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  1. Rumor I have heard is literally just that the wheel lathe has been acting up lately, and that's slowed down the work. Alstom is responsible for train maintenance, under contract with RTG.
  2. CBC says that, but I was under the impression that every train has been in service on the line and is in regular service. They're testing additional trains for the expansions now.
  3. I find it funny how many operators use the same Husky lunch bag. I worked in Hardware at Home Depot for a short while, and I sold a few of those bags to bus operators. Sometimes I think Logistik should get in on it and offer an OC branded one.
  4. 4610 has a full bus wrap for QuestTrade, mostly black with green lettering.
  5. I've seen 1137 out a few times this week. It feels odd to have a single operating on the line. It was out after 11pm on Tuesday.
  6. On Friday, January 3rd, I passed a NovaBus LFS with "LETHBRIDGE TRANSIT" on the destination sign heading west on Highway 17 near Pembroke, ON. I didn't catch any numbers, but the destination sign was white not yellow.
  7. They started installation late in the season and didn't get it done before it got too cold. They prioritized the stations where they felt it was most important.
  8. Yes, the ACS stuff now goes by Conduent. They're supplying the new readers for Gatineau's STO, as they did 20 years ago when STO adopted the first contactless farecard in the western hemisphere.
  9. I was in North Bay over the holidays and noticed a few changes. Buses 792 and 793 are in service. These are Nova LFS units like their other recent purchases, I assume from the Metrolinx Transit Purchasing Initiative. They have the new design for the fan on the drivers side of the engine compartment, like OC Transpo's newest units. These new buses also feature multi-colour destination signs and rear destination signs, both firsts for the North Bay fleet. Units 772 and 773 have been retired, and are confirmed to be sitting in the city "boneyard" with plates removed.
  10. That's a Conduent product, so it looks like they're sticking with them. Just think, these are what Toronto would have now if they weren't forced into Presto.
  11. That would be my guess as well, I noticed the MCI logo on an invero years ago. Look at the Vehicle Improvement Products website and you'll realize that they make most transit and coach steering wheels, wouldn't shock me to see them buy replacements from whoever had them cheapest.
  12. They mention purchasing "the latest reader model on the market." I wonder if they will stick with Conduent, or switch to another manufacturer.
  13. I believe someone on Twitter pointed out that the Confederation Line has actually had a fairly strong launch compared to many other LRT systems, with no issues longer than 30 minutes and reliability improving. The problem is that the line is the absolute backbone of the network, with virtually no redundancy in any other form. This compounds with some poor decisions regarding bus scheduling from the termini that has people angry about the whole system on a good day, so that when it fails, it fails hard and pushes people over the edge. The backup buses are more about management and politicians who want to be seen as "doing something," when the most effective thing to do is actually to stay the course and continue working out the bugs in time.
  14. You're right about the red vests. CanCom Security employs the whistle-blowers under contract for Alstom. They did employ the technicians on every train, but my understanding is that Alstom cut that work a while ago. You do see a number of Alstom techs out and about, but they aren't on every train. The Alstom employees are by and large the same people who were hired on contract to assemble the trains.
  15. There were a couple down at Queens Quay in late August.
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