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  1. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    With the majority of the 2008 11xx Gilligs and some of the 2010/2011 12xx ones as well noted as inactive, I'm guessing the chances of seeing any remaining Phantoms in service during the Fair are slim. Probably the same for the D60 unless they plan to run heavy on artics for additional space. Thanks for getting the update.
  2. Any updates on the Dubuque scene? I recall something about them possibly acquiring some used buses not long ago to replace unreliable jumbo cutaway units.
  3. Pfft. The Delta variant is already rampant here. The news keeps rambling on and on about how 99% of new cases are among unvaccinated individuals, misinformation is to blame for not having more people vaccinated, gotta break up the hesitancy, etc. So keep the border closed to fully vaccinated Canadians, sure... makes total sense. Way to follow the science officials.
  4. Two potential service re-design scenario draft plans have been posted on the MVTA website under a survey link. Scenario 1 - more direct, higher frequency, less coverage Scenario 2 - more coverage, less direct, less frequency From skimming through both plans my initial thoughts are that both seem like a step backwards in some ways. It seems like some of these proposed routes are just randomly doodled lines.
  5. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    A few recent news items: A crash between a Green Line train and a car left one person dead and another seriously injured: 1 Dead In St. Paul Light Rail Crash A preview of route changes (no schedules yet) for August 21st: more service returning Saturday, Aug. 21 8 Protatos will join the fleet in 2023: Metro Transit Awarded 4.2 Million for Electric Buses
  6. 9562 and I think 9561 were at NFI St. Cloud, MN this afternoon when I drove by. Looked like they along with another 6 units or so were all ready to go and just awaiting drivers. Those darn trees just keep growing bigger and bigger so spotting fleet numbers or getting any half decent pics from the road is getting difficult.
  7. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Stopped by Starlite Transit Center for a little 705 action this morning. Also at least one of the new ABRT/Orange Line XD60 is almost done at NFI. No idea on a unit number, actually it looked like the graphics might not have been added to it yet. I think it was waiting to be pulled into one of the final finish bays. There may have been another unit as well but not sure. The other buses I saw were MTA XDE40 which also have yellow butts and blue noses, so kind of hard to tell them apart with the thick cover of greenery and how packed together everything was.
  8. When there's a tray of custard filled donuts/bismarcks with a vanilla creme filled donut/bismarck tag in front. If you don't have the vanilla creme filled ones today, just pull the tag out! I pretty much expect those 'creme' donuts to be custard filled in most of the supermarket bakery displays. Granted the custard filled ones at my local go-to supermarket are just as delicious as their creme ones, but there is a difference.
  9. So DTA is currently handling a multi-agency RFP for buses. 30, 35', 40' low floor and 45' coach. They also tacked on an addendum for one double-decker bus. I'm very interested to see what the outcome of this is when it finally gets awarded. (They've been delaying for months) Some of these partner agencies are historically loyal to Gillig, while others are loyal to NFI. The way it sounds contracts could ultimately be issued to NFI, MCI, ADL, and Gillig so everyone gets what they want while still meeting FTA regs for competitive bidding. The schedule doesn't seem to mention who specifically is l
  10. Some retired MTU buses up for auction: 2001 Gillig Low Floor 1104 15GGB181X11072551 738,269 miles* 2002 Gillig Low Floor 1106 15GGB181221072271 770,555 miles* 2002 Gillig Low Floor 1107 15GGB181421072272 755,220 miles* 2002 Gillig Low Floor 1108 15GGB181621072273 711,839 miles* (scraped for parts) *Mileage may not be accurate The MTU did get some new buses a few years ago, clean diesel Gilligs. Additionally this news report from April 1st, 2021 mentions more clean diesel, 2 hybrids, and 2 electrics being added this fall; La Crosse Tribune Article
  11. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Agreed. Something similar to how the CTA has station attendants at most L stations would be good for the major stops such as Lake, Central, SPUD, Franklin, T1, MOA, etc. I think having a surge period of 6-12 months of heavy on-board presence, with a mix of ambassadors/attendants and MTPD officers, would help snuff out a lot of the undesirable behavior. The last time I was out at Target Field a few months ago they did have some contractor cleaners walking through each train that came in to remove any litter and quickly spot clean messes if able. That was in tandem with MTPD officers walkin
  12. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    KSTP: Reports of drug use, intoxication and overdoses reveal depth of public health crisis on light rail
  13. A bit of a panic early this morning as I had put a load of clothes in the washer, and when I went to switch the load to the dryer I opened the lid to find the washer had stalled in the agitation cycle and was still filled to the brim with sudsy water. Tried twirling the knob and no luck. Then I got the model number off it and ran a search online for the issue. After skimming over a discussion thread on the model from 2002 (yeah this thing is a tried and true workhorse) I checked the lid latch pocket. Bingo! Sure enough the flap that triggers the safety switch had just gotten stuck open from a
  14. Nice! Also from your photo above, bus 002 is most likely an ARBOC Spirit of Mobility (SOM-23) on Chevrolet 3500 chassis.
  15. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Maybe it was just an off day, but all of the remaining active 32xx D60 last ran on Friday the 21st at the latest. That has me wondering if they are getting stored until the State Fair. I saw 7290 on the 645 today. 7291 is still inactive. It basically sits in the garage from what I'm aware. For MTS notes; - 4254 (ID 5357) hasn't been tracked since May 6th. - 6047 seems to be the only D40LF still running regularly. I rode it on the 16 Friday, the 67 a couple weeks ago. (pics below) Today it ran on the 664. All remaining capacity limits will be dropped on Friday the 28th.
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