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  1. 10 hours ago, FelixINX said:

    Here is the new schedule for the Canadian based on ReserVIA starting April 23.


    • #1 Departing Toronto 22:00 on day 2 and 6; arriving Vancouver 18:00
    • #1 Departing Toronto 14:00 on day 3 and 7; arriving Vancouer 10:00
    • #3 Departing Edmonton 03:06 on day 1; arriving Vancouver 10:00
    • 3d23h


    • #2 Departing Vancouver 17:00 on day 1 and 5; arriving Toronto 19:00
    • #2 Departing Vancouver 12:00 on day 2; arriving Toronto 14:00
    • No eastbound Vancouver-Edmonton service

    So let's recap... Westbound 4/week on Toronto-Vancovuer and 1/week on Edmonton/Vancouver. Eastbound 3/week on Vancouver-Toronto, same on Edmonton/Vancouver.

    It was not supposed to be a reduction of service?¬†ūü§®

    On one hand, I'm disappointed that they didn't take this as an opportunity to restore service to Calgary.

    On the other, the Rocky Mountaineer is going to raise hell over VIA running a Rockies only section of the Canadian.

  2. 2 hours ago, J. Bullock said:

    That's a subjective answer. Some would say that a lot of people disapproved the tax, the other candidates for mayor at the time blasted him ruthlessly for the introduction of a new tax to support the Scarborough Subway.

    All supporters of the Ford bros. I've talked to have said the same thing: they disapprove of the tax but blame the feds and province for it since they didn't give the city more money.

  3. No cars were cut out. Although, they did swap out one of the locomotives.

    However, what I was getting at is that the yard tracks are intended for up to 12 car GO trains with the Canadian consist being 20. So did they split the consist for servicing or just use the northern most yard track?

  4. 2 minutes ago, smallspy said:

    The Canadian was serviced at Don Yard, not at TMC yesterday.



    Yeah, I just found out about that. (Although how they did it has me curious if anyone took any pictures.)

  5. On 9/7/2018 at 12:41 PM, TTC T6H-5307N 2252 said:

    Are the VIA and Amtrak maple leaf trains going to be detoured on the Canpa Sub this weekend?

    The Canadian apparently took the scenic route to get to Union for its overnight departure. It came in from the east which means it must have taken the Weston, York and Bala subs.


    Edit: After taking the Campa.

  6. 3 hours ago, bus_7246 said:

    Also, there is no way a pantograph can raise on its own while a pole is in use. 

    At least we hope not. The last thing we need now is to find another design flaw with them.

    And I guess I was mistaken because I thought the pole was deployed.

  7. 12 hours ago, lip said:

    They should follow that up with painting the entire Queens Quay ROW red since many drivers these days are just clueless and ignorant as to the basic rules of the road.

    It would be better if they "roughed up" the cement for the entire ROW to either cause the same sound as the rumble strips on the 400 series highways or to make it a bumpy ride.

  8. 10 hours ago, WoodbineSecondExit said:

    It's 10:30pm and the diversion is still ongoing. This would put it up at near 7 hours and counting by my count. I wonder what the hold up with moving it out of the way is.

    (I'm hoping it's gone by morning rush hour)

    Is (was?) it still there?. I might have missed damage to the overhead which is why the diversion hasn't ended. It's also possible that the TTC has also notices a pattern of the pans going up when they shouldn't be and is giving 4447 a thorough investigation before they move it.

  9. 33 minutes ago, WoodbineSecondExit said:

    Did the pantograph take out any overhead? It's hard to tell from the photo.

    Not that I could tell. However, they may have repaired it by the time I was walking by.

    19 minutes ago, 63 Ossington said:

    Mechanical problems was also the announced delay for the St Clair West incident lasting ~4 hours.. this is the second (known) time in two weeks that the panto was mysteriously up in non-designated areas of the network damaging the overhead.

    May or may not have been a consequence of the St Clair West incident but 512 EB cars are still dewiring with increased frequency at the frog.

    I can't help but wonder if this is karma catching up with the TTC over their decision to save a buck by slowing down the pan upgrades to the overhead.

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  10. 36 minutes ago, WoodbineSecondExit said:

    That looks like Queen and Parliament? Is this what the twitter alert about "mechanical problems" on the 501/502 is referring to? They've been diverting around it for several hours now. Downed overhead is a mechanical problem of sorts.

    Yep. The interesting thing is that the pole was also up. (They had lowered it by the time I took this photo)


  11. 19 hours ago, cprted said:

    The VIA Rail app is your friend when railfanning VIA.  Takes all the guess work out of it :)

    It's not so much a guess work issue. Some of the more photogenic spots to catch it arriving in Toronto are very car unfriendly which require a long lead time to get to. So the Canadian being an hour or two early can throw those plans out the window.

  12. On 8/6/2018 at 6:20 PM, cprted said:

    Worth noting that two weeks into Train 1/2's new schedule, things seem to be going better, at least west of the Rockies.  Today's train 1 is on track to put into Vancouver on-time (possibly early) and the last couple of 2's out of Vancouver have also been on time or even early by the time they get to Jasper.  Not sure how things have been further east, but out here the new schedule seems to be delivering good on-time performance. 

    It's been arriving early at Union station here in Toronto lately which is mildly annoying from a railfanning point of view.

  13. 5 hours ago, dowlingm said:

    What makes you think La P is set up from a parts and techinques point of view to do such an extensive job? Even if they are, does the TTC contracts with maintenance permit accident-damage to be outsourced?

    Who said anything about La P doing the decontamination and rebuild work? I was simply pointing out that if the car was going to be stripped down to the frame, it would be the ideal time to do work on the frame like the weld repair.

  14. On 7/28/2018 at 10:37 PM, Xtrazsteve said:

    Talking about Ford's monopoly over Toronto and streetcars, Doug Ford has the power to banned streetcars/LRT on Ontario streets.

    I suspect that the only reason why he hasn't done that yet is because of Crosslinx's 30 year contract.

  15. On 7/11/2018 at 8:13 PM, TTCBusfan21 said:

    When will they replace the RT with line 2?

    The current issue regarding the completion date is how serious Doug is about adding back the stations that were cut from the extension. Until that is clarified, all completion dates are guesses at best.

  16. 5 hours ago, ttc rider said:

    4408 was damaged in a collision. Bombardier is recalling the first 67 cars in order to fix a manufacturing defect. Unless car 4408 was so severely damaged that it cannot be repaired by the TTC in Toronto (which I doubt is the case), I see no reason why Bombardier would be responsible for performing  an unscheduled repair as a result of an accident that had nothing to do with the welding defect in the first place.

    Or the TTC would complete the repairs and then send it to Bombardier.

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