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  1. Why would a parking lot need 2 mass transit lines?
  2. Did you ever stop to consider that Parliament currently handles the overflow from the traffic turning down Ted Rogers Way and Sherbourne?
  3. You do realize that it's six lanes because of the two left turn lanes at Parliament, right?
  4. The problem with Parliament is the sections where there isn't track. You will never get streetcar tracks back on Bloor to link it to the Castle Frank on the surface and there is no room along Parliament to put in a portal to take advantage of the unused streetcar deck on the Rosedale Valley portion of the viaduct for an underground loop at Castle Frank. And that's before you start debating the issue of where the southern terminus is going to be.
  5. One can't help but wonder why they don't end up on the Ocean though.
  6. As soon as they have enough MP54AC's in service.
  7. Downtown Toronto ends at Bloor. The North Toronto sub is about a kilometre north of that at the closest point.
  8. If they can't use the APU's anymore, wouldn't it just make more sense to wait until GO is done with the last of their F59PH's?
  9. Eh. It's the only common thing that I could think of that would knock out all three if it wasn't the fuel and would be a fast fix.
  10. I actually wonder if it could have been electronics failure due to the cold. If this is the worst cold the prairies have seen since the F40's were rebuilt and if the crews on the Churchill trains receive specialized cold weather training that crews on the Canadian don't, it's possible that solder joints and circuits boards fractured from thermal stress.
  11. I'm suspecting that the Ontario government's attempt to sell the ICTS technology is to blame.
  12. Or they are keeping up with their tradition of getting the taxpayer to fund track upgrades.
  13. So who plans to be on the first end-to-end train from Finch or VMC?
  14. On the note of the elimination of the tail tracks at Sheppard West, is the TTC now storing trains overnight on the new section as part of the ghost train operations?
  15. I think it's fair to say that there are no tail tracks at Sheppard West anymore.
  16. Yes, but it was in the middle of the evening rush.
  17. I have to admit, after passing through Downsview/Sheppard West so many times since it first opened, it was weird seeing a train for the first time pull into the west side of the platform from the north yesterday.
  18. Well, amusing in the context that the 97 was not considered a relevant example for why Eglinton would need parallel bus service if you start cutting "unneeded" stations. As for the impact of what would have happened if Glen Echo and Glencairn had been built, ridership would probably be higher due to the better headway management they would impose. It's easy to focus on the speed of the trains between York Mills and Eglinton while ignoring the logjam that occurs when the station spacing drops south of Eglinton.
  19. Amusingly, it was approved after Glencairn, Yonge Boulevard/Glen Echo and Empress stations were dropped from the north Yonge extension as a cost saving measure.
  20. I think the only length limit the TTC would face would be the shortest distance between traffic lights on the streetcar network.
  21. The only question is whether said Alstom cars would require separate maintenance facilities from the Flexity fleet. It wouldn't be a deal killer since the expanded order would use the existing barns and one could be converted for their exclusive use. However, it would cause some uncomfortable seat shifting when it comes to the operations side of things.
  22. Not to mention that Alstom will have to produce prototypes that will have to undergo testing before they can start delivering the production units.
  23. You'll be lucky if you can dig the hole for the interchange for 100 million and that doesn't include the actual link between teh Sheppard and DRL line. Also, where did you get 30,000 from? Considering that you are pushing this as a benefit for York Region, that lost revenue is not realized by the TTC either directly (it makes no difference with fares) or indirectly through property taxes going towards covering shortfalls in the operating budget. As a result, the interline never pays for itself. Considering that teenagers already do that on the subway network, why would small childr
  24. And that is the mating call of the white elephant. "It would be a success if we just spend more money!" is a sure sign that something is failing and just spending more money is the last thing you should do. But that doesn't mean that there is any value in spending a fortune on interlining the two lines. A well designed and managed transfer can be as attractive as "a subway stop in every basement and a subway that goes to every basement!" logic to riders and cost a lot less. Unless the cost of downgrading and later restoring a line would be covered by the saving in the operating budget.
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