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  1. Spadina Subway Extension

    On the note of the elimination of the tail tracks at Sheppard West, is the TTC now storing trains overnight on the new section as part of the ghost train operations?
  2. Spadina Subway Extension

    I think it's fair to say that there are no tail tracks at Sheppard West anymore.
  3. Spadina Subway Extension

    Yes, but it was in the middle of the evening rush.
  4. Spadina Subway Extension

    I have to admit, after passing through Downsview/Sheppard West so many times since it first opened, it was weird seeing a train for the first time pull into the west side of the platform from the north yesterday.
  5. Eglinton Crosstown line

    Well, amusing in the context that the 97 was not considered a relevant example for why Eglinton would need parallel bus service if you start cutting "unneeded" stations. As for the impact of what would have happened if Glen Echo and Glencairn had been built, ridership would probably be higher due to the better headway management they would impose. It's easy to focus on the speed of the trains between York Mills and Eglinton while ignoring the logjam that occurs when the station spacing drops south of Eglinton.
  6. Eglinton Crosstown line

    Amusingly, it was approved after Glencairn, Yonge Boulevard/Glen Echo and Empress stations were dropped from the north Yonge extension as a cost saving measure.
  7. Streetcar News

    I think the only length limit the TTC would face would be the shortest distance between traffic lights on the streetcar network.
  8. Streetcar News

    The only question is whether said Alstom cars would require separate maintenance facilities from the Flexity fleet. It wouldn't be a deal killer since the expanded order would use the existing barns and one could be converted for their exclusive use. However, it would cause some uncomfortable seat shifting when it comes to the operations side of things.
  9. Streetcar News

    Not to mention that Alstom will have to produce prototypes that will have to undergo testing before they can start delivering the production units.
  10. General Subway/RT Discussion

    You'll be lucky if you can dig the hole for the interchange for 100 million and that doesn't include the actual link between teh Sheppard and DRL line. Also, where did you get 30,000 from? Considering that you are pushing this as a benefit for York Region, that lost revenue is not realized by the TTC either directly (it makes no difference with fares) or indirectly through property taxes going towards covering shortfalls in the operating budget. As a result, the interline never pays for itself. Considering that teenagers already do that on the subway network, why would small children be special in this case? Because Metrolinx's plans are set in stone and never change. Considering the development that's been happening around Humber Bay, it's more likely that the west DRL will be prioritized over the Sheppard-Eglinton portion by the time the question of what happens after the Eglinton-Danforth section gets the go ahead. The people in the north will not use an interlined Sheppard-DRL line to avoid the Yonge line. They will ride Line 1 to Queen or Osgoode and transfer to the DRL there or transfer to line 2 at St. George or Bloor to reach the DRL at Pape. To make matters worse, it's more likely that people from the west leg of Line 1 north of Sheppard West would use the western portion of the Sheppard line to reach the Yonge line and travel South from there. As for people from the east travelling to York University, how many people actually do that and how would an interlined Sheppard-DRL line help them other than causing their taxes to rise and make them move out of the city? Line 2 was the result of the Bloor-Danforth streetcar reaching capacity, the Spadina subway was a "greenwashing" of the Spadina expressway and meant to take pressure off of the east leg of line 1, and the DRL has nothing to do with the DVP and is meant to take pressure off of the east leg of line 1. Sheppard is in the position where it needs to grow new ridership to thrive which is next to impossible with it located less than a kilometre from a 400 series highway which is extremely enticing for personal car ownership which is why the city couldn't give away metropasses after the line opened. I just wish someone would tell that to York region with regards to the Vaughan extension. Are politicians up there still pushing for an extension to Major Mac? But regarding the end point for the DRL, the problem is that density along Don Mills craters between Eglinton and the 401 which complicates matters. There's some wisdom to the original idea of the Don Mills LRT to deal with that.
  11. General Subway/RT Discussion

    And that is the mating call of the white elephant. "It would be a success if we just spend more money!" is a sure sign that something is failing and just spending more money is the last thing you should do. But that doesn't mean that there is any value in spending a fortune on interlining the two lines. A well designed and managed transfer can be as attractive as "a subway stop in every basement and a subway that goes to every basement!" logic to riders and cost a lot less. Unless the cost of downgrading and later restoring a line would be covered by the saving in the operating budget. That's why the "in (x) years" scam being promoted by subway promoters in Scarborough is so funny because they completely ignore the costs for the (x-1) years leading up to that point. Because station construction was separated from tunnelling. Or they just leave everything as is and create ramps out of the excavated platform to access the existing stairs, escalators & elevators. Idiots are currently walking on the tracks at subway stations and the TTC has been dragging its heals on platform barriers for years. You do realize that the Eglinton- Sheppard portion of the DRL is phase 3 or 4; not phase one. Google "Seneca Newnham campus." And once again, someone somehow ignore the existence of the 401 when pushing for subways to everywhere on Sheppard.
  12. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Ever try riding it outside of rush hour? Also, the Sheppard line is currently not running at its maximum train capacity at rush hour. In theory, you can install an overhead in the existing tunnels and dropping the platform height isn't exactly a parting the red sea level of difficulty assuming you couldn't modify the SELRT fleet to handle third rail operations. The problem is the crossover boxes which don't have the clearance and can't be modified without excavating them first. However, that level of work is on par with what's required to create the interlining junction between Don Mills and Leslie station. Also, there's no guarantee that the stations on the Sheppard line will have been upgraded to six car operations by then which will require all of that work to be done. Because the trains will have to maintain a minimum track speed (which means broader curves and shallower grades than a service track connection) and the interlining tunnel can't bypass Don Mills station. Also, you probably need a third platform so that trains terminating there won't interfere with interlining operations. Add to that the deep foundations to the North-West of Don Mills station, the only viable quadrant to put the interlining tunnel in, that you have to get by and you end up with an interlining tunnel that may be just as long as a one stop extension of the DRL to Finch; which would be a more useful for TTC riders. To be perfectly blunt, why would the TTC care to do that for such a small minority of riders? The Vaughan extension is already expected to be a financial black hole for the TTC's operations budget so why would they want to make things worse by combining it with the one known as the Sheppard subway?
  13. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Honestly, there is more value in questioning whether the Sheppard Subway should be converted into an extension of the Sheppard West LRT and even that discussion has very little value due to the extreme cost and difficulty in pulling that off.
  14. VIA Rail Canada

    Other than at Belleville if CP allows passenger trains on the Belleville sub, all the other lines that could be used to connect the two lines between Brockville and Toronto are long gone.
  15. VIA Rail Canada

    I wouldn't call over 30 minutes by road in good conditions *just* north of Belleville. Edit: Of course, if Belleville really wants to get in on VIA's project, the Grand Junction/Belleville and North Hastings route to the O&Q line may still be usable.