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  1. Apparently I'm oblivious. I must have went right past that but didn't see anything. Thanks
  2. if you don't mind me asking, where did find that information? I can't find anything at all.
  3. Found London Transit 59, which is located along Highway 3 in Cayuga. I haven't been able to find any documentation on this unit, any pictures, or even an entry in the wiki. I was hoping to find at least 1 photo of it intact. It currently still has it's powertrain, a few standee windows, the teardrop glass next to the remains of the front door. And all 6 tyres with rims. Is there any known story as to why this bus is located behind a small abandoned church in the middle of nowhere, forgotten and decayed? I'd like to know more if possible. Thanks, Bill
  4. Regional Nova was Niagara-bound yesterday around 1:30pm through Grimsby, full livery. I assume it's the first one, but I didn't catch the unit number so no idea which city it will be based out of
  5. Travelling to San Francisco Oct 3rd-8th. Looking at the F-line eye candy and cable cars but am wondering if MUNI brings out their historic fleet on certain days. Also if there's any privately owned high floors that are driven around occasionally that may make an appearance. Any insight is appreciated. Bill
  6. Best bet is school trippers - basically routes 5 (st. Catharines collegiate high school) 6 Lake St (St. Francis and Eden High schools) 12 Vine St extra (Governor Simcoe high school). Apart from that they could be anywhere. Not sure if they reach Thorold that often. High schools end around 230
  7. 0801 broke down today around 1030 on Parnell Rd. Presumably on the inbound 8. Driver and pax were already gone, was just waiting on a tow. How many of our hybrids have broken down on the road so far? Can't recall hearing about many, if any at all. Bill
  8. Im glad to know that, I kinda was under the impression Ontario agencies made roughly the same as each other, with obvious exceptions. Do you know what they generally pay per hour starting? My ultimate goal was for St. Catharines Transit but it doesn't seem like they hire too often. One of these days I suppose
  9. Applied for Welland Transit last week, apparently there are openings every few months according to the HR department where I applied. Anyone know why?
  10. Anybody know how often the recruitment drives are? I didn't find anything posted about when the next one was going to be. Thanks
  11. The TTC website says the PCC will be out on Sunday the 30th as a postponed celebration for the reopening of the Kingston Rd streetcar originally planned for last December 22nd. However the transit Toronto website states that it will be on Saturday the 29th. I am inclined to take the TTC's info over other site, but I just want to confirm it is the 30th? Bill
  12. Is 91 retired? It's been sitting outside the garage in the northeast corner for over a week now.
  13. Anyone know if any pictures were taken post-crash? I haven't found anything at all so far on the collision. I figured it might have been in the local news as most transit collisions are at least briefly mentioned within a few days after the event. Bill
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