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  1. Which allowed them to have a lower bid than everyone else. And considering that all the problems they have been having have been with their suppliers rather than their production line at Thunder Bay, that part was a wise choice rather than setting up a new line for a single project.
  2. Actually, it would be the MacMillan Yard - West Toronto train that would handle any transfers from CN to CP. However, adding CN to such an arrangement would increase costs compared to just sticking with CP the whole way.
  3. That has always struck me as a weird thing to leave out of the construction of Leslie considering how close the spur is and that the question of what to do with Hillcrest comes up every now and then. Well, by serve, I meant in terms of using a CN locomotive since that part of the arrangement apparently ended in 1969.
  4. And while the inevitable point will be made that Bombardier ships via CP because Hillcrest is served by CP, did CN ever serve Hillcrest when they had trackage rights on the North Toronto sub which they inherited from the Canadian Northern or did those end further east? I wouldn't rule out the big box stores being potential sources of land for a new barn. We are entering the era of dead mall syndrome thanks to ecommerce.
  5. That was Canadian Car & Foundry which made the choice to establish the facility in Fort William over 100 years ago.
  6. On the other hand, the conservatives might have learned their lesson after their "subways for Toronto at the expense of 905 transit" plan predictably backfired.
  7. Well, IKEA furniture is designed to be transit friendly. ------- The thing is, the only reason why anyone would consider upgrading the 80 to a streetcar route at this time is if you wanted an alternative route to a barn at Obico. Other than that, there is no point.
  8. And that brings us back to Obico. It has the land (Can you put a loop in at Vincent?) and it doesn't have the neighbours since it's surrounded by industrial land. If you incorporate decking into the design of the subway yard proposed there, you can build it after the subway yard is built. The only catch is that it's so far removed from the streetcar network that you may be justified in replacing one of the bus routes in the area so that you would at least make some money off of the tracks needed to link it to the rest of the network. (Probably the 44 Kipling South route)
  9. Not to mention that Jason at Rapido Trains has probably been bugging VIA for matching cars for 6917.
  10. The problem is that the buildings at Greenwood are in the way. Add to that you are putting too much storage on one side of the core.
  11. It is, but you run into the question of where on the streetcar network can you find enough land for a new barn that hasn't been snatched up by developers? You can deck a subway yard.
  12. The interesting question is will Bombardier use the delays in opening Leslie as an argument that the number of free cars should be reduced.
  13. Which makes me wonder if an opportunity to solve a lot of the TTC's problems will be allowed to slip by. :S
  14. Which raises the question of what's going to be done with CP's former Obico Yard in Etobicoke?
  15. The problem is that the 60 for the add-on is a hard maximum since that will max out all of the TTC's existing streetcar storage space and I don't see any political will for building a new streetcar barn.
  16. Honestly, I doubt there will be a new VIA scheme until they get serious about the replacement for the HEP2 cars.
  17. Almost to the point that you wonder if someone on the board has a phobia regarding mine shaft gaps.
  18. If you do it often enough, you may want to consider this: https://www.ttc.ca/Fares_and_passes/Passes/GTA_pass.jsp
  19. From an operations point of view, it makes sense in the long run since you will be able to concentrate them on one or two lines once Finch and (hopefully) Sheppard come online if that matters in the first place.
  20. Never underestimate the TTC's desire to favour short term cost savings over rational thought. Since the streetcar deliveries are behind schedule, guess what projects got pushed back?
  21. Isn't that the exact same arrangement that the legacy network Flexitys have?
  22. I really want to know who thought that putting the large VIA logos at the front end of the sides was a good idea. They really should have used the design they are using on Glenfraser as the start point for 916 rather than the LRC car.
  23. I figured that might have been the case.
  24. Amusingly, someone on eBay was recently selling slides of the VIA F59PHI test train. Edit: Found it.
  25. " The committee agreed to spend $1.3 million on the controversial drug testing plan, and $98,000 to employ additional transit enforcement officers. " Remind me again how big of a problem fare evasion is.
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