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  1. Saw 9245 at the depot in Nanaimo´╗┐ on Monday. Anyone know anything about that?´╗┐
  2. Saw 9245 at the depot in Nanaimo on Monday. Anyone know anything about that?
  3. I'm going to guess that that bus was last used in Kamloops because that sign is used for school specials up here.
  4. 2369 is in line for the 09:00 ferry to Tsawwassen from Swartz Bay.
  5. 9721 and another flyer were on the 15:00 ferry to Victoria from Tsawwassen.
  6. elib300

    Wiki Editors

    Can you make me a "wiki editor" please.
  7. Arboc 2337 was on the road this morning. Sidney transit fan (Harry) and I were on it on the 81.
  8. Just saw a Yaxing NB Hwy 17 at Beacon. July 24 2012 at 16:20 Eli Blanchette.
  9. This board will be for Discussion and Photos of Cruise Victoria of Victoria BC. To start us off their bus "C14" has a old fleet number under it. All I can tell is it starts with a 5? Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks, Eli Blanchette
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