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  1. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

    Hopefully, there will still be some MBTA RTS to see during the Boston MBS convention next year, even if they are parked. Does SRTA still have their RTS?
  2. The City of Columbia this month has rebranded the system again. https://allwheelsforward.com/como-connect-settling-lawsuit-and-will-rename-the-system/ Como's BYD K-9 Electric bus: https://allwheelsforward.com/i-finally-see-como-connects-byd/
  3. Kansas City Area Transportation Authority

    The party bus company is called KC Night Train. They also have an orange ex-KCATA 1993 TMC RTS too.
  4. Houston METRO

    I will be heading to Houston next month and would like to know the best places to spot the NABIs and Novas. Does the TMC transit center have the NABI, Nova 40ft and artics show up there all day long?
  5. VIA Metropolitan Transit

    Buffalo NFTA has CNG Novas too. What reviews are VIA riders and drivers giving about the LFS?
  6. NewLeaf Travel

    I don't see this one surviving that long. It'll be just like PeoplExpress, which lasted about 3 months in 2014. Also PEX contracted out to Vision Airlines and used their Boeing 737s.
  7. Denver RTD

    That bus looks like a New Flyer LFR in a way. Different looking when compared to BYD's K9 buses.
  8. Seoul, South Korea

    Looks like those New Flyers are just confined to the airports. From what I saw, they have only fleet numbers on them and no license plates.
  9. Seoul, South Korea

    I just got back from Busan, which is the second largest city. I was able to see all kinds of transit buses, mostly Hyundai New Super Aero City and some Daewoos. The expressway, tour buses, and intrastate buses used mainly Kia Granbird and Hyundai Universe Xpress, but I spotted a few older Daewoo Royal Cruisers too. Another interesting bus I saw was at Gimhae Airport, a New Flyer D40LF operated by Sharp Airport Services (Not sure which transit agencies it operated for before it was exported to Korea.). At Gimhae Sharp has mostly a Super Aero City fleet, but that D40LF was an odd ball. A cool sight to see. Korean Air shuttle buses, which I rode, are Daewoos.
  10. I was able to fly the last flight of Uni Air's McDonnell Douglas MD-90. Uni Air is a subsidiary of EVA Air. Read about it here: http://allwheelsforward.com/uni-air-md-90-fleet-retired/
  11. I was able to fly the last flight on Uni Air's MD-90. http://allwheelsforward.com/uni-air-md-90-fleet-retired/
  12. MTA NYC to phase out Metrocard by 2018

    Finally! For a city that size and using old fashion fare cards is just sad. So many cities around the world are already using RFID cards for years or even for decades.
  13. Reactions to Transit Enthusiasts

    I went to Tashkent 5 years ago and I had no problems taking pictures of the city buses and streetcars. They had quite a variety with Isuzu chassis minibuses, Mercedes Citaros, and old Soviet style buses running around.The only place there I didn't take pictures was in the subway. I remember at the hotel some German tourists told me they got hassled by security guards at the stations for taking pictures and had the memory card in their camera confiscated. I didn't want to take a chance because they had security on the platforms at every station. Man, I many of those stations were beautiful, pity they don't allow photography of them.
  14. The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    I saw the preview on Friday for the 4/22 episode of Hawaii Five-0 and it looks liked a Gillig Phantom gets blown up. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/listings/20160405cbs05/ Episode Title: (#HF621) "Ka Pono Ku'oko'a (The Cost of Freedom) FIVE-0 GOES ON A MANHUNT WHEN A DELIBERATE CHEMICAL SPILL ENABLES SIX DANGEROUS PRISON INMATES TO ESCAPE, INCLUDING KONO'S HUSBAND, ADAM, ON "HAWAII FIVE-0," FRIDAY, APRIL 22. Edit: The preview has been posted on H50 Australia fans FB page:
  15. Golden Gate Transit

    I have to bring back my question from a couple months ago since my trip to SF is a month away. I am wondering if Marin Transit and GGT are still running the Novas? If so, where would the best places to spot them and the times they run? Are they used all day or only just during rush hours? Which transit center would be best to spot them?