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  1. I was bored, so I tried doodling up a basic roof line banner type livery concept for WT, yeah my drawing skills aren't the best
  2. ^ That is one of those general state contracts where a transit authority or operator in WA can then just exercise options on that contract and order buses at the price stated vs. having to do their own RFP procurement process. Whether any agencies will actually use it is another matter. WSDOT may have similar deals with other manufacturers as well.
  3. 2004 and 2005, holy smokes they got their money's worth out of those!
  4. Kind of old news by now, but here's a few shots from Dallas taken 10/31:
  5. Their interior seems to have cleaned up a bit since the 2017 demo unit. It looks nicer without a bunch of access panels in the rear. Edit, and here's the 2014/2015 one as well for another comparison.
  6. Just thinking out loud here, but does anyone think NFI might give the Xcelsior model a facelift in the next few years, or roll out a new model? Or will it probably stay modern looking enough to not need any changes in the near future? The Xcelsior is 11 years old now, so it's not new anymore. However the main competition to it is the LFS and the Low Floor. LFS is way older styling wise (yes I know a 1998 LFS looks different than a 2019 one, but still overall the same boxy shape with curved front) and obviously the Low Floor has been around a while now as well. Personally for looks I think the Xcelsior is still one of the better looking transit buses out there in the North American market.
  7. I was in the DFW region for a short trip a couple weeks ago. While I was there I was able to swing through Denton, TX and check out the DCTA system. The star of the system is the A-Train. This commuter line runs throughout the day and links downtown Denton and the Downtown Denton Transit Center to the DART (Dallas) Green Line light rail at Trinity Mills station. The service is operated by First Transit with Stadler Rail GTW DMU units. When I rode I only observed single unit trains running. I have seen photos of two unit sets however. I only got a couple of so-so pics of 102 as I wasn't waiting a half hour for another just to get another pic. DCTA Connect is the main fixed-route local bus service. There are 8 main routes serving Denton and 2 in Lewisville. From what I observed the Lewisville ones are likely operated with cutaway type buses. I spotted quite a few Ford Transit chassis cutaways at A Train stations while riding up to Denton. The Denton routes mostly run with 35' Gillig LF. A cutaway or an EZ Rider may also pop up on those routes however. And vice versa the Gilligs may show up on campus shuttles as well. I didn't get too many pics of the regular route buses as they have 20-50 minute frequencies and there really aren't dedicated pulse times at the DDTC. Finally there are the campus shuttle services. The bulk of the service is for UNT - University of North Texas, however there are also a couple shuttle lines for NCTC. (I didn't observe those, possibly run with cutaways?) The UNT shuttles are operated with a fleet of Champion CTS RE on Freightliner chassis and Eldo EZ Rider II BRT 35' units. A couple Gilligs were also seen on shuttles, 1712, and also 0704 posted above was on the DP. With the Champion units all sporting a UNT specific livery, I'm curious whether they are owned by the University vs. DCTA, or if they were previously contracted in a separate system. There are two main transfer points on the UNT campus, Fouts Field Transfer and Union Transfer. I got most of my pics around Union as the sun was perfect Overall an interesting system to see. I would have liked to ride around a bit more but I wanted to get down to Forth Worth. Plus most of the campus shuttles complete their loops in 10-15 minutes, so it's just the sames buses again if you wait around. EDIT: I will also note I'm just assuming the first two digits on the bus fleet numbers are the year, but that may not be correct. If anyone has better info on that please comment.
  8. That livery is a great update IMO, it's sharp but not gaudy and should still look good in 10-15 years. The current scheme wasn't bad, but was definitely getting a bit dated. Also branding as STL Metro is a nice touch. Yes it's not some rocket science marketing name, but it is unique and certainly fits the system. Better than continuing to go by 'Metro' like the other 800 or so agencies.
  9. Spotted a 35' Vicinity pulling out of the Delta cargo access road tonight at MSP. It was dark at the time so couldn't really tell if it was in service or not. Plain white and no decals or lit signs. I'll watch the Delta employee shuttles now to see if it or others start appearing. I'm just assuming it would have to be for Delta as the only other shuttles for the contractors are run with vans or small cutaways.
  10. How about the mirror placement on this BYD demo? https://www.flickr.com/photos/tec869/48926948903/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/tec869/48926931258/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/tec869/48926949608/ (Photos © TEC_869 on Flickr)
  11. https://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/auction/view?auc=2447642 TDH4523 for sale from Lafayette Go CityBus, hope it goes to a good home.
  12. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Seems a bit odd they didn't figure out they didn't get additional funding from the legislature for BEBs until last month, but okay. For contracted service I've noticed First has been running one of the remaining 2006 D40LF on the 542 in the afternoons. They also seem to consistently run on the 350. Since they were redone in the new scheme I assume they aren't retiring immediately.
  13. Nice, I can't recall if they already have replacements booked for rest of the 2006 units or not. If there's only 3 2019 Gilligs then I guess those just replace the 2003 ones and maybe another 05. I saw an 05 on the 444 not long ago.
  14. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    I have to wonder if the charging issues with the XE60 have also lead to the initial order reduction? It would be sort of foolish to enter a contract for a sizable order of electrics while your 'test' order is sitting in the garage due to charging issues with no known fix in sight. Aside from any remaining Phantoms the next 40' to replace will be the RGRTA-RTS hybrids, which will be 14 in 2021, so they have a little time yet.
  15. Curious on the NA ADL Enviro200 and older NFI MiDi, does anyone have observations as to how they've been performing so far? I haven't really heard anything good or bad since they've been rolled out.
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