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    Metro Transit

    So apparently 3107 and 3143 wound up in Denver. Just found that both are up for auction again. Given the seller I'm guessing they were run temporarily as student shuttles in the Denver region? Auction #3046445 - 2003 New Flyer Articulating Bus Auction #3046427 - 2003 New Flyer Articulating Bus
  2. Thanks Agreed, definitely nice to see the upgrade from the old LFs to the Xcelsiors. My only nitpick on the XD40 is a back window a more cheery interior color scheme (vs. grey/beige) would've been nice options. They still feel a bit dark inside. Yes, part of their plans for 2023 include much more frequent service and some scrapping of the current 5 pulse point system. I would hope they'll consider some artics in the future for their potential BRT services. Allegedly with the core trunk section of the BRT service buses will be timed to arrive every 7 minutes, so that will be a big improvement. https://www.cityofmadison.com/metro/routes-schedules/transit-network-redesign
  3. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Could be something to do with Gold. Maybe a press tour or something. Or just showing current powertain stuff to the maintenance team. Could also be they're temporarily assigned there for this weekends upcoming Green Line shuttles due to maintenance. --- Anyone else noticing issues with their GoTo card not working? Mine works fine on the buses. But I noticed a couple days ago only the older validators on the LRT platforms will read it and accept the current pass on it, newer ones reject and say needs funds. TVMs I checked would not recognize there's a card to read at all. I noticed a couple other riders getting error messages when tapping their cards too so not sure if it's a system glitch or something.
  4. Observations from a visit to La Crosse last month; From what I can gather additions from the last few years are, 1401-1404 2019 Gillig LF 35' 1501-1506 2021 Gillig LF 35' (not sure of the exact amount in this order, there may be additional units) Both series feature the new lime green base which was chosen to promote the bio-diesel and cleaner exhaust aspects. 2002 Gillig LF 35' 1109 and 1111 were still in service. La Crescent Apple Express route 10 is operated by an ARBOC SOM cutaway. As far as service, the only major change to the system is the addition of a new ciculator route connecting some key shopping, work, and community destinations with the downtown transfer spot at Grand River Station. The route is branded as MTU Go and is operated as two routes, Ciculator 1 running clockwise and Ciculator 2 running counterclockwise. Both run on a 30 minute frequency and pulse at GRS with the other MTU routes on the :12/:42. Finally, after some delay, MTU did debut their new Proterra units during a special press conference on April 20th: (Yes, of course it would be the following week after I visit. Hope to see them next time ) MTU La Crosse unveils first pair of electric busses (News 19 WXOW) These are 1601 and 1602.
  5. Last month I went on a short trip through central Wisconsin and was able to get some pics in Wausau, Stevens Point and Madison. (La Crosse update to be posted in that thread eventually) Wausau Metro Ride got their new 2022 Gilligs, I observed 221-227. From what I saw it looks like the oldest units now are the 2009 90x ones. They had received some secondhand units as a stop gap measure until the new order arrived. I'm not sure if any of those are still around. Stevens Point City Bus, or Central Transit as it now appears to be branded, is a fairly typical smaller city system. They operate 7 routes, however 4 of them are the main city routes pulsing at the downtown connection point while a 5th is more focused on serving the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point campus. The other routes are a Saturday only service and a late night bus. Fleet wise, the system operates Gillig 29' in both diesel and hybrid variants. Metro Transit in Madison is still slowly switching its identity over from the old Metro branding. One thing of interest is the entire system is getting redesigned in 2023. This will bring some 'BRT' (rapid bus) to major corridors and also consolidate some of the current circuitous routing into more of a higher frequency grid based system. Already there are a couple of major streets in the western end of Madison with the shoulders converted to bus/turn lanes. The one bus I was riding in the afternoon was even using that feature to bypass some congestion. During my visit I only saw the 19xx and 20xx series XD40 in service. I'm assuming the 22xx ones will be joining the active pool soon. Since the XD40 were a small part of the fleet, the bus scene was understandably still dominated by the newer Gillig LF 40' units in the old Metro scheme. It appeared they still run their hybrid buses regularly as well. The oldest LF I observed was 904 deadheading from the garage, probably on a school run. I saw no sign whatsoever of the 3 Proterra buses.
