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  1. I have a hard copy of a 1994 Transit map. As far as computer copies, this 1980 map is what I've got: ets1980summer.pdf ets1980summer.pdf ets1980summer.pdf ets1980summer.pdf ets1980summer.pdf
  2. I saw some neat stuff at Osman auctions on the Southside. Some old Flyer's (D800's probably, non-trolley, white paint), couple of MCI Classics. Didn't take a look as I was only driving past.
  3. 216 after school yesterday Also, today I saw a Cadillac Cimarron! White, with the brown vinyl roof! (Guessing the year's 1984/1985). One more automotive unicorn taken off the bucket list.
  4. It was a Kaskitayo Route, down in Blue Quill. Here's where that picture was taken: http://maps.google.ca/?ie=UTF8&hq=&amp...12,1.4,,0,10.69 http://maps.google.ca/?ie=UTF8&hq=&amp...359.21,,0,10.36
  5. Beauty! If you're into fanning cars, Grovenor's got class! Saw a '64 Valiant there, a late 70s Mercury station wagon, and an early 80s Monte Carlo.
  6. 6001 on 4 a little earlier today on Whyte Av.
  7. Those headlights are awfully familiar... Which car are they lifted off of? Mid 90s Dodge Intrepid?
  8. 58 on 50 yesterday at South Campus.
  9. I think the simplest solution is to move the airport to this "Not in Service" neighbourhood, cause they sure get really decent service.
  10. Had a really weird one. 6001 was back in town at Westmount, and ETS was building some sort of pedestrian street ROW for LRV's on 135st to 115 av. Don't remember too much, but ETS was under new administration and trying out all sorts of new technologies, like ped malls and trolleys again.
  11. Today's May Day, not April Fools day.....
  12. Regarding Transit election issues, it's a fickle beast. LRT always gets the attention, but most people seem to think the buses drive themselves and the solution to bad transit is expensive infrastructure. If the city really wanted to have excellent service from Mill Woods to Downtown, they don't need to build "Urban LRT". A lot of the service roads and frontage an be more or less easily altered in the Bonnie Doon area for dedicated bus lanes. The biggest election issue is the change in our ward system: we're moving from 2 councilors per ward to one councilor per ward, creating competition amongst even councilors who shared a ward. Touted service improvements have been slim, basically cutting the obvious redundancies (like the 47 Heritage - CBD express). Routes like the 15 (Millwoods - Westwood) and connections between Millwoods and the LRT haven't materialized yet. Knowing ETS's cycles it might be next september, or next april before we get those. Personally, I've been impressed that ETS has bike racks on more routes now. Sadly, I'm not impressed that some core routes only have one run per day that has racks (8). The key to good service is to make it so reliable people don't have to check schedules. Like on the LRT, people can safely assume that they can show up at a station at any time and hop on a train. Until it's safe to assume that you can put your bike on a bus on some routes at any time, then it's a half-job. As a cyclist, I've been miffed that the Quesnell Bridge footpath is still closed, severely hampering access to the south west part of the city by bike. Although it's been slightly alivieted by having the 30 have bike racks, the Quesnell construction is shaping up to be an election issue. As for changing for better or for worse, I can't really say. I definitely miss the eccentric air that trolleys provide and how nifty they are, but dropping the trolley's hasn't really affected service much, diesels have taken their place. The cynical amongst us would say that service is still terrible
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