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  1. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Starting Monday vehicle capacity limits will be increased. https://www.metrotransit.org/adjusting-capacity-limits-while-holding-firm-on-covid-precautions From my perspective I'm glad they're making this adjustment. While I understand the reasoning behind the previous limits, they did seem a bit stringent in some situations. Plus the 'gamble' of whether the bus would be at capacity or not, or if the operator would be enforcing capacity or not, can be stressful when you're just trying to get to work on time. I wouldn't be surprised though if this also means more 40' buses on the b
  2. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Awesome find ^^ --- FWIW here's a couple random shots I got last week on N. 7th Street by the HERC: I saw 2 other D60 on the 5 and 22 but 3212 was the only one I could manage half-decent photos of. Also 312 was sitting on a siding at the Franklin Ave OMF. Have any of the 3xx LRV been placed into revenue service yet?
  3. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Would be awesome to see some ENC EZ-Riders, but realistically we know Gillig owns this town. The Vicinity would qualify as well. I'm wondering what the 10 40' buses are to get replaced. I'm guessing the remaining 4 D40LF and then 1200-1205 if they are going by age. Or perhaps they are retroactively replacing already retired D40LF. I'm assuming some of these new 30' Gilligs will be operating on new/realigned feeder routes for the Green and Orange.
  4. I'm not sure of their current status, but CyRide may still have at least their 2005 Vs. On the private operator side, Beaver in Winnipeg is still running their fleet for assorted school services.
  5. Also protato or protatoes for the Proterras Beluga - Gillig Low Floor with the + roof.
  6. Looks like that must be where they're getting it from. Basically the same: https://www.karsan.com/Download/files/Jest_EV_Brochure_EN.pdf
  7. Morgan-Olson is a longtime truck body manufacturer fairly well known for their step-vans. Now they are one of the latest vehicle manufacturers looking to diversify their product lineup and throw their hat into the electric bus ring. Introducing the Morgan-Olson CS Minibus, it's a battery-electric model powered by BMW i. https://morganolsonbus.com/ (Image (c) Morgan-Olson) Curious, does anyone recognize this as a re-badged model from elsewhere? Honestly the styling of it looks decent IMO. If they came up with the design on their own then kudos to their design team. I h
  8. Figures, I was expecting those would pop up soon! I'll miss those 2003 and 2005 Gilligs, those things were good runners. MVTA certainly got their money worth out of them. Heck, they outlived the 2004 and 2006 D40LF and technically the 2012 LFS
  9. University of MN PTS 3829 by J. Mc., on Flickr University of MN PTS 3805 by J. Mc., on Flickr I think anything numbered in the 3800-3809 range is a cutaway, but I'm not certain how many there are or what all the models would be.
  10. Well I'm not going to tell you to go jump in a lake... but I will say that an impromptu socially distanced social meeting that just happened to be near a lake may be a good idea for your squad's mental well-being. And you know, in the name of safety I'd recommend wearing swimwear just in case someone were to accidentally sidestep into the water, wouldn't want to be weighted down with wet regular clothes if you all had to go in and make sure they're okay. Hang in there, will be praying for your friend too, and you
  11. Thanks for the info! I had no idea they were still importing Van Hool transits. Odd they put an old plate on it as well, usually new buses get a new plate.
  12. 22413 2002 Gillig Low Floor 15GGD271121072750 26431 2006 Orion Low Floor 1VHFH3G2766702368 23417 2003 Gillig Low Floor 15GGD271731072883 22414 2002 Gillig Low Floor 15GGD271321072751 26433 2006 Orion Low Floor 1VHFH3G2466702375 22412 2002 Gillig Low Floor 15GGD271521072749 26430 2006 Orion Low Floor 1VHFH3G2566702367 There have been a few other 2001, 2002, 2003 Gilligs posted previously. These are the first 2006 Orions I've seen.
  13. At some point in 2020 First got a few Gillig LF to supplement the UMN Campus Shuttle fleet. It looks like they were a temporary measure as there are now 4 Gillig LF for sale at ABC Faribault. 2 2006 and 2 2007 units. I think the UMN fleet numbers on these were 3844-3847. 15GGD291961077133 15GGD291X61077139 15GGD291171077595 15GGD271X71078098 Here are the only in service shots I have of one of these, 3844, a 2006 unit seen on the 122 last Fall. (sorry the quality is poor) : I suspect these were replaced by more secondhand Van Hools. I spotted AG300 3848 whe
  14. Looks like a great starting point for their fixed-route operation. The routes look like they certainly hit key points. I like how they've gotten signage and a couple shelters up as well. Is Lakeway Transit a brand new system replacing a previous on-demand setup or completely new where nothing operated in the area previously?
  15. Capital Metro added to list of US operators on XE40 and XE60 pages
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