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  1. Canada 150 Train

    I wonder if anyone was in Oshawa when it had a meet with CP train 113.
  2. VIA Rail Canada

    Simply put, it costs nothing to keep them up but it costs money to take them down.
  3. RDC in Windsor

    Nerts. I was near there today and didn't know about it. :S
  4. VIA Rail Canada

    I can already tell you that a new ROW is needed for the area around Tweed. Other than that, for the most part, the ROW hasn't been completely obliterated by redevelopment thanks in part to running through the Canadian Shield. That said, getting through Kaladar, Mountain Grove and Brooke may be a problem.
  5. VIA Rail Canada

    Sadly, the Tweed CP station was demolished not that long ago.
  6. LMCX

    Seeing 1868 makes me sad that the NBEC didn't upgrade 1867 before CN bought the company and sold it for scrap. If the Train Touristique de Charlevoix had bought it, it would have been interesting to see if they (or any other Canadian operator) would have given it a 150 paint scheme.
  7. Streetcar News

    Considering the headaches that they are having with adapting Presto to the TTC's transfer policies, you're definitely not the only one who is disappointed.
  8. Streetcar News

    Does the Thunder Bay plant have a major shutdown in August? I'm asking because it seems odd that the production number crashes every August on that list and the October-November-December ramp-up doubts could be resolved by beating the targets for the next 3 months including July by one.
  9. Streetcar News

    Actually, not so much if the TTC was only doing clearance and curve testing at night. Then you only need something to pull one of the Alstom LRVs and something to rerail it in the event it derails.
  10. Sheppard East LRT

    And when it comes to the Eglinton, I'm still uneasy over the section east of Don Mills getting done after the next election.
  11. Sheppard East LRT

    Naturally, local access to the 401 between Yonge and McCowan will also be eliminated to ensure ridership numbers climb.
  12. Sheppard East LRT

    Honestly, with the entitlement complex for subways on Sheppard, proposing a BRT on Sheppard now would be worse politically than doing nothing.
  13. Sheppard East LRT

    Looks like we're going to have to close this thread down. Federal funding shuffle casts doubt on Sheppard LRT
  14. VIA Rail Canada

    The coupler adapter can be attached to any ren car. It's just that VIA has doubts over the crash worthiness of the cars when in service which is why they have the baggage or transition car.
  15. General Railway Questions

    Does the roadswitcher for the Uxbridge sub originate out of Mimico or MacMillan yard? CRO is reporting that ONR 1409 and 842 are on the move to the YDHR and I'm hoping to catch them before they reach Stouffville.