  6. Service changes effective 5/21/22: https://www.mvta.com/news/service-change-to-take-effect-may-21/ More express service is restored. Route 436 will begin operating all day. Primarily to better serve the Viking Lakes area it looks like. Route 445 will now be 'properly' serving the large mobile home park at the end of the route by traveling northbound up Argenta vs. southbound on the current routing. (Now we'll have to see if MT flips out as technically this means MVTA is serving riders with a stop in IGH...) Weekend service on the 446! Routes 497 and 499 note they will now be operating with 40' buses.
  7. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    I believe it, I've been on a few rides where someone starts banging on the back curbside window as the bus is pulling out of a stop. Heck, I'm surprised there aren't cracked windows just from slamming into potholes all day on some of these streets. It's a shame our buses, and more importantly our operators, aren't respected more. By the way how is it for the bus operators now that masks are no longer 'required'? I imagine not having to deal with enforcing or asking for riders to wear masks is welcome. Though I'm sure some operators would prefer if everyone was still wearing masks.
  8. I was in Wausau, WI last week and got some shots of the Metro Ride buses, I'd still like to know if there's any particular reason behind their livery looking so similar to the (now old) RTD scheme or if it's a random coincidence. Here's a photo I took of 5133 last year and a photo of Metro Ride 224 both from the rear for comparison:
  9. MVTArider


    Agreed! The LFS' especially would look much sharper in this scheme. I also like that they've avoided the cardinal sin of including window wrap/decals on this new design. Seems like a lot of agencies opt for that and then fail to maintain it when a window is replaced or the decals peel off from washing. Personally I'm also not a fan of special livery designs for non-diesel buses. I think it's better to just stick with a standard livery for all fuel/propulsion types and then add a small emblem or banner along part of the roofline or on the additional roof pod. I get having a special 'temporary' scheme to promote something new like hybrid buses 10-15 years ago, switching to CNG, or now the battery bus thing, but when X fuel type is a significant part of the fleet it seems silly.
  10. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    3269 was caught up on a slick overpass in St. Paul on Friday apparently...
  11. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Darn, was hoping they would be going with frameless windows on those to match the new Metro Transit Gilligs. Trying to figure out what exactly these 29 will replace though... 16 30 footers. We have 8 that can be replaced; 2008 6090-6097 = 8 buses. Then there's 2011 60027-60030, 60040-60043 = 8 buses. But technically those should be going for another couple years unless they're already past 500k. +3 for expansion 40 footers. 6046, 6047, 2608, 4254, 1200-1205 = 10 ... so if the 2011 30 footers are also getting replaced then we're at 29. However if those will be staying around then perhaps the 14xx or some/all of the 16xx will be transferred back to MT instead.
  12. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    If it was this Metro Transit livery then it's for Madison Metro Transit: Madison Metro 1913 by J. Mc., on Flickr
  13. Ballpark how much would a heavy wrecker tow or flatbed to some location a few hours or a day or two away cost? I'd imagine with auction terms like that a (smart) buyer would be factoring in that potential cost with their bid amount.
  14. Oh First https://kstp.com/kstp-news/local-news/authorities-at-scene-of-bus-crash-in-cedar-riverside-neighborhood/ Thankfully no injuries.
  15. IMO for looks, an Optare Solo style windshield/front would improve appearance vs. that odd platypus front. In addition to allowing for the full low floor cabin, I'm wondering if the long wheelbase allows for a smoother ride when compared to a typical E450 cutaway. Interesting concept, I agree it probably would be a good fit for lighter passenger load applications. With the steerable rear axle, I could see this being very useful for some paratransit operations if it's maneuverable.
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