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  1. How bad are the driver/operator shortages there? I noticed in the latest service changes it looks like Main MAX is trimmed down to 30 minute frequency now. I hope they can get some good candidates hired soon.
  2. MVTA is potentially getting 2 more Gillig 40' off contract 19P122 https://metrocouncil.org/getdoc/a695de35-2d0b-41cc-9830-f68a194458ab/BusinessItem.aspx Additionally the MVTA will be getting some CMAQ funding for an Orange Line feeder route project https://metrocouncil.org/getdoc/4e6ab4a2-e66a-412b-92ea-0407ab7fb049/BusinessItem.aspx ^Seems they're a bit behind the ball on this with the Orange Line opening coming up either in December* or March, but at least there's some sort of plan. Service reductions on select routes were implemented October 15th. Notably the 438 and rather redundant 442X have been replaced by the new Connect option and deferring to the Red Line. https://www.mvta.com/news/trip-reductions-take-effect-monday-on-several-routes/ Additionally some trips on express routes have been eliminated. I've also observed a few 2007 Low Floors still roaming about. *Edit: Orange line opens with 12/4 changes
  3. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Blue and Green Line service adjustments due to the ongoing operator shortage. https://www.metrotransit.org/lrt-schedules-will-change-oct-23
  4. More units listed for auction: 1502 2000 New Flyer D60LF 5FYD2UM0XYU021505 1503 2000 New Flyer D60LF 5FYD2UM03YU021507 26444 2006 Orion 07.501 1VHFH3G2066702535 28458 2008 Orion 07.501 1VHFH3G2186704393 There's also a 2010 cutaway listed.
  5. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    You're right. It was a stupid thought. The XDE40 were originally bought to test out the new (at the time) 'super hybrid' system and be operated on various routes around the system. Even though they're 9 years old they still seem to get around quite a bit showing up on all sorts of routes. Definitely rare to find one on the 61, but also not surprising since they show up on such random runs. They do seem to show up on the 10 and 25 semi-regularly when they are running. 5:30 is a bit early for me, I'm usually just getting home from work at 1am Hopefully they'll still be able to open... EDIT: looks like it'll be delayed unfortunately https://kstp.com/traffic/2-dead-in-fiery-car-crash-bus-station-i-35w-lake-street-minneapolis/6271983/
  6. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    I've noticed the 3200 and 3300 series artics seem much better in quality from my perspective as a rider too. A bit smoother and more solid feeling when riding. I've been on a few of the 3400s with pieces of the interior panels hanging down or a light fixture cover sitting on a seat, and wow those things rattle bad sometimes. That makes sense they need to pull them out for maintenance and brakes. Routes like the 5 and 54 are especially hard on them I imagine. IIRC there's not exactly a surplus of maintenance and mechanic staff at MT either. I wonder if we'll see a few more routes transferred to MTS eventually if this continues. If some of the peak period express runs can be covered with a 40', it would probably make sense to just kick some more 16xx over to First if it means core routes like 5, 6, 21, 54, etc. have more reliable coverage. Well, at least they got plenty of extra operators to run the RED line.
  7. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Went by South this afternoon, 8141 and at least one other 81xx XD60 were outside. Multiple D60 lined up in the spots along 77th. There are still some Phantoms parked in the side parking lot area with their livery whited out. Also one 34xx unit in the ABRT wrap. Unfortunately I was driving by in a work vehicle and had an urgent repair to attend to so did not have time to stop for pics.
  8. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Apparently the DTA will be leasing 5 Gilligs from Metro Transit to ensure adequate fleet spare ratio. Motion.pdf
  9. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    ^Thanks for sharing all the pics Curious, are there operators who preferred driving the D60 over the D60LFR or newer Xcelsior artics, or are the newer buses generally favored? (I imagine the acceleration is better on the newer ones) That's awesome you got to drive one for a day. If the 8020's are just waiting for delivery then I suppose we'll potentially see them in service on RED as soon as November if it's a quicker PDI process. ---- I've noticed the 54 seems to have gone back to having more 40' units assigned in the last week or so. It's still a little awkward after all the social-distancing the last 18 months to get onto a Low Floor with 25 riders on it and go sit with someone. At the same time it's nice to see ridership returning though. ---- FWIW, for the D60 fans here's a video I got of a ride on, based on TransSee, 3141's last in service regular route run going from MSP to MOA back on 8/26. (It may have done some Fair service since that wouldn't be noted) As a bus nerd it would be cool to see these return one more year, but realistically these are 18 years old and probably becoming more of a liability than an asset as time goes on. I remember riding one of these when they were new on the Hiawatha Line opening day in 2004.
  10. I know Duluth Transit Authority runs one of their 'Streetcar' model trolley-esque buses. I don't know of any operators of their Urban bus model yet. I'm not seeing any mention of it being Altoona tested either, but that could just be in process. Considering their initial target market is probably smaller transit fleets looking to buy a few buses in a year, they'll certainly have their work cut out to get a piece of the heavy-duty transit bus market. Smaller orders are Gillig's bread and butter and ElDo has a fair share in some of those size orders as well. If it's a good product though and they can back it up with service and support I'm sure they'll get some business. EDIT: Also I think the Urban promo photos were taken in Wausau, WI.
  11. Been a while, here's a few current photos taken during the Fair: Also I've seen the Southwest Prime vans occasionally at the Airport and MOA. They have both small cutaways and RAM ProMaster vans for that service. The RAM vans have rear bumper mounted bike racks.
  12. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Metro Transit is looking at whether to consolidate the north/south running local routes in downtown St. Paul onto Robert St. permanently once some street reconstruction projects wrap up. https://www.metrotransit.org/robert_minnesota_survey Personally I like the concept of getting everything onto one street if it means they also have better stops (NexTrip display/heated shelter/security) at the major transfer points. One thing I wonder about is if it might work better to have all NB going up Minnesota and SB coming down Robert. Might make for some better waiting areas with more space. Some trips on both LRT lines were cancelled Saturday evening due to operator shortages. https://kstp.com/minnesota-news/metro-transit-staff-shortage-causes-light-rail-cancellations/6234553/ A few more D60 shots from the last couple weeks. From randomly checking TransSee they seem to have returned to roost in their respective garages at the end of the State Fair. Perhaps a few were out on limited assignments, but I didn't notice anything. I'm going to guess this is the last time the 31xx operate before they get retired, but with how things have been I'll wait until they show up at auction before saying they're done for good. For MTS, D40LF 2608, 6046, 6047 have all been semi regularly showing up on local routes. The Nova has not been active since 8/6, so not sure if it's 'retired' or just waiting on a repair or something again.
  13. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    I wonder what was going on at South that would lead to needing to put those on regular route service? I would assume they weren't just randomly assigned while there were regular route 40' units ready to go. D60 have been running on the State Fair express Bloomington runs.
  14. I actually got up early, and STAYED up this morning, 5:30am. So after the usual shower/shave/get dressed/check weather/take the dog walkies/check the buses/piss one more time/check I have everything/dog has water/doors are locked?/leave morning process which always seems to take an annoyingly long time I was still catching a bus to downtown by 8am. Which in turn meant a productive morning of transitfanning on my day off. Usually, as I'm so used to my 2nd shift schedule, I'm lucky if I'm out of bed and out the door by noon.
  15. Port Authority is my guess. They seem to have a fondness for red buses lately.
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