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  1. Yes, the Red Deer fishbowls are on the road in the original red and white colors, but word is that they will be painting them the proper Regina Transit colors, but no idea when that may happen. Also, an FYI, Regina Transit plans to make the fleet 100% low floor by 2016.
  2. And the Saskatoon Fishbowls are now numbered 201, 202, and 203. It's odd they went to that series of numbers though. I'm thinking the rest of the busses will continue from there once they are put in service which I anticipate is very soon.
  3. Now Regina Transit bought Moose Jaw's old #10, a GMC Fishbowl. It's definitely true that Regina Transit is really in need of more bus's fast.
  4. Here's another pic, sorry but it is bad quality, but it shows 2 of the Moose Jaw busses.
  5. I believe it's Moose Jaws old 12, 13, and 21 so far that I know of. Two are Orions and one a high floor Flyer.
  6. I believe they have both types of Orions bought. I know they dont all look quite the same, so definitely different models/years. Don't recall the details of which one exactly though yet. None of those are on the road yet.
  7. It will be in service for just a short time initially I believe, but I have no timetable on that, sorry. As for the used busses they bought, they are just putting a dark blue stripe on the side, so in the case of the Saskatoon busses, they are still green and it looks funny with the blue stripe. I can't wait to see how orange, cream, and dark blue look on the Moose Jaw ones.
  8. None are being retired as of yet. In fact, Regina Transit bought 3 GMC Fishbowls from Saskatoon Transit and 3 Orions from Moose Jaw Transit. Regina Transit is short on busses and the new Novas they are waiting for is on backorder. And on a sidenote, bus 506 has been repainted in the 1970's vintage color in preparation for the centennial in 2011.
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