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  1. This is true, the stop announcements are triggered by GPS, but it's not used outside of that system. The trains lack a cellular data connection like the buses have to transmit a signal. Emergencies are handled like any other railway, by calling in the location via radio. It's not really an issue of the trains, but rather the signalling system. The LINTs aren't that old remember, they could have been delivered with tracking if it was feasible. Stage 2 may bring this functionality with an upgraded signalling system.
  2. Trillium line trains aren't monitored by GPS. You can monitor the Trillium line just like OC does if you buy a radio scanner. The signalling system is monitored by a third party and only provides a rough, block by block location of the trains. Reprogramming the bus stop countdowns to use GTFS is a pretty simple task. If it were difficult for some reason, they could just maintain two separate APIs, one internal and one external.
  3. Flalex72

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    I seem to recall riding American systems where the operator is on a plaque on the front bulkhead. The operator slides it in and out on each shift. There are certainly smaller systems and coach buses where driver name tags are installed in such a fashion.
  4. Flalex72

    STO and OC Transpo Routes

    Yes, but other routes do, and if South Keys is labeled as serving route 2, then it follows that Heron and Walkley should get the same treatment. This is obviously confusing. The simplest answer is likely the correct one here: someone made a mistake, or got confused with the planned extension. South Keys should not be labelled as serving route 2.
  5. Flalex72

    STO and OC Transpo Routes

    It still seems like a mistake. Leaving it there would require that Walkley and Heron also be labeled as serving route 2, while the bus will be "R2".
  6. Facilities to install a machine are on the southbound platform at Walkley, covered up by a cardboard box.
  7. Flalex72

    PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    While that is disappointing to hear, it is nice to know that the system at least offers that as a possibility, should there be a desire for expanded functionality in the future.
  8. Flalex72

    GOA transit news, info etc

    You can always hire them back again, and my understanding is that they should have first crack at any new opportunities that come up. Within reason it's better to overestimate the number of reductions because of the notice periods required.
  9. Flalex72

    PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    I'm aware of the functionality of Presto. The option Ottawa has is that if I'm traveling with a Presto card, and I have a friend without one, I can pay their fare using my card. When I tap, two fares are deducted from the card, one transfer goes onto the card and one paper transfer is printed. This is a really handy feature if you have people visiting or occasional users.
  10. Flalex72

    GOA transit news, info etc

    The Effective Date of December 2 is interesting, as it reveals that the train will be running before then, if the handover takes place on time.
  11. Flalex72

    PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    The original question was about the tie in between Presto and Vision. It would surprise me if operators could not see the fare class of the card as it is tapped, like Ottawa has, to reduce fraudulent use. The drivers in Ottawa can't do anything you would need to go to a station/TVM to do, like set concessions or load funds. While it is true that the TTC doesn't sell day passes on board, they could benefit from allowing a transfer/pop to be purchased using e-purse funds. It's faster than paying cash in most cases as it combines two transactions into one.
  12. The U-Pass card is a Multi Card though - Students tap on Multi Readers at the schools to update their cards each year, and they have the same lettering on the back. I do not believe OC is using the Multi technology internally, just for the U-Pass.
  13. I don't even think they're Multi Cards - I believe they are issued on the Scheidt & Bachmann platform that runs OC's fare equipment, as they do have special features like no passback timer.
  14. Flalex72

    PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    OC has the Presto system integrated with Clever Devices, and the driver sees a green check or red X and the fare class of the card when the passenger taps. They also have control over some additional features, such as purchasing a day pass or additional paper transfer using e-purse funds, if you're traveling with a friend.
  15. Flalex72

    CN Locos

    Heading out to Kott Lumber I presume, though it's odd to see two locomotives in Ottawa, where 12 cars would be considered a large movement by most railfans.