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  1. 1st one definitely looks like a Startcraft Allstar body to me. Looking at their site I'm guessing it's a 32'. 2nd one I believe is a current generation Champion Defender. They still have pics of the older model on their site, but if you click through the 'exterior' tab the styling on the newer one looks very similar. https://www.championbus.com/bus/defender/ I totally relate on the thread topic too. I know some makes/models but not others, so it's definitely relatable having confusion. It almost seems like cutaways are more regional in some regards, i.e. we seem to get a lot of Eldorado, Glaval, and Elkhart Coach bodies around MN, while StarTrans and Goshen might be the norm in another area.
  2. Lowest bid to repair maybe?? I agree though, makes very little sense. There are plenty of firms in the US who would be very capable of doing even an extensive collision repair. However, if there is some sort of new repair method/part/material being used on it and it's being shown around as a in-the-field example, that would be very plausible.
  3. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    I guess they sent 1632 as well 🤷‍♂️ Metropolitan Transportation Services 1632 by J. Mc., on Flickr
  4. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    So yeah anyways here's some pics of route 54 and 74 action, fresh off W. 7th this afternoon, taken while out on a long walk: It looked like 40' units were only running certain 54 trips, while 54M runs were exclusively artics. It also seemed like the 54 was more like 10 minute frequency, though it's scheduled at 15. There were three artics I spotted on the 74, though only got pics of two.
  5. A reporter with inside knowledge in the matter, who spoke with me on the condition of remaining anonymous as no clearance has been granted to speak publicly on the topic, confirmed in a private interview conducted at some point within the past two weeks (an exact time cannot be provided due to confidentiality concerns) that when reporters at the individual's employing news broadcasting organization are offered anonymous tips or figures they are free to report and publish said tips or figures as though they are fact or official verifiable data so long as they continue to uphold the anonymity of the anonymous source and maintain confidentiality or ambiguity in regards to any potentially identifying facts or figures that could inadvertently be traced back to the anonymous source or sources by official sources, offices, or organizations should the actual data be released or summarized. 😷
  6. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    LRT is still only operating 6a-9p I thought? Nice to see them bringing back late service on the 54 though. Even with the drop in MSP usage there are still a lot of airport workers who need to use that. I'm still driving or walking instead of using any transit until they relax the 'essential trips only', but I hope those D60 will still run a little after they finally relax that requirement. Still no word on artic replacements or awarding that 40' electric/diesel contract yet?
  7. Ditto, I barely watch TV usually. If I do it's just a rerun or two on some of the oldies or rerun stations, or 15 minutes of a local newscast. Otherwise Youtube seems to have a lot of good stuff that was on cable 10-15 years ago for free. Nonetheless when I moved into my current place I hooked up my antenna box (basic $20 flat indoor antenna that sits next to the TV or can hang on the wall) and was a little disappointed it was only pulling in a couple channels. I looked at some beefier outdoor or attic type antennas but just didn't feel like shelling out $50-$100 on something I knew I would barely use. A few months later I was bored one afternoon, so decided to see what would happen if I tried putting the antenna box up in the attic and running a feeder cable down. (I had a cable that was left by the previous owner) 15 minutes later after drilling a feeder hole, running the line up, and popping the antenna box up on the ridge beam in the attic, I had perfect reception on every local channel. Haven't bothered to do anything else with it since and certainly am not going to spend a nickel extra on any streaming or cable TV options from Concast
  8. Auction #2579545 - 2003 Orion V 40 Foot Transit Bus #948 Auction #2579548 - 2002 Gillig Phantom 40 Foot Transit Bus #7129 The Phantom is one of the former Metro Transit units. I hope there'll still be some Orion V left once stuff gets back towards normal again. I was originally planning to see some on the BHA tour, but since that is delayed till 2021 at least (for very good and understandable reasons) now I'm wondering if CyRide will be all Low Floors and LFSA by the time things return to a peak school period operation.
  9. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Metro Transit bus and Northstar service will resume operation tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4am. There will be detours in place for some routes serving areas heavily affected by the riots. Light rail service will remain suspended another day or more as work is done to assess and fix damage to the infrastructure. https://www.metrotransit.org/resuming-service-with-renewed-commitment-to-community This return of service is still at the reduced levels put in place due to COVID-19.
  10. In the midibus realm there is also ARBOC, with Equess and Liberty model options.
  11. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    All Metro Transit service is now suspended until June 1st. https://www.metrotransit.org/all-transit-service-suspended-through-sunday-may-31 MVTA is also canceling and altering service Friday in conjunction with Metro Transit's suspension.
  12. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Out of concern for the safety of riders and transit operators/staff, all Blue line train service is suspended until further notice with NO replacement buses due to the riots in Minneapolis. The MSP Terminal shuttle connection will continue to operate. I forgot to post this earlier, in regards to the GM New Looks, 1142 is still in the Holter's collection. I believe it is just a parts unit. Here is a photo I got last week and a better one from 2014:
  13. Good, let him golf as much as possible IMO. It'll help keep him distracted and possibly keep him from doing or saying something even more foolish. (While I'd like to, I'll refrain from posting my own political party and broken system opinion as this isn't a political thread. I will note however that not all Americans are hardcore Republican or Democrat. I consider myself somewhere in the middle and I suspect I'm not alone.) --- Anyways as for the topic, I don't think I've gone this long without riding on transit since about 2006. 10 weeks now... ...I miss it
  14. A couple photos of ex-Metro units that are now part of the Busboys collection. (The Holter family in MN) I took these last week when I stopped by their lot while out for a leisure drive. If anyone has more info or the correct info on these please share. I'm just going off the Wiki lists for details.
  15. Sorry to go OT but, If you got any other pics of the MTC from your visit, feel free to post in the Metro Transit thread! Nice shot. Yes, we still do have numbers on the roof for all units except the Gillig BRTPlus models.
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