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  1. The letters are referenced by the new screens at the train stations. At Mooney's Bay, you can look at the screen, see the 104 Orleans is coming before the 88 Hurdman, and then know which stop to go to. The screen at Carleton lacks letters, because all buses serve both.
  2. GOA transit news, info etc

    Really, it's exactly as it says. They were originally planning on building Greenboro style entrances at a bunch of stations. Instead, they will use that funds for the second entrance at Tunney's, which is required first, and wasn't part of RTG's contract. They will still install a few ticket machines along the southeast transitway.
  3. GOA transit news, info etc

    The sign likely has a safety margin, or rounds off the actual value. OC has a stick they go out and measure with.
  4. GOA transit news, info etc

    4.3 is the minimum for DD clearance, that bridge is the issue.
  5. GOA transit news, info etc

    Correct. QED is not cleared for DD buses.
  6. Miscellaneous Greyhound discussion

    Interesting that they say it's Greyhound this time. In the past, I believe other operators have been used for the Carleton service.
  7. Ontario Northland

    The January 14th schedules are now available, and includes service from North Bay to White River 6 days a week. It also expands the Sudbury-Ottawa service to run daily.
  8. Double decker bus order

    You're correct that the DDs are all at Industrial, but OC doesn't use a TTC setup where each route is assigned to a specific garage. Each booking, any particular trip could be run by a bus from any garage, and it could change the next booking.
  9. GOA transit news, info etc

    OC Transpo's shelters are some of the most accessible in the province. Although there are a variety of different manufacturers and designs, they are almost all identical in size and accessible features. There are a few old shelters left, but they are all left for a specific reason that would make replacing them very difficult or prohibitively expensive. Modern shelters are large, and allow a wheelchair to enter and turn around. This is why garbage cans have been removed from inside shelters. There is also usually a bench. The glass has a stripe for visibility. New standards for shelters include thicker glass stripes, mounted higher up, closer to eye level. The current shelter design, silver with a curved roof, has a transparent roof for better nighttime illumination. Not every shelter is connected to electricity for the advertisement panel to be lit up. The next thing to consider is solar lighting, and I have heard some rumors they might try that sometime soon.
  10. I don't want to derail this thread further, but the reason that these lights remain is because they're Optically Programmable signals, and the arrows can't be put in the same housing using LEDs like a more common signal.
  11. PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    Ottawa has installed machines similar to the larger one you show, but theirs print single ride tickets & day passes on credit card size cardstock with a QR code. I believe they also sell new PRESTO cards, so I'm not sure why there needs to be a separate machine for that.
  12. OC and STO service disruptions

    This detour has been on and off all summer long, I'm surprised they're posting it now, or even at all. The road is usually closed for concrete pumping.
  13. They've been used on occasion. The Winterlude Sno-Bus has had them before they were rolled out widely this year.
  14. Invero Light Rebuild Project

    The bolts that hold the rear door to the sliding support arm have been replaced on some of the refurbs. The new bolts are gold coloured with a regular hex head, the old ones were black with a hex key (Allen) head.
  15. There was a discussion recently about buses that still have the old red priority seating stickers. 6352 has one on the tip in window behind the middle door. It's an odd place for a priority sticker, let alone a red one.