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  1. The GTA agencies with first generation (Thales) equipment are getting replacement units from Famoco. The TTC and OC Transpo got second generation equipment from Scheidt & Bachmann, and the TTC isn't replacing their readers at this time. OC Transpo's new units are coming from Scheidt & Bachmann again, and are basically updated versions of the old one. Importantly, it moved the bus fare collection from being handled by PRESTO to OC Transpo's internal systems, which allows for a wider range of payment types to be used.
  2. Taken from the Main Street overpass in North Bay east into the ONR facilities.
  3. Lots of money has been spent to remove bus bays across Ottawa to sped service. Keeping them because you prefer that the bus pull out of traffic is the opposite of what we're doing elsewhere. The occasional bus stopping in the road has minor impact on traffic but major impact on bus users, who have to wait for the bus to re-enter traffic every time. Overall, your comments seem to be along the lines of "change is bad" which is a huge problem when these sort of projects are undertaken. There are a huge number of factors to balance when locating bus stops, and someone always loses. Too many stops is a common concern with OC Transpo, but not when it's your stop that is chosen for removal.
  4. There is a sign - WA-51 Low Ground Clearance at Railway Crossing Sign is in the TAC MUTCDC. There are a variety of uncommon signs that aren't in the OTM list but referenced from the MUTCDC instead.
  5. North Bay Transit buses are now equipped with bike racks: https://www.northbay.ca/services-payments/north-bay-transit/bike-racks-on-buses/
  6. I don't see any notice of that, but when it has happened before to work on the stairs, they send all the buses down to the lower level.
  7. I'm a little out of my area here as the "NCR Moderator" but I see all the reports have have been fielding these ones lately. I've hidden a number of off topic posts in this thread today, both the original one, and replies. Please remember that a forum like this, on this topic, takes all types and attracts a wide range of personalities. Dropping the ban hammer on everyone who posts their opinion is a quick way to kill interest and discussion. Some people are always going to post things others consider annoying, and we can deal with that without starting a 15 post off-topic discussion. My suggestion is that is you have a concern, are getting sick of off-topic posts, etc, please use the report feature. The reports may take 2-3 days to be looked at some times, but we do see them. If you're reporting a string of posts or ongoing issues, just mention that in your report comment - keep in mind that each report may be reviewed by a different person with no knowledge of prior reports. Beyond that, if it's not harmful content just leave it be. I would rather see the report, reach out to the user and try and try and coach them than drop a ban with no recourse. If the actions continue, then more concrete actions can be taken in time. I don't like getting a report and jumping to ban or suspend people for posting their opinions if I don't have to. As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
  8. Most FlixBus contractors run FlixBus branded equipment. It's still owned by the operator, just wrapped for the client. Similar to the Porter Shuttle or many other corporate bus services.
  9. Quite a network right off the bat: Toronto to Ottawa - No Trips T, W - 1x daily Th, F, S, Su, M Toronto to St. Catherines, Niagara Falls - 1x daily T, W - 2x daily Th, F, S, Su, M Toronto to Mississauga, Guelph, Kitchener, University of Waterloo - 1x daily T, W - 2x daily Th, F, S, Su, M Complete list of stops is: Toronto - 8 York St - "Bus will stop on York Street between Queens Quay West and Harbour Street. Bus will board on the west side of the street at the Motorcoach Loading Zone." Mississauga - Duke of York Blvd (between Prince of Wales Dr and Princess Royal Dr) - "Bus will stop on the south side of Duke of York Blvd, between Prince of Wales Dr and Princess Royal Dr in front of the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, ON" St. Catherines - Carlisle Street (between King St and Church St) - "Bus will stop on the north side of Carlisle Street in St. Catherines, Ontario near the corner with King Street." Niagara Falls - 8700 Fallsview Blvd - "Our stop is located at the Embassy Suites Fallsview in Niagara Falls, ON. Bus will stop on the curb next to the Starbucks and The Keg along Portage Road." Guelph - 139 Carden St - "Bus will stop at Gate 15 at Guelph Central Station on Macdonnell Street in Guelph, ON." Kitchener - 1 Victoria St - "Bus will stop at 1 Victoria Street South in Kitchener, Ontario, near The Round Table" University of Waterloo (Only shows up when you search Kitchener) - 295 Phillip St Ottawa - 33 George St - "Bus will board on George Street between Sussex Street and the ByWard Market. Bus will board on north side of the street at the bus loading zone."
  10. This thread was resurrected from the dead by a spammer. If there's nothing else to add, best to leave it be.
  11. I imagine the labour cost of removing, storing and re-installing the racks isn't cheap. It would take a lot of "headaches" to match the current annual costs. The racks are also available in Stainless Steel - It wouldn't surprise me to see that be specified in the future if they become permanent in the winter. Another consideration is the electric buses. A long-time reason to not use racks in the winter was because they wanted to pack more vehicles inside in the winter. With electric buses, spots must be marked for each vehicle as that is where the chargers are located. You can't cram more buses indoors than you have chargers for, so if they fit in the summer than they must fit in the winter.
  12. Buses will be coming after the readers are replaced on those as well. There should be new red readers being installed across the fleet soon.
  13. This has been available for almost a year now. Transfers are coming, but I've used the tap a couple of times and it's very handy, especially with the FPZs.
  14. OC's data is very similar to this. Extremely granular. Older portions of the fleet had approximately 10% of vehicles equipped, so you do see counters on Inveros and Artics occasionally. One of the 3 Talents had them as well. This was enough to give a good idea of ridership as those vehicles got cycled through different routes. Around 2013, they started equipping all vehicles with them. I believe all the DDs got them, and all of the LINTs have them too. The LFSs certainly do.
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