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  1. This was taken in 2014 but thought it was interesting, Google Streetview from ABC Faribault:
  2. Brandon Transit

    It may be held for a while due to legal holds and not necessarily a write off. When a transit vehicle is involved in any sort of major accident involving injuries and/or property damage, depending on the agency and circumstances it can be held by the legal department for months while court cases, claims, lawsuits, etc. are processed.
  3. Emory University in Atlanta, GA has a fairly sizable campus shuttle system that serves it's main campus and hospital facilities. The system is comprised of about 20 different routes, although some are special services which only run during select periods. The shuttles are operated and presumably owned by First Transit. The fleet consists largely of ElDorado National EZ Rider II BRT 30' units, some 35', small cutaways, and at least one Axess 40'. The Axess is completely white with only the Emory logo on each side, so I'm not sure if it's just an older unit, or recently acquired used or transferred. The cutaway pictured was the only one I spotted, but I'm guessing there are others for late night services and dial-a-ride. The shuttles serve designated stops on campus as marked with Emory Cliff bus stop signs. From what I can tell the system is officially known as Cliff Shuttle, but 'Cliff' is not really noted aside from some references on the shuttle info. pages, and an emblem on the bus stop signs and side of each bus. For information on the system visit the Emory shuttle information page: http://transportation.emory.edu/shuttles/index.html
  4. Macon Transit Authority

    During my trip to Atlanta, to attend the MBS convention and APTA Expo last week, I started off with a quick visit to Macon. The fleet is now comprised of XD40 running primarily on route 9, ElDo Axess on a couple of routes, VII on another route, and cutaways. I'm guessing funding for the MTA is not at the best level, as the system definitely looked like it could use some TLC. Very few of the dest. signs were working, most buses seemed to have a paper sign in the window. The next bus announcement signs at the downtown terminal weren't functioning. The buses themselves have a lot of wear and tear that would have likely been repaired at a different agency. Bus stop signage at many stops still consists of the old scheme. The way the schedules are set up it appears they are trying to maximize the level of service out of what service hours they can afford to operate. For example the route 9 I rode to and from downtown to the motel is scheduled with a 5 minute recovery time downtown, for a run that takes about 80 minutes, with multiple traffic lights, turns, traffic, circuitous routing, and absolutely no transit advantages whatsoever. The bus was 5 minutes late when I got on heading downtown, and about 20 minutes late leaving downtown when I headed back on a later trip. I must commend their staff though, despite being late with no time for a break and having to deal with impatient riders the drivers at the terminal all seemed to be very upbeat and friendly. Now for the photos, the XD40 have a unique design compared to the typical layout most agencies buy. I spotted 525, and got pics of 526, 527, all wrapped and running route 9. These all have a centered rear door, and two ramps: The Axess also appear to have ramps for each door from what I can tell. Two of the three I got pics of were unwrapped, with another in a Mercer Bears wrap. Also 522 caught fire I'm guessing, as you can see it with obvious smoke damage to the roof in the recent Google aerial view of the MTA yard: https://goo.gl/maps/BpJgXs7JeBC2 And finally some shots of VII 587 and 589, as well as some cutaways. 716 is not noted in the Wiki list, I'm wondering if it might be that previously mentioned 'zero emissions' one? It was crawling down the street when I took that pic like it was having problems with acceleration. It appeared to have Freedman CitiSeat model from what I saw through the window. Not often one sees a cutaway with dual doors either. Also here's one of the old Cherry Blossom Express bus stop signs. Anyone know what that name is from? I can't find any record of the system being called by that name.
  5. Metro Transit

    6 XE60 for 2019: http://www.startribune.com/metro-transit-getting-6-electric-buses-in-2019/447804953/
  6. Gillig product discussion

    Since I was at the APTA Expo I asked someone with Gillig about this. An artic model is being planned but it will be a while. I'm guessing there'll be one actually produced and displayed for APTA Expo 2020. Was told the battery electric design was more important to develop first so they did.
  7. Gillig product discussion

    Yes those agencies tend to get NFI artics, but is that because those are the only realistic option? Kind of hard to buy a Gillig artic (or heck, an ElDorado artic) when they don't make one. But otherwise, yes, Gillig's overall market of smaller agencies happy with the 30'-40' models probably hasn't made the investment in R&D for an artic model something they see as a worthwhile pursuit. (so far, we'll see what the future holds)
  8. Hmm, just checked out the ABC inventory, this A300L ex-922 is listed as a 2012 YE2UF24B8C2064891: http://www.abc-companies.com/rv/winter+garden+fl/vanhool+motorcoach/696/van+hool+a300l+
  9. Well the D40LF have been replaced by some more A300L, I suspect 2010 units from DC Circulator based on the interior. Also on a First note, it appears the former U of MN assigned 2002 Low Floors are now gone from their active fleet, now that the 2008 Gillig BRT Delta Airlines buses have all been refurbished. It'll be interesting to see how long First (or Delta) runs these BRTs. A couple of them sound horrible, you can hear the ISL07/B400R powertrain shrieking a 1/4 mile away.
  10. New Winnipeg - Selkirk service

