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  1. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Between the 71xx hybrids and the 11xx standards it would be 132 total so that would certainly cover those. Though, I'm not sure if they'll be directly replacing hybrids with standard diesel, or if some would be replaced by a separate order of battery units. On the other hand if some of those options are needed for MTS then it may not be a complete replacement. Also interesting that nothing is noted on the battery-electric portion of that contract. Perhaps they'll issue a new one once they have a better idea of how many units they need in the new normal operating mode, and they have more i
  2. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

  3. That's what I've been wondering as well. In some places it sounds like they're planning on keeping full restrictions going until the last inoculation is done. But if the at risk population is largely vaccinated and that leads to a heavy drop in hospitalizations and deaths, then I'd think mask in close contact situations/wash hands/stay home when ill and minor limits to prevent heavy crowding would be all that's needed. Granted I'm just a dumb citizen and not a scientist or medical professional trying to ram a report through to meet a deadline or a high profile figure trying to legislate nature
  4. A few more observations, I rode to Cedar Grove today from MOA to do some shopping at the Outlet Mall. Waiting at MOA a 442X rolled in with 2 riders, followed by an empty Red and an empty 442Y. I took the 442Y to CGTS, another rider took the Red. At CGTS they do have the ped bridge to the online station open. As mentioned they have temp stop locations for Red in the online station section with low level curbs. Coming back I waited for the next 442Y after just missing one. One thing that's a bit confusing is they have the destinations set for SB 442Y Apple Valley TS / Via Cedar Grove TS / Mall o
  5. Last week I had a little extra time while in the Eagan area, so I parked at ETS and hopped on the 443 to Apple Valley and got some photos of the current situation. All MVTA buses are only stopping at the northbound platform at AVTS. The ground level area on northbound is open and buses are using bays A, B, C in addition to outdoor bay D. (There were 3 cutaways waiting on Connect transfers in bay D when the bus was arriving) The ped bridge and southbound side are still closed. It appears Red Line is banished from the actual station bays, as that had its own little temporary stop a hundred feet
  6. Thanks for the excellent explanation Roamer!
  7. Sorry, random question in regards to the Phantom, what exactly is the purpose or reason behind the huge deflector or shield on the front driver side corner? Is it something to do with the cutting angle of the DS pillar due to the slanted angle of the windshield? Tree branch deflector, wind effect on mirror adjustment? From what I recall that shield design is unique to KCM. Locally our Phantoms also had some sort of shield attached on the driver side, but a much smaller one made of plexiglass. I assume it was something to do with the mirror. Metro Transit 957 by J. Mc., on Flickr
  8. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Well if we happen to see 4254 NIS doing laps around the block we'll know why I wonder if they'll actually re-paint and keep running it somewhere or if they'll just park it until 2024 or whenever. The highest mileage looks to be 593k, impressive. It'll be interesting to see where these wind up.
  9. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Looks like they are getting rid of any remaining Phantoms at this rate: 995 https://www.minnbid.org/Mobile/AuctionLot/35429 1002 https://www.minnbid.org/Mobile/AuctionLot/35430 1003 https://www.minnbid.org/Mobile/AuctionLot/35431 1005 https://www.minnbid.org/Mobile/AuctionLot/35432 1010 https://www.minnbid.org/Mobile/AuctionLot/35433 1013 https://www.minnbid.org/Mobile/AuctionLot/35434 1014 https://www.minnbid.org/Mobile/AuctionLot/35435 1038 https://www.minnbid.org/Mobile/AuctionLot/35436
  10. Thanks, I was guessing there was a bit more to the story. Still it's a sad sign of the current situation IMO.
  11. You likely are remembering the Orion V's, I saw and got a photo of bus 32 in 2011 during a visit. So not all of them were sent to CyRide in 2008. Iowa City Transit 32 by J. Mc., on Flickr
  12. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    ^ So that's where they've been disposing of the other buses then. Great find! Looks like 4 of the LFS are going to be auctioned on Feb. 13th. Edit: I wonder if the MCI coaches have a higher capacity limit of 15, similar to the MVTA policy? It's nice they are starting to run in revenue service again. They had been running them over the summer occasionally for operator training from what I noticed. --- Spottings as of late: 7342 was on the 54 WB yesterday about 4:30pm. Either a multi-route run block or it's not assigned to Heywood anymore. The 2006 D60 have been appe
  13. IIRC there were quite a few of the V's being auctioned off earlier this year along with a couple of older Gillig LF. I'd assume they are all gone from the fleet now.
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