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  1. The Arbocs are ugly compared to the G5 and hold less people, I'm personally not a fan of them.
  2. 3 fires have broken out on the guideway. Broadway, Patterson and Royal Oak. 😆
  3. It's on the 791 right now. 😂
  4. Richmond being the reason that the spurs are single tracked and now want to go back and have it done right, and the 98 back as a cherry on top is is real rich. Same government too. File it behind subway to UBC and SkyTrain to Langley, Richmond had their chance and blew it.
  5. Comments above pointing out how wrong it is, but was this online or on radio? I don't see any article about it.
  6. Meraki

    Canada Line

    Yeah other than upgraded A/C I don't think there's anything changed.
  7. I know it's not the 40' thread, but since this was brought up, the '18 Nova LFS HEV have the TSI cameras installed.
  8. The blue is okay but come on, put a little effort into it. Have the body charcoal and the roof fairings/CNG tanks blue, looks much cleaner. It'd also be consistent with RapidBus.
  9. Now article in english! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/novabus-technical-problem-1.5067252
  10. In the present day yes, but who knows where battery electric will be when it comes time to replace the LFRs. I don't think anyone's saying they're going all-electric right now. It'll probably be a few years with the test buses before they even consider next steps.
  11. Alexander Dennis has produced ISBe/BAE hybrid Enviro500s in the past few years, so I don't see why they couldn't again if requested.
  12. Or Lamar just didn't care. All the client said was put it on a bus, Didn't say where! 😝
  13. So it was 6 years ago, no collision happened, and there's no accessible video. That's not really anything worth posting in this thread.
  14. Yeah, this. Fire can arrive sooner and provide basic medical attention until paramedics arrive.
  15. Anyone have a copy of the RFP, I recall it saying LED wherever possible.
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