    Next month it'll be this guy probably...
  11. Metro Transit

    Time for the annual State Fair transit report! 7109 was the one 2004 Low Floor observed in a temporary wrap for the arterial bus A Line service, while I did see it a few times over the 12 day Fair period, I unfortunately never had a chance to ride and was only able to get this lone photo with my phone (albeit better than nothing): Metro Transit 7109 Overall the A Line service seemed a bit better this year with 8012 added to the fleet and 7109 as an extra, but there were still some bad times of bus bunching. Of course this is unavoidable given how congested Snelling gets during the Fair. For Metro Transit a number of Phantoms including 976, 996, and some 10xx series were out and about. I spotted 996 on the 960 service during the Fair, and also was able to ride 1024 on one of the local routes. D60HF also made appearances, although they seemed to be operated mainly on the peak period express routes while XD60 worked the all day Fair services. I did spot one D60 at the Fair during my visit, but was unable to get a photo. And finally as before I'll just plop the State Fair shuttles operated by Lorenz in here as well, lots of goodies to see this year. Lorenz appeared to have moved the majority of the service back to their own transit bus fleet thanks to recent additions of retired D40LF from Houston, Met Council, and at least one Gillig Low Floor from MVTA. I think the oldest units in their transit fleet are now 1995 vintage Phantoms. No 6V92TA units remain from what I observed. The Houston units I'm guessing are from the 2000-2001 orders, as they sounded like they had Cummins and not S50. I could be mistaken on that however. I'm sure a Houston area member can provide better info. In other news, transit fares will be increasing by 25 cents on October 1st. https://www.metrotransit.org/fare-increase
  12. Alexander Dennis

    So it sounds like the 200s are essentially replacing an ARBOC and a 30' Gillig, (and the XDE35 replace a 30' Gillig and a D35LF). Would love to know what the other agencies involved are. I have to suspect MATBUS, they also have some 30' Gilligs up for retirement soon. At any rate it's nice to see the 200 continuing on in the North American market. Now the question remains, will we see the 200 MMC styling brought here to match the current 500?
  13. Seattle Area Transit Pictures

    Some random shots from my short 1 day visit to Seattle back in June: I stayed down in Federal Way during my visit, was interesting to see how congested those HOV lanes on I-5 get. Are they even enforced? Still it was a nice ride on the 177 (or was it 178?) with a D60 in the morning, and then another nice ride on the 590 to Tacoma with a BRTPlus CNG in the afternoon. (Wow that bus could move!) LINK was a bit nicer experience this time around with every 10 frequency. Glad they keep your light rail cleaner than Metro does here. Our trains simply reek sometimes. Also had a chance to ride a DE60LFA on the A down to Federal Way TC. I took the LINK from DT to Tukwila, and then A down to Federal as there was no way I was going to try taking my giant suitcase on board the D4500 on the 577 from downtown, and apparently they aren't allowed to take anything underneath. Makes me wonder how they handle luggage at SEATAC on ST routes with D4500 though... Also managed to catch what appeared to be the lone Enviro500 (MMC) on the 512 to Everett during the AM. Very nice ride. Was sort of funny as I saw it coming up 5th and was thinking, alright! Then the lady waiting there says to me, ooh, we get the double decker! I guess they are pretty popular even among the non-enthusiast riders!
  14. Jefferson Lines

    https://www.jeffersonlines.com/travel-information/travel-to-canada/ Definitely looks like some sort of low fare promotion, was $25 from Minneapolis to Fargo to Winnipeg, but $38 from Minneapolis to Fargo on a trip I checked. I wonder if they have just one operator driving for the entire trip from Fargo to Winni and back to Fargo? Seems like that would be a fairly long shift, even though there would be a roughly 4 hour break between arrival and departure.
  15. Metro Transit

    Interesting sighting this afternoon, spotted one of my favorite 71xx 2004 Low Floor units done up in the arterial rapid bus scheme (similar to 8000-8012). It was either deadheading or working the 134. My guess is MT is planning on dedicating one or two to the A Line during the State Fair this year to help with bus bunching and crowding. Last year they had a few regular buses on A during the busy times. Also noticed they have started adding advertising to the exteriors on some ABRT buses. Haven't seen any wraps yet but I'm sure one will surface eventually.