

    There's always a chance that a previous wrap caused paint damage. Why bother repainting when you can just cover it with another wrap?