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  1. You're correct. Counters are standard on new purchases, and installed on a subset of everything else. Even when they were only on 10-15% of the fleet, that was enough for reasonable coverage of the entire system.
  2. Keep in mind that these changes are being made on the fly as a result of a very unusual situation. Schedules are usually made up months in advance to allow for drivers to book their work and for all of the on-street info to be updated. Redoing the entire system in a week is pretty much unheard of. Asking for consultations on this shows a lack of understanding on the current situation. Consultations are not a quick process, and by the time you've collected the feedback, the situation has likely changed. This isn't a trial, it's not 2011 all over again. It's a response to an unprecedented situation, and if we continue like this there likely won't be a separate April schedule like we are accustomed to. Eventually, things will return to normal. Finally, PRESTO data isn't needed to count passengers - buses have counters for that.
  3. Trains today had plenty of seats available at even the peak of afternoon rush hour. Running S1 in these circumstances makes no sense.
  4. This is correct. There's a raised median there, so Rockingham is right in-right out only.
  5. The official word I got is that the night stop at Line 1 Stations ends when the train starts running, so as late as 8am on a Sunday.
  6. Well the Orion is an odd beast, being converted from a Hybrid. NBT almost always orders 2 buses a year. Some years they skip and end up with 4 the next year, and some years they only replace 1, but they average 2 a year pretty consistently over more then a decade. It's been a long time since they replaced 6 buses in one year. They are also almost always replaced in order - the lowest numbers are the most likely to go at any time.
  7. ONTC will start White River - Thunder Bay service in April, 6 days a week. It looks like they sent a Temsa up to Lakehead in Thunder Bay for the announcement. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/thunder-bay-ontario-northland-bus-service-1.5461065
  8. The trains show up as "Out of Service" on the platform signs, but all the platform announcements play and the doors open and close just like normal. Even with the (giant) signs, there are still some confused people who can't figure out what is going on.
  9. 1137 and 1138 have been out on track doing testing for the past couple of weeks. They were out after 9pm yesterday. They look "done" inside when I had a glance, but I imagine it takes a fair bit of testing to confirm everything is OK.
  10. I first spotted that back on January 11th. Thanks for getting a picture.
  11. I saw a La Québécoise H3-45 loop past Lees Station around the same time yesterday and stop out front to pick people up. I did the loop a couple of times while R1 was operating.
  12. Rumor I have heard is literally just that the wheel lathe has been acting up lately, and that's slowed down the work. Alstom is responsible for train maintenance, under contract with RTG.
  13. CBC says that, but I was under the impression that every train has been in service on the line and is in regular service. They're testing additional trains for the expansions now.
  14. I find it funny how many operators use the same Husky lunch bag. I worked in Hardware at Home Depot for a short while, and I sold a few of those bags to bus operators. Sometimes I think Logistik should get in on it and offer an OC branded one.
  15. 4610 has a full bus wrap for QuestTrade, mostly black with green lettering.
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