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  1. While driving home from work tonight several blue buses parked in a yard beside the 409 caught my eye. If I remember correctly, there were quite a few buses (at least 5-6) and several if not all were EZ Riders. When I looked on Google Maps, the location of "City View Bus/Truck Repair and Sales" corresponded with the location I saw the buses. Does anyone know if they were there for repair or are they being sold/stripped? Keep in mind I drive on the highway daily at around 6:30am and 7:00pm and I had to keep my eyes on the road since there was traffic. I'll try to get a better look on the way into work tomorrow if possible but it will still probably be too dark to see much. http://maps.google.ca/maps?q=Toronto+Pears...mp;t=h&z=19
  2. While driving around Ikea in Vaughan I saw my first ZUM bus. Very cool! I'd like to learn more about the system since I thought it was a Viva substitute bus at first. Do they have special stops like Viva or do they use Viva's for ticket sales/next bus displays?
  3. An A330 on Viva Purple got in an accident going EB on hwy 7 @ Leslie (i think). There were YRP cars and three (3!) YRT supervisor vehicles as well.
  4. http://www.680news.com/news/headlines/more...112_171250_9584 A woman crossing the street at Pine Valley Drive and Willis Rd. in Vaughan.has been struck and killed by a York Region bus. Police have shutdown the area between Langstaff and Highway 7. The investigation is expected to take several hours.
  5. Yes, ORNGE operates the Band-Aid helicopters. Although, some are still painted in the old color scheme. New ORNGE paint livery
  6. For non-emergency transfer you can use a private ambulance service (ie. AmbuTrans). For example, a person who needs to have medical equipment with them 24/7 will need this service.
  7. I just came back from Barrie and while driving east on hwy 7 I saw a Viva A330 had been involved in a collision with an "Econoline" style GM van. The driver side bumper of the bus hit the van. It looks like the bus driver oversteered while exiting hwy 7. The impact was quite substantial from what I saw (van's door distroyed) but nothing I'd say involved injuries other than maybe a shock of the driver of the van. My parents say they said they heard it on the news on their way home so there should be coverage of it. I did not get the bus's number (i was driving) but it was definitely a Viva A330 (40 footer).
  8. When I arrived at the bus terminal in Barrie, I noticed a Ne-On MCI 4500 at the platform. I hoped it was going to be my bus, and here I am on it. I never throught I'd get a chance to ride of these units as I do not travel on Greyhound, other than between Barrie and Toronto every few weeks when coming home from school. The Ne-On buses feature wifi, power plugs and LCD screens every few rows. The speed of the internet is generally quite fast, although sometimes it gets slow. Right now I can count about 4 passengers including myself using this service. Thumbs up to Greyhound for putting wifi into the buses. It will really help to attract the higher class passengers as well as business people who do not want to spend hundreds on flights.
  9. I'm surprised no one has burnt their house and church to the ground.
  10. A 250ml can of energy drink does nothing for me. I've tried RedBull, Arush, etc
  11. 2VivaBlue91

    Do you Smoke?

    I have tried a few but I'm too cheap to buy packs so that's a pretty good method of not smoking
  12. If anyone here watches Kenny vs. Spenny and remembers the little Russian instrumentalist who played on the episode "Who will be the first to laugh", he was busking at Finch this afternoon.
  13. What there some sort of event around 4:45pm on the YUS line? I got down to the platforms at York Mills and saw a lot of people waiting in front of an empty southbound train which had 1 passenger inside carrying a large box and backpack who put his foot in the door. When the door did open he came out and the empty trainset went SB, with no one on board. There were also a lot of people waiting for trains at Sheppard and North York Centre. Additionally, while going NB between NYC and Finch there was a mechanic or someone wearing a reflective vest in the tunnel.
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