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  1. Perhaps I should have elaborated a bit more than I did. For the most part, we're on the same page here (where you were alluding to UVic related demand). Bearing in mind that my main commute is from my house near UVic to my work in Sidney, any changes that I observe will relate to ferry and student related demands. I certainly did not intend to imply that they would look at the calendar, say "Okay, it's May 5th, the previous four years that May 5th was on a Friday, we had X demand, and the moon is in the second quarter, and I woke up on the left hand side of the bed today, so we'll run a decker
  2. Richmond service is the closest direct bus to UVic for anyone who lives along Shelbourne from Cedar Hill Cross up to McRae (or however close to Hillside you have to be before you'll walk up to catch the 4). I live at Cedar Hill and Cedar Hill Cross, and the 14 was my bus of choice when I was still in school.
  3. Specific buses are certainly assigned by dispatch to a given paddle on a given day, but that's not the same as a specific run always being assigned the same type of bus. I take the same 72 to work every day, and it will either be a decker or a conventional low floor depending on anticipated demand for the day.
  4. In much the same way the old CNR right of way in the capital region was earmarked for LRT, once population growth warrants?
  5. That cowling around the destination sign is not exactly going to be that great for fuel economy...
  6. Thought I'd share two anecdotes that occurred within the last two days. Not at all related to equipment or routing or anything like that, so feel free to skip this post... Yesterday I missed my 39 that I usually take to work (shelbourne @ mckenzie, transfer to 70/72 at R.O. Exchange). Caught a 16 uptown express, but I knew that he would get to uptown too late for me to transfer to the 70. The driver was nice enough to let me off at the Pat Bay highway stop at McKenzie (not a designated stop for the express routing), which gave me enough time to run under the overpass and get on the 70. This
  7. Something I noticed on my morning rides up to UVic, students tend to cram themselves on the bottom floor, but the top floor will be almost empty, at most maybe twenty people up there. Artics wouldn't have that problem...
  8. Seen a couple of the T-Drive Novas blowing faint black smoke. Now, if memory serves, those buses were delivered with DPF installed, which should preclude that. Call it pure speculation, but I'd be curious to know if BC Transit would remove these in the interest of fuel economy. Alternatively, what if any maintenance is required by this type of emissions system, and what impact deferred maintenance would have on them.
  9. To be fair, I could have easily been mistaken about the doors. But that's what I remembered having seen, on that particular bus that I rode. But as was mentioned above, with the various departments involved with these things, information can easily be distorted. Besides, half the fun of a forum like this is the [partially substantiated] rumours. (Not to be confused with unsubstatiated, undisclaimered speculation...)
  10. Rode 9755 on a 28 this evening. She whistled and the transmission shift points certainly made it feel different from a BCT D40LF, but aside from that it was really no different than what we're accustomed to. The touch bars were in operation, the rear door was not strictly driver controlled...
  11. Oddly enough, I spent some time today trying to match up a sample electrical contact for a Dart being rebuilt today, in my job as an auto parts counterman. Not going to mention where, or who was doing the rebuilding, except to say that it wasn't Wilson's. (I'm sure most of you could figure it out if you really wanted to anyways...)
  12. Been seeing the odd Nova or Flyer on the 12 recently, usually leaving UVic around 930 in the morning...
  13. That actually irritated me. I also noticed that in the Times Colonist article, they referred to Nanaimo's CNG fleet as being the first in the province. So I guess Translink's CNG buses operate in the magical part of the lower mainland that is somehow outside of the province?
  14. I live in Victoria, but I think of myself as a passive transit enthusiast, not an active one. For example, I always note the fleet number of any bus I ride to work or school, and I post any observations I make (or text Chris and promptly forget about them). I also sometimes find myself at BMT for work related reasons... However, I don't make a point of chasing down a specific fleet number just because it's special, nor will I make a special trip down to the yard, however, if I'm already down there, I'll swing by to see what's going on... I also don't know any of the other people on the board
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