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  1. MVTArider

    Gillig product discussion

    Well I got to give Gillig a little credit for at least attempting to update the 1980's vintage headlights on the standard front. Still I think that is a rather funky looking redesign. IMO even a 2003 Caetano Nimbus bodywork* has a more stylish appearance with the headlights: *EDIT, should clarify bodywork as it's a British bus, so technically it's a Dart SLF.
  2. MVTArider

    Milwaukee County Transit System

    Recent news from Milwaukee: Milwaukee County advances grant request for BRT hybrids, orders more diesel buses
  3. MVTArider

    Winnipeg Transit 300-369 (2018 XD40)

    Would be nice if they could add the T logo on the rear, though I guess many of the rears will eventually be covered in wraps for pizzapizza or whatnot.
  4. MVTArider

    BHA 2018 Convention - Dayton/Cincinnati

    Yes 9801-9854 would be the ETi/Skoda trolleys 1401-1404 are the dual mode Gillig BRTPlus bodied Vossloh-Kiepe ones. Then 10xx - 17xx and 27xx, 28xx, 29xx are all their standard and hybrid diesel Gillig fleet. I don't think they have any New Flyer units left in active service.
  5. MVTArider

    BHA 2018 Convention - Dayton/Cincinnati

    Ooh, they have a real time map with bus numbers! http://ridetime.greaterdaytonrta.org/bustime/home.jsp Assuming the ID numbers in the trackers are correct, I've spotted one 98xx on the 2, two 98xx and 1404 on the 4. Otherwise it looks like the diesel Gilligs will be easy to find Right, that's the Dayton Trolleys I was referring to, was just curious if anyone was aware of any newer details. I'm guessing watching the real-time maps will be the best way to stay informed at this point
  6. MVTArider

    BHA 2018 Convention - Dayton/Cincinnati

    Any news on the current state of ETB operations on the regular routes? From the last update on Dayton Trolleys it sounded like the 1 could possibly have a new one, 4 would be the best chance of seeing some, and if the 8 has the wire installed by now that would be a possibility too. I'm hoping to ride one or two and get some non-diesel regular service pics before the tour day
  7. MVTArider


    Maybe if/when NFI falls apart from getting greedy and over-investing themselves we can get some fresh meat from other manufacturers into the NA transit bus pool. I wouldn't mind seeing some TEMSA Avenue EV for example... I hope the Proterra design would continue to be offered in the event of a buyout, though I can see combining their EV drivetrain with an Xcelsior shell being more feasible.