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  1. Neon Bus Rider, That's the part I don't like...not knowing if you will have a job after one year. Does anybody know what the percentage of drivers are that get hired on permanently?? OR How the permanent hiring process works?
  2. Hi there, I have been selected for testing this week at Brampton Transit. it only states the hourly rate for "Temporary Transit Operators". Does anybody know what the "permanent" full-time hourly rate is for operators? Is it similar to Mississauga and TTC ($31)???
  3. Hi, I have applied for the Mississauga transit operator recruitment for 2014. I am curious if I was hired how long it takes to start getting weekends off and not having to work split shifts? The Mississauga website states 15 years, but I've heard it's much less than that. Thank you.
  4. Was there any mention of the type of shifts rookies would be working, hourly rate, probation period, etc????
  5. I have a test on Jan 21st at the Civic Centre.
  6. I'm not sure about test times for Jan 19th...my test is on Jan 21st at the Civic Centre from 9-1.
  7. Thanks again guys. I guess I'll see what happens at the test centre and go from there. Wish me luck!! Take care.
  8. Thanks very much for the input, it gives me a better idea of the hours and such. Sorry qsy6737, but I have to agree with the other fellow...they probably don't hire many people under 25. This was actually my first time applying for Brampton Transit, but on my cover letter I mentioned that my father had 34 years of service for the TTC and my brother has over 20 years service...maybe that helped. Plus I think being 39, a female, and a fairly clean driving record for 23 years helps too. Good luck in the future with getting a call. One last question...anyone have an idea what this 3 hour test consists of????
  9. Hello all, I'm just curious about some details regarding the position of Driver for the Brampton Transit. I submitted my resume for Full-Time Temporary Driver for Brampton Transit through their website and I received a phone call from them to attend a Test at the Brampton Civic Centre in January 2009. The test is 3 hours she said and that I should bring pencils and a clipboard. Here are my questions: 1. What is the starting rate for a temp worker? 2. How long are you a temp worker before being hired perm.? 3. How does the pay scale work or how long does it take to reach the top hourly rate? 4. What kind of shifts would a new temp. be working? Any weekends off?? Thank you
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