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  1. I will be going to Dayton next month, but I am wondering will RTA still have the Skoda ETIs out or will it all be those new Gilligs trolleybuses?
  2. ^ That is an interesting fact, which I didn't know. So I am assuming the 1997 New Flyer D30LF and D40LFs were their first true buses rather than using Bi-State buses. MCT also runs many biking trails throughout Madison County as well.
  3. Lubbock Citibus still has some RTS, including some ex-DART RTSes as well.
  4. Chris H

    St Louis Metro

    Some Gillig Phantoms are still running strong, saw 2031 and 2044 at the CWE transit center yesterday evening.
  5. I recorded the Platinum Tours RTS as it was turning on to a street in Georgetown and it has the Detroit Diesel Series 92 engine.
  6. I went to the Cayman Islands last year and I saw two of the RTSes on the streets. One was used by Platinum Tours and another being used as the Camana Bay shuttle bus. Both buses have the rear doors moved from the right side to the left side of the bus (behind the driver). This is due to traffic driving on the left.
  7. New Taipei Metro's Green Mountain Line opens to the public: https://allwheelsforward.com/danhai-light-rail-transit-green-mountain-line/
  8. I went to Lubbock earlier this year (April 2018) and the RTS WFDs are still operating, albeit only on Texas Tech campus routes. They were purchased in 2015 and refurbished and repainted during this time, so my guess is they'll be using them into next decade. Citibus still has a number of their 35ft 2000-01 RTS in operation as well. More on Lubbock's Citibus fleet: https://allwheelsforward.com/a-look-at-lubbock-citibus-in-lubbock-texas
  9. St. Louis Metro is getting the similarly designed Gillig buses that VTA got, albeit electric versions. https://allwheelsforward.com/st-louis-metro-partners-up-for-an-electrifying-future/
  10. I visited Altoona last year, here is a look back on the Fishbowls along with the other buses in their fleet: https://allwheelsforward.com/retro-buses-altoona-amtrans-gmc-fishbowls/
  11. What is the best spot at YYZ to do some airplane spotting? Any good spots that can get a view of the taxiway, runway, and airplanes rather close without the hassle of police?
  12. I test drove and reviewed the Luxgen U5 crossover, a compact SUV not sold in North America. https://allwheelsforward.com/luxgen-u5-review/
  13. Chris H

    St Louis Metro

    Through a partnership St. Louis Metro looks to buy some electric buses from Gillig. https://allwheelsforward.com/st-louis-metro-partners-up-for-an-electrifying-future/
  14. As I wrote in the KCM thread, I am stunned that this happened, especially since we have heard of busdude and seen his posts of his own bus and his transit trips on his website. Any idea if anyone will be preserving his beloved Orion I? I hope Pierce Transit or any transit heritage group will preserve and dedicate that Orion for Zack. I send my condolences to Zack & Jim's family & friends.
  15. I didn't know Zack, but I heard of him because of his nickname busdude and his posts of his Orion I. This comes to a complete shock to many of us who enjoy transit. I hope Pierce Transit or someone will preserve his beloved Orion I and at least dedicate it for Zack. I send my condolences to Zack & Jim's family & friends.
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