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  1. Betterrez is seeing significant growth with companies working to fill Greyhound's void. They're based in Toronto and Ontario Northland was one of their first customers back in 2012. It will be interesting to see if all the companies using the same ticketing platform can work together, as the system seems capable of selling inter-line tickets.
  2. Many agencies don't publicize the location of their control centres, while also not going to great lengths to hide them. Metrolinx doesn't publicize the location of the GO Transit operations centre, but it's no secret where it is. The COMPASS centre for MTO highway management was previously in an "undisclosed location" but it was no secret that it was at their Downsview office.
  3. The stops are served in both directions, but only if customers have pre-booked tickets. The bus won't go if there are no customers. The booking system will not allow trips within Ottawa/Kanata.
  4. They just park in the hotel lot. If you drive by at night you can often see it there.
  5. Hey, I didn't catch that t was you when you first posted, but I've been following you on TikTok. Welcome to the forum, and best of luck with your endeavor!
  6. This is a transit forum, and while there may be discussion about COVID as it relates to that, there is no place here for conspiracy theories. I've gone through the last few days of discussion and cleaned out the unnecessary posts. Members continuing to post conspiracy theories will have their posts moderated or posting privileges revoked.
  7. The last rails in the Ottawa Valley were removed in 2013. The ROW remains between Mattawa and Smiths Falls, but the tracks are gone.
  8. There certainly are savings when you can move more uses onto the same vehicle. The PIU comes with the hybrid powertrain as "standard", but it isn't the only option - there's a non-hybrid version with the same engine, and a more powerful non-hybrid engine with a turbo. I can't imagine that there aren't upfront cost savings by forgoing the hybrid, but it's perfect for a vehicle that will spend much of its life idling.
  9. Interesting - Ottawa had Police Interceptor Utilities as supervisor vehicles but is now lifecycling them out. They're switching to Silverado 1500s as they use the push bars to move stuck buses and the PIUs weren't holding up. Maybe TTC will be gentler with theirs, and it's great that they went with the hybrids.
  10. Dynamic Dispatch will be interesting. It's operated by VIA, who also runs the system in the Sault. I don't know how well it will work in conjunction with the fixed routes.
  11. New thread merged with existing in Ontario Forum.
  12. This - it feels like a CPTED thing, crossed with the ease of use and maintenance of LED lighting. LEDs also tend to be a cooler colour temperature, which is perceived as brighter at night.
  13. The new facility in Brampton is already operating - there have been media pictures from inside and units are arriving in Ottawa on trucks now. The other facility to consider in Ontario is Kingston.
  14. It looks like there's a luggage rack inside so Car Rental or Airport Shuttle would be good guesses. Not bad looking, the design scales up well.
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