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  1. Ottawa had massive teething issues with the S&B readers, but they were ironed out pretty quickly and have been fairly reliable ever since. It's pretty rare that I see a non-functioning reader here now. It's interesting that Toronto seems to be struggling so much with the same readers. I can't identify who makes that one either. Xerox ACS is another manufacturer for your list, they had the original TTC contract before it was given to PRESTO.
  2. The 8000s were built in Fallkirk, 8101-8143 were assembled in Napanee, and 8144-8160 were built in Fallkirk. I wouldn't read too much into their website, they have facilities that aren't production facilities. The Alexander Dennis facility in Ottawa isn't about to start manufacturing buses.
  3. Following up on this, I forgot that I drove past Arnprior on Thanksgiving. Bee Line 322 was still there; or at least half of it was! OC Transpo 8027 and a Classic MCI motorcoach were also visible.
  4. A significant portion of OC management was out for the last trip on the 95, it wasn't just because a councillor showed up.
  5. I wonder if this is one of the units they had in Ottawa for the uOttawa shuttles before they pulled out of Eastern Ontario.
  6. They have historical ticket data and real-time sales data for the trips each day - It may just depend on ticket sales and what's available in the yard.
  7. I've passed them on the Highway between Ottawa and North Bay, but I've also passed X3-45s recently.
  8. For those wondering about the colour, I spoke to the rep on site who indicated that the pink wrap spotted was for a rental and was removed before being demonstrated in Ottawa. The logo on the side was applied locally before the bus gets shipped back to the factory to be fully wrapped in the demonstration scheme again.
  9. I'm also hearing it will be at St. Laurent Garage (not open to the public) on Friday, so it's spending a couple of days here in Ottawa.
  10. On October 7th, there will be the same number of buses, if not more, leaving Tunney's Pasture, Hurdman and Blair as there were on September 13th. The drivers and buses that are being laid off and retired are because there won't be 80 buses stuck in a line on Albert and Slater streets anymore. All of these people were getting on the buses downtown before. Ridership will probably increase slightly with the train, but thousands of people didn't switch to transit over the weekend.
  11. From what I'm hearing, there will be a Proterra offering demonstration rides from the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park this Saturday as part of a Green Energy event.
  12. I appreciate the work it takes to take pics, edit and post them, and your commitment to sharing information in a timely manner. Perhaps we can request that you automatically upload pics the first time you see a new batch of buses, or anything out of the ordinary, and then we'll trust your ability to read fleet numbers after that? Does this seem like a reasonable compromise to everyone?
  13. I passed one on highway 17 between Arnprior and North Bay (don't recall where) so they have at least 1.
  14. Mears is a significantly large contract operator - they own and oeprate all of the Disney Magical Express and Cruise Line buses in Orlando, as well as other contracts.
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