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  1. Chris H

    St Louis Metro

    The Gillig Phantoms, they're scarce now. I managed to see 2038 running the 70 Grand on Wednesday. I was surprised to see it as I haven't seen the Phantoms in a while. I even had a quick chat with the driver and he said it was his baby and loves driving it. Its sad to see the high floor era in St. Louis will soon be coming to an end. Also, Metro recently (September 30th) changed some routes and schedules under the program Metro Re-imagined. Metro is in the process of rebranding as STL Metro and as such introduced a new paint scheme for both buses and Metrolink trains. Here is a picture of a St. Louis Metro bus with the new design. Official roll out should be sometime in January 2020.
  2. There is an ex-KCATA (Now known as RideKC) 1993 TMC RTS being used as a party bus. I first seen this orange RTS back in 2011 at Oak Park Mall, but I also saw it again two weeks ago cruising the P&L district one Thursday evening. https://www.kcnighttrain.com/orange-party-bus-rental/
  3. Are the ETIs retired? This last week or so I haven't see any on the Rt. 4 on the RTA bus tracker. They are running various diesel Gilligs on Rt. 4 now. Luckily I was able to go ride and take pictures of them back in August.
  4. Buses used in Nassau, New Providence are mainly Toyota Coasters and a few Nissan Civilians.
  5. I was in Seoul over the Summer and I saw some odd ball buses among the domestic Hyundai and Daewoos. There are a few green painted Higer (Chinese) transit buses and several MAN (Routes 3200, 3102) and Volvo (Route G7111) double decker buses being used as well. Also, Gimpo Airport still has the Sharp Aviation New Flyer D40LFs, I saw 3 of them shuttling passengers to planes on the tarmac.
  6. Now that the King St. station reconstruction is complete, does DASH use those Neoplan artics on regular fixed routes?
  7. Does Go West still have those ex-Fairfax Connector Orion 5s? What is their fleet currently consist of?
  8. Winston Salem's WSTA still has Nova RTS running. They even had CCW rebuild 17 of them this year and they're good for another couple more years of service. Lubbock CitiBus has a a little over dozen RTS in use on the Texas Tech University campus routes. NOTE: Citibus also has 5 ex-DART Nova RTS WFDs in use too. Texas A&M University still has some, albeit in limited service. A&M still uses the Millenium RTSes. Anyone else can chime in as these are the only systems I know of that still use RTS.
  9. Ah yes, the Gillig with a face only a mother could love. Sometime next year St. Louis Metro is also looking to get a few of these electric buses. On some transit fan websites this Gillig LF "Plus" is also known as the beluga bus. These models were first introduced by VTA in hybrid form.
  10. CCW is rehabbing 17 WSTA RTSes. https://www.masstransitmag.com/bus/vehicles/press-release/21095737/complete-coach-works-complete-coach-works-begins-deliveries-to-winstonsalem-transit-authority How many more years will this extend the life of the RTS? I may have to go visit Winston-Salem again just to see and ride them again!
  11. A look at the new Red Line BRT IndyGo is opening on September 1st. https://allwheelsforward.com/a-look-at-indygos-red-line-brt
  12. I bought Bus Simulator 2018 on Steam and played it on the PC.
  13. I will be going to Dayton next month, but I am wondering will RTA still have the Skoda ETIs out or will it all be those new Gilligs trolleybuses?
  14. ^ That is an interesting fact, which I didn't know. So I am assuming the 1997 New Flyer D30LF and D40LFs were their first true buses rather than using Bi-State buses. MCT also runs many biking trails throughout Madison County as well.
  15. Lubbock Citibus still has some RTS, including some ex-DART RTSes as well.
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