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  1. When a politician considers over a billion dollars minuscule...
  2. Honestly, I think the issue of the electronics is overblown with maintaining them in a museum. Simply put, you should be able to salvage spares relatively inexpensively since they have no value beyond scrap due to their custom nature.
  3. With the number that are being rebuilt, I'd be surprised if the TTC and the HCRR are the only two museums that end up with CLRV's and ALRV's.
  4. By initially expecting the TTC to modify the curves on the legacy network for the Flexitys rather than modifying the Flexity design for the curves on the legacy network. Also, Siemens pulled out rather than they failed to qualify.
  5. You apparently forgot how they acted when it came to the curves on the legacy network when they were bidding on the contract.
  6. Ever stop to count the number of cars that ignore no left/right turn signs at intersections? You would have better results with a legal waver regarding damages and armour plating on the front of the crosstown cars.
  7. Why? There are times when I wish the subway network had the ability to skip stations when no one was getting on or off.
  8. If you are trying to prove that the Flexitys are quieter than the CLRV & ALRV fleets, you keep using the same car for as long as practical. That way, you have a consistent point of comparison if anyone says that any future Flexitys on the 514 are louder.
  9. Or it's just been assigned to the 514. With the 511 being replaced with buses and with the 514 supposed to be an all Flexity route eventually, one would be assigned at some point once the TTC got enough on the property.
  10. If the testing requires the cars to go out on the road, it's probably due to the 506 being the closest route where they would be the least in the way of regular operations.
  11. Now that's just mean to the trolley bus fans.
  12. The question is delivery dates; not completion dates. Estimate based on the recent pattern.
  13. If the pace holds, 4428 is either being shipped tonight (assuming the 6 days between 4427 and 4402 with the countdown started with the shipping of 4402) or by Thursday (assuming that the six day countdown started after the prototype shipped). Of course, I'm assuming that there is a flatcar up there ready for loading when I say that.
  14. It boils down to whether the gap between 4427 and 4402 is an anomaly or not.
  15. The better question is whether there are any legal requirements for extensive street tests with the prototype.