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  1. Does the roadswitcher for the Uxbridge sub originate out of Mimico or MacMillan yard? CRO is reporting that ONR 1409 and 842 are on the move to the YDHR and I'm hoping to catch them before they reach Stouffville.
  2. As smart an idea as that would be, there isn't a spare set in Toronto. I'm not sure about Vancouver though.
  3. Hopefully they can finish the acquisition of Obico this year so they can start that.
  4. It makes you wonder how often the defibrillators at Metrolinx get used every time Hamilton has second thoughts about its LRT project.
  5. No wonder the lawyers were chanting "Make it rain!" when I was downtown today. I also find it interesting that the number of LRT's in this deal almost matches the number of streetcars that would be produced for the TTC's proposed expanded order.
  6. Hopefully they would do better than 40. With their long string of failing to meet delivery targets, it would be nice if they would surpass one for once.
  7. Yes. However, CN has all but abandoned Komoka to Windsor, the last I heard is that the plan involves building new rights of way from London to Georgetown due to the speed requirements, and GO will already be solving the capacity and electrification issues between Georgetown and Toronto.
  8. Yes, but it would result in the loss of parkland and reduced access to High Park along Parkside. Hence a price on your head.
  9. The funny thing is, I wouldn't get rid of High Park loop even if the 506 terminus was moved elsewhere. Of course, if you really wanted to do street running on Parkside, the simple solution would be to use the existing loop as part of the turn north. Simply put, an east-north curve would be much broader than a west-north one at the Howard Park-Parkside intersection. But, again, I was merely interested if the TTC had ever looked at the idea rather than the feasibility of the idea.
  10. Truth be told, either choice would probably result in you getting a price on your head since the angle of the intersection between Howard Park and Parkside would either mean a sharp turn north, with all the streetcar noises that goes with it, or the right of way being built along the west side of Parkside. However, I was just interested in whether the TTC actually looked at the idea at some point.
  11. Out of curiosity, has the TTC ever looked at extending the 506 from High Park loop to the subway at either Keele or High park?
  12. Those two routes would have higher startup ridership and revenue figures. However, those two routes also have a lot more problems with CN and CP.
  13. But would it really be much of a hassle considering their experience with the CLRV/ALRV fleets?
  14. Actually, it would be better if you didn't add two modules to a three module Flexity fleet later on. With only five module Flexitys, the TTC currently has the temptation to offer same capacity but less frequent service on existing routes and it takes more riders than with a CLRV & ALRV before they can justify adding another Flexity to a route. Keeping a chunk of the fleet as "stubbies" would help avoid those two problems.
  15. On the other hand, it could just be a case of "They were not allowed because they were not allowed" with no further justification.
  16. Actually, it was a simple case of what would you have used on the Sheppard line since you can't have two Yonge stations on the network. Going with Sheppard-Yonge was a simple solution to that problem.
  17. Well, if the damage is caused by fire, then it's possible that the frame may be salvageable even though everything else isn't. Of course, that leads to the question of how could you have a fire that only damages one module bad enough that you would consider an outright replacement while the rest of the car is still repairable.
  18. On the other hand, once you reach the level of damage to the car body where the outright replacement of the damaged module is a viable option, you are probably facing frame damage. As a result, the question of wiring and piping is going to be weighed against retiring the entire car.
  19. Naturally this proves that the Relief Line is not necessary and we should be spending billions to build subway lines to parking lots in suburbia. Posted from an ambulance taking me to the nearest hospital to have my tongue surgically removed from my cheek.
  20. But would they be sold out for the entire length of the trip? I'd be surprised if there wasn't space in the sleepers east of Edmonton. Of course, I'm assuming that VIA does have the ability to properly clean the sleepers between Vancouver and Toronto when I'm saying this.
  21. The funny thing is, as bad as Tory has been with the subway debate, I think the Doug threat is not as bad as people think. Simply put, you can't really quantify the problems that Tory has into single images. (No garbage piling up in parks. No picket lines. Tax bills would backfire the second you point out which administration introduced the Scarborough subway tax.)
  22. I am disappointed by the TTC denying us the opportunity to name it Fluffy the Terrible.
  23. I'm somewhat curious as to why they stopped allowing that seeing as it's not a free upgrade.
  24. I am curious if you still can do the old pay for the sleeper upgrade on route with this even though I can't take advantage of the pass.
  25. Hell, with the money that this "crack pipe" will need, you can substantially add to that plan.
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