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  1. Ex-UK Prime Minister Thatcher has died. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-22067155
  2. Chicago Sun Times movie critc Roger Ebert has died, in recent years a very prolific writer. He wil be missed.
  3. British actor Richard Griffiths has died. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21973505
  4. Bonnie Franklin of One Day At a Time has died.
  5. Last month was a bit brisk.
  6. Some shots from the 90's On streetcar replacement duty at dusk during the summer of 1996.
  7. I do believe it was the fact the TTC liked the increased ad space the backlit lighting fixtures offered. I do remember reading somewhere that ordering buses minus the standee windows was actually an optional extra. I never quite understood that, I would have thought it would have been the other way around.
  8. I did not realize the CIS units made it on to the 3500 series buses. My childhood memory never recalls many "standee windowed" buses with the white dome, I had an obsession as a child of tracking the fleet numbers of the buses with the white dome in the early 80's. Another thought also occured to me that as far back as my memory serves, the only time I can recall ever taking a TTC vehicle with standee windows was around 1979-1980 was on the 60 Steeles West route on a family trip to Pioneer Village. As a child bus enthusiest I thought they were great! We were frequent TTC users as my mother h
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOA7KPzi2ac Dublins Bombardier double deckers.
  10. Sandra Bullock could drive, but could she act?
  11. I do recall seeing a Ted Wickson postcard of a Edmonton BBC with an Export A ad on the side. I could have sworn the picture was dated 1985.
  12. The early 7500 rear photos are the hardest to find, anyone care to share?
  13. Gotta love the Caprice taxi and the price of the Big King (presumaby a competitor to the Big Extra at time I would assume) by not even looking at the date of the bus or photo I would say this photo was taken 1998-1999.
  14. Some more pictures I have done over the years. The Flyer on Yonge at Roselawn was during a subway Shuttle, September 1996, the D800 was July that same year. The Oakville Transit bus was also taken during July of 1996.
  15. GO Transit 1101's a/c was down that day, I remember it was like a convection oven. I believe I shot that the day after Princess Diana was killed, So that photo was taken September 1st 1997.
  16. I do recognize the 2nd photo as I commented on it on your Flickr page.
  17. I have to dig around and find the front end photo I got that day. I remember it was bitter cold that day and I just managed to catch her as I was leaving Jackson Square. Great shot, what year was this? The Niagara Transit bus photo was sent to me by a nice staffer at Niagara Transit back in 1996, photographer unknown. The Gray Coach bus is a A. Holt photo at Lakeshore Garage.
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