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  1. I appreciate the work it takes to take pics, edit and post them, and your commitment to sharing information in a timely manner. Perhaps we can request that you automatically upload pics the first time you see a new batch of buses, or anything out of the ordinary, and then we'll trust your ability to read fleet numbers after that? Does this seem like a reasonable compromise to everyone?
  2. I passed one on highway 17 between Arnprior and North Bay (don't recall where) so they have at least 1.
  3. Mears is a significantly large contract operator - they own and oeprate all of the Disney Magical Express and Cruise Line buses in Orlando, as well as other contracts.
  4. NF has a repair facility in Arnprior, just over the border with Ottawa. There's usually a mix of buses there.
  5. Chapel Hill P&R isn't exactly a secret - it's currently being built at the corner of Navan and Brian Coburn.
  6. Yes, the layup is still known as Champagne Layup.
  7. It also shows the 44 running the 105 route, which it only did before and after Canada Day while Laurier was closed.
  8. Not an OC bus, but not sure where else to put it: Bee-Line 322 is at New Flyer in Arnprior. There's also 2 80xx buses, a couple of 6xxx buses and the 3 burnt out artics, 2 of which have had the trailers and fronts separated in the yard there.
  9. Bank and Kitchener has some, with a time restriction. The light doesn't turn green during the restriction.
  10. I noticed this week that there was a bus on its side in the back corner of the Industrial Avenue works yard, visible from St. Laurent. It's got the underside facing the road, so I couldn't even identify the model, let along a number, and wasn't sure if it was new or from previous exercises.
  11. I rode one for the first time yesterday. I'm not a huge fan of Novas in general, but I don't mind the way these have been spec'ed out. The individual tip up seating is nice.
  12. Unless the DDs use a different coolant, red is usually transmission fluid.
  13. The Daytech shelters were the RMOC standard, so the timing fits.
  14. Like anything else, I would imagine it has to go out to tender and be sold to the highest bidder. If they want to make a go of refurbishing them, they would do so at that time.
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