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  1. Customers don't read the Destination sign anyway! You pull up to a stop ............the sign reads 7D UW, and they get on the bus and ask you, "Does this bus go to the Mall?"
  2. Mike Davies seems like a pretty ignorant driver to me, IMHO. Sure, the bus should have "maybe" stayed back at the stop bar, but Davies sure showed that he's an idiot pulling out in front of the bus, honking his horn like an @sshole, and then forwarding the whole thing to GRT. I certainly hope GRT look at the video on the bus, taken from the drivers perspective. I wonder if he's ever had to rely on the bus to get to work? Just 1 more @sshole driving in KW. Why? In fact, why would you even say, or suggest that? They should charge Davies with being an "@sshole", which he certainly comes across
  3. FIDO

    GRT Retirements

    It's sat for so long and deteriorated so much I doubt they'll ever do anything with it.You know .............budget cutbacks. (Also, they have enough trouble finding time to fix the regular fleet, let alone 793!)
  4. That is so true! Always "reactive", NEVER "proactive" (Micromanaged by "Bryan"and his puppets!)
  5. Going to be interesting .................. Will drivers be posted to work out of this new facility, as they currently are with Kitchener or Cambridge? Hmmm? Bid Lists for Cambridge Bid Lists for Kitchener Bid lists for Waterloo?
  6. Try driving one, or sitting in the drivers seat for 5 hours! They're terrible to drive. Nothing can be easily reached.
  7. It just goes to say, "Watch what you post! It could come back to haunt you."
  8. YUUUUP! But "hey, this is GRT". They don't care about the revenue! It's all about the ridership numbers to support the LRT plan!
  9. Doesn't work that way, unless you also have a GO ticket, if I recall correctly. Call Customer Service!
  10. Shouldn't this be in "sightings"? I'll admit I haven't driven one. I have sat in the seat, but it wasn't even running.
  11. Just wait until they get all the new "G" class drivers on the road. (Hope they have lots of hard drives in the vans) LOL
  12. Where did you hear this? At no time has anyone ever said, "Go drive a 213xx, and take it around the block", never. Haven't even seen a Memo about them. I understood that they were parked for other reasons.
  13. Still no 21 service on Sunday, or especially "stat" holidays! (Everything else is open on a stat, but "what the heck ......... we'll just take them to Conestoga Mall, which is "closed", and drop them off ............they can walk!") Great Customer Service!
  14. Looks like MacGregor School area of King. The same place trees were downed in the last big storm too. In that storm a tree came down and was hung up on those wires.
  15. Hmmmmm ............brand new maintenance facility, how many mechanics on staff, and they can't fix a battery door without sending the vehicle out for repairs! Oh My! Only at GRT! I'd love to see how much that cost the taxpayers on the Region. Oh, I get it now ............ship the bus to Cambridge to get fixed .............KW is getting the LRT, so to keep Mayor Craig happy we'll send him all of our "new" buses to get fixed in his fair village.
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