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    GRT Retirements

    Doesn't take a university degree to figure that out. They are the 2nd oldest in the fleet and are logically the next in line to be retired when new buses come in.
  2. 902

    Transit Windsor

    So with these novas in service are any classics still active or are they all retired now?
  3. I dont think the temporary garage is going to use 180 buses. 50-100 tops.
  4. They can still get you if you sit close. If you sit back they would have a hard time.
  5. The recent 7900s to Queensway is likely for the 6 7300s at Jurassic Park. They wont send them Novas until all the drivers have been trained on them.
  6. Theres a couple missing but up to 8524 are at Arrow now. 8504 is still waiting for plates, 8510 is plated, not in service yet.
  7. By the time the Master actually takes effect, I'm guessing January, we probably will have enough streetcars to meet their numbers.
  8. All rules are out the window signing for the master. You could have 3 months on at Arrow and bid to Roncesvalles if you choose and vice versa. Of course transfers are still granted with senority. As for transferring after the Master I'm not too sure how the rules are as to lock ins.
  9. The signup is supposed to happen in April/May but we wont be at the new locations until around January. It's not like we sign and are there the next board. And those that get bumped from their divisions have first crack at bidding back to their respective division as vacancies need to be filled. And if you don't get bumped out you may be at the bottom again. If you're at Malvern you may actually want to look at Eglinton or Birchmount as you could probably sign better work. If you are new and trying to bid to Subway, collectors, Malvern, Tapscott, Queensway and maybe even Wilson you either wont get it or your senority will be awful. Pick carefully. Are you guys getting a lot of transfers in then?
  10. Has everyone forgotten about the being able to transfer out after 1 year within the same mode? Thats allowed since the new contract. One time deal, the 2 year lock in then applies.
  11. Sure there is...it's called your car.
  12. It's apparently on the table again. I think the shields are more effective then cameras are. Cameras are only good for possibly catching the guy after the assault all ready happened but the shield deters them from assaulting in the first place, and if they still attack, it gives the driver time to defend him/herself. Both should be installed.
  13. 902

    Transit Windsor

    Windsor only has 2 30 foot buses. I don't think they have a shortage of 40 foots.
  14. YESSSSS! I was wondering when we were getting it back.
  15. Im on vacation this week but 8482 was the highest as of last Friday.
  16. Can you please explain how a 40 foot Nova can make these turns while a 40 foot Newflyer can't? If driver's can't handle a 1 foot difference in the wheel base maybe the region should hire professional drivers to replace them.
  17. I agree, mentioning special sightings should have it's own thread right? If I want to know that you saw some 215xx piece of crap in service today I shouldn't have to read about non revenue vehicles seen first....
  18. It really doesnt because budget or not it depends if Nova has them completed on time. The delivery schedule had them wrapping up in January. If Nova is ahead of schedule that would explain them coming in early.
  19. I may have been the last Arrow driver to drive it then. I had it on Friday. Also 7972 is at Arrow.
  20. 902

    Welland Transit

    Well they bought Guelph 142 strictly for parts to keep the orions going. It makes logical sense as Inveros are hard to get parts for.
  21. The RTS was excellent in the snow. Too bad they are all retired now. I liked driving the New Flyers, but not in the snow. They are toboggans.
  22. Inveros 7009 7017 7019 7020 and 7022 are retired.
  23. Well we pretty much have up to 8453 delivered as of Friday. It's possible it came over the weekend.
  24. Uhh Bathurst gets artics. very rare to see 9400s out there.
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