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  1. Spotted a guy in blue shirt spotting buses at the south end of Banff Avenue. If you are him, I maybe in one of your photo collections. 😁
  2. The tour operator sign should be hidden to avoid spotting. (The signage will be removed after picking up all the passengers to keep the tour low profile) The owner of the coach usually has the first priority to use for their trips. While the lessee may arrange the coach to serve other groups as required or if they could afford. Stay tuned for another new(er) coach for the tour operator and a couple of nice units for "King of Beasts"
  3. Both BC 887 and AB 902 were delivered in March 2017. 902 doesn't equipped with rear view camera but has two power inverter for onboard 110V outlets. Without MCI demo wording on sides, now is not "Reliability DRIVEN" anymore
  4. Onroute to Richmond, overnight at Sicamous, BC pre-896 was stuck in front of a motel https://photos.app.goo.gl/nyhbREhaHRZhZHC92 https://photos.app.goo.gl/J37RqUo8mTqxCR9l2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/GaelxZAjPgOizd242 https://photos.app.goo.gl/lKEMZkPcmULFKrGG2
  5. Just because the registered owner is First Express
  6. 886, manufactured in April 2016
  7. Ex Translink Coach Line 387 is now Universal Coach Line 885. Ex Translink Coach Line 388 once Universal Coach Line 877 is now Global Charter (no fleet number yet) based in Seattle WA.
  8. Did you recall how much time you wait to cross the border on the first day? I was driving Charming, arrived 07:10 and left 09:50.
  9. 228 and 317 both AB registered are around Greater Vancouver these days.
  10. There is no ?11 in the fleet. Is it a prevost or mci? Any wording on the sides?
  11. 238; which was 368 before.
  12. I think the coaches will keep BC plates; like MTR Western running with OR apportioned plates. 199; Tulslip shuttle serving in Seattle is bearing BC plate although it stays in WA everynight.
  13. 206 (yellow) sat in yard 2009, insured 2010, usually doing day trips 208 (white) sitting in yard 210 (white) sat in yard 2009, insured 2010, served as Silver Reef Casino,WA shuttle earlier this year, now doing day trips If you see 199; also Tulalip shuttle but with (206) area code phone number on the sides then that is strange...
  14. True; although the mechanics are Prevost specialist but MCI now offering a reasonable price. (for me I rather drive a 98 H3 rather then 00 model rather then a J4500)
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