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  1. Once a system gets over two of a select service type (LRT, BRT, ABRT, tram, etc) using a letter or color is beneficial in my opinion. M1, M2, A, B, or GREEN, BLUE, etc. Technically they could also have a corresponding letter for the service line name, i.e. MAIN MAX = M, Troost = T, Prospect = P, etc. (Although then you run into the issue of needing to take a P on the way to work )
  2. 2019 Gilligs are in, no idea how many. One notable difference from the 2018 order is they have gone back to front door only and an extra row of seats. Here's 4949 on the 484R: I'm assuming this means the few remaining 2003 and 2005 Gilligs will be retired.
  3. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    IIRC SWT already has or is getting two LE ones, so maybe they'll be for MVTA. Could be going to regional route contracts or expanded service at MGT or PML as well I suppose. It's good to see accessible coaches gaining in popularity.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Book 10 months out, wow, good to know. If I do go someday I'm planning to do it for at least 3 weeks, ideally a month. I'd want travel insurance anyways for that sort of investment so that would at least cover me if something came up after 8 months or something.
  5. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    3129 was on the 54 this morning. Metro Transit 3129 Ride by J. Mc., on Flickr
  6. Are these equipped with some sort of turbo super-duty HVAC or an advanced EMP? That mini pod on the roof has me curious.
  7. Around 10 AATA 2003 Low Floors are now part of Lorenz Bus Service's transit fleet. I'm assuming these are primarily for the MN State fair shuttles, but given that they're newer units I suppose they could pop up on some of their other contracts as well. Here's some pics from during the Fair:
  8. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Both 988 and 989 are still with Metro Transit from what I'm aware, so keep a close eye on the auctions as I'm guessing they'll be listed in the next batch or two they dispose of. I would assume the VINs and years will be listed. ---- Alright, for those who are interested here's some D60 and Phantom pics from two fanning trips during the Fair:
  9. Thanks for sharing some photos. Looks like they have the same livery as Winnipeg Transit now 😛 Yeesh that's a dull institutional look.
  10. Nice photos! Would love to know how it is fanning there. I would like to visit a couple cities in Australia and New Zealand myself sometime in the future.
  11. IIRC from the MBS visit there were a few C40LFR that had been involved in accidents, they may have decided to scrap vs. risk the tanks leaking. Otherwise I don't know how much mileage MARTA piles on their buses, but it could be they get 500,000 easily and can retire early.
  12. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    I had the day off so I took full advantage of the wonderful weather and went fanning, observations: Spotted Phantoms in service on the 3, 5, 960, and one other route. Those seem to be relegated to local peak blocks as I suspected. I did not spot any on express duty along MARQ2. DT Minneapolis MARQ2 2nd Ave S is the best bet for D60 action during the PM weekday rush. In addition to the usual 32xx on the 850F and other MJ Ruter operated runs, I saw a number of 31xx as well. There almost seemed to be more D60 than D60LFR/XD60 when I got to 2nd Ave at first. I also saw one D60 on Marquette, probably a South unit, and 3125 was on the Bloomington SF park & ride express. With the exception of 3125 most of the Metro Transit buses at the Fair TC were D60LFR and XD60, plus Gilligs on the 960. Note, I was there during the early afternoon and not during the 3pm-6pm period, so the mix may be slightly different then, on the weekend or in the early morning. The Metro Transit loop is definitely quieter than a few years ago with all the service cuts from the operator shortages. Lorenz is still running everything in house for the SF free shuttles. They had a decent amount of Phantoms going ranging from ex-Metro Transit '94-'02 units. They have also added more secondhand Low Floors from a couple different systems. Additionally they continue to run their fleet of ex-Houston METRO, ex-Johnson County, ex-MVTA/PML/MTS D40LF, and ex-SCMB/IU/CATS LF. A Line was horribly bunched as usual due to the SF traffic jams, but still a pretty quick way to get there. It was all the 8000-8012 Gilligs, and a couple of 17xx. I was hoping they might pop an 81xx or two on the A for more capacity but no. We were leaving folks at the stops Northbound after University. I spotted one 87xx XE60 on the C Line, so I guess those are either getting back in action, or they are at least throwing them on for short assignments between charges at the garage. Also saw 8013, 8015, and 8102 on the C. I was disappointed there was no 87xx on display at the Eco Experience I'll add a follow up post with some pics from today, once I get them posted to my Flickr as time permits.
  13. 2003 GILLIG LF 31 15GGE221131090574 https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=19&acctid=9543 2004 GILLIG LF 42 15GGE291541090925 https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=20&acctid=9543 31 was still in service when I was there at the end of May, not sure if something came in to replace it or if they were just running it until it conked out. The mileage on both units is impressive, 42 has 508,248. I doubt either has been refurbed either.
  14. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Auctions closing in a few days FWIW. The two D60 are scrap: 3140 3149 7105 7106 7107 7108 7109
  15. If the wrap isn't planned to be used for too long, or it needs to go to some special events for a backdrop, a unit that would be retired soon would make sense. Wraps can leave minor paint damage that needs to be fixed when they are removed. Also if they were planning to have it attend a few events or press conferences an older unit works better logistically as it would be probably sitting around otherwise. The general public just sees a bus, they aren't going to notice it's a 2006 and wonder why it's not a 2019.
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